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[PCT '19] Philips
Philips 2019

Team History
Our third season of existence as a team sees us hopeful and expectant to learn from past mistakes and improve. 2018 was a difficult first season in the PCT, where we finished 18th, after hoping to be able to enter the Top 10. We hope to be able to use those experiences to get better this time around. This followed our hugely successful debut in the CT in 2017, and we definitely understood how it feels to be brought back down to earth in a span of just one season!

We do plan to shift our focus a bit from how we've approached our team and it's composition. We have several plans in mind in how we can lead ourselves forward, and they should become clearer and more evident in the coming days. What we hope to achieve this season is to improve from last season and to live up to our potential.

The management structure remains the same with the three man team; I'm supported by my two partners. While I look into the equipment and rider man-management, my partners take care of the logistics, transportation and finances. Together, we worked well to keep things running smoothly for the last two seasons, and hope for more of the same in this one.

For details on how we've done as a cycling team so far, check out our Team HQs from the past two seasons below:

Team Sponsors

Dutch electronics giants Philips becomes the sole title sponsor for our team after our two year collaboration with Continental reached it's conclusion. The coming season gives us a chance to regroup and rebuild after a year of unmet potential. We remain grateful to Philips for their continued belief in our project and hope to deliver on our half of the bargain. We also remain headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Other Sponsors
For the third year in a row, we have changed our jersey sponsor and will now be wearing jerseys made by the Bioracer. The main team jersey will be unveiled soon. Otherwise, our sponsors remain unchanged from last season.

Unilever takes on an increased role behind the scenes and has promised to provide extra funds towards talent development, if the need arises. We are grateful to them to continue wholeheartedly supporting the team despite their absence from the team title sponsorship.
Secondary Sponsor Unilever
Airline Partner Lufthansa
Banking and Insurance Partner ABN Amro
Automobile Partners Audi (Cars) and VDL (Buses)
Logistics Partner Duvenbeck
Equipment Canyon (Frames), SRAM (Groupsets), Zipp (Wheels) and Continental (Tyres)
Jersey Bioracer

Focus Region
Primary Focus: Netherlands

Our primary focus region remains as the Netherlands, having had a solid base of riders from the nation in the past two years. We wish to continue pursuing the best and brightest riders that the country has to offer to bring into our project.

With the withdrawal of Continental as our title sponsor, Germany is no a focus nation for us. Instead, we will take our outlook to be more global, which is already something our team followed in 2018.

Team Jersey


Credits to the_hoyle for this great jersey!

2019 Roster
Wilco Kelderman78.67Leader
Lahcen Saber78.04Leader
Florentino Marquez77.59Leader
Andrea Palini75.22Domestique
Yoeri Havik75.19Leadout/Co-Leadout
Wouter Wippert74.99Co-Leader
Remco Te Brake74.94Co-Leader
Olivier Le Gac74.72Domestique
Romain Bardet74.18Domestique/Co-Leader
Wout Poels73.66Domestique
Felix Grossschartner73.48Domestique
Rok Korosec73.17Domestique
Fabian Lienhard73.16Domestique
Ronan Van Zandbeek72.96Time Trial
Jasper Bovenhuis72.86Domestique
Pim Ligthart72.86Time Trial
Thomas Boudat71.01Talent
Kevin Inkelaar71.06Talent
Ryan Gibbons70.19Talent
Piet Allegaert69.46Talent
Aurelien Paret-Peintre69.15Talent
Jonas Bokeloh68.40Talent

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Season Goals
Race Category Goal Result
Balkans InternationalPTHCTop 5
Volta a PortugalPTHCTop 5
Tour of BeijingHCWin 3rd
Rheden GPPTHCTop 10
Team StandingsPCTTop 5 Lol

*Green means Goal Achieved. Red means Goal Failed.

10-Jan Down Under ClassicHC
31-Jan Clasique Pico BasileC1
5-Feb8-Feb Tour of the Middle EastHC
8-Feb12-Feb Tour of SlovenieHC
10-Feb12-Feb Ras TailteannC1
26-Feb30-Feb Tour of SouthlandC1
28-Feb Pro Hallstatt ClassicPTHC
3-Mar Roma MaximaC1
7-Mar12-Mar Vuelta al Pais VascoPTHC
11-Mar16-Mar Vuelta a ColombiaHC
20-Mar Strade BianchePTHC
26-Mar30-Mar Tour of UppsalaC1
28-Mar E3 PrijsPTHC
30-Mar Kuurne - Bruxelles - KuurneHC
1-Apr7-Apr Tour of CaliforniaHC
13-Apr15-Apr Tour of UkraineHC
27-Apr GP WallonieC1
29-Apr Lisbon ClassicHC
1-May5-May Cheshire Cycling TourHC
12-May14-May Scandinavia Open Road RacePTHC
16-May Berlin ProRaceHC
19-May23-May Tour d'AndorraC1
23-May28-May Olympia's TourC1
25-May Frankfurt EschbornC1
8-Jun Riga - Jurmala GPPTHC
10-Jun14-Jun Post Danmark RundtHC
18-Jun23-Jun Tour of South AfricaC1
26-Jun Hanko ClassicC1
17-Jul Sakartvelo TrophyC2
20-Jul Kenya Mountain ClassicHC
26-Jul29-Jul Tour of BeijingHC
27-Jul30-Jul USA Pro Cycling ChallengeC2
7-Aug Clasica San SebastienHC
11-Aug21-Aug Volta a PortugalPTHC
17-Aug21-Aug Baltic Chain TourC1
1-Sep Paris ToursPTHC
2-Sep22-Sep Tour of AmericaC1
4-Sep11-Sep Balkans InternationalPTHC
27-Sep Rheden GPPTHC
29-Sep Milano - TorinoC1
3-Oct Giro dell'EmiliaHC
3-Oct GP LuganoHC
12-Oct15-OctSAA Tour d'AfriqueHC
18-Oct Japan CupHC

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2019 Results

Race Results - Points Scoring Positions
Race Position Rider
Down Under Classic 4th Lahcen Saber
Classique Pico Basile 17th Florentino Marquez
Tour of the Middle East 21st Florentino Marquez
Tour of the Middle East 22nd Romain Bardet
Tour de Slovenie 11th Wilco Kelderman
Ras Tailteann 17th Lahcen Saber
Pro Halstatt Classic 11th Florentino Marquez
Roma Maxima 3rd Lahcen Saber
Roma Maxima 15th Yoeri Havik
Roma Maxima 23rd Jasper Bovenhuis
Vuelta al Pais Vasco 52nd Olivier Le Gac
Vuelta al Pais Vasco 74th Andrea Palini
Vuelta al Pais Vasco 85th Felix Grossschartner
Vuelta a Colombia 10th Florentino Marquez
Vuelta a Colombia 47th Romain Bardet
Strade Bianche 7th Wilco Kelderman
Strade Bianche 30th Andrea Palini
Strade Bianche 37th Olivier Le Gac
Tour of Uppsala 19th Wout Poels
E3 Prijs 40th Yoeri Havik
E3 Prijs 45th Jasper Boevnhuis
Tour of California 48th Romain Bardet
Tour of Ukraine 28th Wilco Kelderman
Lisbon Classic 11th Lahcen Saber
Cheshire Cycling Tour 10th Lahcen Saber
Scandinavia Open Road Race 19th Wilco Kelderman
Berlin ProRace 11th Lahcen Saber
Tour d'Andorra 10th Florentino Marquez
Tour d'Andorra 19th Romain Bardet
Olympia's Tour 10th Pim Ligthart
Frankfurt Eschborn 10th Lahcen Saber
Riga - Jurmala 14th Lahcen Saber
Tour of South Africa 7th Wilco Kelderman
Tour of South Africa 26th Andrea Palini
Hanko Classic 5th Lahcen Saber
Sakartvelo Trophy 7th Romain Bardet
Kenya Mountain Classic 26th Florentino Marquez
Tour of Beijing 3rd Wilco Kelderman
Tour of Beijing 38th Felix Grossschartner
USA Pro Cycling Challenge 23rd Thomas Boudat
Clasica San Sebastien 7th Wilco Kelderman
Volta a Portugal 59th Romain Bardet
Volta a Portugal 90th Felix Grossschartner
7th Lahcen Saber
17th Yoeri Havik
Paris Tours 11th Lahcen Saber
Paris Tours 42nd Wouter Wippert
Tour of America 5th Florentino Marquez
Balkans International 9th Wilco Kelderman
Balkans International 59th Olivier Le Gac
Balkans International 60th Andrea Palini
Balkans International 73rd Felix Grossschartner
Balkans International 88th Fabian Lienhard
Balkans International 93rd Rok Korosec
Rheden GP 16th Lahcen Saber
Rheden GP 22nd Yoeri Havik
Rheden GP 41st Remco Te Brake
Milano - Torino 8th Wilco Kelderman
Milano - Torino 14th Andrea Palini
Milano - Torino 25th Olivier Le Gac
Giro dell'Emelia 4th Wilco Kelderman
Giro dell'Emelia 23rd Andrea Palini
SAA Tour d'Afrique 7th Lahcen Saber
SAA Tour d'Afrique 34th Wouter Wippert
Japan Cup 5th Wilco Kelderman

Stage Races - Stage Wins
Rider Race Stage
Wilco Kelderman Tour of South Africa Stage 1
Remco Te Brake Volta a Portugal Stage 3
Pim Ligthart Tour of America Stage 13
Andrea Palini Balkans International Stage 6
Lahcen Saber SAA Tour d'Afrique Stage 1

Stage Races - Stage Top 10s
Race Stage Position Rider
Tour de Slovenie Stage 2 3rd Wilco Kelderman
Tour de Slovenie Stage 5 2nd Wilco Kelderman
Ras Tailteann Stage 2 8th Lahcen Saber
Tour of Southland Stage 3 5th Lahcen Saber
Tour of Southland Stage 5 5th Lahcen Saber
Vuelta al Pais Vasco Stage 5 2nd Andrea Palini
Vuelta a Colombia Stage 2 7th Florentino Marquez
Vuelta a Colombia Stage 4 2nd Yoeri Havik
Tour of Uppsala Stage 3 7th Wouter Wippert
Tour of Uppsala Stage 5 4th Wouter Wippert
Tour of California Stage 3 6th Remco Te Brake
Cheshire Cycling Tour Stage 3 8th Lahcen Saber
Tour d'Andorra Stage 1 5th Florentino Marquez
Tour d'Andorra Stage 3 7th Florentino Marquez
Tour d'Andorra Stage 4 9th Florentino Marquez
Olympia's Tour Stage 2 3rd Wouter Wippert
Olympia's Tour Stage 3 7th Wouter Wippert
Olympia's Tour Stage 5 3rd Wouter Wippert
Olympia's Tour Stage 5 8th thomas Boudat
Olympia's Tour Stage 6 10th Pim Ligthart
Post Danmark Rundt Stage 1 7th Wouter Wippert
Tour of South Africa Stage 2 9th Wilco Kelderman
Tour of South Africa Stage 4 4th Philips
Tour of South Africa Stage 5 7th Wilco Kelderman
Tour of Beijing Stage 3 8th Wilco Kelderman
Tour of Beijing Stage 4 7th Wilco Kelderman
Volta a Portugal Stage 1 8th Thomas Boudat
Volta a Portugal Stage 9 10th Romain Bardet
Stage 1 8th Lahcen Saber
Stage 2 4th Lahcen Saber
Stage 3 7th Lahcen Saber
Stage 4 7th Lahcen Saber
Stage 3 9th Lahcen Saber
Tour of America Stage 2 7th Wouter Wippert
Tour of America Stage 3 6th Wouter Wippert
Tour of America Stage 4 3rd Wouter Wippert
Tour of America Stage 4 10th Ryan Gibbons
Tour of America Stage 5 5th Pim Ligthart
Tour of America Stage 6 10th Florentino Marquez
Tour of America Stage 8 3rd Florentino Marquez
Tour of America Stage 9 3rd Florentino Marquez
Tour of America Stage 10 7th Florentino Marquez
Tour of America Stage 11 3rd Florentino Marquez
Tour of America Stage 16 4th Romain Bardet
Tour of America Stage 17 9th Florentino Marquez
Tour of America Stage 19 4th Florentino Marquez
Tour of America Stage 20 5th Florentino Marquez
Tour of America Stage 21 3rd Wouter Wippert
Balkans International Stage 1 9th Wilco Kelderman
Balkans International Stage 2 8th Remco Te Brake
Balkans International Stage 3 9th Wilco Kelderman
Balkans International Stage 4 4th Andrea Palini
Balkans International Stage 5 9th Wilco Kelderman
SAA Tour d'Afrique Stage 4 8th Lahcen Saber

Stage Races - Points Classification
Race Position Rider
Tour de Slovenie 1st Wilco Kelderman
Tour d'Andorra 9th Florentino Marquez
Tour of South Africa 4th Wilco Kelderman
Tour of Beijing 10th Wilco Kelderman
6th Lahcen Saber
Tour of America 6th Florentino Marquez
SAA Tour d'Afrique 7th Lahcen Saber

Stage Races - KOM Classification
Race Postion Rider
Tour of the Middle East 2nd Florentno Marquez
Tour de Slovenie 10th Wilco Kelderman
Post Danmark Rundt 6th Ronan Van Zandbeek
Post Danmark Rundt 8th Andrea Palini
Tour of South Africa 10th Wilco Kelderman
SAA Tour d'Afrique 1st Fabian Lienhard

Stage Races - U25 Classification
Race Position Rider
Cheshire Cycling Tour 4th Piet Allegaert
USA Pro Cycling Challenge 2nd Thomas Boudat
6th Piet Allegaert
Tour of America 7th Kevin Inkelaar
SAA Tour d'Afrique 9th Fabian Lienhard

Stage Races - Team Classification
Race Position
Tour de Slovenie 6th
Tour of Uppsala 9th
Cheshire Cycling Tour 9th
Tour d'Andorra 10th
Tour of South Africa 7th
Tour of Beijing 10th
SAA Tour d'Afrique 4th

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Oh yeah, Philips are back and they mean business Cool Looking forward to your transfers and of course racing alongside you when the season begins. And of course the jersey reveal Grin
30/12/14 - matt17br said "Sutty's birthday is more important than [Jesus' Birthday]"
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3x i.imgur.com/wM6Wok5.png x3
Jersey Reveal

Without further ado, we would like to present our jersey for the 2019 season...


We wanted to move away from our colourful jersey palette of the previous seasons and hoped to have one based on minimalism. Jersey designer the_hoyle has come with an incredible new jersey, which should be immediately visible in the peloton. We extend a big thank you to him for this creation. The jersey is sponsored by Bioracer, who joins our list of backers.

Very nice clean jersey - will be looking forward to seeing how this team comes together post-renewals and transfers, after dare I say, a relatively disappointing PCT debut last year.

Good luck!
@jandal: Yes we're back and a bit different from earlier. We wanted to Kean business last season as well and will look not to repeat those mistakes again. Looking forward to transfers myself and also to see how you build on last season's showing. Look forward to lining up next to you in the peloton too.

@Booker: Thanks. We were hoping to go for an uncluttered feel to our jersey and that's exactly what the_hoyle delivered. We've fallen a long way after our debut season success and wish to get back to those highs soon.

2018 Team Roster
Lahcen SaberLeader
Sergio HenaoLeader
Rui CostaLeader
Remco Te BrakeLeadout
Alexander KriegerLeadout
Ramunas NavardauskasCo-Leader
Jan DieterenCo-Leader
Rob RuijghDomestique
Wout PoelsDomestique
Jaoa CostaDomestique
Jarlinson PantanoDomestique/Co-Leader
Ronan Van ZandbeekTime Trial
Christoph MaiDomestique
Lotto PetrusTime Trial
Lukas MeilerTalent
Riccardo MinaliTalent
Jonas BokelohTalent
Lennard HofstedeTalent
Piet AllegaertTalent

Three basic factors determined the departures from our squad during the present round of renewals, age declines, poor performance and the loss of Continental as our secondary sponsor leading to a reduced focus on German riders.

Alexander Krieger departs after two years with the team. He had a very poor season in 2018, and was deemed excess to requirements. His best result for the team came in Solidarnosc in 2017, when he single-handedly picked up 150+ points to secure our promotion to PCT. We remember those good memories and wish him well for the future.

Jan Dieteren joined our team at the start of the 2018 season. He too, had a very poor season and was not able to live up to his role of a secondary point-scorer behind Rui Costa in the hills.

Rob Ruijgh is another rider who spent two years with us, and has been a very important domestique in our climbing team. Age has started to catch up with him, and we had to let him go because of the same. We wish him all the best going ahead.

Cristoph Mai; one of the more difficult decisions in terms of renewals for us as we felt Mai could stay on as a domestique in our mountain train. However, with the loss of German focus, as well as the change in outlook towards team-building, we decided we should let him go so that he can find a more suitable team.

Lotto Petrus is another rider who had a disappointing season last time around, scoring zero points. We did not believe his best interests were in continuing with us. At the time, he was the first and only National Champion in our squad and he successfully defended his title this time around. He just wasn't the right fit for our future plans.

David Per, Patrick Muller and Ha Jeon Jung return to their teams after having spent last season on loan with us. While we are thankful to all three and their teams for letting us have them, we have a special relation with Per which I must address here. Per has spent both his years a professional cyclist in our team so far, and produced spectacular results in both terms. He was Far and away the Rookie of the Year in CT in 2017. He was impeccable in Strade Bianche and Cheshire last season too, among many other races, and leaves us feeling a little lost about how to replace him! On that note, we'd like to tip our hat to this superbly talented rider for an incredible two year stint with us. If we ever wrote a poem in his honour, it would be called 'Some Flings are more Memorable than Everlasting Love Stories'! A note of thanks must also be extended to his team Isostar Slovenija, for loaning him out to us two years in a row. It was a pleasure!

2019 Post Renewals Team
NamePrevious WageCurrent WageDifference
Lahcen Saber400000375000-25000
Sergio Henao730000550000-180000
Rui Costa250000150000-100000
Remco Te Brake950001000005000
Ramunas Navardauskas8000010000020000
Wout Poels5500050000-5000
Jaoa Costa55000550000
Jarlinson Pantano7500050000-25000
Ronan Van Zandbeek50000500000
Lukas Meiler50000550005000
Lennard Hofstede50000500000
Piet Allegaert50000500000
Riccardo Minali100005000040000
Jonas Bokeloh100005000040000

We are very happy with how renewals went for us. Krieger and Dieteren were two of the bigger names released, and while we were willing to offer them a contract, we were not willing to offer them the amount that they demanded. Among those who stayed, We've got both Henao and Rui Costa down by a big amount. This leaves us with a wage cap of 765,000 and six riders to sign.

Transfer Outlook
The team management is actively looking to change up our approach to team building from last season. Our Dutch core are expected to stay, and along with Saber and Navardauskas should continue with us for the 2019 season. As far as the rest are concerned, we're open to offers for both transfers, trades and loans. However, if the offer is good enough, all options can be looked at.

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Rider Availability

Lahcen SaberNo
Sergio Luis Henao MontoyaYes
Rui CostaYes
Remco Te BrakeNo
Ramunas NavardauskasMaybe
Wout PoelsNo
Jaoa CostaNo
Jarlinson Pantano G├│mezYes
Ronan Van ZandbeekNo
Lukas MeilerNo
Lennard HofstedeNo
Piet AllegaertNo
Riccardo MinaliFor Loan
Jonas BokelohFor Loan

Sergio Henao is available. He won two mountain classics last season, at Pico Basile and Kenya. He finished with three Top 5s and two Top 10s, a stage Win and multiple stage Top 10 finishes. A very strong climber and the perfect PCT leader and a great co-leader for the PT.

Rui Costa is available. Another of our leaders from last season, he finished with four Top 10 results in stage races. A good combination of hills and TTs, he should be the perfect CT leader and will also be a great domestique for a better puncher leader.

Jarlinson Pantano is also available. He played the role of the super-domestique to Henao last season, picking up a podium in Sakartvelo along the way and a Top 5 stage finish in Austria. Perhaps a team would like the perfect Colombian leader-domestique pair as a package?

Ramunas Navardauskas, Lithuanian Time Trial National Champion, could be sold but it will need a very high offer to compensate for the money we spent in purchasing and training him last season. If the offer is good enough, we'll consider it.

Ricardo Minali (lvl 2) and Jonas Bokeloh (lvl 1) are both available for loans.

As far as the others are concerned, we won't rule anything out at this stage, but we will only entertain significantly high offers.
Looks like a nice base to build from regardless of the direction the transfer season takes you. You can always expect quality from a Dutch team.

Looking forward to sharing the road with you this season Smile


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej Poga─Źar
redordead wrote:
Looks like a nice base to build from regardless of the direction the transfer season takes you. You can always expect quality from a Dutch team.

Looking forward to sharing the road with you this season Smile

Thanks for the kind words Smile

Not sure about the base because these are most of the same riders who got us 18th place last season. But we hope to take a step in the right direction...

Look forward to meeting you in the races Smile
Interesting that you seems to be willing to let go of your climbers - and what direction that will take Philips in 2019
Tamijo wrote:
Interesting that you seems to be willing to let go of your climbers - and what direction that will take Philips in 2019

We hope the direction is upwards in the table Wink

We're basically keeping every possibility open at the moment...
Transfer Update Part 1
We've had a frantic few days of transfer negotiations over the past four days as we look to rebuild for the future. We are delighted to announce the first fruits of our labour, and welcome riders into our setup for the upcoming season.

Wilco Kelderman | Puncher Leader
Age: 28 | Wage: 500,000
Our first marquee signing of the season is a rider we've admired for a long time. Having been a part of the PT championship winning team last year, Wilco Kelderman joins us to lead our hills squad for the coming season and the foreseeable future. Our calendar is being designed to suit his style and we are excited to have him racing for us. Lukas Meiler left us to join Puma-SAP as a part of the deal.

78.67 70718270807573626772777170

Pim Ligthart | Time-Trial
Age: 31 | Wage: 50,000
Our first FA signing of the season comes in the form of Ligthart, who's role will be to add to the time-trial squad, together with Van Zandbeek. He was an excellent pickup for us at minimum wage and we hope to see him lead our charges against the clock.

72.86 72545878726668607074696678

Bert Van Lerberghe | Talent | Level: 4.0
Age: 27 | Wage: 120,000
Exciting prospect Bert Van Lerberghe also joins us from free agency, as we beat out competition for his signature from a number of teams. We expect him to develop into a top cobbles domestique/co-leader for the future. He is expected to go out on loan to help him develop to full potential.

73.57 73606666737369757473686568
Classics 74606766747470777473696568
Cobbles 74606666757470777573686568
Sprinter 75606666747370767675686568

Riccardo Minali | Talent | Loaned Out
Age: 24 | Pot: 4 | Level: 2.49
Exciting sprinting talent Minali has joined Centovalli ÔÇô Fiat on loan for a season. He hope he is useful to his team for the season, and continues his development path as planned.

68.70 67525756697069597373627364
Sprinter 73525856737180637979627464
Track Spr. 73525857707479597979627470

A very good start to our transfer window, with us wrapping up our top target this season in Kelderman. Ligthart will have a specific role to play in the team, while big things are expected of Van Lerberghe in the future. Our activities continue in the transfer window, and expect more such announcements soon.
Edited by AbhishekLFC on 25-09-2019 07:30
Philips promotive hype locomotive leaving the station Pfft
30/12/14 - matt17br said "Sutty's birthday is more important than [Jesus' Birthday]"
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3x i.imgur.com/wM6Wok5.png x3
Yellow Jersey
I get a little teary not having Kelderman but you had what Cio wanted Smile Promotion-level team here.
Some very nice signings! And thanks a lot for bringing Kelderman to PCT Pfft
Ouch completely missed that Keldermann is in PCT!

Nice signing by you!
You could have left Kelderman where he was, there he was fine. no need to come here to bother anyoneGrin
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