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[CT'20] Centovalli - Fiat | Talents
Centovalli - Fiat
Headquarter 2020


The first season is always the most difficult one, they say. Well, here we are, back for our second year - hopefully another really exciting one!

Some things will definitely look familiar to those having followed us last year, other things have changed. Let's look at our 2020 sponsors to find out some interesting news!

Centovalli - Ticino Turismo Main sponsor

i.imgur.com/fG52UCa.png i.imgur.com/2vnpOkI.png

We are very happy to announce that our primary sponsor - Ticino Turismo - will remain on board for another season! What are the reasons, and what do they expect in 2020? Angelo Trotta, president of Ticino Turismo, says:

Our goal was to make Centovalli known as the beautiful region it is in the whole world. We have celebrated wins in Asia, Africa, South America and Europe, which has had a huge impact! We are proud to support this project for another year, and maybe reach the parts of the world where we haven't been that successful yet!

Furthermore, they were really satisfied about having 7 Swiss riders in our roster - but they'd like to see at least one more Swiss talent. Let's see what we can do...

Fiat Secondary sponsor


It is no secret that our friends in Torino were not happy about our performances during part of the season. Nonetheless, they confirmed their support for the 2020 season, which is great news for us! However, it will be their last year, as explains Olivier François, director of Fiat Italia:

There were bad results, that's true, but we were very satisfied about how the boys fought their way back in the second half of the season - that's great spirit! However, we realized that CT racing does not bring us the amount of publicity we would like to have, so we might be better off joining a higher-level team. Furthermore, there were rumors - that have been confirmed by now - that the CT might be flooded by new Italian teams, so we definitely won't be as present as we wish to. However, as we have taken the decision of retiring as a sponsor only a few days ago, we will still support the team in the upcoming season, hoping they will find another co-sponsor for 2021!

This communication definitely was a bummer in our season preparation, yet didn't hit us completely unprepared. And we're really glad to have Fiat for another year!

GIANTS Software Secondary sponsor


Given the insecurity concerning the Fiat engagement throughout the season, we were looking for a new sponsor - and we found one! GIANTS Software is by far the biggest Game Studio in Switzerland, and even among the most successful ones in Europe. Their Farming Simulator series is known around the globe. But why would they actually sponsor a cycling team? CEO Christian Ammann:

Did you know that farmers are among the biggest cycling fans? When you watch the big races, look at all these fantastic artworks made of hay bales and various other constructions made by farmers - they're really creative! We always notice that our sales go up during the Tour de France - obviously, many non-farmers among the spectators are dreaming about driving around with all these great machines, and that's exactly what they can do with Farming Simulator! So our goal is to make our product know around the world, even when it's not the Tour running!
And you know - we actually love sports, too, having just launched our e-sports Farming Simulator League!

GIANTS Software is based in Zurich and has branch offices in Germany and in the Czech Republic - and probably soon in the US. The majority of the sales come from our current focus regions - Switzerland and the surrounding countries, but GIANTS' goal is definitely to reach new markets.
They have signed a one-year deal as a secondary sponsor - pretty much equal to Fiat, but are considering stepping up to being our (co-)main sponsor in the future - under the condition that we continue to promote Swiss cycling. They will renew their contract if we sign at least two new Swiss riders - we know what we have got to do!

Cuore of Switzerland Jersey sponsor


We will continue to ride with our heart, as cuore have signed as our jersey sponsor for another year!
However, even though the manufacturer remains the same, we have got a new jersey designer on board. With Mr. hillis91 retiring due to lack of time, we can proudly announce that another star designer, Mr. the_hoyle, has agreed on creating our 2020 jersey. We're currently waiting for the first draft, but we're convinced we'll have a great jersey again - produced in Switzerland. Thank you for your partnership, Cuore!

BMC Bike sponsor


And yet another Swiss sponsor staying with us for another year - another year of guaranteed greatness when it comes down to our bikes. Never change a winning bike, right? Thank you for trusting in us, BMC!

Nestlé Nutrition sponsor


Yes, you're right, we're really becoming an almost all-Swiss team. Last year, we were supported by US-based Mondelez International - represented on our jersey by the famous Toblerone. Although our direct contact was via Mondelez Switzerland, the parent company complained that we didn't sign a single US-American. Which led to the non-renewal of our contract.
But we're glad to announce that Nestlé are joining our ranks for the 2020 season, ensuring our riders will be well-fed throughout the whole year! Welcome on board - or rather "Bienvenus à bord", as they say in Vevey, where Nestlé's HQ are located.

We're looking forward to an exciting 2020 season, and we hope you'll follow us throughout the year in our HQ!

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Team History

2019 Roster

Marco Guillen675861566662696181825457564.10032
Jan-Andre Freuler697275687375725967756775694.10027
Fausto Masnada707575717473716063726971684.0026
Mirco Saggiorato687773667274735058727166664.10031
Gian Piero Signorini597869656672735356746862654.10031
Andrea Manfredi697865656873725462737773654.10027
Simon Pellaud706577667468715565707167664.10027
Cyrile Thiery727074667373706072737774654.10029
Issiaka Cisse745363677367786378777359654.10028
Manuel Stocker756065697173765976776565714.10027
Patrick Gamper706265697072667063707171691.0022
Maximilian Walscheid695562616970646174756166713.0126
Gino Mäder687066686870706467636967691.0022
Alessandro Fedeli666469616665605764676262631.0023
Loaned out
Fabian Lienhard726573667571685573757669704.5825
Leonardo Basso726772717672727171696269714.2626
Thomas Boudat695167616970695874746265743.0025
Andrea Vendrame706071577071716069716466693.0025
Loaned in
Riccardo Minali675257566970695973736273642.4924
Ioannidis Kiriakidis676869706869686263706973702.3422
Miltiadis Giannoutsos657168667072685764657466712.5622
Pascal Eenkhoorn696967647072736564686666701.0022
Aimiliano Vila696569636869705466676968631.0022

Edited by Fabianski on 10-09-2020 18:42
Roster 2020

Gianni Moscon717379667677755359737169704.10026
Theo Reinhardt715767677366786279845162674.10030
Tom Scully745267636670786779805563774.10030
Hermann Pernsteiner657577617371726361726977644.10030
Issiaka Cisse745363677367786378777359654.10029
Pedro Merino Criado725768567168775777795667564.10033
Mirco Saggiorato687773667274735058727166664.10032
Fabian Lienhard736675667772695573767769704.10026
Manuel Stocker756065697173765976776565714.10028
Andrea Manfredi697865656873725462737773654.10028
Cyrille Thièry727074667373706072737774654.10030
Leonardo Basso736772727873737371696269724.10027
Gino Mäder687368717072736467636967723.2323
Nico BrĂĽngger687172736870675563666768694.10032
Benedikt Mundle795965556973676259698072554.10029
Maximilian Walscheid695562616970646174756166713.8327
Stefan Bissegger696466696669656069706470681.0022
Gergely Szarka706266607168656071716465651.0022
Robin Froidevaux676267636767636168696867651.0022
Loaned out
Fausto Masnada707575717473716063726971684.0427
Thomas Boudat695167616970695874746265744.1726
Andrea Vendrame706071577071716069716466694.0926

Edited by Fabianski on 12-10-2020 21:36
Race Schedule

Start End RaceCategory
10-Jan Down Under ClassicHC
10-Jan GP YekaterinburgC2HC
31-Jan Gisborne GPC1
31-Jan Great Ocean Road ClassicC2HC
06-Feb Gent - WevelgemC2HC
08-Feb10-Feb Hong Kong ChallengeC1
20-Feb Colombo ClassicC2
22-Feb24-Feb Ras TailteannC2
28-Feb Trofeo LaiguegliaC2HC
01-Mar04-Mar Barbados Cycling FestivalHC
03-Mar06-Mar Jelajah SKLC1
09-Mar13-Mar Circulo de JuarezC1
22-Mar27-Mar Tour of EritreaC2HC
26-Mar30-Mar Tour of UppsalaC1
08-Apr Betonexpressz GPC2HC
10-Apr GP IzolaC2
19-Apr Coppa PlacciC2
24-Apr Lincoln GPC2HC
02-May07-May Tour de RomandieC1
11-May13-May Tour du FasoC2HC
18-May20-May Giro del TrentinoC2
23-May28-May Olympia's TourC1
24-May Frankfurt EschbornC2
02-Jun08-Jun Tour of VancouverC2HC
10-Jun14-Jun Post Danmark RundtC2HC
13-Jun17-Jun La Tropicale Amissa BongoC2
18-Jun23-Jun Tour of South AfricaC1
30-Jun Berlin Pro RaceHC
30-Jun Clasico San CristobalC2
01-Jul08-Jul Tour de San LuisC2
11-Jul17-Jul Tour de LangkawiC2HC
23-Jul Vilnius GPC2HC
27-Jul30-Jul USA Pro Cycling ChallengeC2
09-Aug Rio Vista ChinesaC2
01-Sep Philadelphia International Champ.C2HC
03-Sep07-Sep Tour of BritainC1
10-Sep13-Sep Euskal BizikletaC2HC
23-Sep Transfagarasan GPC2HC
29-Sep Milano - TorinoC1
03-Oct GP LuganoC1
06-Oct10-Oct Herald Sun TourC2HC
06-Oct09-Oct Course de SolidarnoscC2HC
18-Oct ZĂĽri MetzgeteC2HC

Races in bold font are goal races.

Edited by Fabianski on 21-10-2020 19:55

ZĂĽri Metzgete (C2HC)Win
Giro del Trentino (C2)Top 515th ( Mirco Saggiorato)
Coppa Placci (C2)Top 10Win! ( Gianni Moscon)
Trofeo Laigueglia (C2HC)Top 102nd ( Gianni Moscon)
Team StandingsTop 10

Edited by Fabianski on 23-03-2021 21:13
2020 Jersey


With our first jersey designer Mr. hillis91 retiring from commercial jersey making, presenting the updated jersey took more time than expected. But we were finally able to sign with the_hoyle, who delivered yet another masterpiece of work, and so we can proudly present our 2020 jersey!

You will recognize a very similar design to last year, with the valley and forest still being the central part - representing Centovalli, the region of a hundred valleys.
What will hopefully increase the recognizability of our jersey are the blue bands on the sleeves. Furthermore - as you can see in the full template below - our shorts will no longer be black, but will be colored in the same blue as the shirt.

What has changed as well is Fiat insisting on using the current brand, and no longer the variety of logos we had last year. And - most importantly - our new secondary co-sponsor, GIANTS Software, appears quite prominently on the jersey, as you can see in the template. Their logo is visible on the side of the jersey, and on the shorts.

Lastly, Nestlé replace Mondelez Switzerland as our alimentary sponsor, hence their logo appears on the jersey as well. Yes, you are right - the chocolate is gone for now... So out of mountains, cheese, chocolate, watches and banks, we only have the mountains left this year. Which means there's some potential for next season, right?

But for now, let's focus on the 2020, and let's hope that our jersey will be seen in all its beauty a lot of times!

Jersey template


Edited by Fabianski on 26-09-2020 20:57


Centovalli - Fiat Ras TailteannTeam
Benedikt Mundle Tour of UppsalaKoM
Gianni Moscon Coppa Placci
Andrea Manfredi Tour de RomandieStage 4
Gino Mäder Giro del TrentinoKoM
Theo Reinhardt Tour of VancouverStage 5
Theo Reinhardt Tour of VancouverPoints
Tom Scully Post Danmark RundtStage 4
Theo Reinhardt La Tropicale Amissa BongoStage 2
Theo Reinhardt La Tropicale Amissa BongoStage 5
Theo Reinhardt La Tropicale Amissa BongoGC
Theo Reinhardt La Tropicale Amissa BongoPoints
Gianni Moscon Tour of South AfricaStage 2
Tom Scully Tour de San LuisStage 2
Tom Scully Tour de LangkawiStage 7
Gino Mäder Tour de l'AvenirStage 8

2nd Places

Gianni Moscon GP Yekaterinburg
Issiaka Cissé Ras TailteannStage 1
Gianni Moscon Trofeo Laigueglia
Theo Reinhardt Circulo de JuarezStage 4
Mirco Saggiorato Tour of EritreaStage 3
Theo Reinhardt Tour of EritreaStage 5
Centovalli - Fiat Tour of EritreaTeam
Theo Reinhardt Tour de RomandieStage 6
Gino Mäder Post Danmark RundtU25
Theo Reinhardt La Tropicale Amissa BongoStage 4
Tom Scully Tour de San LuisStage 8
Tom Scully Tour de LangkawiStage 1
Centovalli - Fiat Tour de LangkawiTeam
Tom Scully USA Pro Cycling ChallengeStage 4
Tom Scully USA Pro Cycling ChallengeGC
Gianni Moscon Tour of BritainPoints
Gianni Moscon Milano - Torino

3rd Places

Tom Scully Jelajah SKLStage 2
Theo Reinhardt Circulo de JuarezStage 1
Theo Reinhardt Circulo de JuarezPoints
Stefan Bissegger Circulo de JuarezU25
Gino Mäder Giro del TrentinoU25
Tom Scully Olympia's TourStage 5
Tom Scully Post Danmark RundtPoints
Centovalli - Fiat La Tropicale Amissa BongoTeam
Theo Reinhardt Berlin Pro Race
Tom Scully Tour de San LuisPoints
Tom Scully Tour de LangkawiPoints
Gianni Moscon Tour of BritainStage 1
Gianni Moscon Tour of BritainStage 4
Gino Mäder Tour de l'AvenirGC
Centovalli - Fiat Euskal BizikletaTeam

Top 10 Places

4th Theo Reinhardt Down Under Classic
4th Theo Reinhardt Barbados Cycling FestivalStage 4
4th Tom Scully Jelajah SKLPoints
4th Leonardo Basso Lincoln GP
4th Andrea Manfredi Tour de RomandieKoM
4th Centovalli - Fiat Giro del TrentinoTeam
4th Gino Mäder Tour of VancouverU25
4th Tom Scully Post Danmark RundtStage 1
4th Benedikt Mundle Tour de San LuisStage 4
4th Benedikt Mundle Tour de San LuisKoM
5th Theo Reinhardt Circulo de JuarezGC
5th Theo Reinhardt Tour of VancouverStage 2
5th Gianni Moscon Tour of South AfricaPoints
5th Mirco Saggiorato Tour de LangkawiGC
5th Tom Scully USA Pro Cycling ChallengeStage 3
5th Tom Scully USA Pro Cycling ChallengePoints
5th Gergely Szarka Tour de l'AvenirStage 5
5th Gino Mäder Tour de l'AvenirPoints
6th Issiaka Cissé Ras TailteannPoints
6th Tom Scully Jelajah SKLStage 4
6th Theo Reinhardt Circulo de JuarezStage 3
6th Andrea Manfredi Tour de RomandiePoints
6th Theo Reinhardt Frankfurt Eschborn
6th Gianni Moscon Tour of South AfricaGC
6th Gino Mäder Tour of South AfricaU25
6th Pedro Merino Criado Tour de San LuisStage 8
6th Mirco Saggiorato Tour de LangkawiStage 3
6th Centovalli - Fiat Tour of BritainTeam
6th Gino Mäder Tour de l'AvenirStage 9
6th Hermann Pernsteiner Euskal BizikletaStage 4
6th Gianni Moscon Euskal BizikletaGC
7th Issiaka Cissé Ras TailteannGC
7th Theo Reinhardt Barbados Cycling FestivalStage 1
7th Theo Reinhardt Barbados Cycling FestivalStage 2
7th Issiaka Cissé Circulo de JuarezStage 3
7th Hermann Pernsteiner Tour of EritreaStage 3
7th Hermann Pernsteiner Tour of EritreaStage 6
7th Centovalli - Fiat Tour de RomandieTeam
7th Gino Mäder Olympia's TourU25
7th Centovalli - Fiat Tour of VancouverTeam
7th Theo Reinhardt La Tropicale Amissa BongoStage 1
7th Centovalli - Fiat Tour of South AfricaStage 4
7th Centovalli - Fiat Tour of South AfricaTeam
7th Gianni Moscon Clasico San Cristobal
7th Tom Scully Tour de LangkawiStage 4
7th Mirco Saggiorato Tour de LangkawiStage 5
7th Centovalli - Fiat USA Pro Cycling ChallengeTeam
7th Gianni Moscon Rio Vista Chinesa
7th Gianni Moscon Tour of BritainStage 5
7th Gianni Moscon Tour of BritainGC
7th Team Swiss Tour de l'AvenirTeam
7th Pedro Merino Criado Euskal BizikletaStage 1
7th Hermann Pernsteiner Euskal BizikletaGC
8th Gino Mäder Hong Kong ChallengeU25
8th Theo Reinhardt Barbados Cycling FestivalPoints
8th Fabian Lienhard Jelajah SKLStage 3
8th Centovalli - Fiat Circulo de JuarezTeam
8th Theo Reinhardt Tour of EritreaStage 1
8th Mirco Saggiorato Tour of EritreaGC
8th Theo Reinhardt Tour of EritreaPoints
8th Gino Mäder Tour of EritreaU25
8th Tom Scully Olympia's TourStage 3
8th Theo Reinhardt Tour of VancouverStage 3
8th Issiaka Cissé Tour of VancouverStage 5
8th Centovalli - Fiat Post Danmark RundtTeam
8th Centovalli - Fiat Vilnius GP
8th Tom Scully USA Pro Cycling ChallengeStage 2
8th Pedro Merino Criado Euskal BizikletaStage 2
8th Gianni Moscon Euskal BizikletaStage 4
9th Hermann Pernsteiner Gisborne GP
9th Cyrille Thièry Colombo Classic
9th Manuel Stocker Ras TailteannStage 1
9th Issiaka Cissé Ras TailteannStage 3
9th Mirco Saggiorato Tour of EritreaStage 6
9th Andrea Manfredi Tour de RomandieStage 5
9th Andrea Manfredi Tour de RomandieGC
9th Gino Mäder Tour de RomandieU25
9th Mirco Saggiorato Tour of VancouverStage 1
9th Gianni Moscon Tour of South AfricaStage 5
9th Cyrille Thièry Clasico San Cristobal
9th Gino Mäder Tour de l'AvenirStage 6
9th Hermann Pernsteiner Euskal BizikletaKoM
10th Fabian Lienhard Colombo Classic
10th Fabian Lienhard Jelajah SKLStage 2
10th Theo Reinhardt Barbados Cycling FestivalGC
10th Theo Reinhardt Circulo de JuarezStage 2
10th Theo Reinhardt Tour of EritreaStage 2
10th Issiaka Cissé Tour de RomandieStage 6
10th Centovalli - Fiat Giro del TrentinoStage 1
10th Manuel Stocker Tour of VancouverStage 5
10th Gianni Moscon Tour of South AfricaStage 1

Edited by Fabianski on 29-06-2021 17:22

With the contract duration being limited to only one year, we had to go through our first renewals process this offseason. Whereas some riders were happy with our first offer, negotiations took two or even three rounds for others - and three riders will unfortunately leave us before the upcoming transfer season. More on them later.

Let's take a look at the new wages (in parenthesis the negotiation round the rider agreed in) and the differences with last year:

Rider2019 Wage2020 WageDifference
Fausto Masnada300,000180,000 (R2)- 120,000
Jan-André Freuler60,00075,000 (R3)+ 15,000
Mirco Saggiorato65,00065,000 (R3)0
Issiaka Cissé060,000 (R3)+ 60,000
Andrea Manfredi50,00055,000 (R2)+ 5,000
Cyrille Thièry50,00055,000 (R2)+ 5,000
Fabian Lienhard50,00055,000 (R2)+ 5,000
Patrick Gamper85,00050,000 (R1)- 35,000
Simon Pellaud60,00050,000 (R1)- 10,000
Manuel Stocker50,00050,000 (R1)0
Leonardo Basso50,00050,000 (R1)0
Maximilian Walscheid50,00050,000 (R1)0
Andrea Vendrame50,00050,000 (R1)0
Gino Mäder50,00050,000 (R1)0
Alessandro Fedeli50,00050,000 (R1)0
Marco Guillén0Released0
Gian Piero Signorini65,000Released- 65,000
Thomas Boudat55,000Released- 55,000

In total, four riders got a (deserved) raise, and Cissé earned a fix contract with the team after his good performance as a drafted rider.
Only three riders agreed on a wage cut, but especially Masnada's new wage freeing up more than 100k was really important for us - especially as he's now an affordable loan target (at least we hope so...).

And last but not least, negotiations were unfruitful with two riders:

Team legend Marco Guillén leaves the team after a great season. We offered him a reasonable wage, especially given his first decline this offseason. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough for him. We wish him all the best and we really hope he'll find a great new team for the next season - it would be a shame to end his career after such a great year!

Thomas Boudat surely had a decent year, even being elected Young rider of the Year at Philips. However, this does in no way justify demanding an even higher wage than Guillén! We offered him what we thought being a decent wage - we definitely wanted to keep him! - but he was looking for more. The upcoming transfer season will show if he was right in doing so... We wish him all the best, and maybe we'll even bid on him again...

Finally, Gian Piero Signorini performed well below our expectations throughout the whole year. He wasn't offered a new contract, as we think our mountain squad with Saggiorato and Manfredi should still be rather powerful. We hope he'll find another team for his last prime year!

All in all, we leave the renewals process having the required minimum of 15 riders in our roster - and 255,000€ of wage cap left. Which means we should have the means to hire one great or two decent CT leaders. Furthermore, loaning out Masnada will hopefully free up some more cap space for a new talent - an exciting transfer season is awaiting us!

Looks like a good renewals for you with most of the leaders being renewed, Guillen being the big exception. Shame that Boudat wanted so much. I think he should easily find a team though.
I really like your team composition, curious to see what you do with the remaining cap space. Wouldn't have minded Cissé being a free agent though Pfft looking forward to the season Smile
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Solid renewals for sure, but it might take another season of building and developing in order to attack promotion.


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej PogaÄŤar

Yeah, in general I'm pretty satisfied. I guess I was too optimistic for Guillén, but I should get a similar sprinter for the wage he was asking for. And Boudat... I'd have loved to keep him, but I just wasn't really happy about his demand... I'm sure he'll find a team - maybe he'll even come back?

Well, we HAD to sign our only NC... But well, anything can happen during transfers ^^ I don't have a lot of plans yet, will have to see who's available on the FA market, and whom I might be able to buy. But I should definitely do something good with this cap space...

I'd even go for two more seasons of developing. Next year we should finally have Masnada and Vendrame maxed, and in two years we'll have Mäder, Gamper, Fedeli and Walscheid maxing as well - with only Saggiorato declining in the meantime. So I guess we'll have 1-2 more midfield seasons ahead, but that's not necessarily a bad thing being a "development team" Wink

A good renewals, but shame to see Guillen and Boudat leaving the team. Good luck in transfers
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2020 Jersey revealed

It's finally here! Credits to the_hoyle, who designed our official 2020 jersey. Find out everything you need to know about it - and of course the jersey itself - here!

First of all, thanks again for the jersey!
And yeah, you're right, it's a shame to part ways with both of them. Let's see how we can fill up these vacancies in our roster... Good luck to you as well!

Rider availability

After renewals is just before transfers. Although we do have a complete team consisting of 15 riders, this surely isn't our final roster yet. With about 250k of wage budget left, we'll surely try to get some more talents - and leaders - for our team.

The availability table below - shamelessly copied from the_hoyle and slightly modified - indicates how likely offers for our riders will be successful. The availability may change quite a lot depending on how the transfer season works out for us during the first days.

In any case, we're always open for discussion. Note that for our Swiss riders, we'd preferably swap them for another Swiss rider - although other deals aren't excluded.

We also currently have two loan deals to seal. For Masnada, we'd prefer deals where the loaning-in team pays at least 50,000 of his wage, so we could sign a replacement rider for him.

Rider2020 WageAvailabilityLoan status
Fausto Masnada€ 180,000•PT Loan
Jan-André Freuler€ 75,000•
Mirco Saggiorato€ 65,000•••
Issiaka Cissé€ 60,000•••
Andrea Manfredi€ 55,000•••
Cyrille Thièry€ 55,000••
Fabian Lienhard€ 55,000••
Patrick Gamper€ 50,000•
Simon Pellaud€ 50,000•••
Manuel Stocker€ 50,000••
Leonardo Basso€ 50,000••
Maximilian Walscheid€ 50,000•••
Andrea Vendrame€ 50,000•••PT Loan
Gino Mäder€ 50,000•
Alessandro Fedeli€ 50,000••
••Unlikely to leave
•••Maybe, maybe not
••••Likely to leave

In case of questions or rider offers, don't hesitate to contact us!

My guess is that Guillén just didn't feel at home in a Swiss-Italian team, and wanted to move to a Latin American one Wink Best of luck in the transfer season!
Willkommen im Tessin, Theo Reinhardt!

It is with great pleasure that we can announce you our first confirmed signing of the 2020 transfer period - German sprinter Theo Reinhardt, who joins us for a 370k fee from fellow Swiss team UBS.

Theo does already have an impressive CV, but last season in PCT sometimes struggled in getting involved in the sprints. Team UBS therefore decided to a team that could provide him a sprint train - and we jumped in!

But now, take a look at his stats:

Theo Reinhardt, Level 4.MAX, 30 y.o., € 130.000 wage

Well, while Theo may not have the biggest top speed, he'll be among the best CT sprinters when it comes down to acceleration. And given how our leadout star Manuel Stocker was able to tear apart the peloton, we're really looking forward to see Theo build up on a sprint train's work!
He will meet our former sprinter Marco Guillén, as well as some other candidates we were considering - it's up to him to show us we have chosen the right one!
Good luck, and have fun, Theo!

Benvenuto in Ticino, Gianni Moscon!

Let's go straight to our second confirmed deal - it's definitely the biggest one in our history so far! In a spectacular swap deal, we were able to sign a puncheur who will hopefully dominate the CT hills - but take a look at his stats:

Gianni Moscon, Level 4.MAX, 26 y.o., € 150.000 wage

Any more explanations needed on why our competition won't like seeing him on the CT start lines? Yeah, there's this "bad boy" thing, we know. But we want to give him another chance - and we're sure Rubens Bertogliati and the rest of our staff will handle him well!

But - how on earth were we able to sign a rider who apparently was sought after by half the PT? Well, that's the sad part of the story: We had to part ways with two of our great talents Sad
First, there's Alessandro Fedeli. The young Italian will develop into a great puncheur, too. We are sure he'll do great things for his new home team Lierse SK, which is half Italian, too.
And then, one of the greatest TT-cobbler talents around has left us, too: Patrick Gamper. We were having big plans with him, and were already looking forward to have him maxed in two years. Well, he'll surely be, but probably not with us.

Finally, it was too tempting to immediately get loads of points from Moscon, instead of waiting 2 more years for our talents to really deliver. We got him for free - but it cost us a part of our heart, of our identity. We wish our talents all the best out there in PCT - and we wish Gianni a whole lot of great races with great wins - for example in ZĂĽrich?
Welcome again, and enjoy your time here in Ticino - hopefully it will last quite a few years!

Servus, Hermann Pernsteiner!

All good things come in threes, they say, and today, "things" means "riders"!

After having presented our new star puncheur, Hermann Pernsteiner may somewhat seem to be "second class" - but he is not at all, as you can see from his stats:

Hermann Pernsteiner, Level 4.MAX, 30 y.o., € 85.000 wage

Sure, Herman's future might not be as bright as Gianni's, and the Austrian doesn't have the same top-notch punch - but he'll definitely be our joker on more mountainous hilly races. And he can even act as a very solid mountain domestique - something we really need this year with Masnada's loan-out (yet to be confirmed).

What's more, there are voices saying we hugely overpaid "Pernie", how his former manager at Isostar used to call him. Yeah, we weren't thinking a lot when we agreed to pay 600k for him - we could have gotten a mountain goat for this wage as well - but it's Pernie's motivation to prove he's worth every cent of what we paid!

Well then, let's lean back and enjoy our punching "duo infernale"! Welcome, Pernie, and prove the mockers wrong!

That's some sick additions. Well done!
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