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ICL21 - Signup
If you want to continue your team, make a post here and also if you are new and want to join the game.
I'd also appreciate if managers that don't want to continue their ICL teams could drop me a short PM.

Please fill this form out if you want to be a part of ICL 2021:
3 letter Abbrevation:
Previous Team:

If you want to have a development team, please add a second filled up form to your post.

Soon there will be a ICL21 - Teams thread in which you can make a team presentation.
Questions can be asked in this thread or in the ICL20 - General Discussion thread or via PM.

If you want to read about ICL first. Most stuff here is still pretty accurate:

However a detailed knowledge about how everything works isn't required yet, as you'll easily understand everything once there is the time.
Edited by Bikex on 24-09-2021 12:30
Professional Teams:
Air Alg├ęrie - Navibulgar AANUlrich Ulriksen
Allianz-BMW Cycling TeamABCjaxika
Baku Synergy +BSPOZrocker
BNZ Cycling TeamBNZJakstar22
Bosch Cycling TeamBCTcio93
Brugse Zot - TrekBZTdf_Trek
Cadejo - Bike Xpress CBXDarkWolf
CCC Sprandi PolkowiceCCCdominox
Credit SuisseCREVali
Deutsche BahnDEBAbhishekLFC
DFK Panev─Ś┼żys DKPquadsas
EF x Palace - Nippo EF1valverde321
Équipe Cycliste PeugeotPEUMarcovdw
Euskaltel - Elior EUELuis Leon Sanchez
Filliers - Mora Pro Cycling TeamFILOllfardh
Grupo Argos - QualaGAQCroatia14
Guinness Cycling p/b BlackBerryGBBbaseballlover312
ICBC Cyling TeamICB-
La Vie Claire LVCjph27
Latvijas Balzams - OlainfarmLBOLaurens147
Liberty SegurosLYSShonak
Magnum - MadshusMMANemolito
Millenium - LATAM AirlinesMLAliefwarrior
Pedal Africa for QhubekaPAQ-
Polestar ProCycling p/b TelenorPPCivaneurope
Proximus Cycling Team PRXcanojuancho
Qatar Airways - Trentino - Qumak QTQkrisa
Renault Classic RENDaveTwoBob
Santos - EuskadiEUSjandal7
Shell Pro CyclingSHLjseadog1
Team BPTBPRipley
Tierra del FuegoTDFFabianski
Trans Looney TunesTLTTinxiaS
Vegeta Cycling TeamVCTSSJ2Luigi
VisitUkraine p/b NemiroffVUKfjhoekie
Development Teams:
Air Alg├ęrie - Godiva AAGUlrich Ulriksen
Alpine BoysALPVali
Aru4Ever - Panaria A4Ekrisa
Astana U23ASTBikex
Aviva Futura ProjectAFPRipley
BlackBerry Limited U23BBUbaseballlover312
Bora - Argon18 Development TeamBARjaxika
Cadejo - Bike Xpress Cycling Academy CXADarkWolf
CCC Development Team CDTdominox
De Stijl CyclingDSCjph27
Deutsche Bahn Development TeamDBDAbhishekLFC
EF Cycling SchoolEFSvalverde321
├ëquipe Development Citro├źnCITMarcovdw
EuskaltelEUTLuis Leon Sanchez
Giant Asia Racing TeamGIAOZrocker
Islandsbanki SIUNemolito
La Fundaci├│nFUNShonak
LBO Development TeamLDTLaurens147
Los GauchitosGAUFabianski
Millenium Academia de Ciclismo MACliefwarrior
P&O Ferries ZeebruggePOZdf_Trek
PKKSC Dviratininkai PSCquadsas
Podravka Cycling TeamPCTSSJ2Luigi
PureBlack RacingPBRjandal7
Reizen Waes - Pinkpop Development TeamRWPOllfardh
Renault Techno Development RTDDaveTwoBob
S├şragon ProjectSIRCroatia14
Telenor Youth Team p/b PolestarTYTivaneurope

Edited by Ripley on 23-05-2022 07:40
Main Team:
Team: Polestar Pro Cycling p/b Telenor
3 letter Abbrevation: PPC
Nation: SWD
Previous Team: Polestar Pro Cycling p/b Telenor

Developmental Team:
Team: Telenor Youth Team p/b Polestar
3 letter Abbrevation: TYT
Nation: NOR
Previous Team: Telenor Youth Team p/b Polestar
Edited by ivaneurope on 24-09-2021 17:41
Ad Bot
Posted on 03-07-2022 07:16
Bot Agent

Posts: Countless
Joined: 23.11.09

IP: None  
Main team
Team: Cadejo - Bike Xpress
3 letter Abbrevation: CBX
Nation: El Salvador
Secondary Nation(s): Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua
Previous Team: Cadejo - Bike Xpress

Development team
Team: Cadejo - Bike Xpress Cycling Academy
3 letter Abbrevation: CXA
Nation: El Salvador
Previous Team: "-"
Edited by DarkWolf on 28-09-2021 06:13
Main Team:
Team: Guinness Cycling p/b BlackBerry
3 letter Abbrevation: GBB
Nation: IRL
Previous Team: Guinness Cycling p/b BlackBerry

Developmental Team:
Team: BlackBerry Limited U23
3 letter Abbrevation: BBL
Nation: CAN
Previous Team: BlackBerry Limited U23
RIP Exxon Duke, David Veilleux, Double Feature, and Monster Energy
Main Team:
Team: Latvijas Balzams-Olainfarm
3 letter Abbrevation: LBO
Nation: LAT
Previous Team: Latvijas Balzams-Olainfarm

Development Team:
Team: LBO Development Team
3 letter Abbrevation: LDT
Nation: LAT
Previous Team: LBO Development Team
Edited by Laurens147 on 25-09-2021 07:51
ICL - Latvijas Balzams - Olainfarm
MG - Crabbe-CC Chevigny
Main Team:
Team: CCC Sprandi Polkowice
3 letter Abbrevation: CCC
Nation: POL
Previous Team: CCC Sprandi Polkowice

Found no one that could help me with new jersey for new team so no "roleplaying" from this time around.
Main Team:
Team: Bosch Cycling Team
3 letter Abbrevation: BCT
Nation: GER
Previous Team: Bosch Cycling Team

Development Team:
Team: TBA
3 letter Abbrevation: TBA
Nation: GER
Previous Team: -
Main Team
Team: Tierra del Fuego
3 letter Abbrevation: TDF
Nation: ARG
Secondary Nation(s): CHL
Previous Team: Tierra del Fuego

Dev Team
Team: Los Gauchitos
3 letter Abbreviation: GAU
Nation: CHL
Previous Team: Los Gauchitos

As announced, dev team nationality switches to Chile this year.
Main Team
Team: Deutsche Bahn
3 letter Abbrevation: DEB
Nation: GER
Previous Team: Deutsche Bahn

Dev Team
Team: Deutsche Bahn Development
3 letter Abbrevation: DBD
Nation: GER
Previous Team: Deutsche Bahn Development
Team: Alitalia
3 letter Abbrevation: ALI
Nation: ITA
Previous Team: Alitalia
Manager of pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gen.png Generali pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gen.png
Main Team:
Team: Renault Classic
3 letter Abbrevation: REN
Nation: FRA
Previous Team: Suntory Lucozade Sport

Dev Team:
Team: Renault Techno Development
3 letter Abbrevation: RTD
Nation: FRA
Previous Team: Suntory Orangina
DaveTwoBob attached the following image:

Edited by DaveTwoBob on 27-09-2021 13:47
Manager of Renault Classic [ICL]
Manager of Kraftwerk Man Machine [Man Game]
Main Team:
Team: Team BP
3 letter Abbrevation: TBP
Nation: GBR
Previous Team: Team BP

Jersey Update 2021:

Dev Team:
Team: Aviva Futura Project
3 letter Abbrevation: AFP
Nation: GBR
Previous Team: Aviva Futura Project
Edited by Ripley on 28-09-2021 07:06

Main Team:
Team: Équipe Cycliste Peugeot
3 letter Abbrevation: PEU
Nation: France
Previous Team: Équipe Cycliste Peugeot

Dev Team:
Team: ├ëquipe Development Citro├źn
3 letter Abbrevation: CIT
Nation: France
Previous Team: ├ëquipe Development Citro├źn
Manager of Minions
Main Team
Team: Filliers - Mora Pro Cycling Team
3 Letter: FIL
Nation: BEL
Secondary Nations: NED
Previous Team: Filliers - Mora Pro Cycling Team

Dev Team
Team: Reizen Waes - Pinkpop Development Team
3 Letter: RWP
Nation: BEL
Secondary Nations: NED
Previous Team: Reizen Waes - Pinkpop Development Team

Same jerseys please!
Changed my sig, this was getting absurd.
Main Team:
Team: Millenium - LATAM Airlines
3 letter Abbrevation: MLA
Nation: Portugal
Previous Team: Millenium - LATAM Airlines

Developmental Team:
Team: Millenium Academia de Ciclismo
3 letter Abbrevation: MAC
Nation: Portugal
Previous Team: -

Main Team
Development Team
Angola NCRR
Angola NCTT
Portugal NCTT

Edited by liefwarrior on 23-05-2022 14:09
Main Team:

Team: Allianz-BMW Cycling Team
3 letter Abbrevation: ABC
Nation: Germany
Secondary Nation(s): FRA
Previous Team: Allianz-BMW Cycling Team

Dev team:

Team: Bora - Argon18 Development Team
3 letter BAR
Nation: BEL
Previous Team: Bora - Argon18 Development Team
Main Team:
Team: Magnum - Madshus
3 letter Abbrevation: MMA
Nation: Denmark
Previous Team: Magnum - Madshus

Developmental Team:
Team: Islandsbanki
3 letter Abbrevation: SIU
Nation: Iceland
Previous Team: Magnum - Madshus Youngsters
MainTeam: EF x Palace - Nippo
3 letter Abbrevation: EF1
Nation: USA
Previous Team: Education First x Palace - Nippo

Dev Team: EF Cycling School
3 letter Abbrevation: EF2
Nation: USA
Previous Team: EF Cycling School
Team: Brugse Zot - Trek
3 letter Abbrevation: BZT
Nation: Belgium
Secondary Nation(s): USA Luxembourg Netherlands
Previous Team: Brugse Zot - Trek

dev team:

Team: P&O Ferries Zeebrugge
3 letter Abbrevation: POZ
Nation: Belgium
Previous Team: Omroep Zeeland - Lammerts Youth Team
Edited by df_Trek on 05-01-2022 15:45
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