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After two years in the Continental Division, Risa - Ergon is ready to race in the PCT in 2015.

The team is a transcontinental cooperation between Risa and Ergon Energy. Risa, a Norwegian company from the county Rogaland, where many of the best Norwegian cyclists have started their career. Ergon Energy is an Australian based company, and together they have started something as rare as a Norwegian-Australian cycling team.

In the first season, Risa - Ergon managed to get 16th place with a squad filled up with talents. Many of those talent parted way with the team in the following transfer season. Every expert that had the guts to predict the CT, predicted Risa - Ergon to win the Continental Divison. But after a dissapointing season, the team only managed to get a 7th place in the rankings. Because of the disbandings team that was enough to get a promotion.
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Goals and calendar - TBA

PCT Team Standings - Top 15
Down Under Classic - Top 10
Post Danmark Rundt - Top 10
Scandinavian Open Road Race - Win
Tour Down Under - Top 5
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Øystein Stake Laengen
Christer Rake
Ken Sebastian Vassdål
Johan Fredrik Ziesler
Kristoffer Skjerping
Zakkari Dempster
Damien Howson(on loan at Venchi)
Travis Meyer
Calvin Watson
Nathan Haas
David Tanner
Mitch Docker
Rasmus Sterobo (on loan at Volkswagen)
Christopher Juul-Jensen
André Steensen
Michael Faerk Christensen
Michael Olsson
Johan Lindgren
Michael Vink
Geert Steeurs
Matteo Trentin
Guillaume Levarlet
Mikhail Kocetkhov (on loan from Chernobyl)

2014 squad:
Hakon Frengstad Berger
Vegard Robinson Bugge
Andreas Landa
Krister Hagen
Alexander Kristoff
Øystein Stake Laengen
Christer Rake
Ken Sebastian Vassdål
Johan Fredrik Ziesler(on loan at Aker - MOT)
Bjørn Tore Hoem(loaned in from Aker - MOT)
Michael Matthews
Damien Howson(on loan at Aker - MOT)
Christopher Sutton
Calvin Watson
Nathan Haas
William Walker
Jonas Aaen Jørgensen
Rasmus Sterobo
Michael Olsson
Johan Lindgren
Joseph Cooper
Kenny De Haes

2013 squad:

Hakon Frengstad Berger
Vegard Breen
Kristian Dyrnes(loaned in from Aker-MOT)
Sondre Holst Enger
Krister Hagen
Alexander Kristoff
Øystein Stake Laengen
Christer Rake
Ken Sebastian Vassdål
Johan Fredrik Ziesler
Anthony Giacoppo
Damien Howson
Christopher Sutton
Calvin Watson
Nathan Haas(loaned out to Aker-MOT)
Jonas Aaen Jørgensen
Sebastian Lander
Michael Olsson
Brice Feillu
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Mitch Docker - Tour of Romandie - Stage 2
Mitch Docker - Volta a Portugal - Stage 3
André Steensen - Tour of Beijing - Stage 1
Matteo Trentin - 5 Jours de Dunkerque - Stage 1
Matteo Trentin - 5 Jours de Dunkerque
Michael Vink - Berlin ProRace
Michael Vink - Grand Prix des Cyclistes - Stage 1
Johan Fredrik Ziesler - Volta a Portugal - Stage 6

Victories from 2014:

Vegard Robinson Bugge - Tour de Beauce
Kenny De Haes - Cigar City Brewing Twilight GP
Michael Matthews - Circulo de Juarez
Michael Matthews - Tour of Utah - Stage 1
Vegard Robinson Bugge - Tour de Beauce - Stage 3
Nathan Haas - Oberosterreichrundfahrt - Stage 2
Michael Matthews - Circulo de Juarez - Stage 4
Michael Olsson - Tour de Bretagne - Stage 6

Victories from 2013:
Michael Olsson - Tour de Bretagne
Jonas Aaen Jørgensen - Boras Runt
Christopher Sutton - Volta ao Alentejo - Stage 2
Anthony Giacoppo - Geelong Tour - Stage 6
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2014: pcmdaily.com/images/shirtdb/risa-ergon6568fc88818fbe59fd7476f04ae8b2644125465.png

2013: imagizer.imageshack.us/a/img405/7082/risaergon.png
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Goals announced for Risa - Ergon

Risa - Ergon had a press conference today, to announce the goals in the upcoming season.

Press officer Svein Sveiobua announced the following goals:

PCT Team Standings - Top 15
The team decided to aim for a top 15 this year. We know it will be hard and to be close to achieving that we must have a good transfer season. If we get the riders we hope to get, this is what we think can be possible.

Down Under Classic - Top 10


This is the biggest one-day race in Australia, and therefore a natural goal for us. We believe that Michael Matthews should be able to contest for a top 10 in this flat classic.

Post Danmark Rundt - Top 10


As always, we like to have our goals in our focus regions. It's a five day race, with four flat stages and one time trial. Hopefully we can have a time trialist that is strong enough to secure a top 10 position.

Scandinavian Open Road Race - Win


Since we haven't picked Tour of Norway as one of our goals, we had to have two goals from Scandinavia. We have competed in the Scandinavian Open Road Race in both the previous seasons, with a 21th(2013) and 22th(2014) as our best results. Now we hope to sign that puncheur that will help us to victory in this Swedish classic.

Tour Down Under - Top 5


And with two Scandinavian goals, Ergon were very keen on having another in Australia. And that will be the Tour Down Under. This is also a race that we have ridden the last two years, with a 22th place in 2013 and 23th place in 2014 as our best results. Nathan Haas rode with the best last year, but an upgrade of the Aussie seems necessary to secure the goal, a place amongst the top five.


Also in today: The HC Bands selection were made public today. We got what we wanted. It was especially important to get the bands which included the Down Under Classic and Post Danmark Rundt.

The total list:
Band 1:
Berlin Pro Race
Nelspruit Classic
Post Danmark Rundt
Tour de Romandie
Tour of the Czech Republic

Band 2:
5 Jours de Dunkerque
Bayern Rundfahrt
Down Under Classic
Eneco Tour
Giro dell'Emilia
Rheden GP

Band 4:
E3 Prijs
Japan Cup
Kenya Mountain Classic
Paris - Tours
Strade Bianche
Tour of Britain
Tour of the Battenkill

Band 6:
Clasica San Sebastian
Manx International
Tour of Beijing
Volta a Portugal
3 of your 4 race goals we also have goals at, guess we will meet a lot in the season Wink
Good luck! Smile
Viking: Looking forward to that Pfft


Our jersey is now ready. After two years with the colors of Ergon, we decided that we wanted something that showed of Risa. So in the upcoming season we will race in a red jersey, which coolrex have made. We thank him for his work.

Risa announces new wages

With the transfer season getting closer, the riders have negotiated with the team management for new contracts.

Bar one rider, the management is very pleased with the new wages.

We had a hard time getting an agreement with Michael Matthews, and his wage is therefore on 115.000 euros. All the other riders that got a new contract are on 60.000 euros or less.

So I present to you, our wages:

Michael Matthews - 115.000
Nathan Haas - 60.000
Vegard Robinson Bugge - 60.000
Kenny De Haes - 60.000
Michael Olsson - 55.000
William Walker - 55.000
Damien Howson - 50.000
Øystein Stake Laengen - 50.000
Andreas Landa - 50.000
Johan Lindgren - 50.000
Christer Rake - 50.000
Ramsmus Sterobo - 50.000
Christopher Sutton - 50.000
Ken Sebastian Vassdål - 50.000
Calvin Watson - 50.000
Johan Fredrik Ziesler - 50.000


Hakon Frengstad Berger
Joseph Cooper
Krister Hagen
Jonas Aaen Jørgensen
Alexander Kristoff
Monster Kristoff incoming next season Grin

115k for Matthews is still reasonable I think, and especially with the rest of your team that low, it won't mess up much.
It's a decent core to build a PCT team upon already.
16 riders at a total of 905.000 must be promising for a promoted team, well done. It definitely gives you a lot of room for the transfer season, and it will be very interesting to see what approach you decide to take.

I just hope you don't plan to use all that extra cap space to re-sign Kristoff, depending on how good he becomes Pfft
Edited by ember on 08-05-2015 18:35
cio: Yeah, it's reasonable, but I started the negotiations way too low in the first two rounds, so it should have been possible to get him at 100k, but I had to be on the safe side for the last round.

ember: Oh, Kristoff will be re-signed no matter whatCool Hope he won't be too god for the PCT, but I'm not counting on it..
Congratulation with a succesfull renewal!

There is a rider that caught my attention here, do you have a list of riders that are absolutely not for sale?
Congratulation with a succesfull renewal!

There is a rider that caught my attention here, do you have a list of riders that are absolutely not for sale?
Same ^. Maybe we're thinking of the same rider?
Indosat - ANZ HQ

"This Schleck sandwich is going to cause serious indigestion for Evans" - Phil Liggett
Possibly. Pretty sure we're thinking about the same nationality though Wink
I don't know who you are talking about Pfft

Well, I'm listening to offers on every rider, but it would take something extra for me to sell riders like Howson, Haas and Matthews.
First signing announced

Earlier today, Risa - Ergon could announce their newest signing. Travis Meyer will join the Norwegian-Australian team, after his previous team, Wikipedia, disbanded after the last season, on a 250k wage.

Press officer Svein Sveiobua had the following to say about the signing.

Travis is a rider who goes very well in the hills, but he also has a good finishing punch. He will be given a lot of responsibility and will certainly be amongst our top riders. We are very glad to have him on our team, and hope that he'll help us to securing our place in the PCT.

Travis Meyer | 26 years old |XP: 4.100 | Wage: 250,000 Euros

250k for those sorts of stats is a very good value buy, nice job.
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I feel you are going to have a strong transfer season!

Meyer, nice deal for you. Unfortunatelly too much for Oz, as he ain't too special PT material. But cool for you Smile
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