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10 tiips to take on the cobbles

By: Masterblaster01 | Average Rating: 4.67 | Game version: PCM16
Well.. We all know PCM hasn't changed much in terms of gameplay over the years, but there have been some minor changes here and there and i just wanted to help you guys with an up-to-date Tip & Trick for PCM 2016 because all the latest tips are for PCM 14 and below.

Here is my 'guide' as you might call it for cobbles races. I've been struggling with them a lot myself, to the point that i just simulated the cobbled races because i couldn't win. By reading tips and tricks, guides and just trying a lot on different difficulty settings and with different teams and riders i've come up with a few tips i think will give you the edge in the last km's.

#1. Save your energy!
Probably the most important tip of all. Save your energy by:
* Protecting you leader for as long as possible
* Hitting those cobbles with just the right speed (DOT just enough to keep your rider in front of the peloton. Any harder and possibly riding away with 50km to go is a waste of energy.)
* Countering attacks with the dot. DOT 85, sometimes 90, will most of the times be sufficiënt to react without losing much energy.
* Not attacking, unless there's less then lets say 10-15km to go AND you're confident you will make it to the end with DOT 85.

#2. Check the conditions.
Check the conditions for the wind for example. High wind (35-40+) from behind/side, make sure you are in front when the first attacks come and when the pace is going up. That way you are in front when the breaks occur, thus saving energy for not having to get back to the front group.
Wind from the front, go sit on the second row. Still in front, but a little bit more back, sheltered from the wind by other riders.

#3. Know your rider(s).
What type of rider(s) do you have? Make your 3rd and 4th best cobbler protect your leader en 2nd best. When the protectors are gone, make your 2nd best protect your leader.
But also: What type of leader do you have?
Kristoff, Degenkolb, Sagan, Boonen. Good sprinters, they don't have to attack in the last km's and can rely on their sprint.
Van Avermaet, Stybar, (Sagan). Good hills, they can go over the hills and cobbled hills with less energy or drop others back.
Terpstra, Vandenberg, Stannard, Vanmarcke. Good flat, no good sprinters or hilly riders. Just stay with the rest and, just like the hilly group above, you will need to attack in the last km's to win.

Know the type of rider you have so you can figure out your playing style.

#4. Look ahead to whats coming.
It's always good to know what's coming to you. You can do this by switching to the front (PgUp and PgDn are the hotkeys) group just before they hit a cobbled section. You can now see how wide/narrow the section is, how steep etc. If it's a wide section, just being in front of the pack is usually sufficiënt. Is it a narrow section, maybe you should go to the front by dotting.

#5. Dare to wait.
Philippe Gilbert. Tour of Flanders 2016. 50km's to go, he's out in front and wins it! No way that's going to happen in PCM. Any attack you place outside the last 10 km's is a waste of energy if you ask me.. I usually attack at 4-5 km's to go and stop just before i hit the 3km's sprinting mark. Just DOT it to the finish from here at a rate you BARELY make it. Be carefull not to pace it to hard, because when out of breath/bars, the speed drops significantly and the back group might catch you.

#6. Think smart.
Out in front with around 10-15 riders and 3 of them are QuickStep (Boonen, Stybar, Terpstra f.e.)? Keeping the pace so high you are slowly losing energy and not able to recover? Attack or counter-attack to see if one of them follows and the rest of the favorites as well. If one of them follows and you manage to make a gap to the others, they won't chase because they have a teammate out in front. One less problem to deal with and perhaps the pace drops because almost all the favorites are alone and no one wants to waste energy, thus giving you a chance to recover.

#7. Dare to lose.
Another important tip. Dare to lose your race. There are at least 10 favorites of whom 5 will be in good form. Let them chase after each other. Chasing after every favorite on your own is the same as losing, so why not gamble? As long as the gap is stable and under 1 minute you will be able to catch the guy out in front. in the last km's. Just sit in the wheel of one of the other favorites and see if they spend their energy to catch the escapee(s) so you don't have to!

#8. Know your opponents.
Well, you're in a group of about 15 guys left. Know who's in there. Some of them will keep trying to attack, this means they are feeling good. Get in their wheel (last 18km, just follow them) because they will surely try it again! Furthermore know who's in your group. Who's the best sprinter? What are your own chances in a sprint? Who has a teammate or had them a long time? All things to consider.

#9. Cheat your attack.
Well, there we are! The Velodrome! Last 4-5 km's (ingame).. You're playing with Vanmarcke and in your group are Boonen, Kristoff, Sagan and Degenkolb.. NO WAY(!) you are going to win that sprint. So it's time to attack! The pace is usually not to high. Drop to the middle/back of the group, then DOT 90-95. You will shoot forward. When reaching the front, ATTACK! Favorites follow? DOT again for 1 second, then attack again! When you dot they will stop following your attack, lose speed, drop behind just enough to lose your wheel on the next attack. When you have a gap, DOT till the end and win!

#10. Cheat your sprint.
When tip #9, attacking, doesn't work, make sure you are the first of your group and start sprinting when you think you can make it to the line. The faster sprinters will get in your wheel and try to pass you, but then this trick comes around: Steer your rider with numpad 4 and 6 to the left/right so the faster sprinter cannot get past you. Preferably block them between the side of the road and yourself, they will fall behind and probably lose so much speed they cant get around anymore. The game doesn't penalise you for going of your sprinting line.
Keep in mind though that this will not always work. Going to the side decreases your own speed slightly, giving other riders a chance to pass you, and when the speed difference is too high or your rider is exhausted the riders will go through eachother.
Make sure NumLock is activated by the way!

I want to make a note that tip #10 is not my preferred way to win because it takes the realism out of the game, but hey! The decision is up to you if you want to use it. I did when i was having trouble winning those sprints, untill i started winning most of them and i stopped to increase the challenge for myself.

And last but not least, the bonus tip...
#11 Have a bit of LUCK!
You need a bit of luck in every one-day race. Having a good form, getting in the right group etcetera. Every race is different and this is what makes the game fun Smile

With these tips i've managed to win the Tour of Flanders, Paris-Roubaix, E3 Harelbeke and Gent-Wevelgem in one year with Peter Sagan on extreme difficulty. I know he's one of the top favorites, but Tinkoff isn't the best cobbles team so you get isolates quitte early in the race unless Gatto has a really good day.

I hope they will help you win those cobbled races and make good riders become legends!
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#1 | DiCyc on 25. May 2017 16:26
Hey, great tip, man! Smile
#2 | Ian Butler on 26. May 2017 20:25
#10 glad to hear others do this too. I'm ashamed to admit I have done this myself Grin
#3 | Masterblaster01 on 27. May 2017 10:09
Hahaha Ian glad i'm not the only one who tried it EmbarassedGrin
#4 | KamilD on 21. February 2018 09:18
Thanks buddy Smile
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