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[PCT] Xero Racing '19
Xero Racing 2019


Lucky 13th. Not luck that got us there - luck to have this opportunity to do what we love so well. 2018 had ups, the downs, the highs, the lows, the epic rides and the close-knit team spirit. It was a Xero season, basically. The heart-attacks began in transfers. Plans A-Z went out the window, and the reactionary plans, and all the last resort backups. The crisis committee convened for a long planning session. And little did we know, we came out with the perfect team we didn't know we needed until we got it.

The season went by with some constant overperformances and other consistent results dragging the relegation contenders to the fight for the top half. Although a season in the mid-table sounds boring, would that ever be on the cards at Xero? They don't do it in increments - some races brought far below expectations, compensated by glorious, epic and determined rides to punch above our weight until it wasn't above our weight anymore.

And so mission survival is accomplished, and so the subtly re-titled Xero Racing have so many choices of what to target for their sophomore outing in cycling's most exciting playground, the PCT. Management have remained tight-lipped on their ambitions for the upcoming season and the rumour mill isn't as swinging as it has been in previous years. One thing we do expect, as always, is the panache and spirit befitting the Lionhearts.


The Primary Sponsors


About: The overnight success that is Xero is now a international company still based in little ol' NZ. They develop online accounting software for small businesses (like our own?)
Contract Until: 2019
Focus Nations: New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain (minor), United States (very minor)

Xero stepped in at the last minute in 2016, but have been a great asset to the team and are now nearly synonymous with us. They continue as lone title sponsor for another year but have publicly noted their dissapointment in our lack of impact on the young blood of New Zealand cycling - and in a renewal year that's a worry. We effectively have two more young rider recruitment classes to convince them otherwise.

About: Qhubeka is a non-for-profit, the South African programme of World Bicycle Relief, distributing bikes to help connect people to schools, clinics and jobs.
Contract Until: 2020 *new
Focus Nations: South Africa

A charity which helps use bicycles to support communities in poverty, as well as as a tool to help people of any age move forward in life. Not a sponsor by any means, quite the opposite. We ride for Qhubeka to increase awareness and taking part in fundraising, both of them increasing their funds and reach. We have renewed with them for another two seasons.

The Secondary Sponsors


About: My Food Bag is another hotshot emerging modern Kiwi company, an online food delivery service philosophising in “Eating food from the ground, sea or the sky. A sure-fire way to enjoy food the way nature intended, with less preservative, salts and a host of other artificial things. With recipes being focused on bringing natural ingredients forwards as the heroes”. We will help spread the word as they hope to develop this message with local (not always possible for us) and free-range produce.
Contract Until: 2020 *new contract
Focus Nations: New Zealand, Australia

We've loved the nutrition tips provided by the Kiwi upstart, and we're happy to keep going with this partnership for the next two years!


About: Octagon is the sports and entertainment marketing division of the Interpublic Group (IPG). The IPG is one of the "big four" advertising companies and so being sponsored by the South African arm of the sports arm of the IPG is a smaller deal but with big background.
Contract Until: 2020 *new contract
Focus Nations: South Africa, The World (minor)

Octagon help us get our name on the backs of buses, billboards, wherever, in our target countries. Good for publicity, finances and fans. They have stepped down from their title sponsor role but maintain a solid presence within the team as our marketers and talent representatives.


About: Castle Lager is South Africa's favourite beer and is now available in over 40 countries worldwide.
Contact Until: 2020 *new sponsor
Focus Nations: South Africa, The World (minor)

Castle Lager continues their long association with South African sport as they signa new two-year deal with us, and will take on a role as one of our new minor sponsors, filling the gap of Octagon and Kiwibank.


About: Visit Rwanda is a premier tourism company operating in, you guessed it, Rwanda.
Contact Until: 2020 *new sponsor
Focus Nation: Rwanda

The tourism company want to use our young talent Joseph Areruya, very visible in breakaways this year, as a vessel through which to advertise the cycling-mad country to the world. They give us an interest in new regions of Africa and are delighted to sign a two-year deal.

The Minor Sponsors


About: Econet are an innovative company based out of Southern Africa but operate in the rest of Africa South America, Europe, East Asia and Australasia. Their core area is telecommunications and specifically broadband and fiber networks. They are also involved in other ventures in other sectors entirely
Contract Until: 2019 *new contract
Focus Nations: Zimbabwe, South Africa, Africa (minor)*, Australasia (minor) East Asia (very minor)*, South America (very minor)*, Europe (very minor)*
*The choice of flags here means nothing

Econet are a truly innovative company which we are glad to be sponsored by. As a more worldwide company they don't demand any focus nationalities but will hopefully expand our influence even more in Southern Africa.


About: Telkom Indonesia is a majority state owned telecommunications company, the largest in Indonesia.
Contract Until: 2020 *new contract
Focus Nations: Indonesia

Jamalidin Novardianto is a cult hero now and nowhere is this more clear, other than the manager's room, than in his home country of Indonesia. Not investing too much money, this state-owned telecommunications firm wanted in and will sponsor the team, just so they know we're tight and all, as long as Jams rides for us. So until he retires, then.

ToshVan der Sande79SPR76.42275,000
H. R.Aguirre68MON67.1710,000


Xero Racing p/b Octagon
[PCT] 14th


Team [22 riders]:
George Bennett Abofazl Gilanipoor
Hamish Schreurs Joseph Areruya
Tom Davison Jaco Venter
Dylan Kennett Marvain Tognama Kossouhorou
Peter Velits Carl Ngamoki-Cameron
Luke Rowe Jordan Schleck
Stanislau Bazhkou Jamalidin Novardianto
Mekseb Debesay Hernan Ricardo Aguirre [Stagiaire]
Anthony Roux Nils Schomber
Tosh Van der Sande Callum Scotson [Loaned In]
Joseph Kimathi [Stagiaire] Gregory Daniel [Loaned In]

Rider's Rider of the YearPeter Velits
Fan's Rider of the YearGeorge Bennett
Ride of the YearAbofazl Gilanipoor - Vuelta a Colombia, S3

Xero Racing p/b Octagon
[CT] 6th


Team [21 riders]:
George Bennett Tom Diggle
Tom Davison Stijn Vandenbergh
Dylan Kennett Geremie Nzeke
Hamish Schreurs Jamalidin Novardianto
Scott Ambrose [Stagiaire] Marvain Tognama Kossouhorou
Simon Clarke Rei Onodera [Loaned In]
Matthew Lloyd Egidijus Juodvalkis
Anthony Roux Carl Ngamoki-Cameron
Jonathan Salinas Daniel Afoa [Stagiaire]
Igor Antón Nils Schomber [Loaned Out]
Jordan Schleck [Loaned Out]

Rider's Rider of the YearAnthony Roux
Fan's Rider of the YearGeorge Bennett
Ride of the YearAnthony Roux - Tour de San Luis, S7

Xero Racing p/b Octagon
[CT] 11th


Team [18 riders]:
Tom Scully Tom Diggle
Tom Davison Jamalidin Novardianto
Timothy Gudsell Geremie Nzeke
Simon Clarke Marvain Tognama Kossouhorou
Matthew Lloyd Aleksandr Efimkin
Ole Hirschlein Jean Helwani [Loaned In]
Nils Schomber [Stagiaire] Jordan Schleck
Jonathan Salinas Ok Cheol Kim [Stagiaire]

Rider's Rider of the YearTom Diggle
Fan's Rider of the YearJamalidin Novardianto
Ride of the YearJonathan Salinas - ToME, S9

Xero All-Time Leaderboards

YearsLoan InLoan OutStag.Tenure
Marvain Kossohorou30002016-
Tom Davison30002016-
Jams Novardianto30002016-
Geremie Nzeke30102016-
Jordan Schleck30102016-
Nils Schomber30112016-
Jonathan Salinas20002016-17
Simon Clarke20002016-17
Tom Diggle20002016-17
Matthew Lloyd20002016-17
George Bennett20002017-
Anthony Roux20002017-
Carl Ngamoki-Cameron20002017-
Hamish Schreurs20002017-
Dylan Kennett20002017-
Daniel Afoa20112017-
Tom Scully10002016
Ole Hirschlein10002016
Aleksandr Efimkin10002016
Timothy Gudsell10002016
Igor Antón10002017
Stijn Vandenbergh10002017
Egidijus Juodvalkis10002017
Peter Velits10002018-
Luke Rowe10002018-
Tosh van der Sande10002018-
Mekseb Debesay10002018-
Abolfazl Gilanipoor10002018-
Stanislau Bazhkou10002018-
Jaco Venter10002018-
Joseph Areruya10002018-
Kim Ok Cheol10012016
Scott Ambrose10012017
Joseph Kimathi10012018-
Hernan Ricardo Aguirre10012018-
Jean Helwani11002016
Rei Onodera11002017
Gregory Daniel11002018
Callum Scotson11002018

PointsBiggest Year
Anthony Roux841631
Peter Velits572572
George Bennett563366
Luke Rowe518518
Jonathan Salinas370263
Stanislau Bazhkou278278
Tom Diggle276218
Mekseb Debesay254254
Simon Clarke244134
Jamalidin Novardianto156138
Tosh van der Sande128128
Tom Davison11657
Abolfazl Gilanipoor106106
Geremie Nzeke9063
Igor Antón6666
Ole Hirschlein6666
Tom Scully5252
Stijn Vandenbergh5050
Joseph Areruya3838
Matthew Lloyd3736
Marvain Tognama Kossohorou2813
Hamish Schreurs2419
Jaco Venter2323
Timothy Gudsell2121
Carl Ngamoki-Cameron109
Dylan Kennett109
Jordan Schleck99
Rei Onodera44
Aleksandr Efimkin44
Egidijus Juodvalkis22
Hernan Ricardo Aguirre11
Jean Helwani11
Daniel Afoa11
Single Season Record: 631 (Anthony Roux, 2017)

ClassicsGCsStage WinsTotal
Anthony Roux1168
George Bennett1023
Tosh van der Sande0033
Peter Velits0022
Luke Rowe0011
Mekseb Debesay0011
Jonathan Salinas0011
Igor Antón0011
Abolfazl Gilanipoor0011
Single Season Record: 7 (Anthony Roux, 2017)

Anthony Roux1001
Peter Velits0101
Luke Rowe1001
Mekseb Debesay1001
Tom Davison0101
Timothy Gudsell0101
Jamalidin Novardianto0011

Greedy Bastards
Total WageHighest Year
Mekseb Debesay€365,000€365,000
Peter Velits€350,000€350,000
George Bennett€285,000€160,000
Tosh van der Sande€275,000€275,000
Luke Rowe€265,000€265,000
Joseph Areruya€260,000€260,000
Tom Diggle€230,000€130,000
Anthony Roux€220,000€130,000
Tom Scully€210,000€210,000
Tom Davison€175,000€75,000
Jonathan Salinas€155,000€80,000
Jamalidin Novardianto€155,000€55,000
Marvain Tognama Kossohorou€150,000€50,000
Ole Hirschlein€140,000€140,000
Geremie Nzeke€120,000€105,000
Jordan Schleck€120,000€70,000
Matthew Lloyd€105,000€55,000
Simon Clarke€105,000€55,000
Igor Antón€100,000€100,000
Dylan Kennett€100,000€50,000
Abolfazl Gilanipoor€81,500€81,500
Stanislau Bazhkou€75,000€75,000
Jaco Venter€70,000€70,000
Nils Schomber€60,000€50,000
Stijn Vandenbergh€55,000€55,000
Carl Ngamoki-Cameron€50,000€50,000
Rei Onodera€50,000€50,000
Egidijus Juodvalkis€50,000€50,000
Hamish Schreurs€50,000€50,000
Timothy Gudsell€50,000€50,000
Aleksandr Efimkin€50,000€50,000
Gregory Daniel€37,500€37,500
Joseph Kimathi€15,000€15,000
Hernan Ricardo Aguirre€10,000€10,000
Kim Ok Cheol€10,000€10,000
Scott Ambrose€10,000€10,000
Daniel Afoa€10,000€10,000
Callum Scotson€0€0
Jean Helwani€0€0
Single Season Record: €365,000 (Mekseb Debesay, 2018)

Value for Money
Jean HelwaniInfinite
Anthony Roux€262
Stanislau Bazhkou€270
Jonathan Salinas€419
Simon Clarke€430
George Bennett€506
Luke Rowe€512
Peter Velits€612
Abolfazl Gilanipoor€769
Tom Diggle€833
Jamalidin Novardianto€994
Stijn Vandenbergh€1,100
Geremie Nzeke€1,333
Mekseb Debesay€1,437
Tom Davison€1,509
Igor Antón€1,515
Hamish Schreurs€2,083
Ole Hirschlein€2,121
Tosh van der Sande€2,148
Timothy Gudsell€2,381
Matthew Lloyd€2,838
Jaco Venter€3,043
Tom Scully€4,038
Carl Ngamoki-Cameron€5,000
Marvain Tognama Kossohorou€5,357
Joseph Areruya€6,842
Hernan Ricardo Aguirre€10,000
Dylan Kennett€10,000
Daniel Afoa€10,000
Rei Onodera€12,500
Aleksandr Efimkin€12,500
Jordan Schleck€13,333
Egidijus Juodvalkis€25,000
Callum ScotsonN/A
Nils SchomberN/A
Joseph KimathiN/A
Kim Ok CheolN/A
Scott AmbroseN/A
Gregory DanielN/A

Mr. Ironman
Jamalidin Novardianto225
Tom Davison206
Marvain Tognama Kossohorou201
Dylan Kennett148
Jordan Schleck145
Hamish Schreurs115
Carl Ngamoki-Cameron108
Geremie Nzeke107
Anthony Roux107
Tom Diggle106
Simon Clarke103
George Bennett101
Matthew Lloyd98
Jonathan Salinas97
Joseph Areruya90
Rei Onodera76
Nils Schomber75
Callum Scotson72
Gregory Daniel71
Jaco Venter65
Stanislau Bazhkou64
Timothy Gudsell63
Abolfazl Gilanipoor62
Mekseb Debesay60
Egidijus Juodvalkis60
Aleksandr Efimkin60
Jean Helwani57
Ole Hirschlein53
Tosh van der Sande51
Igor Antón48
Tom Scully47
Peter Velits46
Luke Rowe46
Stijn Vandenbergh45
Hernan Ricardo Aguirre15
Joseph Kimathi15
Daniel Afoa15
Scott Ambrose14
Kim Ok Cheol10

Jamalidin Novardianto21
Joseph Areruya10
Tom Davison8
Geremie Nzeke5
Marvain Tognama Kossohorou5
Hamish Schreurs5
Timothy Gudsell4
Anthony Roux3
Carl Ngamoki-Cameron3
Rei Onodera3
Peter Velits3
Gregory Daniel3
Matthew Lloyd2
Jordan Schleck2
Jean Helwani2
Igor Antón2
Daniel Afoa2
Dylan Kennett2
Mekseb Debesay2
Stanislau Bazhkou2
Tom Diggle1
Aleksandr Efimkin1
Stijn Vandenbergh1
Abolfazl Gilanipoor1
Jaco Venter1
Callum Scotson1
Hernan Ricardo Aguirre1

Mr. Month
Anthony Roux5
Jamalidin Novardianto3
George Bennett3
Simon Clarke2
Tom Diggle2
Peter Velits2
Luke Rowe2
Tom Scully1
Jonathan Salinas1
Tom Davison1
Timothy Gudsell1
Igor Antón1
Abolfazl Gilanipoor1
Stanislau Bazhkou1

Official season goals and project goals yet to be revealed...

2016-17 Project Goals
- In 2016 place a solid CT ranking and develop young talents from our focus nations in particular
- Increase the popularity of all divisions of Cycling in NZ.
- In 2017 promote and come out trumps in the Oceanic CT battle.
- In 2017 continue to develop our younger riders.
- Have a team 75% from our focus countries


10/1 Down Under ClassicHCRecap
14/1-19/1 Tour Down UnderHCRecap
28/1-29/1 Tour of East JavaPTHCRecap
31/1 Clasique Pico BasileC1Recap
5/2-8/2 Tour of the Middle EastHCRecap
6/2 Omloop Het NieuwsbladPTHCRecap
8/2 Gent - WevelgemC1Recap
8/2-12/2 Tour de SlovenieHCRecap
18/2-23/2 Volta a CatalunyaC1Recap
2/3-5/3 KBC De Panne TourC1Recap
10/3 Le SamynC1Recap
20/3 Strade BianchePTHCRecap
28/3-31/3 Jelajah SKLC1Recap
30/3 Kuurne-Bruxelles-KuurneHCRecap
1/4-7/4 Tour of CaliforniaHCRecap
13/4-15/4 Tour of UkraineHCRecap
20/4-23/4 Tour of CyprusC1Recap
29/4 Veenendaal - VeenendaalHCRecap
29/4 Lisbon ClassicHCRecap
1/5-5/5 Cheshire Cycling TourHCRecap
2/5-7/5 Tour of RomandieC1Recap
9/5 Chrono d'ArenbergC1Recap
12/5-14/5 Scandinavian Open Road RacePTHCRecap
25/5 Frankfurt - EschbornC1Recap
27/5-31/5 Tour of NorwayPTHCRecap
1/6-6/6 Tour of JapanC1Recap
3/6 Malopolski WycsigC1Recap
5/6 GP KigaliHCRecap
10/6-15/6 Post Danmark RundtHCRecap
18/6-23/6 Tour of South AfricaC1Recap
1/7-8/7 Tour de San LuisC2Recap
20/7 Kenya Mountain ClassicHCRecap
26/7-29/7 Tour of BeijingHCRecap
4/8 Macskako KerekparversenyC1Recap
7/8-13/8 Int. Osterreich RundfahrtHCRecap
11/8-21/8 Volta a PortugalPTHCRecap
17/8-21/8 Baltic Chain TourC1Recap
1/9 Paris - ToursPTHCRecap
1/9-5/9 Tour of BritainC1Recap
27/9 Rheden GPPTHCRecap
27/9 Tour of the BattenkillPTHCRecap
1/10 Tour du MarocPTHCRecap
3/10 GP LuganoHCRecap
3/10 Giro dell'EmeliaHCRecap
12/10-15/10 SAA Tour d'AfriqueHCRecap

Why change perfection? Another year in the absolutely stunning kit, by prolific and super-talented designer the_hoyle! Updated very slightly to reflect the new sponsor of Castle Lager and the new MGUCI size regulations.



Renewals Update

A very pleasing renewals this season as literally the whole squad put the team ahead of a few more euros, leaving us plenty of wiggle room for transfers. Sadly however we took some risks during the process, some paying off but some leading to untimely departures - those of Geremie Nzeke and Abolfazl Gilanipoor. Both are sad departures as Nzeke was one of our original 2016 squad and Gilanipoor will of course also be remembered for his fantastic Vuelta a Colombia stage win last year and was a valuable domestique for Velits and Bennett.

We also sadly released Marvain Tognama Kossohorou, one of only three riders to have rode in our colours for every season. He may return during transfers but if not we'd like to thank him for his service to our team! Afoa, Kimathi and Aguirre were also not renewed but again we would like to see them return one day.

2018 Wage2019 WageChange?
ToshVan der Sande€275,000€170,000-€105,000
Total Change:-€505,000
Total Profit:-€711,500
Wow, that's a great job there Grin
Manager of [MG] Repsol - Netflix

Consistency is key (and also selling Areruya to a team that will better appreciate his talents)

Well done on renewals though, you've got some breathing room now.
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Posted on 04-10-2022 05:32
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That table looks so amazing <3
Lots of cap room for improvements, possibly a candidate for a promotion push? Grin
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!

@Aquarius - Thanks, I think so too Grin

@Booker - Oh trust me I appreciate Areruya a lot, he's looking sexy already for some breakaway funtime and as a great Bennett domestique!

@knockout - It does indeed Grin And well, you'll have to wait and see Wink

Rider Availability

The first transfer news coming out of the tight-lipped Xero HQ so far as the team have released their press release on Rider Availability going into transfers. With a strong and loyal core clearly not a lot of riders are being openly sold, with the team looking for a couple of big sales to get some more cap and extra budget. Tosh Van der Sande is the main rider on the market and is a very good PCT or CT level sprinter with his toughness in harder stages, whilst Peter Velits is also likely to go, a man who could lead a PCT team in the stage races or absolutely wreck the CT on a very good wage for his skills. Anthony Roux, a team legend already, could very easily stay and lead the team in the hills once more, however if a new leader comes in and/or a great CT offer is made it will be considered to sell him so he can wreck the CT one last time. Although Xero will doubtless do more advertising when the window starts, it must be noted Velits and Roux in particular have shockingly good wages for their talents.

The team note that while no talents are for sale, almost all of them could well head out on loan to gain some Pro Tour experience. In particular there is a nearly full chance that Schreurs, Schleck and Novardianto will have to go so they can reach their full potential this year. Nils Schomber and Dylan Kennett will go to the PT this year or next so aren't 100%.

The team also thank Evonik for the format which they have stolen.

ToshVan der Sande79SPR76.08€170,000●●●●●

● strong intention to keep | ●●● open for offers | ●●●●● clear intention to sell
Oooo interesting
Jakstar22 wrote:
Oooo interesting

Glad you like it Wink
24/02/21 - kandesbunzler said “I don't drink famous people."
22/07/21 - quadsas said "I admire you [jandal] so much as a manager, squad builder and a person"
15/08/22 - SotD said "Your [jandal's] humour is overrated"

[ICL] Santos-Euskadi | The Life And Times | [PCT] i.imgur.com/c85NSl6.png Xero Racing

4x i.imgur.com/wM6Wok5.png x4
Anthony Roux is on a 110K wage according to the DB. Is he 85K or 110K? For 85K I might be interested. 110K, not so much.
We’ll talk Wink
@SotD - Clearly I’ve been dreaming as you’re absolutely correct, it is 110k. Still an absolute CT bargain but understand why you wouldn’t want it Smile

@Booker - Didn’t expect that, but I look forward to it!

24/02/21 - kandesbunzler said “I don't drink famous people."
22/07/21 - quadsas said "I admire you [jandal] so much as a manager, squad builder and a person"
15/08/22 - SotD said "Your [jandal's] humour is overrated"

[ICL] Santos-Euskadi | The Life And Times | [PCT] i.imgur.com/c85NSl6.png Xero Racing

4x i.imgur.com/wM6Wok5.png x4
Oh yes indeed 110K is a good wage for him. Just too expensive for me Smile
Luke Rowe leading the way Grin
*1x Jamalidin added to cart*
Indosat - ANZ HQ

"This Schleck sandwich is going to cause serious indigestion for Evans" - Phil Liggett
@sutty - Gotta love a Welshman doing the job!

@Eden - That's shoplifting Wink

24/02/21 - kandesbunzler said “I don't drink famous people."
22/07/21 - quadsas said "I admire you [jandal] so much as a manager, squad builder and a person"
15/08/22 - SotD said "Your [jandal's] humour is overrated"

[ICL] Santos-Euskadi | The Life And Times | [PCT] i.imgur.com/c85NSl6.png Xero Racing

4x i.imgur.com/wM6Wok5.png x4
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