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Isostar - Specialized [PT'22]

Isostar Slovenija: Season Opening Press Conference
Ptuj, January 2018

Fellow friends, honorable audience,

thank you very much for joining us today. Last year it was Miran, who stood in front of you for the opening press conference. Talking about a very successful ending to the previous season, ambitions towards further promoting Slovenian cycling, how our project is standing for it's own identity

Times change though. And not only time's floating, people change as well. Protagonists change. The environment changes. Ambitions change. The world, especially in sports, and even more in cycling, is going under constant movements.

And it is not the manner of the Isostar project to stop this movement. We had changes. After the first season it have been our promotion heroes: Anton, Drucker, Mezgec, Bole. They have searched for new challenges. We also had to face the challenges of building a new team sustainable. And we did so.

Success has proven us to be on the right path. We had an awesome season with a young team uniting our identity, our national and regional focus and our ambitions to be a great representative of the Balcan. Together with our honorable friends, the Balcan Cycling Project, we have brought Slovenia and the full balcan to the world.

But things don't go on a straight line in cycling, so we agian faced trouble: The Balcan Cycling Project had to fold. We had a tough time to find the necessary sponsors ourselves. But we fought through it, and we got them to go. We had our backlashes: Our staff reduced by half, with members moving to other teams and jobs due to the uncertainty of our project. With Janez Brajkovic one of our main faces left us in the offseason. But we still stood up.

We stood up for Slovenian Cycling. We stood up for the Balcans. We found partners that were willing to extend their efforts or join the project. They are the linchpins of what we are building for 2018. And doing all that, we kept ourselves clearly committed to our idea. To quote Mike Shinoda may sound strange, but it is yet so fitting for our team.

The names have been changed but the story is true.

The Isostar story is not just about a cycling team. It goes beyond names. It goes beyond protagonists. Our project is not just a project, it is a cycling family. Some say that this family seems a tad retarded, being this young and lime. But that is who we are. And that is the thing we want to be. That's the identity we will protect till the end of our project.

Our roots stay. That is also what is going around with our outfit. Some say Fenix Design is unbeatable when it comes to designing, and we absolutely can't deny that. Chief designer the_hoyle has created yet another masterpiece, which will surely draw the attention - whether you like it or not:


Like a bunch of children in front of a colorful cake we are excited to take these beauties out for a ride or too. Got it? Well, it was about our average age. We surely have one of the youngest teams in PT, especially after renewals, and we'll keep that approach in the future. Now it's time for everybody to get to work on implementing the plans for the 2018 season.

You can trust us. We are having a lot of ideas prepared, so don't expect us to be quiet this offseason. That's so not the Isostar spirit to stay quiet. Our credo stands, and I'll once more quote Miran Tepes on that issue.

We know where we come from, we know where we want to go: To the top, with the best Slovenian riders!

The names have been changed, but the story is true...

Matej Mugerli,
representative for the Slovenian cycling family Isostar - Adriatic


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Isostar - Adriatic 2018



Isostar - Adriatic 2017


Isostar Loans




Isostar - Adriatic 2016


Isostar Loans




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Matej MugerliGeneral Managersince 2018
Robert KranjecGeneral Managersince 2016
Dejan GlavnikDirecteur Sportivesince 2018
Andrej HauptmanDirecteur Sportivesince 2018
Zoran KlemenčičDirecteur Sportivesince 2018
Martin DergancDirecteur Sportivesince 2018
Dean PodgornikDirecteur Sportivesince 2018
Karl-Patrick LaukSportmanagement Studentsince 2017


Isostar SlovenijaMain SponsorSports Nutrition2016
AdriaticSecondary SponsorTravel Agency2016
ZeroTurnaroundSecondary SponsorSoftware Developement2017
Perutnina PtujSecondary SponsorFood Industry2018
GorenjeMinor SponsorWhite goods2016
TriglavMinor SponsorInsurance2016
Kompas HolidaysMinor SponsorTravel Agency2016
SKBMinor SponsorBank2016
Adria AirwaysMinor SponsorAirline2016
AvrigoMinor SponsorCarrying Business2016
Lime LoungeMinor SponsorGastronomy2017
Jakl Središče ob DraviMinor SponsorSports Store2018
Mamut SlovenijaMinor SponsorOutdoor Agency2018
Sava ZavarovalnicaMinor SponsorInsurance2018
TalumMinor SponsorAluminium Industry2018
Zolna SportClothing SponsorClothing2017
SpecializedBike SponsorBike & Racing Equipment2016

Former Partners

Tourism CroatiaMinor SponsorTourism board 2016
Tourism SloveniaMinor SponsorTourism board2016
KrkaMinor SponsorPharmaceuticals2016
MilavitsaMinor SponsorLingerie Production2016
GTClothing SponsorClothing & Design2016
SubaruSpecial PartnerTeam cars2016
NK MariborSpecial PartnerSports marketing2016
Waterland PEIPremium SponsorFondsmanagement2017
AkrapovicMinor SponsorExhaust Systems2017
EGBCMinor SponsorEnergy Management2017

Isostar SlovenijaMain PartnerSports Nutrition2016
LimeName PartnerClean Transportation2019
AdriaticPremium PartnerTravel Agency2016
ZeroTurnaroundPremium PartnerSoftware Developement2017
Perutnina PtujPremium PartnerFood Industry2018
GorenjeMinor PartnerWhite goods2016
TriglavMinor PartnerInsurance2016
Kompas HolidaysMinor PartnerTravel Agency2016
SKBMinor PartnerBank2016
Adria AirwaysMinor PartnerAirline2016
AvrigoMinor PartnerCarrying Business2016
Lime LoungeMinor PartnerGastronomy2017
Jakl Središče ob DraviMinor PartnerSports Store2018
Mamut SlovenijaMinor PartnerOutdoor Agency2018
Sava ZavarovalnicaMinor PartnerInsurance2018
TalumMinor PartnerAluminium Industry2018
BobičMinor PartnerInterior2019
TPV GroupMinor PartnerAutomotive Development2019
Zolna SportClothing PartnerClothing2017
SpecializedEquipment PartnerBike & Racing Equipment2016

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to come...



to come...


Tour de SlovenieC1Win2nd
4 Jours du DunquerqueHCTop 52nd
The Philadelphia Cycling ClassicHCTop 51st
Ringerike GPHCTop 513th
Team StandingsTop 202nd


Tour of SloveniaC2Winfailed
Windhoek ITTC2Top 5failed
Herald Sun TourC2Top 5achieved
Post Danmark RundtC2Top 10achieved
Team StandingsTop 15achieved

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2ndMarko KumpTour Down Under: Stage 2C1
1stMarko KumpTour Down Under: Stage 4C1
4thMatej MohoricTour Down Under: Stage 5C1
5thMarko KumpTour Down Under: GCC1
10thMatej MohoricTour Down Under: GCC1
1stMarko KumpTour Down Under: Points ClassificationC1
1stMatej MohoricTour Down Under: Youth ClassificationC1
1stIsostar - AdriaticTour Down Under: Teams ClassificationC1
6thJérome GiauxViana do CasteloC1
7thMarko KumpViana do CasteloC1
9thMatej MohoricTour de Pologne: GCHC
7thMatej MugerliClassic du Grand-DuchePTC
9thMatej MohoricClassic du Grand-DuchePTC
1stMarko KumpTropicale Amissa Bongo: Stage 1C1
3rdMarko KumpTropicale Amissa Bongo: Stage 2C1
1stMarko KumpTropicale Amissa Bongo: Stage 5C1
1stMarko KumpTropicale Amissa Bongo: GCC1
2ndMarko KumpTropicale Amissa Bongo: Points Clas.C1
2ndIsostar - AdriaticTropicale Amissa Bongo: Team Clas.C1
2ndMatej MohoricVuelta al Pais Vasco: Youth ClassificationPTHC
4thIsostar - AdriaticTour de Romandie: Stage 1C1
4thJanez BrajkovicTour de Romandie: Stage 4C1
2ndMathias BrändleTour de Romandie: Stage 6C1
5thStanislau BazhkouTour de Romandie: Stage 6C1
4thJanez BrajkovicTour de Romandie: GCC1
1stPavel PotockiTour de Romandie: Youth ClassificationC1
8thJanez BrajkovicCorsica International: GCHC
2ndTadej LogarCorsica International: Youth ClassificationHC
3rdJan PolancKBC De Panne Tour: Youth ClassificationC1
4thLuis MansillaTour of South Africa: Stage 3C1
2ndMatej MohoricTour of South Africa: Youth ClassificationC1
1stMarko KumpPhiladelphia International ClassicHC
2ndRoy Jans5 Jours de Dunkerque: Stage 1HC
3rdMarko Kump5 Jours de Dunkerque: Stage 1HC
3rdMarko Kump5 Jours de Dunkerque: Stage 5HC
2ndMarko Kump5 Jours de Dunkerque: GCHC
4thRoy Jans5 Jours de Dunkerque: GCHC
3rdMarko Kump5 Jours de Dunkerque: Points ClassificationHC
2ndJan Polanc5 Jours de Dunkerque: Youth ClassificationHC
1stIsostar - Adriatic5 Jours de Dunkerque: Team ClassificationHC
2ndMatthias BrändleTour of Norway: GCPTHC
1stJan PolancLincoln GPHC
5thMatthias BrändlePost Danmark Rundt: GCHC
7thR. NavardauskasPost Danmark Rundt: GCHC
3rdMartin LaasPost Danmark Rundt: Youth ClassificationHC
4thStanislau BazhkouTour de Slovénie: Stage 3C1
1stJernej SvabTour de Slovénie: Stage 4C1
5thJanez BrajkovicTour de Slovénie: Stage 5C1
2ndStanislau BazhkouTour de Slovénie: GCC1
9thJanez BrajkovicTour de Slovénie: GCC1
1stJan PolancTour de Slovénie: Youth ClassificationC1
2ndMatej MohoricTour de Slovénie: Youth ClassificationC1
3rdIsostar - AdriaticTour de Slovénie: Teams ClassificationC1
4thIsostar - AdriaticMonterrey TTTC1
2ndMatthias BrändleIsle of Man ITTC1
5thJanez BrajkovicIsle of Man ITTC1
9thJanez BrajkovicInt. Osterreich Rundfahrt: GCHC
3rdPavel PotockiInt. Osterreich Rundfahrt: Youth Clas.HC
3rdMatej MohoricManx InternationalC1
4thXavier QuevedoManx InternationalC1
3rdJaka BostnerTour of Ukraine: Mountains ClassificationPTHC
2ndJernej SvabVuelta a Colombia: Stage 4HC
2ndRomeo QuicibalBarbados Cycling Classic: Youth Clas.HC
2ndIsostar - AdriaticBarbados Cycling Classic: Team Clas.HC
8thJanez BrajkovicTour of East Java: GCC1
2ndPavel PotockiTour of East Java: Youth ClassificationC1
2ndJan PolancGP KigaliC1
1stXhuliano KamberajAlbanian NC RRNC
2ndXhuliano KamberajAlbanian NC ITTNC
1stMathias BrändleAustrian NC ITTNC
3rdStanislau BazhkouBelorussian NC RRNC
1stStanislau BazhkouBelorussian NC ITTNC
2ndLuis MansillaChilenian NC RRNC
1stLuis MansillaChilenian NC ITTNC
3rdPavel PotockiCroatian NC RRNC
3rdPavel PotockiCroatian NC ITTNC
1stRomeo QuicibalGuatemalan NC RRNC
1stRomeo QuicibalGuatemalan NC ITTNC
1stAhmed BelgasemLybian NC ITTNC
1stAhmed BelgasemLybian NC RRNC
3rdR. NavardauskasLithuanian NC RRNC
3rdR. NavardauskasLithuanian NC ITTNC
2ndMatej MohoricSlovenian NC RRNC
5thJan PolancSlovenian NC RRNC
2ndJanez BrajkovicSlovenian NC ITTNC
3rdDavid PerSlovenian NC ITTNC
2ndXavier QuevedoVenezoelan NC RRNC
5thXavier QuevedoVenezoelan NC ITTNC
3rdMatej MohoricWorld Championships U23 RRWC
2ndDavid PerWorld Championships U23 ITTWC


2ndAlbert TimmerGreat Ocean Road ClassicC2HC
8thJempy DruckerGreat Ocean Road ClassicC2HC
6thJempy DruckerGeraardsbergen - BosbergC2HC
3rdIgor AntónTour of the Middle East: GCC2
3rdIgor AntónTour of the Middle East: Stage 10C2
2ndAndrew TennantTour of the Middle East: Stage 11C2
2ndIgor AntónTour of Southland: GCC2
3rdIgor AntónTour of Southland: Stage 5C2
1stAndrew TennantTour of Southland: Stage 7C2
1stIgor AntónTour of Bulgaria: Stage 1C2HC
1stIgor AntónTour of Bulgaria: Points ClassificationC2HC
4thIgor AntónTour of Bulgaria: GCC2HC
3rdGrega BoleTour of AlmatyC2
4thJempy DruckerTour of AlmatyC2
6thEgidijus JuodvalkisTour de Langkawi: GCC2HC
4thIgor AntónTour of Azerbaijan: GCC2
1stGrega BoleTour of Azerbaijan: Stage 1C2
3rdAlbert TimmerTour of Azerbaijan: Stage 2C2
1stIgor AntónTour of Azerbaijan: Stage 3C2
1stIgor AntónTour of Azerbaijan: Points ClassificationC2
7thAndrew TennantWindhoek ITTC2
5thIgor AntónTour of Scotland: GCC2HC
8thJempy DruckerLincoln GPC2
3rdAndrew TennantPost Danmark Rundt: GCC2HC
1stIgor AntónGiro del Capo: Stage 5C2
2ndGabor KasaGiro del Capo: Stage 5C2
3rdGrega BoleGiro del Capo: Stage 2C2
10thGrega BoleTour de Pologne: GCC2HC
3rdGrega BoleTour de Pologne: Stage 7C2HC
2ndLuka MezgecLa Tropicale Amissa Bongo: Stage 2C2HC
4thIgor AntónVolcan de Agua ClassicC2
2ndAndrew TennantTour de Slovenie: GCC2
7thGabor KasaTour de Slovenie: GCC2
2ndAndrew TennantTour de Slovenie: Stage 3C2
6thJempy DruckerCigar City GPC2
9thIgor AntónTatranska KlasikaC2HC
4thAndrew TennantHerald Sun Tour: GCC2
9thJempy DruckerHerald Sun Tour: GCC2
2ndLuka MezgecHerald Sun Tour: Stage 2C2
2ndJempy DruckerTour du Faso: GCC2
2ndJempy DruckerTour du Faso: Stage 3C2
8thGrega BoleRuta America Del Sur: GCC2HC
2ndJempy DruckerLuxembourg NC ITTNC
3rdSiarhei PapokBelorussian NC RRNC
1stStanislau BazhkouBelorussian NC ITTNC
2ndGabor KasaSerbian NC RRNC
1stGabor KasaSerbian NC ITTNC
1stXhuliano KamberajAlbanian NC RRNC
1stXhuliano KamberajAlbanian NC ITTNC
2ndMartin LaasEstonian NC RRNC
1stEgidijus JuodvalkisLithuanian NC RRNC
2ndPavel PotockiCroatian NC RRNC
2ndPavel PotockiCroatian NC ITTNC
1stGrega BoleSlovenian NC RRNC

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Huge shoutout to kiserlovski01 and the_hoyle. Kiserlovski01 provided us with the awesome and unique banners we have for our 2018 season, after bringing up some awesome designs for 2017 as well. Same goes for the_hoyle, who set up our beautiful shirt. Thanks also to hillis, who quickly created the minishirt for the presentation for me. You guys are stunning!

last reserve, you can post now Smile

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Great jersey! You might ride in camouflage but you certainly wont be unnoticed this season Grin

I'm curious to see how much more slovenian you can go in PT, good luck!
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!

No fair, your rivals can't see you on the road in that jersey!

Love the opening post! Can't wait for the change of direction - very interested to see how transfers go. Very much liking Old Matej as the new GM too, talk about a lime family <3 Good luck Grin
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22/07/21 - quadsas said "I admire you [jandal] so much as a manager, squad builder and a person"
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@knockout: thank you very much, all credits go to the amazing hoyle here...we are curious about the topic of going more Slovenian as well, but there are always ways to try and go for exactly that...but strengthening our domestic core is the minimum plan we want to achieve in that terms, although it will be difficult by having the team of redordead as another balcan team with a strong national/regional focus coming from slovenia

@jandal: well at least nobody has complained about hurting eyes as it has been done in the past Wink thank you very much: old matej had a great year, and keeping the team lead in the family is the best way of continuing our project...on another note I'm happy that there is still somebody following our like storyline, glad that you like it!
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Onwards and upwards as always for Isostar. Great jersey and I'm sure this is going to be another successful season for you Grin
Love the clear line in both jersey and narrative from the first season. It will be intereting to see how you will manage the step to PT.


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Another fluorescent jersey, another stunning HQ. Amazing job once again, and good luck in your maiden PT season!

I’m sure Matej will have some ideas as to how he’d like to build the team - could be a difficult task for a rookie GM Wink
@Abhishek: Thank you very much honorable friend!

@Atlantius: Great to have you on our side. Surely I know a team from Finland that has a similar approach of a clear identity which we absolutely love.

@Booker: Thanks for the love you show to our project. Of course we know we're outsiders being that inexperienced, but we'll grab our heart with both hands to try and reach the peak of our abilities in 2018.
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Luis Leon Sanchez
Congrats on your promotion! Is a great project you have going on here and will take some good work in transfers to ensure you have a fighting chance this season but I back you to be able to do it. So good luck Grin
We take great inspiration from the story of team Isostar and as a new team on the block with Slovenian and other ex-Yugoslavian roots we look to continue building up this regions cycling.

Good luck in the coming season Smile
Good luck! Smile

I would ask all the people from the Balkan to contact me so that we can create our community.

List of Balkan countries:
- Albania
- Bosnia & Herzegovina
- Bulgaria
- Croatia
- Greece
- Kosovo
- Macedonia
- Montenegro
- Romania
- Serbia
- Slovenia
- Turkey
@Luis Leon Sanchez: Thanks a lot! Great to have you on our side, eventhough we've had some rough clashes on the transfer market in the past Grin

@redordead: We have been delighted to see your team as the new one on the block despite the obvious clashes we'll have. Let's bring Slovenia and the Balcans a great MG future together! Smile

@Djordje96: A shame that your project came to an end, but we're very happy that you are backing us up here. We'll take care of what you started! Smile
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Radsim'05: Quick-Step (since 2022) Astana (2018-2021)
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RiderAVGOld wageNew WageDifference
MatejMohoric78,70€ 600.000€ 450.000€ 150.000
MarkoKump78,53€ 350.000€ 520.000-€ 170.000
JanPolanc76,60€ 140.000€ 165.000-€ 25.000
MatthiasBrändle76,25€ 125.000€ 140.000-€ 15.000
XavierQuevedo76,05€ 147.000€ 135.000€ 12.000
RamunasNavardauskas74,62€ 120.000€ 80.000€ 40.000
JéromeGiaux74,43€ 50.000€ 70.000-€ 20.000
StanislauBazhkou74,40€ 50.000€ 75.000-€ 25.000
LukaPibernik74,07€ 50.000€ 65.000-€ 15.000
PavelPotocki73,90€ 75.000€ 50.000€ 25.000
RoyJans73,85€ 50.000€ 55.000-€ 5.000
JakaBostner73,74€ 50.000€ 50.000€ 0
DavidPer73,26€ 185.000€ 201.000-€ 16.000
Ahmed YoussefBelgasem73,03€ 50.000€ 50.000€ 0
XhulianoKamberaj72,85€ 50.000€ 50.000€ 0
MartinLaas72,75€ 50.000€ 50.000€ 0
Daniel AlexanderJaramillo72,75€ 50.000€ 50.000€ 0
JernejSvab70,84€ 50.000€ 54.000-€ 4.000
TadejLogar70,43€ 50.000€ 50.000€ 0
MihaPoljanec69,01€ 10.000€ 50.000-€ 40.000
Luis MiguelMansilla75,10€ 50.000€ 0
JanezBrajkovic74,63€ 260.000€ 0
RomeoQuicibal71,07€ 15.000€ 0
MatejMugerli70,23€ 50.000€ 0

The numbers don't speak for us right? But we don't think we had the worst of renewals. 2 factors played a major role in these red numbers:

1. Success: We had an outstanding season, so riders wanted to get paid. You see that f.e. at Marko Kumps wage, who delivered big time and wanted to be paid in coherence with that. The same goes also for our young riders Per and Svab, who had big wins this season. Not to mention the huge performances of Jans, Polanc, Brändle and Bazhkou.

2. Ovl-increase: Rarely a team has been hit that hard by offseason changes than our squad. Every single rider went up in their average, surely destroying some long term plans with unplanned wage increases. Those versatile allrounders which we love on our team have been hit hard especially. That explains the wage rise of riders like Giaux, Bazhkou, Pibernik and even Kump.

Still, we are looking into a pretty bright future. We have several low-wage high volume scorers in our squad, such as Navardauskas, Jans, Brändle, Bazhkou and Polanc. On top our team is plastered by a young core and a team full of scorers that are all on good to great wages. Future here we come!
Ouch, some really high wage increases for you, particularly Kump, still I think you have the team to make a really great Slovenian squad for next season, good luck! Grin

I mean, after last season's drop, you can't relegate from the CT at least. Pfft

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
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