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[PCT] Xero Racing '20 | Deja Vu
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Posted on 30-09-2022 01:54
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Xero Racing 2020


A second Pro Continental season has gone by for the Lionhearts, and it saw a two-spot improvement on their debut. Xero Racing placed 12th and properly established themselves in the PCT, spearheaded by the new arrival of Hugo Houle and the newly-trained George Bennett, alongside the returning Luke Rowe and Mekseb Debesay. All four signed new contracts, two taking notable cuts and two asking for, and receiving, pay rises instead, as did this year's new fifth man after his development, Joseph Areruya. Whether this quintet stays together into the new season cannot be known until after transfers, but if they do the top 10 has to be the next target for this group, which could be surrounded by a tweaked supporting cast after a not always agreeable renewals elsewhere.

After 2018's typically rollercoaster season it was nice to have some form of consistency for Xero in 2019, putting aside the nightmare first few months which saw them well into the red zone. The riders pulled together, inspired by victories such as Rowe's in Veenendaal and Bennett's in Japan, and eventually entered into the tightly-fought race for the.Top 10, fading in the final few races.

This exciting but pleasingly solid season convinced all sponsors who were up for renewal to continue their partnerships, including Xero as the primary sponsor, who have once again registered their anxiety surrounding the lack of uptick in young New Zealanders making it to the top level, especially with two other teams in the area. The African side of things will also be shaken up, with two CT ventures joining Xero and EA Vesuvio in the ever-growing ecosystem of African cycling. So far there has been very few rumours of what the team are plotting for the upcoming transfers, though we're sure some will break in the next week before the madness begins.


The Primary Sponsors


About: The overnight success that is Xero is now a international company still based in little ol' NZ. They develop online accounting software for small businesses (like our own?)
Contract Until: 2020 *new contract
Focus Nations: New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain (minor), United States (very minor)

Xero stepped in at the last minute in 2016, but have been a great asset to the team and are now nearly synonymous with us. They continue as lone title sponsor for another year but have publicly noted their dissapointment in our lack of impact on the young blood of New Zealand cycling - and in a renewal year that's a worry.

About: Qhubeka is a non-for-profit, the South African programme of World Bicycle Relief, distributing bikes to help connect people to schools, clinics and jobs.
Contract Until: 2022
Focus Nations: South Africa

A charity which helps use bicycles to support communities in poverty, as well as as a tool to help people of any age move forward in life. Not a sponsor by any means, quite the opposite. We ride for Qhubeka to increase awareness and taking part in fundraising, both of them increasing their funds and reach. We have renewed with them for another three seasons!

The Secondary Sponsors


About: My Food Bag is another hotshot emerging modern Kiwi company, an online food delivery service philosophising in “Eating food from the ground, sea or the sky. A sure-fire way to enjoy food the way nature intended, with less preservative, salts and a host of other artificial things. With recipes being focused on bringing natural ingredients forwards as the heroes”. We will help spread the word as they hope to develop this message with local (not always possible for us) and free-range produce.
Contract Until: 2021 *new contract
Focus Nations: New Zealand, Australia

We've loved the nutrition tips provided by the Kiwi upstart, and we're happy to keep going with this partnership for the next two years!


About: Octagon is the sports and entertainment marketing division of the Interpublic Group (IPG). The IPG is one of the "big four" advertising companies and so being sponsored by the South African arm of the sports arm of the IPG is a smaller deal but with big background.
Contract Until: 2021
Focus Nations: South Africa, The World (minor)

Octagon help us get our name on the backs of buses, billboards, wherever, in our target countries. Good for publicity, finances and fans. They have stepped down from their title sponsor role (2016-18) but maintain a solid presence within the team as our marketers and talent representatives.


About: Castle Lager is South Africa's favourite beer and is now available in over 40 countries worldwide.
Contact Until: 2020
Focus Nations: South Africa, The World (minor)

Castle Lager continues their long association with South African sport as they continue in their two-year deal with us.


About: Visit Rwanda is a premier tourism company operating in, you guessed it, Rwanda.
Contact Until: 2021 *new contract
Focus Nation: Rwanda

The tourism company believe that our team is a great way to advertise Rwanda given our upcoming star Joseph Areruya and our PCT status and so have renewed their contract for another two seasons.

The Minor Sponsors


About: Econet are an innovative company based out of Southern Africa but operate in the rest of Africa South America, Europe, East Asia and Australasia. Their core area is telecommunications and specifically broadband and fiber networks. They are also involved in other ventures in other sectors entirely
Contract Until: 2021 *new contract
Focus Nations: Zimbabwe, South Africa, Africa (minor)*, Australasia (minor) East Asia (very minor)*, South America (very minor)*, Europe (very minor)*
*The choice of flags here means nothing

Econet are a truly innovative company which we are glad to be sponsored by. As a more worldwide company they don't demand any focus nationalities but will hopefully expand our influence even more in Southern Africa. They have renewed for another two seasons after being happy with our partnership to date.


About: Telkom Indonesia is a majority state owned telecommunications company, the largest in Indonesia.
Contract Until: 2020
Focus Nations: Indonesia

Jamalidin Novardianto is a cult hero now (and after his Giro stage victory has increased profile) and nowhere is this more clear, other than the manager's room, than in his home country of Indonesia. Not investing too much money, this state-owned telecommunications firm wanted in and will sponsor the team, just so they know we're tight and all, as long as Jams rides for us. So until he retires, then.


Xero Racing
[PCT] 12th


Team [27 riders]:
George Bennett Hugo Houle
Tom Davison Luke Rowe
Dylan Kennett Joseph Areruya
Hamish Schreurs [Loaned Out] Tsgabu Grmay
James Fouche [Loaned Out] Kristian Dyrnes
Shaun Nick Bester Stanislau Bazhkou
Morne Van Niekerk Nils Schomber
Jaco Venter Arvid de Kleijn
Mekseb Debesay Carl Ngamoki-Cameron
Mikiel Habtom Mingrun Chen [Stagiaire]
Sergio Higuita Than Tung Huynh [Stagiaire]
Miguel Florez [Stagiaire] Akramjon Sunnatov [Stagiaire]
Daniel Habtemichael [Loaned Out] Jordan Schleck [Loaned Out]
Jamalidin Novardianto [Loaned Out]

Rider's Rider of the YearGeorge Bennett
Fan's Rider of the YearGeorge Bennett
Ride of the YearJoseph Areruya - Tour of Norway, S4

Xero Racing p/b Octagon
[PCT] 14th


Team [22 riders]:
George Bennett Abofazl Gilanipoor
Hamish Schreurs Joseph Areruya
Tom Davison Jaco Venter
Dylan Kennett Marvain Tognama Kossouhorou
Peter Velits Carl Ngamoki-Cameron
Luke Rowe Jordan Schleck
Stanislau Bazhkou Jamalidin Novardianto
Mekseb Debesay Hernan Ricardo Aguirre [Stagiaire]
Anthony Roux Nils Schomber
Tosh Van der Sande Callum Scotson [Loaned In]
Joseph Kimathi [Stagiaire] Gregory Daniel [Loaned In]

Rider's Rider of the YearPeter Velits
Fan's Rider of the YearGeorge Bennett
Ride of the YearAbofazl Gilanipoor - Vuelta a Colombia, S3

Xero Racing p/b Octagon
[CT] 6th


Team [21 riders]:
George Bennett Tom Diggle
Tom Davison Stijn Vandenbergh
Dylan Kennett Geremie Nzeke
Hamish Schreurs Jamalidin Novardianto
Scott Ambrose [Stagiaire] Marvain Tognama Kossouhorou
Simon Clarke Rei Onodera [Loaned In]
Matthew Lloyd Egidijus Juodvalkis
Anthony Roux Carl Ngamoki-Cameron
Jonathan Salinas Daniel Afoa [Stagiaire]
Igor Antón Nils Schomber [Loaned Out]
Jordan Schleck [Loaned Out]

Rider's Rider of the YearAnthony Roux
Fan's Rider of the YearGeorge Bennett
Ride of the YearAnthony Roux - Tour de San Luis, S7

Xero Racing p/b Octagon
[CT] 11th


Team [18 riders]:
Tom Scully Tom Diggle
Tom Davison Jamalidin Novardianto
Timothy Gudsell Geremie Nzeke
Simon Clarke Marvain Tognama Kossouhorou
Matthew Lloyd Aleksandr Efimkin
Ole Hirschlein Jean Helwani [Loaned In]
Nils Schomber [Stagiaire] Jordan Schleck
Jonathan Salinas Ok Cheol Kim [Stagiaire]

Rider's Rider of the YearTom Diggle
Fan's Rider of the YearJamalidin Novardianto
Ride of the YearJonathan Salinas - ToME, S9

Xero All-Time Leaderboards

YearsLoan InLoan OutStag.Tenure
Tom Davison40002016-
Jamalidin Novardianto40102016-
Nils Schomber40112016-
Jordan Schleck40202016-
Marvain Kossohorou30002016-18
George Bennett30002017-
Carl Ngamoki-Cameron30002017-
Dylan Kennett30002017-
Geremie Nzeke30102016-18
Hamish Schreurs30102017-
Jonathan Salinas20002016-17
Simon Clarke20002016-17
Tom Diggle20002016-17
Matthew Lloyd20002016-17
Anthony Roux20002017-18
Luke Rowe20002018-
Mekseb Debesay20002018-
Stanislau Bazhkou20002018-
Jaco Venter20002018-
Joseph Areruya20002018-
Daniel Afoa20112017-18
Tom Scully10002016
Ole Hirschlein10002016
Aleksandr Efimkin10002016
Timothy Gudsell10002016
Igor Antón10002017
Stijn Vandenbergh10002017
Egidijus Juodvalkis10002017
Peter Velits10002018
Tosh van der Sande10002018
Abolfazl Gilanipoor10002018
Hugo Houle10002019-
Arvid de Kleijn10002019-
Sergio Higuita10002019-
Morne Van Niekerk10002019-
Shaun Nick Bester10002019-
Kristian Dyrnes10002019-
Tsgabu Grmay10002019-
Mikiel Habtom10002019-
Kim Ok Cheol10012016
Scott Ambrose10012017
Joseph Kimathi10012018
Hernan Ricardo Aguirre10012018
Mingrun Chen10012019-
Akramjon Sunnatov10012019-
Than Tung Huynh10012019-
Miguel Florez10012019-
James Fouche10102019-
Daniel Habtemichael10102019-
Jean Helwani11002016
Rei Onodera11002017
Gregory Daniel11002018
Callum Scotson11002018

PointsBiggest Year
George Bennett1233670
Luke Rowe921518
Anthony Roux841631
Mekseb Debesay732478
Peter Velits572572
Hugo Houle457457
Stanislau Bazhkou389278
Jonathan Salinas370263
Tom Diggle276218
Simon Clarke244134
Joseph Areruya206168
Tsgabu Grmay165165
Jamalidin Novardianto156138
Kristian Dyrnes138138
Tom Davison13057
Tosh van der Sande128128
Abolfazl Gilanipoor106106
Geremie Nzeke9063
Shaun Nick Bester7575
Ole Hirschlein6666
Igor Antón6666
Jaco Venter6340
Tom Scully5252
Morne Van Niekerk5050
Stijn Vandenbergh5050
Matthew Lloyd3736
Marvain Tognama Kossohorou2813
Hamish Schreurs2419
Timothy Gudsell2121
Dylan Kennett189
Sergio Higuita1717
Carl Ngamoki-Cameron109
Jordan Schleck99
Aleksandr Efimkin44
Rei Onodera44
Nils Schomber44
Arvid de Kleijn22
Egidijus Juodvalkis22
Daniel Afoa11
Jean Helwani11
Hernan Ricardo Aguirre11
Gregory Daniel00
Scott Ambrose00
Kim Ok Cheol00
Joseph Kimathi00
Callum Scotson00
Mikiel Habtom00
Single-Season Record: 670 (George Bennett, 2019)
CT: 631 (Anthony Roux, 2017)

Chicken Dinners
ClassicsGCsStage WinsTotal
Anthony Roux1168
George Bennett1135
Hugo Houle0033
Tosh van der Sande0033
Luke Rowe1012
Peter Velits0022
Mekseb Debesay0022
Joseph Areruya0011
Jonathan Salinas0011
Igor Antón0011
Abolfazl Gilanipoor0011
Single-Season Record: 7 (Anthony Roux, 2017)

George Bennett1102
Luke Rowe2002
Peter Velits0101
Tom Davison0101
Timothy Gudsell0101
Anthony Roux1001
Mekseb Debesay1001
Hugo Houle1001
Jamalidin Novardianto0011

Greedy Bastards
Total WageHighest Year
Mekseb Debesay€645,000€365,000
Luke Rowe€495,000€265,000
George Bennett€425,000€160,000
Joseph Areruya€410,000€260,000
Hugo Houle€409,000€409,000
Peter Velits€350,000€350,000
Tosh van der Sande€275,000€275,000
Sergio Higuita€250,000€250,000
Tom Diggle€230,000€130,000
Tom Davison€225,000€75,000
Anthony Roux€220,000€130,000
Tom Scully€210,000€210,000
Kristian Dyrnes€180,000€180,000
Jamalidin Novardianto€180,000€55,000
Hamish Schreurs€160,000€85,000
Jonathan Salinas€155,000€80,000
Tsgabu Grmay€150,000€150,000
Dylan Kennett€150,000€50,000
Carl Ngamoki-Cameron€150,000€50,000
Marvain Tognama Kossohorou€150,000€50,000
Stanislau Bazhkou€145,000€75,000
Jordan Schleck€145,000€70,000
Ole Hirschlein€140,000€140,000
Jaco Venter€135,000€70,000
Geremie Nzeke€120,000€105,000
Nils Schomber€110,000€50,000
Simon Clarke€105,000€55,000
Matthew Lloyd€105,000€55,000
Igor Antón€100,000€100,000
Abolfazl Gilanipoor€81,500€81,500
Shaun Nick Bester€81,000€81,000
Mikiel Habtom€70,000€70,000
Morne Van Niekerk€60,000€60,000
Stijn Vandenbergh€55,000€55,000
Aleksandr Efimkin€50,000€50,000
Timothy Gudsell€50,000€50,000
Arvid de Kleijn€50,000€50,000
Egidijus Juodvalkis€50,000€50,000
Rei Onodera€50,000€50,000
Gregory Daniel€37,500€37,500
Joseph Kimathi€15,000€15,000
Daniel Afoa€10,000€10,000
Than Tung Huynh€10,000€10,000
Akramjon Sunnatov€10,000€10,000
Scott Ambrose€10,000€10,000
Kim Ok Cheol€10,000€10,000
Miguel Florez€10,000€10,000
Hernan Ricardo Aguirre€10,000€10,000
Mingrun Chen€10,000€10,000
Daniel Habtemichael€5,000€5,000
James Fouche€0€0
Jean Helwani€0€0
Callum Scotson€0€0
Single Season Record: €365,000 (Mekseb Debesay, 2018)

Value for Money
Jean HelwaniInfinite
Anthony Roux€262
George Bennett€345
Stanislau Bazhkou€373
Jonathan Salinas€419
Simon Clarke€430
Luke Rowe€537
Peter Velits€612
Abolfazl Gilanipoor€769
Tom Diggle€833
Mekseb Debesay€881
Hugo Houle€895
Tsgabu Grmay€909
Shaun Nick Bester€1,080
Stijn Vandenbergh€1,100
Jamalidin Novardianto€1,154
Morne Van Niekerk€1,200
Kristian Dyrnes€1,304
Geremie Nzeke€1,333
Igor Antón€1,515
Tom Davison€1,731
Joseph Areruya€1,990
Ole Hirschlein€2,121
Jaco Venter€2,143
Tosh van der Sande€2,148
Timothy Gudsell€2,381
Matthew Lloyd€2,838
Tom Scully€4,038
Marvain Tognama Kossohorou€5,357
Hamish Schreurs€6,667
Dylan Kennett€8,333
Daniel Afoa€10,000
Hernan Ricardo Aguirre€10,000
Aleksandr Efimkin€12,500
Rei Onodera€12,500
Sergio Higuita€14,706
Carl Ngamoki-Cameron€15,000
Jordan Schleck€16,111
Arvid de Kleijn€25,000
Egidijus Juodvalkis€25,000
Nils Schomber€27,500
Than Tung HuynhN/A
Akramjon SunnatovN/A
Gregory DanielN/A
Scott AmbroseN/A
James FoucheN/A
Kim Ok CheolN/A
Joseph KimathiN/A
Daniel HabtemichaelN/A
Miguel FlorezN/A
Mingrun ChenN/A
Callum ScotsonN/A
Mikiel HabtomN/A

Men of Steel
Tom Davison285
Dylan Kennett229
Jamalidin Novardianto225
Marvain Tognama Kossohorou201
Nils Schomber175
Carl Ngamoki-Cameron174
Joseph Areruya161
George Bennett151
Jordan Schleck145
Jaco Venter131
Stanislau Bazhkou129
Hamish Schreurs115
Mekseb Debesay110
Geremie Nzeke107
Anthony Roux107
Tom Diggle106
Simon Clarke103
Matthew Lloyd98
Jonathan Salinas97
Sergio Higuita96
Luke Rowe94
Arvid de Kleijn87
Morne Van Niekerk80
Rei Onodera76
Callum Scotson72
Gregory Daniel71
Shaun Nick Bester71
Mikiel Habtom65
Timothy Gudsell63
Tsgabu Grmay63
Abolfazl Gilanipoor62
Egidijus Juodvalkis60
Aleksandr Efimkin60
Jean Helwani57
Ole Hirschlein53
Tosh van der Sande51
Kristian Dyrnes50
Igor Antón48
Tom Scully47
Hugo Houle47
Peter Velits46
Stijn Vandenbergh45
Hernan Ricardo Aguirre15
Joseph Kimathi15
Daniel Afoa15
Mingrun Chen15
Than Tung Huynh15
Miguel Florez15
Scott Ambrose14
Akramjon Sunnatov14
Kim Ok Cheol10
James Fouche0
Daniel Habtemichael0

Shut Up Legs
Jamalidin Novardianto2100
Joseph Areruya1610
Tom Davison1201
Sergio Higuita1100
Carl Ngamoki-Cameron700
Kristian Dyrnes501
Geremie Nzeke500
Marvain Tognama Kossohorou500
Hamish Schreurs500
Timothy Gudsell401
Dylan Kennett400
Morne Van Niekerk400
Shaun Nick Bester400
Peter Velits301
Anthony Roux300
Rei Onodera300
Gregory Daniel300
Nils Schomber300
Mekseb Debesay210
Matthew Lloyd200
Jordan Schleck200
Jean Helwani200
Igor Antón200
Daniel Afoa200
Stanislau Bazhkou200
Jaco Venter200
Mikiel Habtom200
Abolfazl Gilanipoor110
Tom Diggle100
Aleksandr Efimkin100
Stijn Vandenbergh100
Callum Scotson100
Hernan Ricardo Aguirre100
Luke Rowe100
Than Tung Huynh100
Miguel Florez100

Mr. Month
George Bennett6
Anthony Roux5
Jamalidin Novardianto3
Luke Rowe3
Simon Clarke2
Tom Diggle2
Peter Velits2
Tom Scully1
Jonathan Salinas1
Tom Davison1
Timothy Gudsell1
Igor Antón1
Abolfazl Gilanipoor1
Stanislau Bazhkou1
Dylan Kennett1
Mekseb Debesay1
Joseph Areruya1
Hugo Houle1
Sergio Higuita1
Tsgabu Grmay1


10/1 Down Under ClassicHC
14/1-19/1 Tour Down UnderHC
31/1 Gisborne GPC1
1/2-9/2 Volta a PortugalPTHC
4/2 Viana do CasteloC1
8/3-10/3 Hong Kong ChallengeC1
9/2 GP HerningC2
1/3 Geraardsbergen-BosbergHC
1/3-4/3 Barbados Bicycling BonanzaHC
3/3-6/3 Jelajah SKLC1
7/3-12/3 Vuelta al Pais VascoHC
18/3 Le SamynC1
20/3-22/3 Ronde van NederlandPT
21/3 Strade BiancheHC
30/3 Kuurne - Bruxelles - KuurneHC
1/4-7/4 Tour of CaliforniaHC
4/4-8/4 Baltic Chain TourC1
10/4-16/4 Tour of PologneHC
21/4-24/4 Tour of CyprusHC
27/4-29/4 Tour of UkraineHC
28/4 Veenendaal - VeenendaalHC
28/4 Lisbon ClassicC1
1/5-5/5 Cheshire Cycling TourPTHC
2/5-7/5 Tour of RomandieC1
11/5-13/5 Scandinavia Open Road RacePTHC
15/5 Malopolski WyscigC1
17/5-23/5 Int. Osterreich RundfahrtHC
1/6-6/6 Tour of JapanC1
2/6 Hanko ClassicC1
5/6-6/6 Grands Prix CyclistesHC
8/6 Riga - Jurmala GPPTHC
18/6-23/6 Tour of South AfricaC1
28/6 Franceville ClassiquePTHC
30/6 Berlin Pro RaceHC
1/7 Torshavn GPC1
5/7-8/7 Tour of the Middle EastHC
26/7-30/7 Tour of SloveniePTHC
1/8-6/8 Benelux ChallengeC1
2/8 Nakhon Ratchasima Trophy
21/8 Ronde van het IJsselmeerC1
23/8-31/8 Tour de l'AvenirU23
1/9 Paris - ToursPTHC
3/9-7/9 Tour of BritainC1
14/9-21/9 Tour of Northern EuropePT
23/9 Lillestrom GPC2
25/9 Tour of the BattenkillPTHC
26/9-29/9 Tour of LithuaniaHC
1/10-8/10 Tour du MarocPTHC
1/10 GP KigaliC2
3/10 GP LuganoC1
3/10 Japan CupPTHC
18/10 Giro dell'EmeliaHC

Why change perfection? Another year in the absolutely stunning kit, by prolific and super-talented designer the_hoyle!


final reserve
24/02/21 - kandesbunzler said “I don't drink famous people."
22/07/21 - quadsas said "I admire you [jandal] so much as a manager, squad builder and a person"
15/08/22 - SotD said "Your [jandal's] humour is overrated"

[ICL] Santos-Euskadi | The Life And Times | [PCT] i.imgur.com/c85NSl6.png Xero Racing

4x i.imgur.com/wM6Wok5.png x4

Renewals Update

A mixed bag during renewals this season as some riders demanded pay rises - in the case of George Bennett and Joseph Areruya, who had not received new wages after last year's developments, we believed it justified, in the cases of our sprint squad, who all demanded more than we'd hoped, we did not. Houle did get a cut due to his inflated FA value from last year but not as much as we'd hoped, whilst Habtom and Kennett had to be cut due to their demands soaring past what we signed them for from free agency. Luke Rowe, however, succeeded in his greed and earned a staggering 140,000 pay rise after testing negotiations.

We sadly bid farewell to a host of young talents as well as long-time squad members Dylan Kennett, Tom Davison, Jaco Venter and Carl Ngamoki-Cameron, the former left after negotiations whilst the latter three unfortunately did not fit into our plans after riders such as Rowe took up more space than we bargained for, victims of their teammate's greed.

Overall the squad has slimmed down a lot from the unwieldy 27 we had on the books in some form last season and now totals 17, meaning at least three new signings must be made. Overall these 17 have given us a gross profit with a net wage cut of over €200,000 - not as great as last year's €500,000, but not bad, especially considering Rowe's increase, and it means we shouldn't have problems with the cap space finding the room for the three new signings required. We look forward to building on this very talented group in the upcoming window and will be releasing our rider availability statement in the near future.

2018 Wage2019 WageChange?
HugoHoule€409,000€340,000-€69,000 (nice)
MorneVan Niekerk€60,000€50,000-€10,000
S. N.Bester€81,000€50,000-€31,000
Total Change:-€255,000
Willing to give your wage budget even more breathing room by taking Bazkhou off your hands
Still he renewed Schomber Rolling Eyes Areruya would look great in an Isostar kit Wink
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Croatia14 wrote:
Areruya would look great in an Isostar kit Wink

Stop it! If he's ever going to leave Xero, it will be to eat up 40-70% of our humble team's budget Grin jandal I think you got away with a bargain there btw, oh how much more he could have earned with us Pfft

In all seriousness, I would expect us to cross paths a few times in the upcoming weeks, but I really hope it's going to be talking loans or other deals and not bidding each other up for free agents, I'm a bit anxious in that regard ^^
@quadsas - Not planning on it straight away but I suppose you never know - doubt it'd be an easy path given his wage and quality would get many interested suitors!

@Croatia - When I started writing about how I had to let people go but then I still kept Schomber I knew you'd love it Pfft Unfortunately for you and luckily for us, he's 4.99 and doesn't require a loan Wink

@cunego - Pretty huge if there, and not one I can ever see turning into a when Pfft And yeah I'm very happy with his wage, even last year at L3 he was ont he road to making up for it and this year he may even be worth it already without the prospect of another year's development - I do worry what I'll have to fork out next season though Grin

Of course it would be strange if we didn't see each other in transfers, as you said hopefully it's productive for both of us - I look forward to what you are planning Grin
Oh don't worry, I've made my peace with that (for the foreseeable future), that was more an "if we can't have him, no one can" statement Pfft
jandal7 wrote:

2018 Wage2019 WageChange?
HugoHoule€409,000€340,000-€69,000 (nice)

Excellent managing, that all I have to say.
@cunego - And I'm very happy that you have - our dealings will be much easier if we acknowledge that the elephant in the room wouldn't actually fit in the room, and is much happier in the savannah anyway Pfft

@Nemolito - Embarassed

Rider Availability

The first transfer news coming out of the tight-lipped Xero HQ so far as the team have released their press release on Rider Availability going into transfers. With a strong and loyal core clearly not a lot of riders are being openly sold, with the team looking for a couple of big sales to get some more cap and extra budget. Luke Rowe is the main man for Xero on paper but also the main man on their transfer list, this versatile Veenendaal - Veenendaal winner is sure to raise some interest as this potential top 35 PCT scorer (having fallen slightly last year after splitting the RDs with Houle, the main reason for his listing) is a huge asset to any PCT or CT team as well as being incredibly useful as well in the PT. Don't let his wage rise this year fool you, he was on a bargain wage before and is still on a very reasonable one now for his talents. Still training eligible too with multiple years left at his peak - at 81SP he'd be a truly fearsome contender when combined with his FL and COB.

Also on the block are 11th place and KOM winner in the Tour de France Tsgabu Grmay and the multi-talented puncheur Kristian Dyrnes, both with half a decade at their peaks making the team regret their listing already! The former is a very useful climber who could outperform his 77MO (as seen with 6th at the HC Tour of Beijing, no breakaways or freak stages required!) as a CT leader or otherwise a fantastic luxury domestique, whilst the latter with his solid MO and fast finish shouldn't be hurt too badly by PCM18 like sub 70 MO puncheurs - he didn't take off here last season due to having to compete with Houle for stage win priority and Houle AND Bazhkou for GC leadership. A top CT leader in the vein of the 670 point wonder Roux who also could outperform 79-80 guys thanks to his similar stats, or a useful PCT co-leader.

The team also thank Evonik for the format which they have stolen.

LukeRowe83 EGO, 79SPR77.92€ 370,000●●●●
HugoHoule79 SPR77.66€ 340,000
JosephAreruya77MO76.67€ 160,000
GeorgeBennett80MO76.60€ 175,000
MeksebDebesay77COB76.18€ 190,000
KristianDyrnes78HI75.32€ 110,000●●●●
StanBazhkou76HI74.38€ 70,000
TsgabuGrmay77MO74.14€ 90,000●●●●
HamishSchreurs77COB73.99€ 50,000
MorneVan Niekerk78TT73.86€ 50,000
S. N.BesterLow 70s all73.69€ 50,000
JordanSchleck77MO73.67€ 50,000●●●
JamsNovardianto85<373.53€ 65,000
SergioHiguita73MO72.83€ 140,000●●
DanielHabtemichael74MO71.89€ 55,000
JamesFouche71MO69.90€ 50,000
NilsSchomber79PRL69.37€ 50,000●●

● strong intention to keep | ●●● open for offers | ●●●●● clear intention to sell

The team are also looking for loan destinations for a few riders, ideally with the receiving team paying full or majority wages in return for a higher than perhaps usual fee.

NilsSchomberPT/PCT€ 50,000●●●●●
SergioHiguitaAny€ 140,000●●●●●
DanielHabtemichaelAny€ 55,000●●●
I wouldn't mind taking Schomber on loan.

But it would take a "special" loan fee to take a rider that "special" on loan Pfft


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Bevin available, Schomber needs a loan, Herklotz would love "higher than usual fees"...maybe we're onto something here!
You're missing a couple of dots next to Shaun Nick and Morne Wink
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Chuckled a bit when I saw the first main stat for Rowe there Pfft
cio93 wrote:
Bevin available, Schomber needs a loan, Herklotz would love "higher than usual fees"...maybe we're onto something here!

I do believe Meintjes needs training too!!! Wink

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