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Weekly News #40
NewsWelcome to the 40th edition of the Weekly News.

(And this is embarrasing. Actually, the news were posted yesterday, but I had made a mistake, meaning that it was only viewable by me -- nobody else.) will be the last patch
Cyanide is currently working very hard to get the next patch done, and they are really determined to get rid of all the bugs. Why? Because they would like this patch to be the very last one, so they can get started on PCM08. On the beta-forum, Clément Pinget mentioned that this will be the last patch unless a new major problem pops up.

Clément also confirmed today that Cyanide is hoping to release the patch to the public by the end of this week.

How to install the PCM Spain DB
Even though it to us nerds is a simple procedure to install the very popular PCM Spain DB, it might not be just as easy for newcomers / non-technical guys. Therefore, Addy has written a guy which explains in details how you install the database. It should be fairly easy to do if you just follow Addy's steps.
Read it here.

Titan05 DB to be released soon
The release date of the long-awaited Titan 2005 database by T-Photon has now been announced: the 5th of November! The DB contains 90 playable teams, 2500 riders, 350 races, 1000 stages, new 05 race profiles, etc. - basically, a perfect historical DB for career playing and / or single race.

Scandinavian Championships
Last year, PCMGeeks (Later PCMDK.dk after a split-up in the crew) was the host of the Danish Championships in PCM06, but this year, the competition changes a bit.
This year, PCMScandinavia.com got the rights to host a championship, and they've decided to change the entire structure. The competition is now for all Scandinavian people, and not only danes. So far, there's 55 people subscribed, most of them are Danes, but there's also a few Norwegians. So far no Swedish people have registered, so take this as an invitation ;)
You can read much more about the tournament at PCMScandinavia.com.

National Jerseys
If you are feeling 'inspired' by the recent World Championships and wish you could play as some of the national teams then you may be interested in downloading this pack of National jerseys that we have collected. It contains 31 National jerseys, from different countries.
Also, the Danish member, Lampert, has made a World Championship DB, making it possible to play with national teams. If you want to play the World Championship you will have to go through a little complicated process, but everything is explained in the Installation-description in the file. You can download it here.

Ladder DB finally available
Lots of people have asked for this, and now Aab-ern has finally made what many of us have been waiting for: a Ladder DB! A Ladder DB is a database with equal stats for teams and riders, giving everyone a fair chance when playing online. It's known from the Gamecenter where you're also playing with a ladder DB. However, with this one you're able to play all stages, and you don't even have to be on the buggy GameCenter software :)
It's an early version, but it should work pretty well. You can get it from our DL-section.

You guys are not very good at guessing
We have had several "Who will win xxxxx"-polls this year, We have had Paris - Roubaix, Giro 'd Italia, Tour de France and the World Championships. None of the times did the majority give the correct answer, though. For Giro 'd Italy and Tour de France, you thought Ivan Basso would win. And in the Giro 'd Italy-poll none of you voted for Danilo Di Luca. In Paris-Roubaix, you said that Cancellara would win. He was closely followed by Boonen. O'Grady wasn't an option, but just 9 % of you said that another rider than the ones listed would win.
Our latest example is the World Championship, and okay, I admit that the options were really bad. 30 % of you said that another rider than the ones listed would win, but the majority still thought Oscar Freire would win -- well, better luck next time ;)

Our new poll is about which database you use, so get started! If you have any ideas for the next polls, feel free to suggest them in the Favourable and Critical Comments-forum.

Minor site updates
I've added two new functons to the site. First of all, I've added the Hall of Fame. Before that, we had a so-called Toplist. Both features are used to show who the most active users are. In the new Hall of Fame you can see different kind of statistics, for example who's the one who has posted the most, who has started the most threads, who has written the most articles, etc., etc.. I'll add more statistics to it later, You can view the statistics here.
The 2nd new feature is very simple. It's now possible for you to suggest new links. New PCM-sites are starting very often, but it's not always that I notice them. Therefore, you can now suggest a new link for our Links database. You can also suggest other kind of links, for example cycling websites which are not already there. Start suggesting here!
#1 | doddy13 on 03. October 2007 20:48
i'm not bad at guessing, i don't vote Wink
#2 | CrueTrue on 03. October 2007 21:03
Sorry to say, but you did vote for Oscar Freire in the WC-poll Wink Grin
#3 | issoisso on 03. October 2007 22:02
If I were Icelandic or Finnish, I'd be pissed at the "Scandinavians" bit Pfft
#4 | doddy13 on 03. October 2007 22:33
did i? Wow, forgot about that.
And i honestly thought he was on Brilliant form to win anyways.
And i've voted in this poll, i don't play PCM07 (yet!)
#5 | CrueTrue on 03. October 2007 22:40
isso: Normally, Scandinavia is defined as Denmark, Sweden and Norway. However, English speaking people (outside those countries) often think that Scandinavia also includes Findland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. Those countries are not a part of Scandinavia, but a part of the Nordic countries.

You can read more here: https://en.wikiped...candinavia Wink
#6 | stemple on 04. October 2007 04:17
Had i seen the poll before the Giro I would have said Di Luca would win. But that could be becaused I am biased and he is one of my favorite.
#7 | issoisso on 04. October 2007 19:53
CrueTrue: thanks, I had no idea. I can assure you nobody here thinks it's that way. shows how easily people can get it wrong Smile
#8 | Janix on 04. October 2007 20:57
if they want to release it for the week-end, tomorrow will be the last day.. i don't think they work on saturdays
#9 | mattiasgt on 04. October 2007 21:01
Hey, just wanted to say that you Danes can have Scania back. We don't want em, they talk funny. Pfft
#10 | CrueTrue on 04. October 2007 21:34
Janix: Nah, they do some on some Saturdays, too Wink
#11 | Janix on 05. October 2007 11:04
Oh no, that means we have to wait at least another day (in the best case) before being able to finally play decently pcm.

Thanks for being the #1 source of news for the pcm community, keep on with the good work, i always check the site 2-3 times a day Wink
#12 | Janix on 05. October 2007 14:27
The patch has been released!!!

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