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Weekly News #49

Back on regular basis, it seems -- it's one week ago we last had the Weekly News, so for the first time in months I'm on time. I don't have much news for you, though - after all, we're still outside he PCM-season ;)

New article(s)
Today, our Australian member, Rodda, submitted a new article which was later approved. It's an article about the upcoming season, and it goes into detail with all the Pro Tour teams and describes their good and bad sides. Go read it here and make sure to comment it.
Also remember that you can always write and submit your own articles by clicking "Submit Article" in the left-hand menu.

Our crew-member, Wildcat, also uploaded an article a week ago. It's a preview of the Tour Down Under, but since it's over now there's not really any point in reading it. However, if you're interested, it's of course still available right here.

Controversy about database review
Earlier this week, our database review Waghlon published his very first review. It was about the Womenbase 1.0 which he ended up giving 4 out of 5. However, he also pointed out some thing which he wasn't too content with. This made a lot of members react, especially people from the Benelux countries.
The thing here is that people reacted in two ways: Some reacted by throwing mud at Waghlon (or threaten with withdrawing database projects from the site...), others reacted by mentioning some of the things which could have been different in the review. 
I have to say here that yes, some of the critism is 'correct'. But it doesn't mean that anyone can treat Waghlon like that. We have learned from this, and we will try to become even better at reviewing in future.

New graphics stuff
I've added two new graphic files to the download section during this week. The first one was originally made for PCM06, but it does also work perfectly with PCM07 - it's a pack of new clouds and a new sky which supposedly make the game look more realistic. It's made by the graphics guru EintrachtFan who's known for his face packs for PCM06. You can download the pack here.
A member named "Tourdedoping" has released a pack of 2008 shirts. The shirts are really well-made which we can thank some of the contributors to the pack for - these including guys like Brucht, the sim-eraser, etc.. We now got the shirts - we just need a good 2008 database ;) You can download the shirts here.

#1 | Waghlon on 27. January 2008 21:46
By "getting better at reviewing" i mean turning off the option for commentary Rolling Eyes
#2 | MarcoPRT on 27. January 2008 22:07
They will chase you for saying that...Smile
#3 | Waghlon on 27. January 2008 22:10
Hey, they will chase me for talking in the first place Pfft
#4 | issoisso on 27. January 2008 22:16
They can't chase him if they have no idea where he is...

*cough Greve, Denmark cough cough*
#5 | Waghlon on 27. January 2008 22:23
They cant chase me if i obscure all information about myself! *cough*Greve, not that other place*cough*
#6 | issoisso on 27. January 2008 22:23
The sneaky bastard edited my Post :lol: it's not Greve Pfft
#7 | Waghlon on 27. January 2008 22:25
I totally did not edit your post! Noooooooooooooooooo sir. Wink
#8 | MarcoPRT on 27. January 2008 22:28

#9 | Waghlon on 27. January 2008 22:29
Its not a real town of course, i just took it from some fantasy book of sorts!
#10 | MarcoPRT on 27. January 2008 22:31
It sounds like a name of an ice-cream to me...Grin:lol:
#11 | issoisso on 27. January 2008 22:32
Yeah, it's not real, it only exists in this MMO Game.

here's the game by the way if you're interested

#12 | issoisso on 27. January 2008 22:33
and Marco. If you live in Azambuja, you can't really fault any town's name :lol:
#13 | Waghlon on 27. January 2008 22:35
In said MMO you totally do not have the co-ordinates for my aparment at least Pfft

And Azambuja :lol:
#14 | MarcoPRT on 27. January 2008 22:37
Azambuja is not funny, sounds like a gipsy village in the middle of nowhere. At least Slagelse is funny...
#15 | Waghlon on 27. January 2008 22:38
It means "really hilly place" you know Smile
#16 | issoisso on 27. January 2008 22:39
Azambuja is funny. Sounds like a countryside hillbilly trying to pronounce god knows what.

And don't make fun of Slagelse or the penguins there will chase you

#17 | MarcoPRT on 27. January 2008 22:39
And it is not so distant from Greve, it's on the same island.:lol:
#18 | issoisso on 27. January 2008 22:41
It's amazing how on topic this is. has anyone seen Cloverfield yet? :lol:
#19 | Waghlon on 27. January 2008 22:42
Yea, i saw Cloverfield, i also reviewed it, and then i got chased out of town because i said it sucked Pfft

No, seriously though, we had a topic?
#20 | MarcoPRT on 27. January 2008 22:43
I heard that word today but I don't know what it is...Wink

btw, I don't live in Azambuja, I live in Casais dos Britos, 5 km away from there...:lol:
#21 | issoisso on 27. January 2008 22:44
I live in Casais dos Britos

I have officially died of laughter. Talking about hillbilly names, were we?
#22 | MarcoPRT on 27. January 2008 22:47
Yes, Casais dos Britos is, in fact, an hillbilly place, a village with no more than 2 streets, I'm quiet here (oh, and don't chase me), but I officially am from Azambuja (well, because of the school and so many things, but I was not born there...:lol:
#23 | Addy291 on 27. January 2008 23:46
damn hillbilliesRolling Eyes

that being said, there are some gypos camped about 5 miles away from me. they're always burning stuff and stealing horsesPfft

They've got a restraining order, they're not allowed within 3 miles of my village:lol:
#24 | MarcoPRT on 28. January 2008 18:14
Here they even go inside my school, apart from stealing some kids...Now, they are more quiet, because of the cops.Wink
#25 | Waghlon on 28. January 2008 18:27
I steal from kids too, but thats another story...
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