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Weekly News #27
NewsWith only a few days to the release of Pro Cycling Manager the activity is growing and here at PCM.daily we are preparing ourselves for the upcoming game. But of course, there's still the Weekly News :)

More forums have opened
Our prayers have been heard. The official forums will now be completely splitted between English and French - also the DB, Stage and Graphics-forums. That means we will never have to submit to French responses again :)
.. but on the other hand, with PCM.daily's existence that hasn't been a problem for quite a while.

Game has been delayed in several countries
Throughout this week, it has been said that the German release was going to be released on the 18th - before any other edition. Unfortunately, that was just a rumour - actually, the German release has been delayed until the 2nd of July. Also the Scandinavian versions have been delayed. The Danish version will not be released before the 3rd of July, while the Norwegians have to wait until the 6th. The Swedes? No one knows :P

It's still unsure whether or not other countries will be affected by this. Personally, I think Great Britain will have to delay their version too, but nothing suggests that - yet.
In any case, the download version will be available on the 22nd.

Demo included in the DL-version?
Even though no one can say anything about the demo, the first signs of it have now been found in the DL-version of PCM07. ChristianBruun, a member of our site, has found some sub-directories in the main directory which probably have relation to the upcoming demo.
One of the directories is named \CM_Stages\demo-online. Inside, you will find the 3rd, 5th and 6th stage of Tour de Suisse, so it could seem like it's those stages which will be playable in the demo. And since the directory is called "demo-online" it might suggest that the demo will be playable online? Time will probably make us much more clever :)

What speaks against our thoughts are the fact that the very same map was included in the PCM 06 DL-version - so it could seem like it's just something Cyanide includes for the fun of it ;)

PCM 07 manual released
The English PCM 07 manual is delivered with the DL-version of the game, but since we think that the CD-users also would like to read it we have now uploaded it to PCM.daily - it's our very first PCM 07-download!
It's available in our temporary PCM07 download folder: http://www.pcmdaily.com/downloads.php?cat_id=14

A new download section for PCM 07 will be introduced very soon!

You can still win PCM 07
Today is the last day for sending in your answers for our quiz in which you can win Pro Cycling Manager 2007. Not that many people have participated so there's definitely still a chance for winning. You can read much more about the competition here: http://www.pcmdaily.com/news.php?readmore=69

A tip to get the DL-version cheaper
We can all agree on the fact that 44.99 € for a game is quite a lot. Therefore, if it's possible to save money, why not do it? A very, very simple trick can make the game cheaper. If you visit the shop (http://boutique.gamesplanet.com/campagne/promo.html?partenaire=9&jeu=ProCycle07) in Internet Explorer the game will cost 44.99 €, but if you visit the site with Firefox the game will cost 49,99 $. Because of the exchange rates it will be cheaper that way.

So, if you don't already have Firefox you can download it through PCM.daily and thereby support us + you save money on PCM. Click the Firefox-box below the main navigation menu, and you will be on your way to get a cheaper PCM.

(I've been told that this only works on some systems - well, it works for me)

Forum Awards 2007
As Crommy mentioned last week, we are currently having our first Forum Awards. You can vote until the 19th of June, and the winners will be announced the following day. Crommy has done an excellent job with writing a description of each nominee. Those can be read in our Forum Awards-category available here: http://www.pcmdaily.com/forum/viewforum.php?forum_id=21


Miya continues his fantastic work
As mentioned last week, a Japanese man has made his way onto the PCM-scene with fantastic new creations. This week he continued to impress by showing off his new Eiffel Tower-building which can be used for the Champs Elysses-stage (and any other stage). What's more impressive is the fact that he has managed to create a tunnel, also for the Champs Elysses - just like in real life.

You can see it here: http://www.pcmdaily.com/forum/viewthread.php?forum_id=5&thread_id=428

Another program by Jape
Unofficially, the program has been out for a while, but in this week the StartList Creator was released officially. As the name suggests, it's a program which makes you able to easily create starts lists, which are true to the start list of real life, for any race and for any database.

You can download it here: http://www.pcmdaily.com/downloads.php?cat_id=9&download_id=159

Bye, bye "Random Screenshot"
As you have probably noticed, the "Random Screenshot"-panel has disappeared. Actually it has happened due to some positive circumstances - we are simply too succesful to be keep it. The problem is that it generates a lot of traffic. Every time the frontpage is loaded, an image is loaded. In a day, it generates about 350 megabytes of traffic -  and that's about 10 GB in a month.
I'm currently searching for a new provider for the website, but with that much traffic we are unwanted almost everywhere - that's for sure. Therefore, I have to clean up the site for unnecessary traffic, and that's the first step.

The photo albums will stay on the site, though - don't worry about that :) You can find them all here: http://www.pcmdaily.com/photogallery.php
#1 | 0buKKaKe on 16. June 2007 19:10
sorry but download link for that manual is not working Sad
#2 | CrueTrue on 16. June 2007 19:27
#3 | Bandur on 16. June 2007 20:02
The firefox trick should run on every system, just make sure that you have/download the "en-US" version of firefox.
#4 | SportingNonsense on 16. June 2007 20:59
Aww, I miss the Random Screenshot Sad
Shame it had to go.
#5 | CrueTrue on 16. June 2007 21:57
Sporting: It might not be permanent, but I have to see if it has any effect on our traffic usage if I remove it. Result of one day's test will be available tomorrow Smile
#6 | Thomas on 17. June 2007 01:02
They have solved the fix with firefox on en-US.. I cant change it to USd, even if I use en version of firefox.. And there's no US version of firefox..
#7 | Smoothie on 18. June 2007 12:23
Its sad to see random screen go but theres hope still which is good.
#8 | Smoothie on 18. June 2007 12:24
Great work by Miya! Yet again
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