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[PCT] Vontobel 2016
Margh Norway

About time to open the doors to our headquarters for the new season.
You may notice the flowers and the new fountain in the lobby... other than that: same office, same sponsors, same budget (almost) and mostly the same squad. This is Vontobel 2016.
We prefer to call it consistency rather than stagnation.


It' the third year in team history. For the records feel free to visit our archives.

Proudly presenting our partners:
Vontobel Holding AGBanking Industry
Emil Frey GruppeCar Dealership
Katadyn Produkte AGWater Purification Technology
CastelliJersey Outfitter
CubeBike Manufacturer
FFWDWheel Manufacturer
KaskHelmet Manufacturer

2016 Jersey




Shirt by Cavendish-Fan
Equipment by bwiggins and Cavendish-Fan
Edited by Margh Norway on 10-06-2016 00:04
Margh Norway

2014 Team


2015 Team


2016 Team


Edited by Margh Norway on 23-06-2016 08:15
Margh Norway

WinBerner Rundfahrt
Top5Tour de Romandie
Top5Giro dell'Emilia
Top5Tour of the Czech Republic
Top10Pro Continental Tour Rankings


10.01.Down Under ClassicHC
14.01.-19.01.Tour Down UnderC1
22.01.-31.01.Vuelta al TachiraC1
03.02.Berner RundfahrtC1
07.02.-14.02.Tour de San LuisHC
15.02.-20.02.Volta a CatalunyaC1
25.02.Strade BiancheHC
27.02.Milan San RemoPTM
02.03.Chrono des HerbiersPT
04.03.-07.03.SAA Tour d'AfriquePT
07.03.Kandy Cycling ClassicHC
16.03.Duo DifferdangeC1
27.03.E3 PrijsHC
29.03.Ringerike GPC1
14.04.-19.04.Tour of South AfricaC1
24.04.-29.04.Tour de RomandieHC
30.04.Dutch Food Valley ClassicHC
30.04.Interlagos Grand PrixHC
01.05.-05.05.5 Jours de DunkerqueHC
04.05.-09.05.Tour of JapanC1
07.05.Kenya Mountain ClassicHC
12.05.Scandinavia Open Road RaceC1
27.05.-31.05.Tour of the Czech RepublicHC
08.06.-16.06.Tour de SuissePT
29.06.Monterrey TTTC1
05.07.Isle of Man ITTC1
07.07.Manx InternationalHC
15.07.Tour of the BattenkillHC
26.07.-29.06.Praha - Karlovy Vary - PrahaPT
05.08.-12.08.Int. Österreich RundfahrtHC
01.08.Clasica San SebastianHC
10.08.-20.08.Volta a PortugalHC
19.08.-20.08.Grand Prix CyclistesC1
07.09.-14.09.Tour of BritainC1
17.09.-21.09.Tour of UkraineHC
24.09.Rheden GPHC
26.09.Nantou ClassicC1
30.06.Milano TorinoC1
01.10.Copenhagen - MalmoPT
04.10.Giro dell'EmeliaHC
09.10.-12.10.Course de SolidarnoscHC
18.10.Japan CupHC

Edited by Margh Norway on 15-07-2016 17:54
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Margh Norway

Vontobel Race Victories
Benelux ChallengeC2HCSRMarcel Wyss2014
Tour d'RwandaC2SRMarcel Wyss2014
ACA CycleVanadzorC2Cl.Marcel Wyss2014
Züri MetzgeteC2HCCl.Marcel Wyss2014
Tour Down UnderC1SRCesare Di Maggio2015
Tour of JapanC1SRDario Cataldo2015
Schweizer MeisterschaftNCRRMarcel Wyss2015
Schweizer MeisterschaftNCTTMichael Schär2015


4 Jours de DunkerqueST3HCDavide Appollonio
Tour of JapanST1C1Andrea Dal Col
Tour of South AfricaST3C1Marcel Aregger
Vuelta al TachiraST1C1Davide Appollonio
Vuelta al TachiraST3C1Davide Appollonio
Vuelta al TachiraST7C1Dario Cataldo
Vuelta al TachiraST9C1David Wöhrer


Tour Down UnderGCC1Cesare Di Maggio
Scandinavia Open Road RaceCl.C1Cesare Di Maggio
Volta a CatalunyaST4C1Marcel Aregger
Tour Down UnderST5C1Cesare Di Maggio


Tour of the Czech RepublicST3HCCesare Di Maggio
4 Jours de DunkerqueST4HCDavide Appollonio
Tour de RomandieST2HCMarcel Aregger
Tour de RomandieST3HCMarcel Aregger
Tour of JapanST1C1Marcel Aregger
Tour of JapanST6C1Marcel Aregger
Vuelta al TachiraST10C1David Wöhrer
Tour Down UnderST6C1Martin Kohler

Internal PCT-Points Ranking
1.Cesare Di Maggio336
2.Davide Appollonio201
3.Dario Cataldo111
4.Marcel Aregger105
5.Patrick Lane70
6.Edoardo Zardini61
7.David Wöhrer59
8.Ronan van Zandbeek46
9.Michael Schär35
10.Andrea Dal Col30
11.Martin Kohler21
12.Oscar Gatto18
13.Reto Hollenstein14
13.Julien Taramarcaz7
14.Marcel Wyss4
15.Martin Weiss1

Edited by Margh Norway on 29-12-2016 09:41
Getting Di Maggio down to to 400k is a good effort as well as Cataldo. You should have a heap of cap space should you need it going into transfers, wow.
Indosat - ANZ HQ

"This Schleck sandwich is going to cause serious indigestion for Evans" - Phil Liggett
Margh Norway
Thanks, yep happy I got them to more reasonable wages. But even if it was just fixing what I overpaid last season it's a nice thing to start with a PCT-ready team and cap space left.
You're right, extra kudos to Cataldo. He really overperformed last year and nonetheless agreed to the remarkable pay cut.
Margh Norway
Leaving and Availability

With a heavy heart it was decided not to make proposals to all of our riders. Claudio Imhof, Steven Tronet and Romain Guillemois will take their chances in free agency.

For the coming transfers we're planning to find deals for Jocelin Maillet, Armindo Fonseca and Oscar Gatto. All of them with Continental Tour leader talent and affordable wages. Swap deals are an option, too.


Furthermore we're looking for Pro Tour loan deals for Arnaud Grand (75 Cobbles), Simon Pellaud (75 Hills) and maybe even Andrea Manfredi (76 Mountains).

*hint* Shouldn't be too hard to find a PT team for them *hint*
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!

Margh Norway
Nice! Arnaud is already enthused. Smile
We can definitely have a talk about Maillet when the time comes
.: Manager of :.
.: My Awards :.
Margh Norway
Sounds good. He's an exciting rider to watch. He attacked almost every mountain stage at the first opportunity, no matter if it is 100 or 20 km to go. He lacked major results last year, but won Tachira in 2014 with one of his 'crazy' moves.
Margh Norway
Transfer Season Update #1

As we are in a transition season no spectacular moves are anticipated. Penasa, Manfredi and Grand are on the way to Pro Tour loan destinations to get their final touch. Most prominent signing for now is the promised support rider for Di Maggio. Edoardo Zardini should make sure Cesare won't be isolated too early in hilly races.
David Wöhrer and Roland Thalmann are the other signings so far.

Edoardo Zardini had an up-and-down year at Sauber, but impressed with his two solo stage victories at Tour of America. He will support Di Maggio in key races and may slip into a leader role on one or two occasions.

Edoardo Zardini(27)Exp: maxOVL: 75,12from: Sauber Petronas


We already tried to sign David Wöhrer the year before, but couldn't come to an agreement. Happy the negotiations went much better this time and we're able to welcome our first Austrian rider.

David Wöhrer(24)Exp: maxOVL: 72,99from: Free Agency


Roland Thalmann is our first Swiss signing. His allround abilities will come in handy in a couple of years

Roland Thalmann(23)Lvl: 2.00OVL: 66,98from: Free Agency


Margh Norway
Transfer Season Update #2

Marcel Aregger is coming home. Born and raised not far from Züri he has strong ties to the region, signing him was a top priority.
Marc Machado and Andrea Dal Col are in, too. They are asked to bring some balance to our struggling TT and Cobbles department.
Armindo Fonseca is leaving (to Elta – Hellenic Post): The Frenchmen struggled in PCT, but was an example regarding his work ethic and effort for the team.
Additionally we found a PT-loan partner for Simon Pellaud, he'll be with Vesuvio - Accumalux.

On Pro Tour loan to max out
NameOVL2016 Team
Pierre Paolo Penasa74,31Jayco'z Cycling Project
Andrea Manfredi72,80Orange – KLM Cycling
Simon Pellaud72,26Vesuvio - Accumalux
Arnaud Grand71,64Evonik – ELKO

Without a doubt one of the most talentted Swiss riders Marcel Aregger was a natural transfer target. He may be key in our effort to bring a Swiss rider back to Pro Tour until the start of 2018.

Marcel Aregger(26)Exp: maxOVL: 74,85from: Free Agency


Marc Machado was another rider we tried to contract last year, but had much too different salary expectations. Things worked out much better this time around.

Marc Machado(28)Exp: maxOVL: 73,64from: Free Agency


Andrea Dal Col has still room for improvement, but is already one of our best TTlers. The withdrawal of Good Energy made him available.

Andrea Dal Col(25)Lvl: 4.62OVL: 71,62from: Free Agency


The withdrawal of Good Energy made him available.

AND Generali - AXA giving up on him Pfft

Congrats on the signings!
(Former) Manager of pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gen.png Generali pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gen.png
Margh Norway
matt17br wrote:
The withdrawal of Good Energy made him available.

AND Generali - AXA giving up on him Pfft

Congrats on the signings!

And gratz on signing Viviani!
As we've learned (or not) from last year: we can't sign em all. Wink
Nice signings Margh, strong riders all within the general region. I'm jealous of Aregger but glad he ended up on one of the home teams at least!
There's some really nice signings for you Margh, the strengthening should see you moving further up the rankings this year.

It's nice to see Wohrer and Zardini staying together, hopefully having a season as teammates will show in the first few races whilst they are still adapting to their new team, that said going from one Swiss side to another should help with the transition.

It's a shame that Thalman misses out on L'Avenir by a month as I'm guessing the 20 free xp would have been nice and I'm sure he could have offered something as a domestique there.
Margh Norway
Bushwackers wrote:
Nice signings Margh, strong riders all within the general region. I'm jealous of Aregger but glad he ended up on one of the home teams at least!

Thanks, Bushwackers. Glad we kept the Swiss talents within reasonable wage this time. Aregger: 200k, Spengler: 130k and Bohli: 90k seems okay. Cancellara not going home for a final stint is kind of a letdown, but who am I saying he's not worth almost 400k.

sammyt93 wrote:
There's some really nice signings for you Margh, the strengthening should see you moving further up the rankings this year.

Yeah, bringing in some depth and Aregger was indeed the main mission to strenghten the team, but have doubts it will be displayed in a ranking climb. I've seen a lot of strong signings by especially the newly to PCT promoted teams.

sammyt93 wrote:
It's nice to see Wohrer and Zardini staying together, hopefully having a season as teammates will show in the first few races whilst they are still adapting to their new team, that said going from one Swiss side to another should help with the transition.

Not to forget Weiss is staying in Züri the upcoming season, have high hopes in the acquired Sauber-wing. Already picked a key PCT race for Zardini leading the team. Wink

sammyt93 wrote:
It's a shame that Thalman misses out on L'Avenir by a month as I'm guessing the 20 free xp would have been nice and I'm sure he could have offered something as a domestique there.

The 20 extra xp would indeed being nice in the long run, while the level two up in the first year should be relatively easy to accomplish
Margh Norway
Final Transfer Update

The last signings are in, with Davide Appollonio a new sprint leader among them.
Ronan van Zandbeek and the loanees Martin Weiss and Floris de Tier are completing our 2016 squad.

Davide Appollonio only had a few results in last years Pro Tour, but showed enough talent to make him a valuable asset. First training sessions already showed he's the fastest man we ever had.

Davide Appollonio(27)Exp: maxOVL: 75,24from: Meiji - JR East


With Ronan van Zandbeek the first Dutchman is joining us. Apart from his allround abilities he'll bring a big boost to our TT-squad.

Ronan van Zandbeek(28)Exp: maxOVL: 72,24from: FA


Loaned in is Martin Weiss. The young Austrian will be here for a year PCT-experience until he returns to Sauber Petronas Racing.

Martin Weiss(25)Lvl: 3.29OVL: 70,19from: Sauber Petronas


Floris de Tier was a last minute transfer from Bpost - Vlaanderen. Signing the young Belgian is result of a budget/wage consolidation move by both teams.

Floris de Tier(24)Lvl: 3.00OVL: 68,79from: Bpost – Vlaanderen


Very smart transfers you did imo, great depth you have and a great base for the next seasons whereas most probably escaping relegation again thanks to some new great point scorers. No leader to match Di Maggio but at least a great support for him!
(Former) Manager of pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gen.png Generali pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gen.png
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