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[PCT'21] Jura - Fiat | Team History
Jura - Fiat
Headquarters 2021


Team Presentation (tba)

Welcome to the brand-new headquarters of the team formerly known as Centovalli - Fiat! It's season number three, and the first one in the Pro Continental Tour!

While the team's look did only slightly change in the first two seasons - and the name not at all - there are quite some news this year. Including a new main sponsor - and hence a brand-new jersey design! Let's first take a look at the 2021 team sponsors:

Jura Elektroapparate AG Main sponsor


When promotion to PCT looked more and more realistic during the course of the 2020 season - one year earlier than what we realistically expected - our previous primary sponsor Ticino Turismo informed us that they would not be able to afford a PCT budget. As you will see later, they still remain an important partner, though.

As GIANTS Software did not want to take the step up to primary sponsor in PCT, we were desperately looking for another Swiss company. Fiat would have been ready to jump in, but our primary goal was to remain a mainly Swiss team - and that finally was possible due to the commitment of Jura Elektroapparate AG!

Founded in 1931 - they will celebrate their 90th anniversary in 2021 - Jura have been among the prime household machines manufacturers in Switzerland for quite a while now. Several of their products are legendary, and while Jura mainly focus on coffee machines today, they still produce some of those "retro" machines - a toaster and a waffle iron.

When speaking of coffee machines, their motto is clear: Freshly ground, not capsuled! A slogan that fits perfectly with our team, as mentions Jura CEO Emanuel Probst:

Coffee machines have a complex mechanism. Lots of wheels need to turn at the right speed, in the right direction, to deliver the perfect taste of coffee. Cycling is the same; the internal mechanics of a team are complex, and everyone needs to work well together so that the riders' wheels turn well. It's a dynamic sport, and the team has delivered a really refreshing 2020 season - and refreshing fits well with our newest cold-brew machines.
Of course, the partnership and adverts with Roger Federer has helped us getting known all around the world, but you can say it's not a lot of risk to team up with a champion. Our engagment in this team is a statement that Switzerland is still our home country, and that we want to invest into the future. Always move on, always dare to take new paths, don't just go the same ways as everyone else - Freshly ground, not capsuled!

Thanks to Jura for joining us - let's hope for a long-lasting partnership, and lots of good cups of coffee to celebrate our future success!

Fiat Secondary sponsor


You might remember Fiat's decision of withdrawing by the end of the 2020 season, which they communicated just during last season's preparation. We are stoked that our great results - and especially the promotion to PCT - made them reconsider and finally revert their decision! Fiat are still with us, for the third consecutive season - and with our Italian stars on board, the story might even go on... At least that's what Olivier François, director of Fiat Italia, is now hoping for:

So, we're still here... Unexpected, but it's really good news for everyone. The promotion to the Pro Continental Division ensures much greater visibility, as the team might even be invited to the biggest races of the world now. Moreover, we believe that Gianni Moscon and Fausto Masnada are two great Italian cyclists, and Gianni's exceptional results in Italian races last year were great publicity for us. We believe that the team can take another step forward and reach a midfield result in PCT next year, so that both sides would be interested in continuing the partnership!

This sounds much better than last year, undoubtedly! Now let's just ensure we stay up, and our Fiat story might indeed move on...

Ticino Turismo Minor sponsor


Sports can be unpredictable at times - and given that our season went much better than expected, our three-year plan with Ticino Turismo as our main sponsor in CT did not materialize. They always said they wouldn't be able to remain our primary supporters in PCT, but they are still on board. Why? Angelo Trotta, president of Ticino Turismo, explains:

In the last two years, and especially during the 2020 season, we got some amazing publicity for Ticino in general and Centovalli in particular. But building up a brand takes longer than two years, and as our goal always was a long-term cooperation, we will happily continue to support the team one league higher. Although we're not present in the team name anymore, the dedication of Ticino Turismo will still be visible all around the world - and we're sure the boys will do a fantastic job again!

Ticino Turismo are already part of our history, and without them, the team wouldn't have been able to take off. Thank you for staying with us - hopefully for many more years to come!

GIANTS Software Minor sponsor


Our plans for 2021 had GIANTS as a co-main-sponsor, together with our friends from Ticino - but just like them, the software house doesn't (yet) have the financial power to fund a PCT team. We are thankful that they are still with us, hoping to further promote their headline product. Christian Ammann, GIANTS CEO, says:

The 2020 season was a great experience for us. We learned a lot about the sport, enthusiastically following "our" riders. And we could see the clicks on our website go up every time a Centovalli - Fiat rider stood on top, so that investment definitely was worth it!
We also took some learnings from the "real" sport to our e-sport project, and we're now even thinking about including some bikes in our next version of Farming Simulator. We're a young, dynamic team - just like "our" riders - that's definitely a great fit so far!

You might remember that GIANTS Software requested us to further promote Swiss cycling if we wanted them to stay with us - we apparently did a pretty good job so far. They now mentioned that we might also sign riders from their other main focus countries - let's see what that means during transfers!

Cuore of Switzerland Jersey sponsor


We have been very satisfied so far with our jerseys Made in Switzerland - and so there's no reason to change! As in our first year, hillis91 has designed us a great jersey for the 2021 season - stay tuned, it will be revealed shortly!

BMC Bike sponsor


When you're trying to bring as much Swissness as possible to the team, BMC is a must-have partner. Why looking for bikes abroad if you can have the best ones at home? Last year proved that we were right to stay with them - and let's see if they can even provide us with some secret TT weapons this time!

Wander AG Nutrition sponsor


After we informed Nestlé about our deal with Jura, we weren't surprised to see them go, as the competition between Jura and Nespresso is a fact. So, we were looking for another Swiss nutrition producer - and we didn't have to search for long!

Wander AG started in 1865 with the development of a product to fight malnutrition, and that saved hundreds of lives: the famous "Ovomaltine", based on malt extract, was born. In the world of ManGame, Isostar is definitely the best known product - and sports nutrition is what definitely makes Wander the perfect fit for us! Wander's CEO Arnold Furtwaengler agrees:

We are pioneers in various domains, and development has always been one of our core tasks. So, helping develop Swiss cycling will be a win-win situation - they will benefit from our sports nutrition, and we will get valuable feedback to develop even better products. We're really looking forward to this experience - let's go!

So, that sounds like a lot of movement behind the scenes - but in the end, it's "just" the main and nutrition sponsors that have really changed. Let's see if despite all those changes we can perform as usual - we are convinced that with all those sponsors on board, we're well prepared for our PCT adventure 2021!

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Team History

2020 Roster

Gianni Moscon717379667677755359737169704.10026
Theo Reinhardt715767677366786279845162674.10030
Tom Scully745267636670786779805563774.10030
Hermann Pernsteiner657577617371726361726977644.10030
Issiaka Cissé745363677367786378777359654.10029
Pedro Merino Criado725768567168775777795667564.10033
Mirco Saggiorato687773667274735058727166664.10032
Fabian Lienhard736675667772695573767769704.10026
Manuel Stocker756065697173765976776565714.10028
Andrea Manfredi697865656873725462737773654.10028
Cyrille Thièry727074667373706072737774654.10030
Leonardo Basso736772727873737371696269724.10027
Gino Mäder687368717072736467636967723.2323
Nico Brüngger687172736870675563666768694.10032
Benedikt Mundle795965556973676259698072554.10029
Maximilian Walscheid695562616970646174756166713.8327
Gergely Szarka706266607168656071716465651.0022
Stefan Bissegger696466696669656069706470681.0022
Robin Froidevaux676267636767636168696867651.0022
Loaned out
Fausto Masnada707575717473716063726971684.0427
Thomas Boudat715168627072775877766266764.1726
Andrea Vendrame716174587372726070736667704.0926
Loaned in

2019 Roster

Marco Guillen675861566662696181825457564.10032
Jan-Andre Freuler697275687375725967756775694.10027
Fausto Masnada707575717473716063726971684.0026
Mirco Saggiorato687773667274735058727166664.10031
Gian Piero Signorini597869656672735356746862654.10031
Andrea Manfredi697865656873725462737773654.10027
Simon Pellaud706577667468715565707167664.10027
Cyrile Thiery727074667373706072737774654.10029
Issiaka Cisse745363677367786378777359654.10028
Manuel Stocker756065697173765976776565714.10027
Patrick Gamper706265697072667063707171691.0022
Maximilian Walscheid695562616970646174756166713.0126
Gino Mäder687066686870706467636967691.0022
Alessandro Fedeli666469616665605764676262631.0023
Loaned out
Fabian Lienhard726573667571685573757669704.5825
Leonardo Basso726772717672727171696269714.2626
Thomas Boudat695167616970695874746265743.0025
Andrea Vendrame706071577071716069716466693.0025
Loaned in
Riccardo Minali675257566970695973736273642.4924
Ioannidis Kiriakidis676869706869686263706973702.3422
Miltiadis Giannoutsos657168667072685764657466712.5622
Pascal Eenkhoorn696967647072736564686666701.0022
Aimiliano Vila696569636869705466676968631.0022

Nairo Quintana688274717776765251667361714.10031
Theo Reinhardt715767677366786279845162674.10031
Gianni Moscon717379667677755359737169704.10027
Fausto Masnada717776737675736063736971704.10028
Thomas Boudat735168627174785879786266784.10027
Fabian Lienhard736675667772695573767769704.10027
Hermann Pernsteiner657577617371726361726977644.10031
Mikiel Habtom755361647575806877786063674.10030
Cyrille Thièry727074667373706072737774654.10031
Andrea Manfredi697865656873725462737773654.10029
Manuel Stocker756065697173765976776565714.10029
Mirco Saggiorato677672657072715057707065654.10033
Alfredo Balloni736066786771685463677264784.10032
Leonardo Basso736772727873737371696269724.10028
Mauro Schmid717071676974696969727173651.0022
Benedikt Mundle795965556973676259698072554.10030
Szymon Rekita715661776871716269696273764.6527
Stefan Bissegger716667736973686070716470723.2323
Alexys Brunel726469736873696661646765733.1323
Robin Froidevaux676267636767636168696867651.5223
Jason Tesson686368607069646069716365601.5623
Loaned out
Gino Mäder687368717072736467636967724.0024
Gergely Szarka706266607168656071716465651.5223
Loaned in
Emmanuel Morin696374637271666368736466653.2226
Aaron Van Poucke677272636770656067717166653.1623
Brent Van Moer726068747273666958656567743.1523
Giorgi Tediashvili676267636767636168696867651.0022

Edited by Fabianski on 25-09-2021 20:58
Race Schedule

Start End RaceCategory
09-Jan Down Under ClassicHC
13-Jan18-Jan Tour Down UnderHC
20-Jan25-Jan Tour of QatarPT
27-Jan29-Jan Hong Kong ChallengeC1
04-Feb Omloop Het NieuwsbladHC
22-Feb24-Feb Tour of UkraineHC
24-Feb28-Feb Tour of SouthlandC1
26-Feb Pro Hallstatt ClassicPTHC
02-Mar05-Mar Jelajah SKLC1
06-Mar Badaling InternationalC2
06-Mar11-Mar Vuelta al Pais VascoHC
08-Mar12-Mar Circulo de JuarezC1
13-Mar18-Mar Vuelta a ColobmiaPTHC
20-Mar Coppa PlacciC2
23-Mar Strade BiancheHC
23-Mar28-Mar Tour of EritreaC1
29-Mar E3 PrijsHC
10-Apr Macskako KerekparversenyPTHC
12-Apr18-Apr Tour de PologneHC
20-Apr GP LiechtensteinPT
25-Apr GP WalloniePTHC
28-Apr Veenendaal - VeenendaalHC
01-May Nakhon Ratchasima TrophyC1
02-May07-May Tour de RomandieC1
09-May10-May Chrono d'ArenbergPTHC
11-May13-May Tour of ChileC1
17-May23-May Int. Österreich RundfahrtHC
24-May Frankfurt EschbornC2
01-Jun06-Jun Tour of JapanC1
08-Jun16-Jun Tour de SuissePT
09-Jun10-Jun Tour of East JavaPTHC
18-Jun23-Jun Tour of South AfricaC1
28-Jun Apex Mountain ClassicC1
11-Jul17-Jul Tour de VineyardsHC
19-Jul Kenya Mountain ClassicC1
19-Jul22-Jul Tour of LithuaniaHC
23-Jul Betonexpressz GPC2
25-Jul29-Jul Tour d'AndorraC1
29-Jul30-Jul Chrono des HerbiersPT
02-Aug Sakartvelo TrophyC2
08-Aug Clasica San SebastianPTHC
16-Aug19-Aug SAA Tour d'AfriquePTHC
17-Aug21-Aug Tour of BritainHC
23-Aug31-Aug Tour de l'AvenirU23
01-Sep Paris ToursPTHC
03-Sep07-Sep Arab TourHC
05-Sep12-Sep Balkans InternationalPTHC
26-Sep Rheden GPPTHC
28-Sep GP LuganoC1
28-Sep Milano - TorinoC1
01-Oct08-Oct Tour de MarocPTHC
03-Oct Vilnius GPC1
14-Oct15-Oct Grands Prix CyclistesPT
18-Oct Giro dell'EmeliaHC

Races in bold font are goal races.

Edited by Fabianski on 04-10-2021 20:23

Team StandingsTop 1023rd
Giro dell'Emelia (HC)Win21st ( Gianni Moscon)
Pro Hallstatt Classic (PTHC)Top 540th ( Hermann Pernsteiner)
Int. Österreich Rundfahrt (HC)Top 53rd ( Nairo Quintana)
Tour de Romandie (C1)Top 57th ( Nairo Quintana)

Edited by Fabianski on 14-06-2022 18:23
2021 Jersey


The secret is revealed - we hereby proudly present the 2021 jersey of team Jura - Fiat!

After Mr. hillis91's retirement finally turned out to be rather a sabbatical, the designer of our inaugural jersey was back on board for 2021 - and you can judge by yourself if he has lost any of his competences during his year off. We definitely think: No! On the contrary, he included all of our (and our sponsors') wishes, and we are definitely really happy with the outcome!

With the change of the main sponsor, it was obvious that the jersey would undergo a major redesign. Gone is the blue-and-white colour scheme; instead it's mainly red and black now. The white touch will however be important to make our kit recognizable in the peloton - the gradient on the sleeves will definitely help for this, too!

Obviously, new primary sponsor Jura gets the most important spots. With the red font of their logo, the white background was almost a given. But not only are they represented by their logo on the jersey, the coffee beans on the dark background are a reminiscence of their slogan: Freshly ground, not capsuled!

With Fiat, it's then all back to retro style, as their old logo is back on the kit! They noticed that people know this one better than the current logo, so they agreed on this design choice. Fiat is only present on the jersey this year, not on the shorts. But as their logo is visible from all sides, they are absolutely happy with the new design, too!

Logically, GIANTS Software as our second secondary sponsor get more space on the shorts. Plus, their logo is visible on the sleeves, which will hopefully help us spot our riders in the pack!

Ticino Turismo, the further main sponsors, have to take a step back in terms of presence on the jersey. Still, on our riders' backs everyone can still read "Ticino", and a small logo is also visible on the shorts and - maybe most importantly - on the riders' hearts!

Heart is a great cue for moving on to Cuore, who actually produced this kit from hillis91's design templates. Obviously, they put their logo pretty much everywhere, but rather discretely as well. And last but not least, we have BMC - bike sponsor - and Wander - nutrition sponsor - who are hoping that their logos will be often seen on screen as well!

Overall, we are really delighted by our new outfit, and we would like to thank again Mr. hillis91 for his amazing work! Our jersey may not be as flashy as some others - but that's not our preferred style anyway. Now let's hopefully soon find out who will be the 20+ riders wearing this kit during the 2021 - and hopefully often presenting on the podiums of PCT!

Jersey template


NC Jerseys

(Hopefully) yet to come

Edited by Fabianski on 21-08-2021 20:52


Mikiel Habtom Circulo de JuarezStage 1
Alfredo Balloni Tour de PologneStage 4
Theo Reinhardt Tour de RomandieStage 6
Gianni Moscon Tour of ChileStage 2
Nairo Quintana Tour of JapanStage 4
Nairo Quintana Tour of JapanGC
Nairo Quintana Tour of JapanKoM
Jura - Fiat Tour of JapanTeam
Gianni Moscon Tour of South AfricaStage 3
Theo Reinhardt Tour de VineyardsStage 2
Andrea Manfredi Sakartvelo Trophy
Gianni Moscon Tour of BritainStage 3

2nd Places

Mauro Schmid Hong Kong ChallengeU25
Theo Reinhardt Tour of SouthlandStage 5
Thomas Boudat Tour of EritreaStage 2
Mauro Schmid Tour of EritreaKoM
Mauro Schmid Tour de PologneStage 5
Theo Reinhardt Tour de RomandieStage 2
Alfredo Balloni Int. Österreich RundfahrtStage 6
Jura - Fiat Int. Österreich RundfahrtTeam
Nairo Quintana Tour of JapanPoints
Thomas Boudat Tour de SuisseStage 2
Gianni Moscon Tour of LithuaniaStage 1
Thomas Boudat Tour of LithuaniaStage 2
Nairo Quintana Tour d'AndorraStage 1
Theo Reinhardt Balkans InternationalStage 7

3rd Places

Fausto Masnada Hong Kong ChallengeStage 1
Alfredo Balloni Jelajah SKLStage 4
Nairo Quintana Tour de RomandieStage 5
Nairo Quintana Int. Österreich RundfahrtGC
Robin Froidevaux Arab TourKoM
Mikiel Habtom Tour du MarocStage 4

Top 10 Places

4th Gianni Moscon Vuelta al Pais VascoKoM
4th Nairo Quintana Vuelta a ColombiaStage 2
4th Alfredo Balloni Tour de PolognePoints
4th Theo Reinhardt Tour de RomandiePoints
4th Thomas Boudat Tour of JapanStage 2
4th Nairo Quintana Tour of JapanStage 5
4th Fausto Masnada Tour de MarocStage 7
5th Fabian Lienhard Tour de SuisseStage 3
5th Theo Reinhardt Tour de VineyardsPoints
5th Theo Reinhardt SAA Tour d'AfriqueStage 3
6th Stefan Bissegger Tour Down UnderKoM
6th Fausto Masnada Hong Kong ChallengePoints
6th Jura - Fiat Hong Kong ChallengeTeam
6th Gianni Moscon Tour of SouthlandStage 2
6th Robin Froidevaux Tour of SouthlandU25
6th Andrea Manfredi Tour of UkraineKoM
6th Thomas Boudat Jelajah SKLStage 4
6th Cyrille Thièry Badaling International
6th Andrea Manfredi Tour of EritreaKoM
6th Mauro Schmid Tour of EritreaU25
6th Mauro Schmid Tour de PologneKoM
6th Mauro Schmid Tour de PologneU25
6th Gianni Moscon Tour of ChilePoints
6th Thomas Boudat Int. Österreich RundfahrtStage 3
6th Thomas Boudat Tour de SuisseStage 4
6th Gianni Moscon Tour de SuisseStage 6
6th Fausto Masnada Tour de SuisseStage 8
6th Fausto Masnada Tour de SuisseGC
6th Gianni Moscon Tour of South AfricaPoints
6th Nairo Quintana Kenya Mountain Classic
6th Nairo Quintana Tour d'AndorraStage 3
6th Nairo Quintana Tour d'AndorraGC
6th Nairo Quintana Tour d'AndorraPoints
7th Theo Reinhardt Tour of QatarStage 3
7th Stefan Bissegger Jelajah SKLKoM
7th Gianni Moscon Tour de PologneStage 7
7th Gianni Moscon Tour de PologneGC
7th Jura - Fiat Tour de RomandieStage 1
7th Nairo Quintana Tour de RomandieGC
7th Jura - Fiat Tour of ChileTeam
7th Nairo Quintana Int. Österreich RundfahrtStage 1
7th Manuel Stocker Frankfurt Eschborn
7th Thomas Boudat Tour of JapanStage 6
7th Gianni Moscon Tour de SuisseStage 3
7th Fausto Masnada Tour de SuisseStage 7
7th Gianni Moscon Tour of South AfricaStage 2
7th Jura - Fiat Tour of South AfricaStage 4
7th Gianni Moscon Tour of South AfricaGC
7th Nairo Quintana Apex Mountain Classic
7th Gianni Moscon Tour of LithuaniaStage 3
7th Szymon Rekita Tour of BritainStage 2
7th Theo Reinhardt SAA Tour d'AfriqueStage 4
7th Benedikt Mundle SAA Tour d'AfriqueKoM
7th Mikiel Habtom Tour de MarocStage 1
8th Theo Reinhardt Tour of QatarStage 6
8th Gianni Moscon Tour of SouthlandGC
8th Gianni Moscon Vuelta al Pais VascoStage 1
8th Andrea Manfredi Vuelta a ColombiaStage 5
8th Mauro Schmid Tour of ChileU25
8th Cyrille Thièry Tour of JapanStage 2
8th Andrea Manfredi Tour of JapanStage 8
8th Thomas Boudat Tour de SuisseStage 5
8th Theo Reinhardt Tour de VineyardsStage 5
8th Jura - Fiat Tour de VineyardsStage 7
8th Gianni Moscon Tour of LithuaniaGC
8th Gianni Moscon Tour of LithuaniaPoints
8th Mauro Schmid Tour d'AndorraStage 2
8th Gianni Moscon Tour of BritainPoints
8th Aaron van Poucke Tour de MarocStage 6
8th Cyrille Thièry Tour de MarocStage 8
9th Fausto Masnada Hong Kong ChallengeStage 3
9th Fausto Masnada Hong Kong ChallengeGC
9th Gianni Moscon Tour of SouthlandStage 4
9th Jura - Fiat Vuelta al Pais VascoStage 5
9th Fausto Masnada Tour of EritreaGC
9th Thomas Boudat Int. Österreich RundfahrtStage 6
9th Alfredo Balloni Int. Österreich RundfahrtPoints
9th Fausto Masnada Tour de SuisseStage 9
9th Theo Reinhardt Paris - Tours
9th Alfredo Balloni Arab TourStage 1
9th Aaron van Poucke Tour de MarocU25
10th Theo Reinhardt Tour Down UnderStage 1
10th Theo Reinhardt Tour Down UnderStage 4
10th Theo Reinhardt Tour of QatarStage 2
10th Theo Reinhardt Tour of QatarStage 5
10th Szymon Rekita Hong Kong ChallengeStage 2
10th Hermann Pernsteiner Hong Kong ChallengeKoM
10th Theo Reinhardt Tour of SouthlandStage 1
10th Alfredo Balloni Jelajah SKLPoints
10th Fausto Masnada Tour of EritreaStage 3
10th Thomas Boudat Tour de PologneStage 3
10th Jura - Fiat Tour de PologneTeam
10th Theo Reinhardt Veenendaal - Veenendaal
10th Stefan Bissegger Tour de RomandieStage 6
10th Theo Reinhardt Tour de VineyardsStage 4
10th Fausto Masnada Tour de VineyardsGC
10th Nairo Quintana Tour d'AndorraStage 4
10th Alexys Brunel Tour of South AfricaU25
10th Thomas Boudat Tour of BritainStage 1
10th Thomas Boudat Arab TourStage 3
10th Jura - Fiat Vilnius GP
10th Mikiel Habtom Tour de MarocStage 5

Edited by Fabianski on 13-06-2022 19:39
Good luck in your first PCT season! Grin
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Will be exciting to see you in PCT this season. I think we may end up crossing paths a few times, but I look forward to talking when transfers come round.
Jersey revealed!

It's a bit like Christmas - the day a team gets its jersey for the new season! That day was today for us - and instead of repeating ourselves here, please go and check out the official Jersey Presentation Post to take a look at our new outfit!

We'd still like to give huge thanks to our designer hillis91 in this place - may all this coffee keep our riders awake until the very last moment of the season!

Thanks mate! Great to see you on board as well, looking forward to see more about your project Grin

Yeah, I'm afraid Moscon will have to face Kinoshita in quite some races Wink
Always open for talks, but the Italians won't be cheap Pfft

Ooh that’s a nice jersey Smile
Indosat - ANZ HQ

"This Schleck sandwich is going to cause serious indigestion for Evans" - Phil Liggett

After the promotion to PCT, we were pretty positive going into renewals, knowing that we would always have the option to fit everyone in the new budget. However, we decided to not offer a new contract to two riders, while another rider turned down our first offer and we subsequently decided to not go any further in the negotiations.

Let's take a look at the new wages (in parenthesis the negotiation round the rider agreed in) and the differences with last year:

Rider2020 Wage2021 WageDifference
Theo Reinhardt130,000260,000 (R3)+ 130,000
Gianni Moscon150,000195,000 (R2)+ 45,000
Fausto Masnada180,000120,000 (R1)- 60,000
Thomas Boudat65,00090,000 (R2)+ 25,000
Fabian Lienhard55,00090,000 (R3)+ 35,000
Hermann Pernsteiner85,00080,000 (R2)- 5,000
Andrea Vendrame50,00075,000 (R2)+ 25,000
Issiaka Cissé60,00065,000 (R3)+ 5,000
Cyrille Thièry55,00060,000 (R3)+ 5,000
Mirco Saggiorato65,00055,000 (R2)- 10,000
Andrea Manfredi55,00055,000 (R2)0
Leonardo Basso50,00055,000 (R2)+ 5,000
Gino Mäder50,00055,000 (R2)+ 5,000
Benedikt Mundle50,00055,000 (R2)+ 5,000
Stefan Bissegger75,00050,000 (R1)- 25,000
Maximilian Walscheid50,00050,000 (R1)0
Manuel Stocker50,00050,000 (R1)0
Robin Froidevaux10,00050,000 (R1)+ 40,000
Gergely Szarka10,00050,000 (R1)+ 40,000
Tom Scully100,000Released- 100,000
Nico Brüngger0Released0
Pedro Merino Criado0Released0

Well, that looks pretty ugly. We can say that we weren't the best negotiators this offseason; a total of 12 out of 19 retained riders actually were able to get a raise. With only 4 riders making less money than in the 2020 season (plus a not renewed one), we're paying 165k more.

This sound like a lot, but let's differentiate a bit. The biggest raise obviously goes to Theo Reinhardt, who in fact doubles his salary! While a raise was deserved anyway after his great season, the MGUCI now set his OVL a brutal 1.19 points higher than last year, which also led to a wage increase. Is he worth all that money? Definitely yes in CT, but we're not completely sure yet what we'll do with him in PCT...

An increase of 0.25 OVL points plus a really strong 2020 season are worth a 45k increase for Gianni Moscon, who therefore got overrun both in terms of wage and OVL by Theo. As for Theo, a raise was definitely earned, given that he finished in the Top 10 of the CT individual rankings.

Thomas Boudat and Andrea Vendrame both reached their maximum level this offseason, so obviously they were asking for more money as well. No issues with that.

And no issues as well for Robin Froidevaux and Gergely Szarka, who both were on a stagiaire contract last year and now got a pro contract. One year late, but we hope they'll still develop well with us!

A total of five riders then got a tiny raise of € 5,000. Gino Mäder completed his next development step, while Cyrille Thièry's OVL was surprisingly increased (by 0.48) and Benedikt Mundle's even by 0.80. Issiaka Cissé proved his great worth as a leadout rider and deserves a small raise as well, while Leo Basso - despite some great performances - dropped by 0.16 points in his OVL value and still managed to pull out a small raise as well.

On the other side, Fausto Masnada's wage has now pretty much normalized, after we clearly overpaid him in the last two seasons. And we have a similar case for Stefan Bissegger, who had a "talent wage" last year and now is paid according to his actual capabilities.

Mirco Saggiorato is starting to feel his age, and with lowered skills comes a lowered wage. But we're pretty sure that he's still worth this money - not only as a mountain domestique, but in terms of "team senior" as well.

And last but not least, Hermann Pernsteiner has agreed on a small paycut, after MGUCI lowered his OVL value by 0.32 points.

You can also see that we decided not to offer new contracts to our 2020 CT draft riders Nico Brüngger and Pedro Merino Criado. Both have reached an age where they PCT would be too challenging for them, so they got released.

Furthermore, we did offer a new contract to Tom Scully, but we were not willing to spend more than what we initially offered him. When he turned down that offer, it was clear for us that we wouldn't negotiate further.

We wish those three riders all the best for their future - and at least Tom should easily find a new (CT?) team!

So, where do we end up with this? We are currently paying a total of € 1,560,000 in wages - which is € 940,000 below the PCT salary cap. And we have 19 riders - only one rider short of the minimum roster size. So, in theory, we could spend all the remaining wage budget on a single rider - let's see how we really spend that money!

We will as well be looking forward to taking some talents on loan - our team philosophy is still based on developing talents, and not necessarily buy only "finished" riders. And we might sell some of those riders as well - an availability post will be published shortly!

That was a very risky move renewing Reinhardt at that wage, but who knows, maybe that will force you to keep him and he will end up overperforming. Also great to see Pernsteiner reducing his wage, as he clearly wants to appear to be more reasonable and leave Jura for greener pastures
Rider availability

After renewals, we already have 19 riders on board - and plenty of budget left to fulfill the minimum roster requirements. Which means that we're not in a position where we absolutely need to sell some riders - but we're still open for talks.

In general, you can talk with us about any of our riders - but especially for the Swiss and Italian ones, the offer would need to be pretty good. We currently don't want to exclude any scenario, though! In the below table, you can see which riders are more likely to leave the team than others:

Rider2020 WageAvailabilityPT Loan
Theo Reinhardt€ 260,000•••
Gianni Moscon€ 195,000•
Fausto Masnada€ 120,000•
Thomas Boudat€ 90,000••
Fabian Lienhard€ 90,000••
Hermann Pernsteiner€ 80,000•••
Andrea Vendrame€ 75,000•••
Issiaka Cissé€ 65,000•••
Cyrille Thièry€ 60,000••
Leonardo Basso€ 55,000••
Gino Mäder€ 55,000•(X)
Andrea Manfredi€55,000••••
Benedikt Mundle€ 55,000•••
Mirco Saggiorato€ 55,000•••
Maximilian Walscheid€ 55,000••••X (if not sold)
Manuel Stocker€ 50,000••
Stefan Bissegger€ 50,000•
Robin Froidevaux€ 50,000••
Gergely Szarka€ 50,000•••
••Unlikely to leave
•••Maybe, maybe not
••••Likely to leave

In case of questions or rider offers, don't hesitate to contact us!

Thanks Smile Really happy with hillis' work!

The risk wouldn't have that big when staying with PCM2018 imho, but it definitely is risky with the version change... let's see!
As for Pernie, joining RB might be an option. I've heard he doesn't like their drink that much, though, so it would take quite something to convince him... and to convince me, given the sum I paid for him last year ^^


Welcome to the show, Mauro Schmid

What a party it was, when the phone rang tonight at 8.39 PM, and Mauro Schmid told us after his 48h respite that he accepts our offer!

Mauro was our top target from free agency this year, and so we immediately put a 150k bid on him once the transfer window opened. This apparently dissuaded other teams from placing their bids, as they knew we wouldn't let go of Mauro - and in the end our initial move more than played out!

But why are we over the moon about this signing? Well, let's look at Mauro's current stats - and at two possible development paths we have for him:

Mauro will be an incredibly well-balanced rider once he reaches his full potential! His amazing resistance, acceleration and fighting spirit obviously stick out - and then we "just" have to decide if he becomes an even better mountain domestique than Masnada, or an even stronger puncheur than Moscon (without the latter's sprint limitation)! Especially as a puncheur, we think he can be trained to world-class level. But for now, let's just rejoice again and look forward to see him ride in our jersey! Welcome, Mauro!

This is our very first confirmed transfer of the window; more is to come tomorrow.
And don't forget, most of our riders could be sold if the offer is right, so don't hesitate to contact us!

Too cheap!! Pfft
Great pickup indeed! Congrats!
Fantastic pickup! Great job!
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!

Cool pickup for the future Smile
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