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Win Pro Cycling Manager 2007!

Thanks to Cyanide, PCM.daily can now offer you the possibility to win a copy of Pro Cycling Manager 2007! For some time, we have worked on which contest we would set-up, and that has now resulted in a quiz. But it's not just an ordinary quiz -- it's a really difficult quiz, and if you get all questions right I'm sure you have cheated ;)

When you think you have the right answers, you have to send me the answers. That can be done through either our private message-system or the Contact form.
The answers have to be handed on the 16th of June at the latest. The winner will be announced on the 17th - and a few days later, PCM07 will make its way to your home - if you won, that is ;)

Good luck everyone! And remember, we know the questions are really difficult. That's what's so fun about it :P

Attention! If you sent your answers before the 11th of June 14:00 CET through the "Contact"-form you will have to resend your answers: http://www.pcmdaily.com/news.php?readmore=70

The Questions:

1. On which date was the very first Cycling Manager game released in France?

2. How many different skills did the riders have in Cycling Manager 1?

3. What’s the name of the third person mentioned in the credits of Cycling Manager 2?

4. If you tried to visit www.cyanide-studio.com in February, 2001 what message would you get?

5. How many riders were free agents in the original Pro Cycling Manager 2006 database?

6. The crew at PCM.daily has simulated through the Tour de France 10 times with the German CyM Team 2007-database. Who finished 5th the most times?

7. In how many countries are Pro Cycling Manager 2007 planned to be released?

8. What was the address of CrueTrue’s first (Pro) Cycling Manager-related website?

9. On which date did PCMdaily.com open for the public?

10. Exactly how many unique visitors (= one hit per day per IP) did PCM.daily have in the month of May 2007?
#31 | Ozzy on 10. June 2007 21:31
Hmm, simulating TdF 10x? Grin
#32 | doddy13 on 10. June 2007 22:05
6. The crew at PCM.daily has simulated through the Tour de France 10 times with the German CyM Team 2007-database. Who finished 5th the most times?
How are we supposed to know that.
#33 | issoisso on 10. June 2007 22:57
if anyone gets the last one, they'd just get the prize for that one alone Grin
#34 | CrueTrue on 12. June 2007 11:19
Only one person has sent his answers yet..Grin
#35 | Crommy on 12. June 2007 12:38
Of course, crew members are open to bribes Grin
Let the bidding commence B)
#36 | savoldelli de valk on 12. June 2007 18:47
hmm, a few days after the 17th of June? that means at the releasedate? Shock That would be the first time then that cyanide already has copies at the releasedate.Pfft
#37 | CrueTrue on 13. June 2007 14:58
The game is released in France on the 20th.
#38 | savoldelli de valk on 15. June 2007 18:31
yes, but other years cyanide had only copies the beginning of july to send to the testers and other people

(btw.: this year no free game for the testers it seems?Sad)
#39 | CrueTrue on 15. June 2007 22:59
Well, it might be the DL-version. Don't know - Freire has just promised me a copy for the competition Pfft

(I already got the free game. It's on the FTP-server - you just need a new key Wink)
#40 | Teieesa on 16. June 2007 15:49
When will the winner off the quiz be pronounced? Pfft
#41 | savoldelli de valk on 16. June 2007 16:49
I know it's on the ftp, but we need indeed a new key, maybe it works with a key from someone who buys the downloaded version?
#42 | Addy291 on 17. June 2007 11:39
@Teieesa; 17th June
#43 | Teieesa on 17. June 2007 13:12
OK, thanks Addy291, so I just have to wait now Wink
#44 | CrueTrue on 17. June 2007 15:24
Savoldelli: As far as I have heard, we will get a new key from Cyanide. My old key still works, luckily.
#45 | Teieesa on 17. June 2007 15:42
I'm too curious, I can't wait for the result Grin
#46 | Ozzy on 17. June 2007 17:48
Hey, reveal a mystery - who's a winner? Pfft
#47 | Teieesa on 17. June 2007 18:33
Yes please, we want to know who the winner is Grin
(sorry for the other posts, by the waySad)
#48 | issoisso on 17. June 2007 19:28
who cares who won....just tell us the right answers 'cause the one about the fifth places is killing me with curiosity Smile
#49 | Addy291 on 17. June 2007 19:57
"who cares who won"
says the winnerPfft
#50 | Jesleyh on 18. January 2013 15:36
ING - InBev Cycling Team Prize 3000 visitors
A: Mathijs Ruiter's schedule
B: Santos Tour Down Under startlist
C: Paris - Roubaix startlist
D: CrueTrue's profile Pfft

3750 visitors
A) You can choose a squad you want
B) Beijing squad
C) Tirreno - Adriatico startlist
D) Cruetrue's profile
E) Lars Boom schedule
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