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[CT]Bonduelle-Eesti Energia Team HQ
Bonjour et bienvenu...
Tere ja Tere tulemast...
Hello and welcome...

This is the team HQ for French7Estonian joint venture Bonduelle-Eesti Energia Cycling Team.

A presentation:

Our main sponsors are the well known French producers of processed vegetables Bonduelle.


And Estonian energy company Eesti Energia.


We have a lot of minor sponsors as well, but they will be presented in due time.

Our goal is to win as many races as possible.
We will of course have riders from France and Estonia, but if a rider can help us win races, his passport won't matter.

Our beautiful jersey has been designed by Ezeefreak, and hopefully you will see it in front of a lot of races this year.

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2022 Goals

Baltic Chain TourTop 5
Olympia's TourStage Wins
Uppsala ClassicWin
i984.photobucket.com/albums/ae328/JJagr/flags/WRL.pngStage Wins in a season8
i984.photobucket.com/albums/ae328/JJagr/flags/WRL.pngCT Team standingsTop 10

2022 Calendar

21-Jan30-Jan Vuelta al TachiraC2
10-Feb GP HerningC2
15-Feb20-Feb Volta a CatalunyaC2
26-Feb Kuurne - Bruxelles - KuurneC1
01-Mar04-Mar Tour of GuadeloupeC1
02-Mar05-Mar Jelajah SKLC2
06-Mar11-Mar Vuelta al Pais VascoC1
21-Mar Coppa PlacciC2
30-Mar GP IzolaC2
30-Mar Lillestrom GPC1
01-Apr07-Apr Tour of CaliforniaC2
06-Apr10-Apr Baltic Chain TourC1
15-Apr Berlin ProRaceC1
27-Apr30-Apr USA Pro Cycling ChallengeC2
01-May Nakhon Ratchasima TrophyC2
03-May08-May Tour de RomandieC1
13-May15-May Tour du FasoC2
18-May 1 Jour de DunkerqueC1
23-May28-May Olympia's TourC2
01-Jun03-Jun Ras TailteannC2
09-Jun13-Jun La Tropicale Amissa BongoC1
16-Jun22-Jun Tour of VancouverC2
01-Jul Uppsala ClassicC2
03-Jul06-Jul Arab TourC1
10-Jul14-Jul Tour de VineyardsC1
23-Jul Betonexpressz GPC2
11-Aug13-Aug Giro del TrentinoC2
03-Sep23-Sep Tour of AmericaC1
06-Oct10-Oct Herald Sun TourC2
12-Oct15-Oct Euskal BizikletaC1
18-Oct Zuri MetzgeteC2

Edited by GregPeck on 15-09-2022 09:30
2022 Roster

Thomas Boudat7351686271747858797862667875,328
Martin Laas6774766268737355677668576274,9229
Rudy Barbier7550675672717668777965646074,8130
Clement Russo7365736573737668767866646574,827
Franck Bonnamour7371746176757262697476686174,4327
Deins Kanepejs7067776972717055627168656973,6127
Tim Merlier7356685872726475787463726073,5930
Alexander Edmondson7358646472717774777567647473,4129
Antonio Pedrero6776736573687153707176706573,1831
Rudy Molard6770746371717164697372666573,1433
Mathieu La Lavandier6675736273707252536377686172,9430
Aksel Nommela7057675869707172767668676572,7828
Anthony Perez6972727071727162697274676972,7231
Thomas Bonnin6476716269666750537175786272,6933
Damien Touze7166706173736770707271646371,9126
Tanel Kangert7171737370696652586669607271,3335
Mikhail Kochetkov7264607672696952717874605871,3231
Jason Tesson6864696070706560697264656070,3224
Lukas Talacka7257647471736863616773637469,3528
Samuel Welsford6960626273726464717361646369,2826
Jens Reynders6761646068686769666965646268,6124
Markus Pajur6658656163676263656758616066,2422

Non maxed riders:
Jason Tesson6864696070706560697264656070,322.15244
Samuel Welsford6960626273726464717361646369,282.44265
Jens Reynders6761646068686769666965646268,612.45246
Markus Pajur6658656163676263656758616066,241.0225

Edited by GregPeck on 31-08-2022 09:21
Reserved for other stuff we might need
Welcome to the game! Cool to see another French team enter the game, very interested to see how your team takes shape going into the season.

That jersey is lovely as well - will definitely stand out Smile
Indosat - ANZ HQ

"This Schleck sandwich is going to cause serious indigestion for Evans" - Phil Liggett
Really like your jersey Smile

Interesting to see a unique secondary focus nation. Looking forward to following how you go about in your first season. All the best!
What a banger! As a big fan of Estonia and having used several Estonian sponsors in the past (including Kalev for my very first ICL team as a name sponsor) I'm going to follow your process very closely. Good luck and have loads of fun in the MG!
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Jersey colour scheme and nationality slightly reminds me of Europcar Pfft
Welcome to the show anyway, the project definitely sounds interesting!
Too bad for you Taaramäe is definitely past his prime now, maybe you can still get him for one season, should do pretty OK in CT Wink

Have fun, and good luck for your first season!
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Looking forward to follow your team, interesting jersey and national focus!
I guess you'll have plenty of competition if you go for a strong French national focus. I'm interested to see how the jersey looks in game.

Good luck Smile


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej Pogačar
Good luck! Smile
ICL - Latvijas Balzams - Olainfarm
MG - Crabbe-CC Chevigny
Love that jersey because it is just a rugby jersey to me every time I see it, great style Grin
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I like the nationality combination and will echo what the others say about the jersey! Welcome to the MG, it will be fun to follow your project.
Love the French/Estonian hybrid! Cool combination and gives you some flexibility as well with one big nation and one smaller one.
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Better late than never - But a big and warm welcome to the game!

Nice to see Estonia getting a place in the game. It's not many estonian riders that have featured this game, but one of the biggest in the game is estonian (Rein Taaramaë). With him no longer being a top rider it's as good a time as ever to have a more concentrated focus on the nation to help the next top rider be brought into the light.

There are enough decent talents/riders that you can actually build some sort of backbone and with another in France I think you'll do fine.

Also it's a thumbs up that the passport isn't everything. Especially in the early days.
Cool concept you have here!

Im sure we will have some talks this off season Smile
Always great to see another team investing in the Baltic market. Took us a while but we finally got a Latvian, Lithuanian and (partly) Estonian team at the same. As the manager of said Latvian team, I'm sure we can work together to make the Baltics strong again Wink
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!

First signings!

We are very proud to present our first three signings as a team.

Aksel Nommela7057675869707172767668676572,7828
Franck Bonnamour7371746176757262697476686174,4327
Mathieu La Lavandier6675736273707252536377686172,9430

Nommela will, depending on other signings, be a leadout man, who will get his own chances, and a valued helper on the cobblestones.

La Lavandier will be an important part of our mountain team. His great fighting skills will see him get chances to win from an attack.

Both will be on a minimum 50k wage.

Bonnamour is on a 55k wage and will act as a helper, who will occasionally have a free role to chase something in a breakaway.
Congrats on your first signings, looks good Smile 100% riders from your focus regions, that's a great start! Nommela can surely do well in some CT races, and La Lavandier should be a good dom for the mountains. Both on min wage is definitely a job well done Smile
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