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Daily Detroit Lions - Week 3 @ Minnesota Vikings [Madden RPG]
The Team


Created Players

QB Benjamin Lawrence IV QB Tyler VanLadder
WR Lenny Carlson WR Benny Redhill WR Mario Guido
RB Brenan Baxter Lynch RB Lightning Bolt FB Stefan Radu
TE Manu Peleke TE Austin Pierce LT Jonathan Lewis
DT Jonathan Conrad MLB Pierre-Emile Tourgas CB Bradley Joseph
SS Sean Dawkins

Other Roster Players

RB Justin Jackson TE Zach Gentry WR Josh Reynolds
WR Quintez Cephus RT Penei Sewell RT Kayode Awosika
RG Halapoulivaati Vaitai RG Tommy Kraemer C Frank Ragnow
C Evan Brown LG Jonah Jackson LG Dan Skipper
LT Matt Nelson DE Aidan Hutchinson DE Romeo Okwara
DE AJ Epenesa DE Charles Harris DE Julian Okwara
DE Austin Bryant DT Ndamokung Suh DT DaQuan Jones
DT Levi Onwuzurike DT Isaiah Buggs OLB Andrew Van Ginkel
OLB Anthony Pittman MLB Cody Barton MLB Derrick Barnes
OLB Malcolm Rodriguez OLB Chris Board CB Jeff Okudah
CB Amani Oruwariye CB Jerry Jacobs CB Chase Lucas
FS Tracky Walker III FS Ifetau Melifonwu SS Kerby Joseph
K Rodrigo Blankenship P Jack Fox

Current Staff

HC Dan Campbell OC Ben Johnson DC Aaron Glenn

Roster & Staff History
None yet

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Team Introduction

Founded originally as the Portsmouth Spartans in 1930, the team moved to Detroit in 1934 and took on the Lions name. The Lions won 4x NFL Championships between 1935 and 1957. However since the creation of the Superbowl, they have only won a single Playoff game, in 1991. This means the Lions hold the longest post-season win drought in all major American leagues. This also means they are the only NFC team to have never made the Superbowl! The last Playoff appearance was in 2016, so even that was a while ago now.

Our home stadium is Ford Field, a 65,000 to 70,000 seat. This is a fully covered "dome" arena, so wind and weather are never a factor - not a bad thing given Michigan winters. It does have a large amount of glass in the roof and walls, to allow in a lot of natural light. Overall, quite a nice stadium but like most sports arena it can always use updates.

2022 Season Schedule

Pre-Season 1 vs Atlanta Falcons - W 26-24
Pre-Season 2 @ Indianapolis Colts - W 31-8
Pre-Season 3 @ Pittsburgh Steelers - W 34-3

Week 1 vs Philadelphia Eagles - W 27-24
Week 2 vs Washington Commanders - W 27-24
Week 3 @ Minnesota Vikings - L 7-28
Week 4 vs Seattle Seahawks
Week 5 @ New England Patriots
Week 6 BYE
Week 7 @ Dallas Cowboys
Week 8 vs Miami Dolphins
Week 9 vs Green Bay Packers
Week 10 @ Chicago Bears
Week 11 @ New York Giants
Week 12 vs Buffalo Bills
Week 13 vs Jacksonville Jaguars
Week 14 vs Minnesota Vikings
Week 15 @ New York Jets
Week 16 @ Carolina Panthers
Week 17 vs Chicago Bears
Week 18 @ Green Bay Packers

Season Standings

NFC North
1st - Green Bay Packers (2-1)
2nd - Detroit Lions (2-1)
3rd - Minnesota Vikings (1-2)
4th - Chicago Bears (0-3)

NFC Overall

Edited by TheManxMissile on 15-12-2022 21:10

Key Stats/Rankings - Detroit Lions


Key Stats/Rankings - Created Players


Key Stats/Rankings - Rest of the League


Edited by TheManxMissile on 15-12-2022 21:11

The Detroit Lions have only ever won a single Playoff game in the Superbowl era. To change this they are putting out a call far and wide to unearth a new wave of players! Scouring high and low to sign-up some new blood to drive this team back to relevance. With spaces on Offence & Defence, in the starting line-up and right down the depth chance, any interested player will get a shot at the big time.

How to Sign Up

In the thread below:-
Name (just don't be totally ridiculous)
Age (between 21 + 35)
Hometown (can be global)
Position (can be any main team position - if more than one person wants to claim a spot i'll flip a coin/draw lots rather than first-come-first-served (this basically only applies to QB, FB and specific OL spots))
Background (can be basically anything, but will give me a guide to stating your player. I'll clarify details or questions via PM).
Similar To (OPTIONAL, if you want to be like a real-life Player give an example or two or three here, again to help guide stating)

Via PM:
You can ask extra questions if you're unsure on any of the above.
You can expand upon your details in the above.
Do not send me the above details via PM, make sure they are posted publically.

Team Needs:
4x Offensive Line (RT/RG/C/LG, the men who block for and protect the QB and RB)
2x Defensive Ends (RE/LE, the men who try to hit the opposing QB hard)
2-3x Defensive Tackle (DT/NT, the men who try to stop the opposing RB quickly)
3x Linebacker (OLB/MLB, the men who do a bit of everything on defence)
2-3x Cornerback (CB, the men who try to out-catch the opposing WR)
1x Safety (FS, the men who sit deepest to stop opposing WR)
1x Kicker/Punter (K/P, the only man who kicks the ball, in football)

We can take more or less of any of the above. But obviously only one of certain positions (QB, FB, OL) are really on the field at a time, so best to spread yourselves around the team to get guaranteed game time (but if you want to be a sub that's fine as well). Any positions not taken by our created players will be filled in by members of the real Lions squad.

So sign-up! Get involved! Ask questions! Do whatever!

These will be open for at least a handful of days, if not a week or more (and i'll leave sign-ups open pretty much permanently, will always welcome more participants. And soon we will get into the first votes as new Owners around other team aspects. - With proper written News Update to come this evening about the takeover.
Edited by TheManxMissile on 10-11-2022 18:26
Let's try this out Smile

Name Benny Redhill
Age 21
Hometown New Bern, North Carolina
Position WR

Having Swiss roots, Benny's idol obviously is "Big Ben" Roethlisberger. However, besides the origins and the first name, Benny doesn't have much in common with the former QB star. Instead of mainly being robust, Benny first of all is fast. And instead of throwing, he loves catching. His dream was to once play alongside "Big Ben", receiving his passes - but the age difference was just too big to make it happen.
Nonetheless, Benny is dreaming of a big NFL career, and he'd be stoked to get a contract from the Detroit Lions who seem to be building up a long-term project - a perfect opportunity for this young man!

Similar To No idea Pfft
Name: Mario Guido
Age: 21
Hometown: Firenze, Italia
Position: Striker / Wide receiver
Background: After getting a 4 year UEFA suspension after some minor off the field incident he doesn't want to talk too much about (key words: international game, hotel room, dubious strippers), Mario Guido decided to transfer to another continent to start over. Being a bit of a "nationalist", he did not want to go to any inferior third world country and decided to go play football in the USA, where a good amount of nationalism was mostly encouraged.

The National Football League sounded pretty awesome, so he put on his football boots and did his best to score a transfer there. He knew the American football team doesn't do very well in the big tournaments, so he was convinced he would find a new team soon.

Similar To: I have no clue. He's small but really fast and agile. Knows how to kick a ball. Does not know much else.
Changed my sig, this was getting absurd.
Name Bradley Joseph
Age 21
Hometown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Position CB
Background Despite football being a team sport, growing up playing different positions Bradley enjoyed one thing above all else. Going 1v1 against wide receivers. Intercepting and breaking up passes to frustrate the QB and WR is what he loves most!
Similar To Not sure. Maybe Darius Slay?

Btw, we don't need kickers/punters?


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@Fabi - Nice pun work! Welcome, fast WR who could have worked with Big Ben. Easy to stat! And i like speedy catchers.

@Ollfardh - My dumbass missed off Kicker/Punter from the Team Needs list. Not sure if Mario would prefer a role actually kicking the ball? Otherwise, agile wide receiver is possible. NFL always loves physical ability and finds a place for it.

@redordead - Add Kicker/Punter, not sure how I skipped over that. CB should be fine, Slay is a good idol as a former Lion.

@All - Tidied up the opening posts with various bits of info, links, background, schedules etc etc. Should always be useful as a reference point
Yeah I wondered that as well, but assumed it was just some guy who kicks best would do it. Wide receiver is fine, it will add to the confusion for Mario.
Changed my sig, this was getting absurd.
Name: Baxter Brennan Lynch
Age: 23
Hometown: New York
Position: HB
Background: B.B.L. loves to run. He's small, quick and agile, which allows him to squeeze through closing gaps and outmaneuver linebackers 1v1. He looks for big gains and can get you that long first down yardage when most teams would need to go to the passing game. He's not so bad in the passing game either due to his ability to get open. However, he's probably not the guy you want on the goal line to smash through for that final yard - he's more likely to get a concussion than a touchdown.
Similar To: Barry Sanders
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Name: Lawrence Benjamin IV
Age: 25
Hometown: Compton (Los Angeles) CA, US
Position: QB (if taken already, then Safety)
Background: Raised on the rough streets of LA, football became his way out of poverty. Grew up with his grandparents due to his father getting killed and his mother being a drug addict. Spends his spare time on a youth project to use sports to get kids away from the streets.
Similar To: Lamar Jackson (if QB) Charles Woodson( if safety)
Name: Usain Bolt
Age: 29
Hometown: Sherwood Content, Jamaica
Position Running Back
Background After trying a football (soccer) career and failing, Usain wants to give another sport a try. He's really good at receiving and running with something in his hand (picture for proof), and that's exactly what he wants to do in his new sport as well. He's a bit older than most of his teammates, bringing some welcome experience at the top of the sport world. While the talents are developing, he won't mind drawing the press attention to himself to ensure the young ones can develop in peace.

Name: Lenny Carlson
Age: 23
Hometown: Silverton, Oregon
Position: WR
Background: With a tall and lanky frame, Lenny Carlson was originally a stern basketballer and was hopeful of one day playing for the nearby Timbers. Alongside basketball, he also played football. He started off at the beginning of high school and couldn’t have really cared less - it was more of a social thing for him to do with his friends and as a result he didn’t put in much effort. He usually played in the defence where he was switched around through different positions, none of which really appealed to him until he was slotted into the offence at WR for a game at the age of 15. That one game was the most fun he’d had playing any sport and was the catalyst to him becoming the athlete his is today by igniting his passion for the sport. He’s since bounced between colleges with football scholarships and with the gifted opportunity of this trial, hopes to make it into the NFL.
Similar to: Jaylan Waddle (not as fit, a little slower but much stronger).
Indosat - ANZ HQ

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Name: Manu Peleke
Age: 24
Hometown: Kahului, Hawaii
Position: TE
Background: Being a former QB, Manu set a State High School throwing touchdown record before moving on to the University of Hawaii. After being redshirted during his freshman year and being beaten out during a QB competition for starter, Peleke transitioned into becoming the teams No 1 TE on the depth chart. Using his 6'4" frame; Manu became known as a premier receiving TE. However, since his poor blocking skills were noted by scouts and he became an Undrefted Free Agent, eventually signing for the Detroit Lions. Although this is his first time living out of state he has worked hard and has gained 10lbs of weight, potentially looking to prove all those scouts wrong and become one of the NFL's most well known TEs!
Similar to: Mike Gesicki

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Guess with all the cool offensive positions and CB gone as I slept there’s no need to rush to sign up before work Pfft
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jandal7 wrote:
Guess with all the cool offensive positions and CB gone as I slept there’s no need to rush to sign up before work Pfft

It's not first-come-first served for this reason!
If we're oversubscribed at a position (currently that would be QB and WR), if we got one more for each position) i'll flip a coin to decide who gets in and who would need to change position.

There's 2 starting CB, so can get on in there for the moment without any concern.
Name - Bam Bam Sean Dawkins
Age - 21
Hometown - Tacoma (worst place I could think of)
Position - SS
Background - A man who was forged in darkness. Only goal on the field - kill everyone, not necessarily just the opponents. Blood Bowl Demon come to life. His favorite food is pancakes. Never went to college, because you cant eat it or kill it. Favorite player of his - Nelson Aghalor.
Similar To - well, is thst really necessary? May add John Lynch and Darraaan Shaaapah to the list
Ulrich Ulriksen
Name - Jonathan Lewis
Age - 24
Hometown - Danville, Pennsylvania
College - We are Penn State
Position - LT

Jonathan (not Jon) believes the story that the offensive lineman are the smartest men on the football field and also thinks he is the perfect example of that. Maybe to the point of being a little annoying about it. But when you are 6'9 and 345lbs (2.1 M 160kg) who is going to argue with you. Coaches are willing to concede he is pretty smart but really love him for his athleticism, particularly for a man his size. As a student of the game has great technique but can get bored and lose focus, and since he is a prickly guy his opponents find it easy to get under his skin.
Man Game: McCormick Pro Cycling
Will give us a second TE since I saw it's 1-2 of them. If we only want one would rather ryant gets it and I'll do something else, maybe the kicker or another secondary Smile

Name: Austin Pierce
Age: 24
Hometown: Muskogee, Oklahoma
Position: TE
Background: Austin Pierce just likes his family, his team, his hometown, his high school sweetheart, and winning football games. He doesn't need individual glory, he'll do what is asked. A consummate professional, a team player. Perhaps a little too good and virtuous and ready to defend his teammates? We'll find out.

From the quiet, All-American, Friday Night Lights, sweet farm boy turned high school star upbringing, to the bowl games reached with his home state Oklahoma Sooners, it's been a idyllic story so far for Austin, who has never been the out-and-out star on either of those teams but was always the glue guy - his teammates and coaches love him and that word of mouth is what got him to OU, got him his starting role, and then his performances on the big stages spoke for themselves when it came to the draft the year before last. A quiet rookie season without consistent minutes and only two starts in New Year's dead rubbers saw him barely put a foot wrong, showing himself to have the potential to translate his college game to the pros, but without the chance to show it off too much yet. He's working hard to make his second season a breakthrough.

An all-around TE, he's a bit faster than the strongest and a bit stronger than the fastest - but nobody would call him physically dominant. He's the safest pair of hands on the field, and a great blocker who will defend his teammates like their lives are at stake. He's just a dependable tight end, a QB's best friend - always good for a few yards on a short route or to bail him out when the WRs are covered. His consistent short game is a great alternative to build forward momentum when the running game isn't working, and he knows how to run longer or more complicated stuff like a good modern TE. Can be good for some yards after contact or running into space but he's not always known for big plays - just consistently making catches, in the right spots, doing the right thing.
@ALL - Ok, as you seem to be respecting each others first-come-first served choices i'll begin locking in players this evening (so if you want a shot at a certain position, get a sign-up request in today!) and contacting anyone for more details as required.

Pre-Pre-Season 2022 - Second Hand Cars? What About Second Hand Teams!

A ripple ran around the NFL world today. A move some thought was coming finally arrived, as the Detroit Lions changed hands. Sheila Ford Hamp's time as Owner will be remembered mostly for it's short time frame, having only become primary Owner in June 2020. Just two years later it's over, as the impacts of Covid and the economic slow down rumble throughout society.

A public consortium of Fans swept in to claim one of the most historic franchises in the NGL. A dozen or so members will form the new Executive Board and do what they can to bring this team into the realms of competitive relevance. With no Playoff win since 1991 there is relatively little pressure to start winning straight away. However the Lions, and Detroit as a whole, need some serious loving and regeneration. Make no mistake, this is not going to be an easy task.

A new General Manager has been installed, TheManxMissile, who'll oversee the majority of the day-to-day running of the team. For the moment Player and Fan favourite Head Coach Dan Campbell will remain in position.
TMM has already made clear the team will expand it's call for new players, working hard to spot and sign-up some new talents. Shunning some traditional methods this is a risk, but coupled with some good Draft Picks ahead there is hope this team can be turned around.
Dan Campbell expressed his enthusiasm for the new Owners, and cannot wait to prove this team is better than 2021's 3-13 record. Expect a team that will fight to the last in every game, but could make some mistakes on the way.

The first wave of new players is set to be announce in the coming days, as well as the first big choices for the new Owners around stadium renovations.


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