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21 and Done - January Draft
Inspired by Projects like the Grand High Wizard Contest and threads like "Who is going to be the next GT winner?", it's time to bring up a continuous minigame that unites a small management/scouting side with a prediction game. Let's kick off "21 and Done".

The rules are as easy as they could get. You build a team by drafting riders that have to be 21 years old or younger. This really is the only rule. Draft positions are random for the 2 kick-off draft rounds (1 -> X, X -> 1), afterwards former draft positions will determine chances for certain draft positions in the future. After the kick-off draft there will be 4 drafts each year, for which you can sign-up in beforehand. The draft positions will be posted 2-1 days in advance. You can only acquire riders via drafting.

Kick-off Draft:

- 21.10.2018
- 21:21 daily time
- 21 hours on the clock
- Starting with 2 rounds (1-n, n-1)
- Sign-Up is open from now on

Further timeline:

- New round every 3 months (21.2., 21. 5, 21.8., 21.11.)
- Sign-ups from 21 to 2 days before the draft starts
- Awards starting at the 21.12.

Draft System:

- Different system for kick-off draft than for future draft
- Randomized numbers (1-1000) determine draft ranking
- Each draft new draw of positions
- High pick in last round -> lower chance of high number in next round (lower range to reach up high f.e. 1-700)

How to draft:

- Your are allowed/wanted to post your choice in here yourself
- Draft lists are possible to send in if you can't post in time
- Make clear for everybody who you drafted!

Draft failures:

- If you post an invalid rider will be skipped
- If you post not in time (and didn't hand in a draft list) you will be skipped
- People are welcome to point out invalid drafts/order issues
- invalid drafts are allowed to be cancelled in hindsight even if unnoticed earlier without compensation

-> If you missed/failed your post, you can draft as soon as possible eventhough somebody else is on the clock


- 21 or younger at the exact draft time
- male gender
- Pcm.daily time is the official game time
- Not the draft beginning time, but the time when you make your pick decides about whether a rider is eligeable or not
- No fictional riders are allowed

Award categories:

Gold, Silver and Bronze for:

- Strongest Team
- Smartest Chemistry
- Coolest rider combinations
- "Terrain Dominator"
- Surprise development of the year
- Steal of the year
- Rookie of the year

Anything else:

- There will be only this 1 thread
- Team posts/presentations are very welcome in here, same goes for discussions
- Proposals to riders prior to them being drafted is prohibited -> fine: loss of draft right
- Possible changes in future years potentially happening according to the development of the game (number of drafts in a year, influence of a pick for the next one,...)
- New managers are always welcome to join at a later point in this game
- skipping the draft has no consequences besides not receiving a rider in that
- if necessary by request, please provide evidence of the riders age (link website if no PCS/CQ/firstcycling age given)

Ideally this game never ends, riders leave your team when they retire. The goal is some sort of competition on who is going to project the future stars of this cycling world the best. This is a non-competitive game in the sense that the teams won't compete against each other (yet). So we have more of a scouting & predicting game than a management game. If wanted by the majority, it may be possible to add either a story based fictional voluntary cycling series or a more combat management version in the development process.

Sign-Ups are open now!
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Kick-Off Draft

1jaxikaEgan Bernal
2kandesbunzler26Remco Evenepoel
3TheManxMissileJulius van den Berg
4trekbmcMarc Hirschi
5jandal7Robert Stannard
6FreitasPCMBjorg Lambrecht
7ShonakJhonatan Narváez
8Croatia14Iván Ramiro Sosa
9df_TrekStan Dewulf
10redordeadTadej PogaÄŤar
11cio93Jasper Philipsen
12Aquarius97Mikkel Bjerg
13hillis91Alan Banaszek
14Ollfahrdto come…
15AbhishekLFCMax Kanter
16AbhishekLFCPascal Eenkhorn
17Ollfahrdto come…
18hillis91Mark Donovan
19Aquarius97Brandon McNulty
20cio93Thymen Arensman
21redordeadDušan Rajović
22df_TrekPavel Sivakov
23Croatia14Thomas Pidcock
24ShonakMikkel Frølich Honoré
25FreitasPCMGino Mäder
26jandal7Bram Welten
27trekbmcNicola Conci
28TheManxMissileAidan van Niekerk
29kandesbunzler26Alexys Brunel
30jaxikaJulius Johansen
31df_TrekMichael Storer
32jandal7Clément Champoussin
33AbhishekLFCJoao Almeida
34cio93Szymon Sajnok
35ShonakNils Eekhoff
36redordeadLuis Villalobos
38Croatia14Kevin Rivera
39FreitasPCMAndreas Leknessund
40kandesbunzler26Michel Ries
41Aquarius97Maarten Kooistra
42jaxikaFilip Maciejuk
43TheManxMissileAidan van Niekerk
44trekbmcAlexander Evans
46kandesbunzler26Žiga Jerman
47redordeadKarel Vacek
48ShonakNiklas Märkl
49Croatia14Sergio Andres Higuita
50jaxikaMatteo Sobrero
51FreitasPCMAndrea Bagioli
52df_TrekGerben Thijssen
53jandal7Eli Iserbyt
54cio93Biniyam Ghirmay
55Aquarius97Felix Gall
56trekbmcJaakko Hänninen
58AbhishekLFCAlejandro Osorio
59ShonakIlan van Wilder
60kandesbunzler26Jake Stewart
62trekbmcKevin Vermaerke
63df_TrekVadim Pronskiy
64AbhishekLFCAlberto Dainese
66jandal7Giovanni Aleotti
67redordeadStefan Bissegger
68jaxikaAttila Valter
69Aquarius97Samuele Battistella
70Croatia14Kaden Groves
71FreitasPCMBarnabas Peak

Edited by Croatia14 on 20-08-2019 22:47
Teams & Draft History


Edited by Croatia14 on 20-08-2019 22:02
Sounds like my kind of game, I'm in. Smile And welcome back, Croatia!

Just one quick question, can I draft a rider born, for example, on October 23, 1997? Realistically he'll only be 21 years when the draft starts, though only for two days, and there's a very high chance that said rider won't race during those two days. Pfft
cheers Freitas!

Just one quick question, can I draft a rider born, for example, on October 23, 1997? Realistically he'll only be 21 years when the draft starts, though only for two days, and there's a very high chance that said rider won't race during those two days.

- 21 or younger at the exact draft time
- Pcm.daily time is the official game time
- Not the draft beginning time, but the time when you make your pick decides about whether a rider is eligeable or not

If you announce your draft pick (or your draft pick is announced) in a valid way before the date he turns 22 (October 23rd), then he's eligible. If not, then bad luck - so yes, riders can turn ineligible while the draft is running if the time of his draftpick surpasses the date he turns 22 Smile
I'm in off course Smile

Although I do already know I won't have Daily access on 21st October (actually till 24th October), so I'll just send in a draft sheet.
I'll give it a go Smile
30/12/14 - matt17br said "Sutty's birthday is more important than [Jesus' Birthday]"
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1) Get lucky on the draft order
2) Pick Remco Evenepoel
3) ????
4) Profit
Changed my sig, this was getting absurd.
Sounds fun and sounds like it requires roughly 21 seconds of effort here and there Wink
Ulrich Ulriksen
Is this a unisex game - could you draft women?
Ulrich Ulriksen wrote:
Is this a unisex game - could you draft women?

As long as they are not fictional Wink

Or my interest takes a dive Pfft
Sounds like exactly my cup of tea, count me in!

Evenepoel here, Evenepoel there, but Bernal would still be eligible too, right?
Awesome! Really good idea for a game! Grin I'm probably going to accidently pick all the guys who fail to go pro, but I'll have a lot of fun doing it! Pfft

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
In! Looks like a Jinx game Pfft
@Croatia, thanks, just what I thought. Also ignore my mistake, as any rider born in 23rd October 1997 (meant 1996) will be 21 in a couple of weeks and not 22. Pfft
Thanks for all the entries so far! I can't wait to get this going Smile

cio93 wrote:
Evenepoel here, Evenepoel there, but Bernal would still be eligible too, right?

Both would be eligible, yes.

Of course a top pick is more valuable in this first ever draft with riders like Bernal and Evenepoel, which is hard to make up for. At first I thought of starting with the rounds in the first draft as compensation (1 - n, n - 1, n - 1), but I think it makes more sense if we just lower the possibility (declining) of a #1pick in the next couple of draft rounds for the lucky ones in this kick-off draft.

Ulrich Ulriksen wrote:
Is this a unisex game - could you draft women?

Well to be honest this is not intended, as the idea of this game is to predict something in one special cycling category: Men's Road Racing. Of course anybody can join this category at some point, even if they have other specializations (cyclocross, track racing,...). However, if you think a woman can become the next (Male Road Racing) Grand Tour/Monument winner or successful in this racing category, I can't stop you from picking them. Keep in mind that it does not really tackle the main idea of the game though Smile
I'm in Grin
Manager of [MG] Repsol - Netflix

Current Participants List


Reaching double digits is nice, but looking at how many people love to talk about how good young prospects will become in the future I'm hoping for double the number once we draw the draft order. Get in Pfft
3 days left for signups, hoping for some more participants in here Smile otherwise we'll be an elite group!
IN Smile
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