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[PCT19] Andorra Cycling Project
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Andorra Cycling Project

Third year on the road, 2019 brings us our first season at Pro Continental level and we couldn't be more thrilled with it. The rumours were confirmed and despite a great season the team has lost it's secondary sponsor InGamba, the Andorran federation felt the experience was right last season but with the promotion achieved they have, as team owners got the team to come back to a single focus, the Andorran focus and the development of it's coming generation, the ownership of the national champions (only one rider in this case) and the obbligation to perform well, to mantain in the very least and if possible fight for a back-to-back promotion, we wouldn't be the first and the fight is on for a showcase season, has the promotion season was headlined by a superb consistency in Robert Kiserlovski and Hugues Mottin's performances.

So far, we speak at the moment before the renewals process starts so information come very little at this point. The equipment is being worked on, the team's budget is not yet reveiled and there is no confirmation of what riders are staying and what riders will be targeted by the team management. That information will come in time.
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Team Jersey and Sponsors



Team Travels








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Team Roster

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Team Jersey Reveiled!

A lot of background work has been done behind the scenes and this was the outcome of a brilliant design by hillis91, after a mostly black and white design for the last two seasons the management felt like there was need for a new, more flashy and unique equipment for the new season and it was achieved.

The yellow is now the predominant colour with some hints of black and pink, which will be the finishing colour of the remainder of the kit, with white on the shorts. The sponsors on the jersey are also to note as there will be a majour overhaul in the equipment sponsors that's been anounced already.



Nice jersey, best of luck in the PCT!
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Nice jersey, Hills did you proud Wink
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Loving the jersey, hopefully you’re team is able to show it off at the front a fair few times in the coming season. All the best with the coming transfer madness Smile
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sutty68 wrote:
Nice jersey, Hills did you proud Wink

He sure did, total redesign but came out perfect Smile

Eden95 wrote:
Loving the jersey, hopefully you’re team is able to show it off at the front a fair few times in the coming season. All the best with the coming transfer madness Smile

Sure hope so too, but confidence is quite high for it. Thanks, to you too!
Welcome to the PCT mate, good to have you!

I like the graphics as well, that banner in the signature is shmexy
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Oh la la Smile Glad to be back racing with you!
Congratz on the promotion, glad to see Kiser doing so well for you Smile
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Thanks! Unsure wether he stays or not but he was definetely the main peace in the puzzle for promotion.
Andorra did very well in CT 2018, promoting directly from result. Proud to follow you into PCT and lets just hope for another fun season up here where the tougher riders plays ball, no matter in we lose or win.

NB: such a nice jersey
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We gotta crush em' Cool
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Post Renewal Squad

There has been quite the change in these renewals. The priority was clear, get lower wages, save money for something big to come, and in the list of riders that didn't make it past the negotiations were team star last season Robert Kiserlovski, the team were looking for a different way as the Croatian had begun declin, the first rider to win for the team José Rujano and Andorrans Ivan Vila, Guy Diaz Groiller and Miguel Afonso. The Andorran colours however remain fully with us as Oscar Cabanas is the double NC champion, alongside with Adria Urcelay they are not available to leave the team.

Those who have stayed, it does look like a bit of a decomposed team, but as you see there's no true leader but there's lots of domestiques already in the bag, and the direction in which we'll point towards is yet to be decided.

RiderOld WageNew WageDifferenceAvailability
Bonaventure Uwizeyimana€ 105 000€ 60 000€ 45 000Loan to WT
Hugues Mottin€ 75 000€ 65 000€ 10 000Yes
Oscar Cabanas€ 0€ 50 000€ 50 000No
Ole Hirschlein€ 60 000€ 55 000€ 5 000Yes
Lawrence Warbasse€ 145 000€ 110 000€ 35 000Yes
Albert Kireva€ 70 000€ 55 000€ 15 000Yes
Kevin Eeckhout€ 50 000€ 50 000€ 0Yes
Richard Laningo Laizer€ 65 000€ 50 000€ 15 000Yes
Adria Urcelay€ 50 000€ 50 000€ 0No
Carlos Baltazar€ 55 000€ 50 000€ 5 000Yes

And what you want to hear, who is available? Well, obviously some riders I won't make it easy at all, but in theory, besides the Andorrans every rider is available for a deal. Won't put any price on them, that will vary along the transfer season as offers are made, riders come in and the timing of the possible offers.
Nice wage cut on Uwizeyimana. Certainly helps with the bid to secure a PT loan, particularly in the eyes of an African sponsored team!

Otherwise you've certainly given yourself plenty of freedom to build up a PCT team. A busy transfers ahead for you no doubt.
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Indeed! Seeing how strong the PCT climbing scene is Kiserlovski would've been a major risk to keep, with a small team and relatively low wage there's a lot of room to move around in the transfers and adapt.
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