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[PT] Strava 2017

Management Game Team of the Year 2016

Back-to-Back Promotion from CT to PT

2nd place CT 2015
4th place PCT 2016


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Team History: Voices Of The Past

2015: CT 2nd - Your New Orange Crush

De BackerBert32
Van WykErmin29

knockout wrote:
Strava, Strava, Strava everywhere. Huge depth in those races and some great results

The Rider wrote:
If Strava was going to lose the GC it would be on stage 3. So what happens, they destroy the race! Smile

knockout wrote:
I still love that cobbled squad. I think it may even be stronger as if you put all the strongest CT cobblers of last season together into one squad!

tsmoha wrote:
Assuming this could well been the first and last edition of this race (jjust guessing!), we may just call it Tour de Strava then.

Wins 2015

Geraardsbergen-Bosberg by Langeveld
Lincoln GP by Langeveld
Tour of Iceland by Tennant
CC Brewing Twilight GP by Van Wyk
Stage Wins At Benelux Challenge (Kriek), KBC De Panne (Tulik), Tour of Scotland (Pfingsten), Tour of Iceland (Tennant, Favilli), Tour de Pologne (Langeveld), USA Pro Cycling Challenge (Belmokthar)

the_hoyle wrote:
Unlucky for missing out on the top spot in CT - at times you guys looked unstoppable and some races were just yours to own!

2016: PCT 4th - The Quest For Back-To-Back

De BackerBert33
Van der SandeTosh28
Van WykErmin30

knockout wrote:
A brilliant month for your team. No classics without a great depth and especially Baugnies is in great shape.

dev4ever wrote:
The dept here is simply impressing, good job on another huge Strava race.

Croatia14 wrote:
Straaaaaaaaaaaaaaaava with one of the biggest Top10 wreckfests I've ever seen. Stunning race.

trekbmc wrote:
Super train stealing work by Van der Sande in Dunquerke Pfft

Wins 2016

KBC De Panne Tour by Baugnies
Berlin Pro Race by Van der Sande
Tour of the Baugnieskill by Baugnies
Paris Tours by Langeveld
Stage Wins at KBC De Panne Tour (Baugnies), 4 Jours De Dunkerque (Van der Sande 2x)

Special Mention: Silver Medal by Marc Potts in the WC B-Race

jandal7 wrote:
Simply another amazing season [...] good to see MARS being completely wrong

PT 2017: Outsiders in Orange

From achieving back-to-back promotion, Strava is expected to play a vital role on the transfer market to avoid relegation, whilst staying loyal to their well-known Strava brand & values.


matt17br wrote:
Strava have proven everyone wrong - and they've fooled me again predictions-wise - because they're objectively doing something incredibly risky, but very high reward as it seems.

SotD wrote:
What is really interesting about Strava is how they can transcend or adapt to the PT.

Gustavovskiy wrote:
It's outstanding how Strava managed to fool everyone and finish in promotion area.

Ian Butler wrote:
it wouldn't be the same without that easy, short name; Strava.

Edited by Shonak on 18-09-2017 22:55
Wow that is certainly a PT-worthy HQ <3 Love the quotes and can't wait to follow you again next year. You better hope I report some PT this year Pfft
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[ICL] Santos-Euskadi | The Life And Times | [PCT] i.imgur.com/c85NSl6.png Xero Racing

4x i.imgur.com/wM6Wok5.png x4
Just Saying: Strava never finished outside the Top5 in any MG season #ProveIt
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This is one of, if not the most interesting teams to follow in PT. I will keep my eyes open.
You've had some great depth in the squad the last two seasons, so will be very interesting to see how your transfer season pans out. As I see it, Baugnies is probably the only one in your current squad that should be able to score points on a regular basis.

With the added salary money on top, I'm expecting a hectic transfer season for you!
A shame not to have you in the PCT anymore, you sure made the cobbles interesting! I'll apply for a RVV wildcard though Grin
Changed my sig, this was getting absurd.
I'd say that even Baugnies will struggle at PT level, where he isn't amongst the 5 best riders in the cobbled races, and thus his team might struggle to take control.

I would probably go as far as to say that Strava is (on paper) the weakest team ever to have been promoted to the PT. But that makes it even more impressive, and with some cunning Pre-Season stuff it could be a strong setup. There is a good depth in cobbles, sprints and hills, but a true leader is needed in all areas (Baugnies can be trained).

Like I was quoted for, I'm really looking forward to seeing that needed transition in action. A lot of strong riders are available, and I think Strava can sign a couple of those life savers.
I must have been a loud voice to appear three times in the voices section - hopefully i didn't sound like a tinnitus Pfft

Fantastic looking HQ as always.

I agree with tamijo that Strava will be the most interesting team to follow this off-season. Many different paths available for you but which one will you take?

Quite a similar situation to my team a year ago with slightly better scoring options right now but less assets (talents) to sell. Has the potential for some frustration or a lot of joy depending on the outcome.
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!

Love the HQ and the results thus far in the Strava story. Will be following your squad with hope on behalf of all those little teams out there hoping to mix it up with the big boys.

Good luck this season!
The team which gives every newbie hope of the possibility of achieving big things in their first seasons, sort of like a Leicester City, Montpellier kind of story! The HQ is off to a great start and we'll be following your progress keenly all through the season.
Thanks for all the great comments here, much appreciated and humbled that Strava's story is seen in such a nice light. I hope we can continue our path forward and keep in PT for as long as possible - maybe we manage to stay upright the little start-up from SanFran called Strava may need a big co-sponsor one of these days Smile

As for the transfer season, this will be really something special for me. I'm a bit worried but we'll figure it out. Smile As for the new managers, I'm sure you'll do great and it won't be too long until we start to meet in races. Smile

@J7: Sure man, just do your jandal thing in the PT races and Strava does its Strava thing and we all happy Grin

@croatia: lol, no pressure mate.

@tastasol: I tend to agree, and hectic it will be for sure Embarassed

@Ollfardh: Last season's cobbles campaign was certainly an unique success story for both of us, the best of times. Grin

@knockout: Well you are certianly a long-term and very vocal supporter of the squad, which is much appreciated! As for the transfer strategy, we soon find out. Hope I won't disappoint your expectations. Embarassed

@SotD: I agree that stat-wise we are one of the weakest team to promote, although I don't know much about the quality of the past. Most of it was down to good race planning, a nice void in cobbles and some decent luck. Since lighting won't strike three times, I guess Strava will have to come up with something to beat the odds again. Hope it works out.

"It’s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V
Ian Butler
Best of luck in the PT, man. I'll be cheering for Strava. Because, as I've always said, I love Strava!
Hm, I somehow remember that differently :lol: Wink thanks mate!

"It’s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V
Lots of things to be improved if you want to keep this very luxurious PT spot! Lots of new things, but the track record tells me that won't be a problem. Will be looking at this team with interest Smile
Good luck in the PT this season. Everyone at Strava HQ deserves the glory of two fantastic seasons in MG
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Happy that Van der Sande got you some key results. In a sense, PT is 'easier' for signing leaders than squad depth, but that doesnt mean it's easy. Will be intrigued to see your plans emerge.

Strava Team Presentation 2017

Newly promoted Strava squad has unveiled its 2017 jeresy as well as its prerenewal squad. Whilst the former showcases the usual brilliant quality by the hoyle we have come to know, the latter offered some surprises.



In fact, Strava has not renewed its contract with its four top riders of 2016. This includes Jerome Baugnies, Tosh Van der Sande, Sacha Modolo and Philippe Gilbert. Only the latter was seen to have lost quality over the transfer season and demanded far too high of a wage. For the other three decisions, Strava manager argued, that we wanted to go lean and mean into this new transfer season and up the quality. The refusal to renew on Strava's side is recognized to be a risky move by the management itself.

"They have done immense service to us and we have had an incredible year. During the negotiations, we were too aggressive and they wanted too much. Since we have to focus on rebuilding the squad in a limited time frame, we decided to make a clear decision right away so that we are able to focus on buying rather than selling."

This move limits the transfer budget after all for Strava, potentially forsaking a large sum incoming, but hopes are that the free market and good negotiations will help build the 7 rider missing squad anew. Especially the departure of Baugnies and Van der Sande may hurt the team's ambitions to avoid relegation in the Pro Tour.

LangeveldSebastian€ 119.000
BelmokhtarAbdelkader€ 50.000
Van WykErmin€ 50.000
DidierLaurent€ 50.000
PottsMarc€ 50.000
DupontTimothy€ 50.000
SelvaggiMirko€ 50.000
VuillermozAlexis€ 50.000
RouxAnthony€ 90.000
VanendertJelle€ 100.000
GaudinDamien€ 50.000
TulikAngelo€ 50.000
MarzukiNur Amirul€ 50.000


"It’s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V
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