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[PCT] Netia - Vónin

Supporter of Polish cycling since 2015, Telecommunications company Netia will once again sponsor a Pro Continental team, with aims to promote Polish cycling. Faroe based fishing enterprise Vónin joins them with aims to develop cycling in the Faroe Islands and to increase their prominence both globally and in Northern Europe. We look forward to the upcoming 2018 season in partnership with Netia and Vónin!

Netia - Vónin, Polski Rowerowy na Światowej scenie!

2018 Jersey


Thanks to the excellent Krisa of Rapha, we will race in this stunning jersey for the 2018 season. It is almost the exact same jersey as last season, however with all our sponsors continuing on their 2 year contracts, we chose to maintain our association with our bright green colours.



Name: Netia
Industry: Telecommunications
Sponsor Status: Main Sponsor (Title Sponsor)
Focus Nations: Poland, Eastern Europe
Conditions: Michal Kwiatkowski, Minimum 40% Polish and 50% Eastern European Squad

Netia signed on until the end of 2019 last season, with the clause that Polish hero Michal Kwiatkowski is racing in their colours. A stage win in the Tour de Polonge - our 6th team win in our home nation, shows fans what our nation can achieve and Przemyslaw Kasperkiewicz leads a Netia training program to show Polish youths the path to success. We look forward to developing Polish cycling with Netia for another season!


Name: Vónin
Industry: Fishing and Aquaculture
Sponsor Status: Co-Sponsor (Title Sponsor)
Focus Nations: Faroe Islands, Denmark, Norway, Greenland, Iceland, Scandinavia and Baltic Nations
Conditions: Minimum 3 Faroe Riders and 2 Danish Riders

Vónin's main goal is to improve their image in Northern Europe and their countries of operation but they also want to see Faroe cyclists have a representation on the world stage, especially with talented riders such as Torkil Veyhe beginning to come through. This season they hope to see Gunnar Dahl-Olsen and Jóanis Albert Nielsen in winning squads and hope for Torkhil Veyhe to take his first win, after wearing the KOM and youth jersey in the Tour of Eritrea this year.

Official Sponsors:

Guerciotti (Cycling Equipment)
Przewozy Regionalne (Rail Transport)
Rapha (Sportswear)
Tarkett (Flooring)
Sandvik (Engineering)
Shimano (Cycling Equipment)
Gaerne (Cycling Equipment)
ProAction (Cycling Nutrition
Elite (Bottles and Trainers)

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen

Adam Stachowiak Pawel Franczak
Kristian Sobota Przemyslaw Kasperkiewicz
Matteo Rabottini Maximme Vantomme
Pawel Bernas Adrian Honkisz
Mortern Reckweg Torkil Veyhe*
Gunnar Dahl-Olsen Jóanis Albert Nielsen
Iliyan Kolev Michał Kwiatkowski
Mads Pedersen* Szymon Rekita
Lasse Norman Hansen Kamil Malecki
Kristian Dyrnes Nicolay Cherkasov
Ignas Konovalovas Milan Menten

*Loaned Out


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"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen

2018 News:


2017 News:

2016 News:

2015 News:

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"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen


Season2017NameNetia - Vónin
Best RiderMichal KwiatkowskiBest RaceTour of Eritrea

Karol Andrzej Domagalski Pawel Bernas
Pawel Franczak Adrian Honkisz
Mortern Reckweg Adam Stachowiak
Luis Leon Sanchez Matteo Rabottini
Michael Mørkøv Torkil Veyhe
Przemyslaw Kasperkiewicz Gunnar Dahl-Olsen
Jóanis Albert Nielsen Iliyan Kolev
Michał Kwiatkowski Maximme Vantomme
Kristian Sobota Mads Pedersen
Deins Kanepejs Mark Padun*
Filip Bengtsson** Szymon Rekita**

*Loan In


Loaned In

Major Results

1stTour of Eritrea2ndTour de Romandie
2ndLa Tropicale Amissa Bongo3rdDown Under Classic
3rdGiro dell'Emilia3rdTour of Japan
Stage winTour of EritreaStage winTour de Polonge



Season2016NameNetia - Norske Skog
Best RiderLuis Leon SanchezBest RaceBayern Rundfahrt

Karol Andrzej Domagalski Pawel Bernas
Tomasz Marczynski Pawel Franczak
Jaroslaw Dabrowski Mariusz Gil
Andrea Palini Krister Hagen
Zsolt Der Maxime Vantomme
Adrian Honkisz Kristian Sobota
Markus Fahnert Morten Reckweg
Adam Stachowiak Adam Pierzga
Luis Leon Sanchez Petar Panayotov
Michael Mørkøv Torkil Veyhe*
Przemyslaw Kasperkiewicz** Christos Loizou**
Matteo Rabottini

**Loaned Out


Major Results:

1stStrade Bianche1stBayern Rundfahrt
1stInterlagos Grand Prix1stU23 Road World Championships
2ndGiro dell'Emilia2ndTour of Ukraine
2ndCourse Du SolidarnoscStage WinCourse Du Solidarnosc
3rdFBD Eire Tour2x Stage WinFBD Eire Tour
3rdClasica San Sebastian4thTour de San Luis
5thTour of Qatar (PT)KOMTour of South Africa
Stage WinTour of the Czech Republic20thTour de France (PT)
Stage Win Tour de L'Avenir



Season:2015Name:Netia - Norske Skog
Best Rider:Zsolt DerBest Race:Tour de Polonge

Andrey Zeits Karol Andrej Domagalski
Zsolt Der Adam Stachowiak
Michael Mørkøv Patrik Sinkewitz
Kristin Sobota Markus Fahnert
Maruisz Gil Tomasz Marczynski
Pawel Franczak Jaroslaw Dabrowski
Adam Pierzga Piotr Mazur
Krister Hagan Christos Loizou*
Lukas Varhanik*


Major Results

1stTatranska Klasika1stGiro del Capo
1stTour de PolongeTeams Clas.Tour de Polonge
2ndGP SallanchesStage WinTour de Langwaki















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"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen

To be Announced.
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"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
Ad Bot
Posted on 24-09-2020 11:48
Bot Agent

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It shouldn't be a surprise to anybody that we overpayed our riders in renewals this season, let's see what the damage is:

KwiatkowskiMichał€ 500,000-50,000No
VantommeMaxime€ 330,000-70,000Unlikely
RabottiniMatteo€ 60,000+10,000No
BernasPawel€ 65,000+15,000No
SobotaKristian€ 50,0000Unlikely
HonkiszAdrian€ 50,0000No
KasperkiewiczPrzemyslaw€ 80,000-60,000No
StachowiakAdam€ 50,000-10,000No
PedersenMads€ 400,000-50,000No
FranczakPawel€ 50,0000No
Dahl-OlsenGunnar€ 50,0000No
ReckwegMorten€ 50,0000No
VeyheTorkil€ 50,0000No
KanepejsDeins€ 50,0000Yes
KolevIliyan€ 50,0000No
NielsenJóanis Albert€ 50,0000No
RekitaSzymon€ 50,000+40,000*No

Aside from Deins, it may seem that not many riders are available this transfer season, that is not entirely true, it is true however that we hope not to release any of these guys, so, unless transfer plans change, we would require a pretty good offer to see anybody leave the team but that shouldn't discourage anybody from enquiring about anyone you might be interested in - you might get lucky.
Edited by trekbmc on 16-07-2018 04:05

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
Love the graphics, and the jersey - so clean

Looking forward to competing on the circuit, though you have a bit of a head start Wink

It'll be interesting to see how you square your sponsor's requirements with your own goals - is promotion or development of Faroese cycling the aim?
Let's go Netia - Vonin 2018! Very excited for your next step in development, and as always much love to that jersey and your whole squad from your Southern friends <3
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@Booker - Thanks! Looking forward to race against you guys as well, we haven't made the best use of our head start honestly, it's not too hard to beat us given how close to relegation we just were. Pfft

The balancing of sponsor targets with team goals has been a factor for us since our inception, and honestly looking at our squad, I don't think we should consider promotion this year, rather wait until next year or the one after as Kaspa and Pedersen near their max, so development of Faroese cycling will be a focus for us I guess this season, though there really isn't any of significant interest this time round, so it's more focussing on developing Veyhe and Nielsen, who are both fun projects. So this season may be more a matter of getting in some new blood who can support and facilitate a promotion once Kaspa, Pedersen and Veyhe can lead the team. Smile

@Jandal Thanks! <3 Will be fun to finally race against our Kiwi buddies! Grin

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
Interesting that Pedersen is still on 400k post renewals. I assume you wanted to get him a tad bit lower than that this year? Seems like a pretty big hindrance towards your ability to make moves in the window Pfft
Nordstrom - CA Technologies
A very good Polish core and probably just a couple of leaders away from being in the running for promotion. Looking forward to following your team in the coming season and to race alongside you guys as well Grin
@whitejersey - Yeah, I was just really afraid to lose him, especially after last renewals I stuffed up majorly, means that we can't really make as a good a team for this season as we could, but we are safe with our long term plans intact this way at least.

@Abhishek - Thanks, looking forward to racing against you as well! Grin

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
Will be interesting to see how you compensate for the inflated wage of Pedersen during transfers (even though you did it last year). I hope you can do it again! That green jersey needs to stay in the PCT/PT peloton as much as possible
Indosat - ANZ HQ

"This Schleck sandwich is going to cause serious indigestion for Evans" - Phil Liggett
Eden95 wrote:
Will be interesting to see how you compensate for the inflated wage of Pedersen during transfers (even though you did it last year). I hope you can do it again! That green jersey needs to stay in the PCT/PT peloton as much as possible

Yeah it will be a little tricky, I guess the method lies in avoiding the temptation to sign more talents (though I have one or two on my 'must sign' list Pfft) so that I can focus on signing riders who'll keep us safe until our talents max and we can consider promotion. Thanks for the support! Grin

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
Luis Leon Sanchez
I do appreciate how you've set your team up as there are certain similarities in the way in which we barely stayed in the division while looking after talents that we'd signed. I will always follow your team as it's a long-term project worth keeping an eye on!
Luis Leon Sanchez wrote:
I do appreciate how you've set your team up as there are certain similarities in the way in which we barely stayed in the division while looking after talents that we'd signed. I will always follow your team as it's a long-term project worth keeping an eye on!

Thanks!! Smile Yeah, last year the threat of relegation made things very scary but (for both of us) having some awesome talents max in a few season will make up for it, which is something our team really looks forward to! Smile

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
I guess Vantomme is one of very few sprinters going down in wage after this years renewals Pfft

On Pedersen, I can really compare to Ahlstrand there when you managed to sign a really talented guy you dont wanna screw that up in renewals so its easy to overpay them the first years Pfft
viking90 wrote:
On Pedersen, I can really compare to Ahlstrand there when you managed to sign a really talented guy you dont wanna screw that up in renewals so its easy to overpay them the first years Pfft

Indeed. I'm very happy I got my big guns through the level-up period back when renewals still had indications after each round, and when you couldn't offend riders.

That allowed me to get a good idea of how the wages develop, but if I had to start now, I'd struggle a lot too.
A little glad to know I'm not the only one who's suffered the fear of losing (and thus overpaying) your biggest talent. Pfft

That is a little bit of why I still feel that being able to offend riders is too harsh, you do already have the time pressure of 3 rounds, though I'm biased because I've been hurt by it. Pfft

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
I know that feeling too damn well too. I wish i would have had a year with the old feedback to get to know the system better but without it im cobstantky too cautious for my high wage rider. Especially talents like Mohoric or MAL give me quite some headache because insulting them would be horrible for the team
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And To All Who Organize Something On Daily As Well!

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