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PCM.daily » Pro Cycling Manager 2016 » PCM 16: Stages
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Margh Norway's Stages
Margh Norway
2017 Races

Europe Tour:
Gran Premio Città di LuganoCl.1.HCDownloadProfile
Vuelta Ciclista a La RiojaCl.1.1DownloadProfile
Rabobank Dorpenomloop RucphenCl.1.2DownloadProfile

America Tour:
Gran Premio de San JoséCl.1.2DownloadProfile

2016 Races

Europe Tour:
GP du canton d'ArgovieCl.1.HCDownloadProfile
La MéditerranéenneSR2.1DownloadProfile
Vuelta Ciclista a La RiojaCl.1.1DownloadProfile
Scandinavian Race in UppsalaCl.1.2DownloadProfile

America Tour:
Cascade Cycling ClassicCl.2.2DownloadProfile
Winston Salem Cycling ClassicCl.1.1DownloadProfile

Africa Tour:
Circuit International de ConstantineCl.1.2DownloadProfile

National Championships:
USA ChampionshipsRRDownloadProfile
USA ChampionshipsTTDownloadProfile

National Events

Trofeo Alcide DegasperiCl.DownloadProfile
Grote Prijs Jean-Pierre MonseréCl.DownloadProfile
Alabama Cycling Classic2 st.DownloadProfile

Fantasy Races

Pequeña Vuelta a la Capital3 st.DownloadProfile
Calhoun County Cycling Tour4 st.DownloadProfile

Races made with PCM15

2016 Races made with PCM15<<<Link>>>
PCM15 made stages in stage DB (incl. zcts-files)<<<Link>>>
PCM15 made/converted variants from former editions<<<Link>>>

Edited by Margh Norway on 19-05-2017 10:04
Margh Norway
As proving ground for the new editor I picked the Sunny King Criterium. Therfor the city of Anniston is done with lots of details.
McClellan Road Race as the second Alabama Cycling Classic event fits on the same zcts-file and was added, too.
Calhoun County Cycling Tour is invented to really milk the zcts (zcts is included in the Calhoun County download).
Regarding fancy stuff: Anything outside Anniston is made basic (only auto-cities, forests, fields).

Alabama Cycling Classic (National Event)

Calhoun County Cycling Tour (Fantasy Race)

Edited by Margh Norway on 14-08-2016 10:15
Margh Norway
As every year I ran a road over road test and (at least) this year it looks and works good enough to release it again. The US ITT championships were held in a rural area west of Winston-Salem making it easier to handle border objects than in cities.
PCM16th editor seems to be a little more lenient as long as you reduce Global Density to 0 and add fans via wallhouse option. Avoiding junctions with your (invisible) wallhouses should make it impossible that unwanted border objects appear in riders pathes. Guess the zcts-file is self-explaining in this regard.
Minor imperfections are still there, as bikes may sink (screens) and the tight turns at least are looking somewhat strange. But for the common back and forth TTs it works better than ever.

USA Championships ITT (National Championships)

Next: US road race and Winston-Salem Classic.
Some nice American races you have made there Smile
Great paths at TT! I'd love to do that without any problem in stage editor as well!

emre99's stages
Thread of the Week : Tour of California 2014
-Official PCM World Cup 2016, 10th best keirin player in the world Wink
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''I call you the stage god. You are the stage god.'' -baseballover312, 15.07.2016
Margh Norway
USA Championships Road Race (National Championships)

Edited by Margh Norway on 17-08-2016 21:58
Very nice Wink
Margh Norway
Same zcts as the US road race, but a different route.

Winston Salem Cycling Classic (1.1 America Tour)

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Posted on 12-07-2020 19:38
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Margh Norway
Accidentally stumbled across Wallhouse-Villages. An amazing new feature I haven't recognized until now. In case you don't know it, too I'll quickly summerize how it works.

Building these kinds of villages is a very fast way to make neat localties, plus you still have full control over any object (even the fences).

After selecting: Terrain-->Spwan wallhouse you can now chose Type: Village

Wallhouse Villages are made the same way as the usual auto-cities. Click generate village to see how it looks.

You can now make adjustments, if you like. e.g. put a church near the center

Different types of villages are available:

e.g. the same village in Netherlands or Andalusia type:

Other than in auto-cities you can still cover the ground with your forest selection (field works, too... but looks strange for obvious reasons)

Done. Took two or three minutes where I usually spend ages just for the fences.

Note: To delete a wallhouse-village completely you've to switch it back to the usual wallhouse first.
Edited by Margh Norway on 18-08-2016 19:36
Thanks! Margh <3

emre99's stages
Thread of the Week : Tour of California 2014
-Official PCM World Cup 2016, 10th best keirin player in the world Wink
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Daily Song Contest WINNER! With Foals - Mountain at my Gates with Greece!
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''I call you the stage god. You are the stage god.'' -baseballover312, 15.07.2016
Well, yes mate that new feature looks very good. BUT I think I mentioned it before, since it is the cause of problem to convert. Once saved in pcm16 some added parameters regarding this new feature is added, so the older editors crash. This "problem" wasn't present in pcm15, so one could convert thos backward to pcm14.

Even if this feature is not used it will still bring along that parameter in the file.
Sad about those american races, for me. It would have been great having them made so they could have been converted.
But I understand the new feature adds some nice stuff.

I only wished much older stages could have been upgraded, which doesn't seem to be. That is worse ever. So many great stages made in the past should have been tested and made workable in this new version.
That was a tragic mistake IMHO.

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” Rolling Eyes

"If thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee."
Margh Norway
Don't be mad for another year. Wink

Yeah, it would be best to have unlimited compatibility in all directions, but from a business standpoint it makes sense to not spend any ressources on older versions of the game.

Afaik older stages (older than PCM15) can be converted with PCM15s editor to get them running in PCM16.

Can't join the moaner group regarding this issue as I appreciate any progress made attracting more people into stagemaking. Smile
Margh Norway
Made from a heightmap is Scandinavian Race in Uppsala. Route can be called pan flat, though there is a remarkable uphill section leading to the finish line.
Added a Swedish NC variant (named 2018 and made on the same zcts) around Uppsala to make it a more rewarding download.

Scandinavian Race in Uppsala (1.2 Europe Tour)

Margh Norway
La Méditerranéenne (2.1 Europe Tour)

Margh Norway
Circuit International de Constantine (1.2 Africa Tour)

Margh Norway
Revisited the 2013 edition of Cascade Cycling Classic I made for PCM12 and used a lot of it for 2017th edition. Referred to 2016 tech guide regarding the sprints as they aren't released for 2017 (route will stay the same as last year).

Download contains both races and zcts-files (for stages 2 and 4 only one each as they are exactly the same both years) and 2013 prologue files you may can somehow use.

Cascade Cycling Classic (2.2 America Tour)


Cascade Cycling Classic 2013 (2.2 America Tour)


How about some zcts-file for that Constantine race ??
It looks very good indeed, as always.

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” Rolling Eyes

"If thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee."
Margh Norway
Yeah, thanks. Like last year I'll bunch upload the missing zcts when I'm done with the PCM-season.
Margh Norway
Due to road reconstruction works the 2017 route for Rabobank Dorpenomloop Rucphen has partially changed.
The route of Grote Prijs Jean-Pierre Monseré is from the not UCI categorized 2016 race. This years route will be different (a long loop followed by a seven lap circuit), but isn't revealed, yet.

Rabobank Dorpenomloop Rucphen (1.2 Europe Tour)

Grote Prijs Jean-Pierre Monseré (National Event)



Margh Norway
A few more routes are updated...
Gran Premio Città di Lugano got it's 2017 route making it seemingly a harder course than the one used the last two years.
For GP du canton d'Argovie it's the 2016 edition, but it isn't unlikely they'll keep the route for this season, too.
Trofeo Alcide Degasperi will get a new route in 2017 (it changes every year). The 2016 edition I made wasn't UCI classified, though the race will return to the circuit this season. New route isn't released yet... guess I'll update the stage once it is.

Gran Premio Città di Lugano (1.HC Europe Tour)

GP du canton d'Argovie (1.HC Europe Tour)

Trofeo Alcide Degasperi (National Event)

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