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PCM.daily 2023 Database
16. March 2023 18:37 from cunego59
To avoid corrupted downloads and speed up the downloads a lot, we recommend using a download manager.

Downloads: 4095
Copyright: Copyright (C) PCM.Daily Database Team 2023
PCM.daily 2023 Database for PCM22

The PCM.daily database proudly presents our 2023 Database for Pro Cycling Manager 2022. As always, we aim to give you the best mix of quality and quantity in content to improve your playing experience as much as possible.


- More than 530 WT, 400 PCT and 2000 CT riders with correct data (name/region/birthdate/size/weight/favorite races/victories/neopro year/GT-Monument participations)
- Stats are up-to-date, potential/popularity are both WIP
- Over 960 cyclist photos, which includes 2023 photos for WT and some PCT teams
- Correct contract lengths for all riders (maxed up to 2025)
- Updated riders that retire at the end of 2023
- All correct former WC’s, EC’s and NC’s
- Palmares is WIP (currently 2022 is updated for most important races)
- More than 3000 free agents

- All 18 WorldTour teams
- All 18 ProSeries teams
- Over 150 Continental teams
- 16 Development teams that link with WT/PCT teams
- Correct data for all teams (name/region/TLA/General Manager)
- Complete team history for all teams
- Real shirts for all WT/PCT and most of the CT teams
- A lot of accessories, NC shirts, transferts etc. are included, especially for WT/PCT
- Realistic calendars for WT/PCT (CT have only their own region as a calendar, so WIP)
- Realistic sponsor regions for WT/PCT
- Correct team sponsor contracts lengths
- Realistic national teams for WC and EC, based on country ranking
- Over 170 high-quality custom sponsors, including accessories and lots of NC’s

- All WT and ProSeries races
- New races such as O Gran Camiño
- A grand total of 280 races, excluding NC’s for all nations, with loads of variants for the major races, and some for minor races
- Race logos for all major races and most of the minor races
- Race leader jerseys for all major races and most of the minor races
- Custom podiums and sprints for major races
- 2023 race calendar

- More than 90 frame, 45 wheel, and 35 helmet brands
- Also real brands for glasses/gear
- Most helmets have an aero variant for flat stages, and light variant for mountain stages
- Realistic model names
- Correct brands and custom frames/helmets for WT/PCT

- Over 730 real-life coaches
- Over 280 real-life physicians
- Over 490 real-life scouts

- Local.cdb has many updates (Cya World Tour -> UCI WorldTour etc.)
- More realistic NC shirts for all countries, including trims for former NC’s
- Real classification XML’s
- More realistic simulation files
- 2023 UCI Points system
- Realistic training structure/popularity for countries
- Real regions for the major countries
- More realistic default jerseys for race leaders
- Custom made symbols for the objective screen
- Over 20 real-life track cyclists
- Over 15 real-life journalists

Known bugs that will be fixed soon:
- Some races only have Quebec-Quebec stages; CDX files are not working properly and we’ll replace them with proper stages.
- Race logos are not displayed in some places (this has to do with the size of the file); also, some of them contain black text which isn’t readable in most places in the game.
- Specialities of most CT riders are not correct; we didn't stat them manually and gave them random stats between 60-64. Will slowly become better when we’re doing stats.


PCM.daily Database Team:

slash, enfin presque
The community of Le Gruppetto

Hijo del Diablo
Il lince

For both graphics and stages, so many files have been amassed over the years that it's impossible to give a complete list of contributors. If we've used your work without naming you in the credits, please contact us and we will add your name immediately!

In general, this work would not have been possible without the community at large that is putting in so much time and work to improve all of our game experience. Thank you all!

Installation Guide

1. Download the Database files.

2. Extract the files you downloaded. Everything from the Program Files folder goes into your main PCM directory, which is usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pro Cycling Manager 2022. When asked to overwrite files, say yes.

3. Type %AppData% into the address bar of your Explorer or while having the start menu open and you'll get to the Roaming folder. There, open the directory Pro Cycling Manager 2022 and paste the folder Mod, which you'll find in the AppData folder in the Zip file, in there.

4. In game, when starting a new race or career, select the PCM.daily 2023 Database.

5. And that's it! Enjoy the DB. If you have any questions or issues, please use the Support Thread.

Steam Installation Guide

1. Look for the DB in the Workshop or open the Steam workshop page for the 2023 Database directly here:
Click me!

2. Click on „subscribe“ and wait for the files to download.

3. When the download has been completed, go to:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\1453850\2929043693
(or whatever the equivalent on your PC is if you did not install in the default directory)
You'll find a folder called Additional Files.

Inside are the folders 3D, Database and Gui. Move them to the game's Steam directory (typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pro Cycling Manager 2022) and overwrite any files necessary. This activates our regen names as well as the correct names for UCI World Tour etc. Note that there is a backup file for the local.cdb, if you ever want to change them back to the original ones.

4. Install our first Update.

5. In game, when starting a new race or career, select the PCM.daily 2023 Database.

6. And that's it! Enjoy the DB. If you have any questions or issues, please use the Support Thread.

Variants Pack

To limit the size of the download file, we've decided to offer a sizeable part of our usually included variants as an additional download. You will still get variants for the major races with this base DB, but if you want even more, follow this link and the very simple download instructions there.

Useful Links

Support Thread
Stat Discussion Thread
PCM.daily Projects Wishlist Thread

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Poor 37% 27% [3 Votes]
corcar on 17-03-2023

when i press the start download button, nothing happens

cunego59 on 17-03-2023

It should be fixed now, please try again.

Kalach on 17-03-2023

What should I do if I have previous version (2022) subscribed on Steam? It will be overiden?

cunego59 on 17-03-2023

No, multiple workshop items can coexist. If you subscribe to this, you can choose the 2023 Database and also still the Expansion Pack in game. And existing save files should not be affected.

Willemaarts on 18-03-2023

@Kalach Note however that you should copy the Additional Files folder again if you want to use the other DB. So you should keep a copy of both Additional Files folders, and copy them again if you switch DB's. This doesn't affect Careers so this way you could have multiple careers

domiiien on 18-03-2023

Installation completed but no real names to be found in the database.
+ anyone got a download link to a DB editor like PCM fast editor that works with pcm2022?

domiiien on 18-03-2023

Installation completed but no real names to be found in the database.
+ anyone got a download link to a DB editor like PCM fast editor that works with pcm2022?

cunego59 on 18-03-2023

@domiiien: are you sure you've moved the files into the AppData folder in the right place and selected the DB in the game?

BDSR247 on 18-03-2023

Good afternoon
When I go to the menu to start a new career, all the equipment turns pink, but when I advance they are already normal, only when choosing the team they turn pink. How can I solve this?
Keep going and good work!

Willemaarts on 18-03-2023

@BDSR247 Are you downloading it from here, or using the Steam workshop? We have been familiar with this issue from people who used the Steam workshop item, and I assumed it had to do with Steam and the uploading procedure. If you downloaded it from this website, the problem is definitely in our DB.
Good to note that this indeed does not affect any other gameplay



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