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[PCT] Coldeportes 2016


A warm welcome to the Coldeportes HQ for the 2016 season. After two years spent in the Continental Tour as Alpina - Avianca, we have sought to rebrand following promotion to the PCT, with some government funding recognising our success as currently the only Colombian team in professional cycling and allowing our sponsorship by Coldeportes, the Administrative Department of Sport, Recreation, Physical Activity and the Use of Free Time. Despite this, our loyal sponsors Alpina, one of several dairy companies sponsoring a cycling team in the CT last year, and the national airline Avianca, remain as co-sponsors, along with Bancolombia, the national bank. Going into 2016, and facing new challenges following promotion to PCT, our goals still remain very much the same: the promotion of talent in South America, Colombia in particular, and the promotion of an attacking brand of cycling.



Credits to bwiggins for this excellent jersey, thank you very much!

Edited by Stromeon on 26-01-2016 18:26
i.imgur.com/55sT7og.png Coldeportes i.imgur.com/55sT7og.png

Vamos Nairo! #SueñoAmarillo

2015 Roster

Edited by Stromeon on 26-01-2016 18:24
i.imgur.com/55sT7og.png Coldeportes i.imgur.com/55sT7og.png

Vamos Nairo! #SueñoAmarillo

Team History

pcmdaily.com/images/mg/micro/alp.png Alpina - Avianca
Continental Tour: 11 (1053 points)
Wins: 4
Most points: Mauricio Soler (317) (12th)


Janier Alexis Acevedo Sebastian Henao
Murilo Affonso Royner Grover Navarro
Juan Esteban Arango Víctor Hugo Orozco
Edison Bravo William Germán Rodríguez Parra
Fulgencio Bru Miguel Angel Rubiano Chavez
Carlos Henrique Cancellara Mauricio Soler
Robinson Chalapud Cleberson Weber
Juan Pablo Forero Gilber Zurita
Sergio Godoy

Loaned out:
Marvin Orlando Angarita(Red Bull - Huawei)
Juan Ernesto Chamorro(Red Bull - Huawei)
Heiner Rodrigo Parra Bustamente(Grupo Nutresa)

Green denotes joined at start of season

Clasico San Cristobal3rdJanier Alexis Acevedo
Tour of the Middle East22ndCleberson Weber
GC5thMauricio Soler
Tour de San Luis32ndMauricio Soler
61stMauricio Soler
GC1stMauricio Soler
Giro del TrentinoGC4thMauricio Soler
Zimnyanya GP9thJuan Pablo Forero
Cauberg Classic9thJanier Alexis Acevedo
Tour de Langkawi32ndMauricio Soler
Tour d'Azerbaijan21stVíctor Hugo Orozco
32ndCleberson Weber
GC1stVíctor Hugo Orozco
3rdCleberson Weber
9thSergio Godoy
TeamAlpina - Avianca
Tour de Taiwan12ndCleberson Weber
KoMEdison Bravo
Tour of Scotland13rdJuan Pablo Forero
GC6thMauricio Soler
Circulo de JuarezGC9thJuan Pablo Forero
Giro del CapoGC6thEdison Bravo
U25Edison Bravo
Tour de PologneGC8thSergio Godoy
La Tropicale Amissa Bongo13rdJuan Pablo Forero
23rdJuan Pablo Forero
GC7thJuan Pablo Forero
Tour of East JavaGC10thGilber Zurita
Tatranska Klasika7thMauricio Soler
Herald Sun Tour43rdJuan Pablo Forero
53rdJuan Pablo Forero
Acropolis Cup3rdMauricio Soler
8thSergio Godoy
9thJanier Alexis Acevedo
10thCleberson Weber
Ruta America del SurGC8thCleberson Weber
Zuri Metzgete8thJanier Alexis Acevedo

Year in pictures:
Murilo Affonso showcases his Brazilian NC by getting in the break in the very first race of the season, the Clasico San Cristobal. Acevedo finished a very strong 3rd; an excellent start to the season

Sergio Godoy on the attack in the closing stages of Stage 2 of the Tour of the Middle East

Edison Bravo was one of the unheralded stars of 2015, always on the attack and featuring regularly in the breakaway. Here he is (on the right) in the Middle East.

Mauricio Soler attacks en route to a win on stage 6 at San Luis...

...thus sealing his overall victory in the race!

He appeared to be continuing his good form in Langkawi, here seen sprinting to 2nd place atop the Cameron Highlands. However he struggled at the tougher Genting Highlands, and later quit the race due to injury. With Soler abandoning and Forero abysmal in a sprinter's paradise of a race, Langkawi was a definite low point of the season.

However, in Azerbaijan we were back to our best: Víctor Hugo Orozco took a somewhat surprising win in a hilly stage 2.

Even more surprising was what followed, a magnificent team attack on the next stage anticipated the moves from other, stronger favourites and defended Orozco's yellow jersey in style. With Orozco winning and Weber taking 3rd overall, this was a race to remember for Alpina!

However, this extraordinary success was followed, perhaps rather predictably, by a rather fallow period across May and June. Forero was abject in the various flat stage races and this shot of Cleberson Weber during the MTT in the Giro del Capo is about the only thing worth shouting about from that period, apart from Edison Bravo's brave breakaway efforts.

The sprint train gets organised for once in Gabon, as Forero delivered a couple of well-needed podiums in the sprint in an uncharacteristically consistent race.

At last, after a lengthy period where notable results were rather intermittent, the Acropolis Cup at the beginning of September was a key result for the promotion push. A 3-8-9-10 from Soler, Godoy, Acevedo and Weber was a much-needed points haul.

Heading in to the close of the season with a home race - our only C1 race of the season, Colombian Venteaux, and a semi-home race in the Ruta America del Sur, we were reasonably confident of a strong finish to the season after the team showing in Greece. However, we were disappointing and it was this rather futile last stage attack from Acevedo that was the only thing of note, meaning we finished agonisingly outside the top 10, one of our main goals of the season. Nevertheless promotion was just, but only just, secured with the help of some disbandments higher up the structure and we now look forward to our first season in the PCT with great anticipation!

i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys14/alp.png Alpina - Avianca

Continental Tour

Murilo Affonso Sebastian Henao
Marvin Orlando Angarita Diego Antonio Ochoa
Juan Esteban Arango Víctor Hugo Orozco
Edison Bravo Heiner Rodrigo Parra Bustamente
Fulgencio Bru Ever Rivera
Carlos Henrique Cancellara William Germán Rodríguez Parra
Robinson Chalapud Miguel Angel Rubiano Chavez
Juan Ernesto Chamorro Gilber Zurita
Juan Pablo Forero

Royner Grover Navarro

Red denotes left at end of season

Results and gallery coming

Edited by Stromeon on 26-01-2016 18:25
i.imgur.com/55sT7og.png Coldeportes i.imgur.com/55sT7og.png

Vamos Nairo! #SueñoAmarillo
reserved (last one)
i.imgur.com/55sT7og.png Coldeportes i.imgur.com/55sT7og.png

Vamos Nairo! #SueñoAmarillo
Great looking shirt for the new campaign, bwiggins has done a great job.
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Looks like a great HQ, and a very nice team - especially climbing-wise - to start from for your PCT adventure. Best of luck!

Also yeah that jersey is simply stunning.
(Former) Manager of pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gen.png Generali pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gen.png
Wow, that's a fresh shirt! Good luck in PCT mate!

Post-Renewals Update

Janier Alexis Acevedo7331€80,000- €20,000
Murilo Affonso7025€50,000none
Marvin Orlando Angarita7126€50,000- €10,000
Edison Bravo7224€50,000none
Fulgencio Bru7225€50,000none
Carlos Henrique Cancellara7123€50,000none
Juan Ernesto Chamorro7525€115,000+ €25,000
Juan Pablo Forero7333€60,000- €15,000
Sergio Godoy7228€55,000- €10,000
Sebastian Henao7023€50,000none
Royner Grover Navarro6924€50,000none
Victor Hugo Orozco7330€60,000- €5,000
Heiner Rodrigo Parra Bustamente7325€50,000- €5,000
William Germán Rodríguez Parra7029€50,000none
Mauricio Soler7233€90,000- €30,000
Cleberson Weber7332€95,000- €30,000
Gilber Zurita7329€50,000none
Juan Esteban Arango7130€0- €50,000
Robinson Chalapud7132€0- €50,000
Miguel Angel Rubiano Chavez7132€0- €50,000

We took a fairly conservative approach to renewals, renewing the contracts of all but three of our riders, with Arango, Chalapud and Rubiano all approaching years of decline without really having been any good in the first place anyway. Nevertheless we thank them for two years of loyal service at Alpina. Meanwhile, back in the squad despite numerous talents levelling up only Chamorro insisted on having a wage increase, although returning to us having spent a season in the PT at Red Bull - Huawei including a memorable stage win in Tirreno-Adriatico we think he probably deserves it. We were able to negotiate with riders to ensure that he was the only one with a wage over €100,000, which we are quite pleased with.

With regards to availability, the following riders will definitely be available on the transfer market (although we are willing to listen to offers for most riders).

Juan Pablo Forero
Mauricio Soler
Gilber Zurita

We are also considering the option of a PT loan for some of our level 4 talents, details of that may come shortly.
i.imgur.com/55sT7og.png Coldeportes i.imgur.com/55sT7og.png

Vamos Nairo! #SueñoAmarillo
Ian Butler
Interesting. We're looking for a South American leader for our team Smile we will be talking once the transfer season opens!
The Rider
Renewals add up very nicely, by the looks of it. Some good point-scorers secured with a huge amount of cap space left.

A bit surprised you kept, more cold than hot, Forero though! But, what do I know!

Good luck for the transfer period. Smile
@Ian: Interesting indeed Pfft - looking forward to future communications!

@The Rider: Thanks, spent a while deciding whether we could be bothered to keep Forero, but he's still a decent sprinter (well... statistically anyway) for a pretty low wage I guess. All in the name of team spirit and continuity etc. Pfft


Colombian VenteauxWin
Tour of VancouverTop 5
Vuelta al TachiraTop 5
Tour d'Andorra OR Tour de San LuisWin
PCT Team StandingsTop 15

As one might be able to see, there's a certain terrain focus for us going into the transfer season, one that one might traditionally associate with our home nation...
i.imgur.com/55sT7og.png Coldeportes i.imgur.com/55sT7og.png

Vamos Nairo! #SueñoAmarillo

Transfer Update

Three new signings are announced, who will frontline our bid to achieve pleasant mediocrity in our first year in the PCT:

Rigoberto Úran [29, €700k]


Rigo riding in the colours of Bacardi at last year's Tour de France, where he finished 8th overall.

Carlos Betancourt [27, €250k]


Carlos won the Tour of Beijing in 2014, including the final stage, riding for FCB - Polska

Sergio Barrio [29, €95k]

Sergio can be seen somewhere on this screen, riding a strong race in Fleche Wallonne as a domestique for Movistar - US Postal. I'm sure he will enjoy leadership opportunities in the PCT a bit more!

Of course the big news is the arrival of Úran, who justifies our heavy mountain/stage-racing focus in our goals. For the first time ever, we've been able to secure our primary target in the transfer season, although he does not come cheap. Hopefully he can use his strong time-trialling ability to complement his excellent climbing and win some important races for us in the season.

Just as Úran is Colombia's premier stage racer, Carlos Betancourt is Colombia's premier puncheur and we are delighted to welcome him on board for a wage quite a bit less than what he rode for for his former team the previous season, despite signing him from the free agency.

Finally, Sergio Barrio is the first ever rider on this team to hail from outside South America. Nevertheless, he's still Spanish so will blend in well with the time. We are very happy to welcome him from Movistar - US Postal on a transfer, and look forward to his puncheur partnership with Betancourt over the course of the season.
i.imgur.com/55sT7og.png Coldeportes i.imgur.com/55sT7og.png

Vamos Nairo! #SueñoAmarillo
Best of luck to Barrio. He didn't do much for me, but hopefully he can turn things around for you. Úran is a great signing, but crazy to see all these top flight climbers going to the PCT. Will be interesting to see what he can do.
A nice trio arriving. A nice one.

Never been a fan of Barrio though. So make it a nice duo arriving Pfft
Uran didn't do much in PT last year, but that wage is still a steal. Congrats.
Ian Butler
Wow, some amazing signings! Makes me instantly afraid of being in the same league Pfft

However, I'm happy we took Soler of your hands and - coming from the same region - we hope to keep our ties friendly. Perhaps we can work together in a few races, get the South Americans up the road, cooperate! I know a few who are up for a challenge. Like Rodas or someone Wink Cool
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