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[2018] Rider Renewals
The Renewals DB can be downloaded here: https://www.dropb...3.xls?dl=0

General Renewals Information

For each of your riders you will receive a wage request, and you have three opportunities to offer them a wage which they are happy with. Riders can usually be negotiated with on their requested wage, although the difference between their minimum acceptable wage and their request does vary quite a lot from rider to rider.

As soon as you offer a rider an amount they are happy with, they will accept - this is committed to being their wage for the 2018 season, you cannot attempt to offer them a lower wage once they have accepted. There are 3 Rounds for renewals, and if a rider has not accepted your offers after 3 rounds then he will became a free agent.

If you want to release a rider, give them an offer of 0 in the first round.
The minimum wage is 50,000. If you are initially unsure whethere you want to release or renew a rider, you should offer them a value above 0 and less than 50,000 in the first round to keep your options open.

If a rider feels your initial offer is too low, they will be insulted by your offer and will no longer be willing to negotiate. There are two options at this stage: either pay them exactly what they have requested, or release them to the free agency.

It is possible to go over your salary cap at the end of Renewals, but doing so will lead to a fine of double that amount. For example, if you go over your salary cap by 100k then you will receive a fine of 200k.

There is no limit on the amount of riders you renew - it does not have to meet the same minimum/maximum requirements that are needed for the end of the Transfer season itself.

2018 season changes to be aware of

- Once you have renewed a rider, the only way they will not be in your team next season is if you trade them away or sack them, during the transfer season. The minimum transfer fee rules introduced last season will remain; and the sacking fees are also unchanged.

- The OVL formula has been updated, as featured in the pre-renewals DB thread.

- We are still using PCM 2015, but the crash ratio percentages will now be set to 0.

- All teams will have more RD next year. 191 for PT, while the planned number for PCT is 175 and for CT is 150. Rider RDs will be increased, as a reaction to this, while also changing based on the new OVL.

- PCT teams will be required to sign up to at least 6 C2 race days. The restrictions on riders they can enter into C2 races will be adjusted, to make more riders available. It will now be a maximum OVL of 74.49, with possible stat restrictions on Cobbles and TT riders.

- PT and PCT teams have to end transfers with between 20 and 30 riders who will ride for them in the season, and for CT it is 15-20. However, Stagiares for PT teams will no longer count as half a rider for the minimum rider limit.

- While CT teams must end transfers between 15-20 riders; all will then be able to hire 2 extra riders post-transfers at no extra salary cap cost. This has been added to assist CT teams with race planning, given the larger calendar, and increase in race clashes. The two additions will only be free for the one season, and will then request a wage of at least 50k at the next renewals.

- Loan rules will largely remain the same. It will remain possible for riders to be trained from Level 1 to Level 3 when loaned out, but only if a mandatory clause is included in the deal - and this clause will require an additional cost for the loaning-out team.

Getting started

If you want to wait with renewals, until you have received your team budget from deciding renewals, then this is fine. Also, if you want to see the full calendar, then waiting is fine.

But we do want to get started on the renewals for as many teams as possible. So if the information in this thread is enough for you, and you are happy to do renewals without a budget or full calendar knowledge, please post in this thread to request your Round 1 file.

And if you've not done so already, please clean up your Dropbox folder.


Renewals should not be discussed anywhere, until after all teams has finished. We will let you know when it is okay to post information in Team HQs or elsewhere, about who you have renewed, what their new wage is, and who you haven't renewed.
I'm fine with getting started right away Smile
Nice, can't wait to see if my renewal plans are the same after seeing the 1st round demands
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Posted on 22-09-2018 12:07
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I am also fine getting started now. Shouldn't change which riders I feel like renewing.

Fine with me too. I'll clean my dropbox folder later tonight when I get home.
Im fine with starting now
I am good to start as well.
I would love to start when posssible
I'm ready to do renewals. Smile
Sure, make me feel sad now rather than later...
Manager of Nemiroff - ABBYY in the PCM.Daily Man-Game

I think i'll wait for my Round 1. I'd like to know first my total budget before deciding anything. The full calendar i don't really mind because i don't own more than 10 riders, so can't really change a lot of thought on my riders Pfft
Manager of [MG] Repsol - Netflix

Manager of [ICL] Wilier Triestina

I'll probably be ready tomorrow. I just need a day or so to take care of a few things irl and go in with an informed, clear head. Renewals have not been a good time for me in the past. Pfft
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Ready to start
Happy to start now, Dropbox all clear
Im fine with starting now.
I am ready!
Manager of Moser - Sygic
I’m happy to get started!! Grin
Pretty sure I'm ready to start Smile

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Ciao Michele.
Very ready Grin
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