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Andy Schleck - Can't slow down - S4 - #88 Time to say goodbye
One man.
A lost battle against his body.
A broken career.
An ended career.
Left is a cracked person.
Frazzled by the media.
Called unprofessional.
Lost his glory.
Broke with his country.
But he's not done yet.
Working harder than ever.
Under a new flag.
Tries to get back again.
To be stronger.
Stronger than he ever was.
For all the kids out there.
For his fans.
For cycling.
And for himself.
He can't slow down anymore.

NameAndy Schleck
Rider typeClimber
TeamBora Argon18


Edited by Croatia14 on 05-04-2016 14:31

Istrian Spring TrophyMountains Classification2.2.
Circuit des Ardennes InternationalMountains Classification2.2.
Tour du Loir et Cher ProvostMountains Classification2.2.
Oberösterreich Rundfahrt1st GC2.2.
Oberösterreich RundfahrtStage Victory2.2.
Vuelta a Mallorca3rd GC2.1.
Vuelta a Murcia6th1.1.
Tour de Langkawi6th GC2.HC.
Coppa Citta di Stresa1st1.1.
GP Miguel Indurain1st1.1.
Klasika Primavera5th1.1.
Szlakiem Grodòw PiastowskichStage Victory2.1.
Szlakiem Grodòw Piastowskich3rd GC2.1.
Szlakiem Grodòw PiastowskichPoints Classification2.1.
Amgen Tour of California1st GC2.HC.
Amgen Tour of California2*Stage Victory2.HC.
Uno-X Tour of Norway3rd GC2.HC.
Rund um Köln1st1.1.
Int. Österreich Rundfahrt2nd GC2.HC.
Prueba Villafranca-Ordiziako Klasika1st1.1.
Volta a Portugal2*Stage Victory2.1.
Volta a Portugal1st GC2.1.
Volta a PortugalPoints Classification2.1.
Giro dell'Emilia8th1.HC
Tour Down Under7th GCUWT
Vuelta a Mallorca1st GC2.1.
Vuelta a MallorcaStage Victory2.1.
Paris-NiceStage VistoryUWT
Paris-NiceMountains ClassificationUWT
Volta a Catalunya Stage VictoryUWT
Vuelta al Pais Vasco 3*Stage VictoryUWT
Vuelta al Pais Vasco 1st GCUWT
Vuelta al Pais Vasco Points ClassificationUWT
Tour de Romandie7th GCUWT
Giro d'Italia Stage VictoryGT
Clasica San Sebastian 6thCLA
Vuelta Espana 2*Stage VictoryGT
Vuelta Espana 2nd GCGT
GP d'Isbergues1st1.1.
Giro del Piemonte1st1.HC
Il Lombardia1stMON
Tirreno Adriatico7th GCUWT
Volta a Catalunya 2*Stage VictoryUWT
Volta a Catalunya 1st GCUWT
Volta a Catalunya Points ClassificationUWT
Vuelta al Pais Vasco Stage VictoryUWT
Vuelta al Pais Vasco Points ClassificationUWT
German Championship RR3rdNC
Tour de France Stage VictoryTDF
Tour de France 1st GCTDF


Season 1 - Team Stölting - 2015

#1 Can't slow down
#2 Maybe I will try
#3 Team presentation
#4 A first try
#5 High hopes in croatia
#6 Hunt for a result
#7 French jerseys are the best
#8 Preparing for the season highlights
#9 Big German races
#10 Finally
#11 Team choice
#12 NCs - Nothing to get?
#13 A step up in German cycling
#14 Goodbye to Stölting

Season 2 - Bora Argon18 - 2016

#15 Welcome to Bora Argon18
#16 Season Opener
#17 More climbing in Spain
#18 Sick days
#19 Surprise, surprise!
#20 Double or Nothing
#21 Can we hold the form?
#22 Try a "Martin"
#23 May Madness Part1
#24 May Madness Part2
#25 May Madness Part3
#26 Dreams
#27 NC glory?
#28 Europe Tour GC Highlight
#29 Make them good legs work
#30 A small iberian Grand Tour
#31 Can we continue?
#32 Italian Season Closer
#33 Bridge the winter gap

Season 3 - Bora Argon18 - 2017

#34 World Tour Comeback
#35 2agan Sagan
#36 Race to the Sun
#37 Feed the endurance engine
#38 Unknown terrain
#39 Orange is the best motivation
#40 Start to our classics campaign
#41 We had that already!?
#42 You sometimes need luck
#43 Latest test for the Giro
#44 Can we make it up?
#45 The comeback is on
#46 Quickened by the glory?
#47 Turnaround before the rest day
#48 Through the pain
#49 Drastic plan changes
#50 Back with a classic
#51 The streak continues
#52 Deliver or relegate
#53 Not again
#54 Recovering
#55 La Vuelta peaks in the first week
#56 Legs are there to blow them apart
#57 Heading up high
#58 Watch me rise
#59 Lombardia preperation
#60 Colourful autumn leaves
#61 Season 3 Summary

Season 4 - Bora Argon 18 - 2018

#62 Speed up for Season 4
#63 Ready for a yellow jersey season?
#64 Primavera madness
#65 New country, better results?
#66 Seal the deal climbing?
#67 If you can´t seal the deal attempt to steal the deal
#68 Down and up
#69 Attack the podium
#70 Rough classics opener
#71 Revenge in Belgium?
#72 Race for the L-B-L repeat
#73 Tough talks
#74 Things can only get better
#75 Is there some form left?
#76 First Tour for a long time
#77 Let the games begin
#78 Le Tour 2018: Stage 2
#79 Le Tour 2018: Spring days
#80 Le Tour 2018: First week done
#81 Mountains incoming
#82 Transition days gone wild
#83 Deep into the alps
#84 All gone?
#85 The last shot
#86 Red zone
#87 Finally
#88 Time to say goodbye
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First I thought this was a Tecnichal Difficulty placed on a wrong section :lol:

No way Armstrong? :lol:

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Ian Butler
Same here. You're lucky I clicked on it because I was bored Grin

And, of course, good luck Smile
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@Emre&Ian thx Grin changed the title to make it clearer Grin
Forever the Best
Andy Schleck?Grin
Lance Armstrong?
#2 Maybe I will try

It was clear for me that I couldn't easily just come back to cycling. At first I wanted to get a job at the national cycling federation in my home country, but they were mad as hell.
"No way I could work there, not by the way left us! Not by the way you let the hopes of our whole country down!"
We, me and my family, were persecuted by this for months. So I started thinking about how to show them that they made a mistake. Through the years of cycling I have my connections in many nations, so I decided to go for a thing I never thought I would do. Talking to another cycling federation than the one from my home country. This country is having a hard time with the popularity of cycling, hating dopers more than any other countries,despite having so many world-class riders. But there was no climbing idol they could identify with, and that's where their interest began. They wanted a climber to identify with, and I wanted to work with young cycling talents My thoughts were "hey, that's something I could give cycling back", so I decided to grab the chance to take one of the management positions in a smaller continental teams, mostly filled with talents.
By the time a lot of their prospects talked to me:
"Why did you give up?"
"Beacuse there was no choice. I had no trust in me and my body anymore."
And after seriously loads of questions like: "Can you imagine to come back once?" - I answered "no" everytime - I thought about that. Firstly on my own, then with my wife.
For the last months I didn´t went on my bike very often, mainly I enjoyed my family life and gave myself some healing time, the first time since I started cycling. Only invitaions for special projects could bring me back on the bike. But the short talk to the young man lighted up the fire in me again.
"Maybe I will try" was my answer, when the young captain asked me the final question: "You were an inspiration for me as a kid when I saw you flying up the mountains with your mates. You brought me to cycling. Will you ever fly a mountain up with me?"
"Maybe I will try."

Who is it? Grin
#3 Team Presentation

Finally I can announce where I restart my career at the beginning of 2015: The German Team Stölting gave me the chance to work further on my dream. At the team presentation some time ago...


...I was only there in the background, and didn´t expect to ride with the team in three months. But after having our training camp on the "German State of Malle", where I had a ride on one of our bikes by the time, Jochen Hahn, Silvio Herklotz and I had the discussion. Luke Roberts left the team last season, Martin Reimer was not really fit to be the road captain, so there was a hole to be filled. We agreed that I try to do it, guiding our young riders (not on full risks of course) through the races. The experiment is only temporary at first, one season is the plan.
We went to a race of the German Rad-Bundesliga, where I gave myself a first go. As I already implied, I will ride for Germany since the 1st of January 2015.


Now we built the schedule, it contains our season openers:

28.2.Ster van Zwolle1.2.
12.3.-15.3.Istrian Spring Trophy2.2.
25.3.-29.3.Volta ao Altenejo2.2.

Sadly I won´t be able to support my guys at the U23 races, you will see me in the team car there. Especially Silvio, Lennard and Moritz will be the riders I will coach.
The next update will be from my first race, Ster van Zwolle in the Netherlands.

See you,

Andy Schleck

ps: Let me no whether you want to see my Bio & Stats on the front page or not...
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Wait andy schleck is from Luxembourg tho
@maxime86: I know, but for this I gave the background in the previous episodes
Yay, I know I'm probably one of the few guys left that liked Andy, but this in combination with my favourite team (I just talked to Herklotz and Kämna last weekend) will certainly make me follow closely Smile
Andy Schleck has always been one of my favourite riders and I was very disappointed when he stopped, will follow very closely. Smile

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
#4 A first try

Somewhere in the Netherlands, 28.2.2015

Hey guys,
I´m writing you from our team bus, and we´re just about to leave the Netherlands on our way back to Germany. We had our UCI-debut race for this season, the Ster van Zwolle in the Netherlands. It´s a 1.2 race, 177km of flat streets around Zwolle.
Having no real captain here, we wanted to go into the break and maybe try some late attacks on the pan-flat streets. My role was to guide our guys, and give them hints when to try something. Silvio and Jan should be our men for the attacks, and I rode closely to them as long as we were together in the pack.
Moritz had a try in the break, but the teams clearly didn´t want to give a group a useful advantage. Sadly there was no wind, so the sprinters had no trouble to stay in the peloton. So as the finishing line came nearer, I brought Silvio and Jan near to the fore. Silvio should try something surprising, and Jan had the plan to take a sprinters backwheel.
Then I lifted my legs up, hoping for a Top10 result of one of our men. But the pace was really too high for us today. There was no time for any attacks upfront, so Silvio lead out Jan himself, who couldn´t take more than P21. Alexander Krieger took the win for Leopard, and I crossed the line a couple of seconds later at the end of the big peloton.
It´s nice to see a young german win, but clearly one of the wrong team Wink But maybe he will join our team next season, the combination of a young talented German and Stölting have we seen often lately.
I will now build up some form, so that I can hopefully help my guys un´til the end when the racing gets harder in the hills of Croatia. Hopefully I can find some sleep now, the young guys around me are mainly fallen asleep. But next time I write you from our team bus we may have some reason to party already, especially when Silvio feels good for the Istrian Spring Trophy...

Bis Bald, Andy
Forever the Best
Silvio always performed well at Istrian Spring Trophy, so good luck!
#5 High hopes in croatia

Umag, 16.3.2015

Hey guys,
I just have time for a quick overview of our time in Istria (Croatia) before we leave this beautiful place. The Istrian Spring Trophy is a 2.2. race throught the bumpy roads near the Adria.
The first stage was a flat prolouge, not that interesting for me as I came here to support Silvio. He finished in the Top 10, looking great for the further stage. I found myself very close to the end of the table, losing 45 seconds on just 7 kilometers.
But on the second stage we decided to go full gas. After the break got caught early we brought Silvio up to the top of the 5 km finishing hill, which was only steep at the beginning. Action started when main favourite Santambrogio attacked. I followed this one, just to make sure that Silvio can stay on some backwheels in the peloton. But Santambrogio decided to chill, and I had no interest in leading him out to the line. So I decided to ride him off my wheel with a quick punch in a steep section...
...but Santambrogio showed no mercy with me. On the flatter section I really started to get into trouble. What´s even worse is that Silvio got boxed in by the Meridiana riders helping yellow jersey Bruno Maltar, who was just not good enough for this punch...
So Santambrogio reached me, and I refused to help him (but had nothing left to be honest), while Synergy Baku rider Matej Mugerli came across to us and went away. The Slovenian managed to go all the way to the line to celebrate his first victory of the season after a great last year.
Two riders, I think Bille and Handley, reached us as well, we came in as a group of four 14 seconds down on Matej. I finished on P5, all the riders behind me including Silvio got the same time, losing around 30 seconds to the winner.

Stage 3 had a bumpy profile. On the final hill this day everything should be about positioning. So our man Nils and Lennard brought us to the front with 8 to go.
The remaining breakaway rider got caught, and both Silvio and I took some backwheels, being not in the best position at all. We could only fill the gaps, so that we didn't lose any time despite the bonus seconds on winner Santambrogio, coming in on 11 and 12.
Luckily we secured the 10th place of Silvio, which made us reach our minimum goal here.
We had no real interest in stage 4 anymore, so we took it easy, only securing that Silvio stayes out of trouble.
The flat stage didn´t cause any problems for us. Silvio finished safely in the peloton; Ahmet Örken took the win for Torku.

Final GC
1Matej MugerliSynergy Baku Cycling Project10h30'33
2Mauro SantambrogioAmore & Vita - Selle SMP+ 3
3Richard HandleyJlt Condor+ 33
4Bruno MaltarMeridiana Kamen Team+ 36
5Gaetan BilleVérandas Willems+ 40
6Ioannis TamouridisSynergy Baku Cycling Project+ 44
7Olivier PardiniVérandas Willems+ 46
8Gregory BrenesJamis - Hagens Berman+ 49
9Giovanni CarboniTeam Unieuro Wilier Trevigianis.t.
10Silvio HerklotzTeam Stölting+ 50
18Andy SchleckTeam Stölting+ 1'06

We are a little disappointed with this result, but Silvios form should peak later in this year. The profiles were also slightly too easy for SIivio and heavily too easy for me. But mountains are hard to find in .2 races...
The upcoming race takes place in Portugal, but sadly it will be flat. Maybe we have a chance to go for the mountains jersey there, I would love to bring in the first jersey of the season for us.

Bis Bald, Andy
Santambrogio Angry

Anyway a 10th place is OK Smile
Great read! Congrats on the Top 10, don't worry, it'll be 9th once the post-race doping testing comes back! Wink

Good luck in Portugal! Smile
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