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Burgos BH - The Only Way Is Up! [Abandoned]
Manager’s Profile
Name: Carlos Ortega
D.O.B.: 17/05/1974
Birthplace: Burgos, Spain
Previous cycling experience:
RFEC (Spanish Cycling Federation)
2001-2002 – Trainee
2003-2004 – Assistant Trainer
2005-2008 – Head Trainer
2009-2011 – Assistant Manager

Hello, my name is Carlos Ortega and I am the new manager of the cycling team Burgos BH-Castilla y León. But first, please allow me to introduce myself.

I am a local, born in Burgos, the capital of the Castile and Leon region in northern Spain.

My family has always been heavily involved in sports. My father played football for Barcelona’s under-18 squad. After having a moderately successful career as in local football, he returned to Barcelona and served there as a trainer for many years. My mother and two older sisters have all represented Spain at international gymnastics meetings. My oldest sister even won a bronze medal at the World Championships.

As for me, I was not as successful on the sporting field. In my early 20s I took up cycling as a hobby but was never seriously invested in the sport. However one day, that would all change.

A friend at the local cycling club told me he was working with the RFEC (Spanish Cycling Federation) and they needed volunteers to help out with the National Championships later that year and asked if I would like to help out. Two months later and I was completely hooked on cycling. I immediately sought out a position within the federation and was fortunate enough to be given a chance to prove myself.

For the past eleven years I have been working with the national cycling team, and have gradually moved up the ranks to become the Assistant Manager. In October last year I received a call from the owner of the then-named Burgos 2016 team inquiring if I would be interested in a major role in the team. Apprehensive at the big responsibility, I replied that I would think about it and get back to him. And then promptly forgot all about it.

A month later, I received another call politely demanding to know if I had made up my mind yet. I knew there was something I’d been forgetting! On a whim, I decided that I should at least turn up for the interview. To my surprise, the owner called back a few days after the interview to offer me the role of team director! I was humbled by the offer, and gratefully accepted.

Now I am tasked with the difficult task of growing this team from a struggling Continental team to a future major tour contender. Wish me luck!

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Okay, so this is my first attempt at a story in PCM. I’m still fairly new to the game, so please bear with me if I don’t understand some aspects of career mode just yet.

Game Details
Database: PCM.Daily Expansion Pack (with some very minor edits to riders’ reputation levels - see spoiler)
Reputation changes (all riders had 0 reputation at the start)
Rui Costa to 66
Danilo Di Luca to 53
Ijo Keisse to 35
Matteo Trentin to 15
Alejandro Valverde to 77
Career Difficulty: Normal
Race Difficulty: Normal
Rider Evolution: 0.5
Random Potential: No

I will next post a quick description of our squad. After that, feel free to post any questions, comments or suggestions here, and thanks for reading! Grin
Hello, it’s Carlos here again. This is the squad that the previous management has signed for our 2012 season. I wasn’t expecting much, but they seem to be a decent bunch of riders, some of whom I’ve met briefly before. They also seem to get along well as a team which gives me some confidence in our chances for the season ahead.

Team Leaders

David Belda
Previous Team(s): 2011 - Burgos 2016 Castilla y León

The most well-known rider in our team, David is a talented climber and a real standout in this team. Most likely, he will be our top rider this coming year as he should be the outright leader for many of our stage races. He is also the oldest rider in the squad which means he will act as a mentor and role-model for the younger riders.

Damien Branaa
Previous Team(s): None

A similar rider to Belda in many ways, he may end up taking over his duties in other races. Another good puncher who will be protected well and given plenty of chances to shine in his own right, Branaa will probably be our biggest drawcard in French races.

Lluis Guillermo Mas
Previous Team(s): 2010-11 - Burgos 2016 Castilla y León

This young man is going to go places in the near future (hopefully with us!). He is easily our best rider on the flat, and even if GC victories may be asking a bit much of him at this point, he will undoubtedly go well in the young riders classification. Not an out-and-out sprinter but he has a quick turn of speed and will be our first choice in sprint finishes.

Second-Tier Riders

Francisco Manuel Antón
Previous Team(s): 2010-11 - Burgos 2016 Castilla y León

A decent sprinter who is our designated lead-out man Lluis Mas, who he has been a team-mate of for the past two years. Still young and has plenty of time to develop into a top rider if he applies himself.

Nicolas Capdepuy
Previous Team(s): None

Our other Frenchman, Nic’s main strength is his strong ability as a fighter. Interesting to see how he develops over the next two years, but not one of our top riders right now.

Efren Carazo
Previous Team(s): None

A strong all-rounder, Efren is definitely one to look out for long into the future. His climbing ability will see him as a solid support rider for Belda or Branaa, with the possibility of doing more as the season progresses.

Pascual Orengo
Previous Team(s): 2010-11 - Burgos 2016 Castilla y León

A mainstay of the Burgos structure in the last few years, he may find his role being taken over by others such as Carazo but is nevertheless a valuable member of the squad who given the right circumstances could have a big impact.

Oscar Santamaria
Previous Team(s): None

Only 18 years old, and a project rider for us over the next three years. Another who will be given time and opportunity to prove what we see as plenty of good potential. If we enter any cobbled races he will be given freedom to work for himself and hopefully get some results.

Pablo Torres
Previous Team(s): None

One of our best riders on the flat, Torres will be expected to provide support for Mas primarily, with the option of sending him out solo to try his luck on some flat stages due to his stronger stamina.

Thrid-Tier Riders

Jóni Brandão
Previous Team(s): None

The sole Portuguese rider at Burgos, Jóni is a skillful rider who could surprise some people with some strong performances in the next two years. His riding in prologues is among the best in the team, as is his talent as a fighter.

Ruben Jimenez
Previous Team(s): 2011 - Burgos 2016 Castilla y León

The only native rider from the Castile and Leon region, Ruben will be the third man in the sprint train for the moment, but could see his role evolve further in the next three years.

Carlos Verona
Previous Team(s): 2011 - Burgos 2016 Castilla y León

A solid rider who will likely be used as a versatile utility for the top riders in the year ahead. Still just 19 years of age and his main objective is to continue to further his development.

Overall a young squad who seem to be quite versatile as well. Here’s hoping we can pull off a few upsets over the bigger, more-fancied teams this year.

Ian Butler
Good luck with your first story Wink
Good luck, great preview btw
Gig 'em Aggies

Fast N' Loud Cycling Project - ICL
Thanks for the support guys, much appreciated

The new year has begun and already it’s down to business. First on the agenda was to meet with the team’s two main sponsors, Burgos and Castilla y León to discuss the team, and what they wanted out of us for the year ahead. They each set us a few goal races for the season, but more on that later.

They both had basically the same opinion of the team’s squad; there was no individual rider who was popular enough to represent the team (with David Belda being the most well-known) and that having only one local rider in Jimenez was nowhere near enough.


Next up was to meet with race organisers to ask for invitations to appear in races throughout the year. Although it wasn’t necessary to ask for every race just yet, it would definitely help for our planning of the rider’s schedules. Fortunately, we got invites to most of the races our sponsors had in mind, along with the two other races mentioned as important by our sponsors (Vuelta a Burgos and Vuelta a Castilla y León).



Our first race will be the Vuelta a Mallorca in the start of February, which will be a great chance to get some race days in before our first major goal in the Tour of South Africa. Until then we’ve set out some basic training plans and will hopefully be fully prepared by the time it comes around.

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Good Luck with Burgos BH, hope you have a lot of success Smile
@sutty: Thanks!

1st February, 2012

I got a phone call today from the RFEC regarding the national team. I thought it was all sorted out last year when I informed them of my new job at Burgos! Or so I thought.

It turns out they still want me to be part of the selection team despite my involvement with a tour team. Apparently our riders aren’t good enough for it to be considered a conflict of interest! We’ll show them I thought, but they were probably right. For now.

Summary of January 2012

Australia NC RRS. Gerrans (OGE)C. Evans (BMC)H. Haussler (GRS)
Australia NC ITTJ. Bobridge (OGE)C. Evans (BMC)R. Porte (SKY)
Tour Down UnderT. Machado (RNT)M. Tjallingii (RAB)M. Barry (SKY)
Tour de San LuisMichael Mørkøv (STB)M. Pinotti (BMC)J. Moreno (MOV)
New Zealand Cycle ClassicN. Eeckhout (SKT)E. Clancy (RCS)T. Zirbel (OPT)
GP la MarseillaiseF. Gavazzi (AST)S. Hinault (ALM)J. Castroviejo (MOV)

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Good luck, you're certainly up for a tough challenge with this team.
Thanks, it will be tough but I hope it will be rewarding in the long term. 1st stage will be up tomorrow, the write-up is taking awhile.

Race Preview
Vuelta a Mallorca

The big names announced for this year’s race have been the following

• Thomas De Gendt (VCD)
• Maxim Iglinskiy and Enrico Gasparotto (AST)
• Fabian Cancellara and Haimar Zubeldia (RNT)
• Joaquim Rodriguez (KAT)
• Bradley Wiggins (SKY)

Full startlist:

As for Burgos BH, all our three leaders (Branaa, Belda and Mas) will be appearing to get some race days in before their main objectives begin. Expect us to try our luck in breakaways, with even our strongest riders being clearly outclassed by some of cycling’s biggest stars. If that fails, Belda and Branaa could surprise in the hills with Lluis Mas being our best hope in the first two days. We don’t expect much, but would love to finish in the top 10 in a stage and have a rider in the top 20 GC.

Hope to see you there!
Looks like the team are in for a hard race judging by the startlist Frown
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Vuelta a Mallorca
Stage 1


Here they are at the starting line.
The race referee waves the flag to start the race!

There are plenty of early attempts at a breakaway, but the front of the peloton is not letting them get away. Kristoff (KAT) takes the opening sprint. Breakaway just after the sprint line and this time it works;

D. Kostyuk (LAM)
N. Sijmens (COF)
D. Van Winden (RAB)
F.J. Moreno (AND)

Lars Bak (LTB) attempts to break too, but the peleton are quick to react to that and he is stopped. A sudden abandonment from J.F. Aramendia (CJR). Farnese Vini and Euskaltel are keen to set the pace while Wiggins (SKY) is at the front, making sure nobody gets away from him, alongside his team-mate Puccio.

Just past halfway, most of the big teams have two riders near the front now.

Horrach (KAT) has fallen, but bravely gets back on his bike to see out the stage.

Now is when we start to get more active in the race. Anton and Mas are moved toward the front of the peloton by Orengo and Verona to prepare for a closing sprint as the breakaway is fast losing ground. With 19kms left, Branaa attempts an attack.

Unfortunately for him, they’re prepared and he won’t get away. Our sprint train is now set up; Orengo-Verona-Belda-Anton-Mas. Verona is unable to keep up though. With the breakaway caught 10kms from the finish, Sijmens (COF) decides to give it one last shot.

At 5kms to go, he is caught. Chaos at the back of the pack, several riders fall including Roe (BMC), Parrinello (AND), Klier (GRS) and Porto (CMP).

Belda leads the duo of Anton and Mas right to the front, we might be a chance!

But they can’t quite stay up with the best of them, as Roelandts (LTB) leads out the sprint. Boasson Hagen (SKY) charges past with 100m to go and takes the 1st stage!

Florencio (KAT) continues his outstanding form of late coming in 3rd.

Not a great day for us, but only to be expected really with such a strong field. Belda showed some impressive speed late, so hopefully he’ll be in some good form soon.

1Edvald Boasson HagenSky Procycling2h31'02
2Danilo WyssBMC Racing Teams.t.
3Xavier FlorencioKatusha Teams.t.
4Jürgen RoelandtsLotto Belisol Teams.t.
5Alexandre PichotTeam Europcars.t.
6Julien SimonSaur - Sojasuns.t.
7Michael MørkøvTeam Saxo Bank - Tinkoff Banks.t.
8Juan José HaedoTeam Saxo Bank - Tinkoff Banks.t.
9Andrea GuardiniFarnese Vini - Selle Italias.t.
10Mark RenshawRabobank Cycling Teams.t.

11Borut BožicAstana Pro Teams.t.
12Filippo PozzatoFarnese Vini - Selle Italias.t.
13Alexander KristoffKatusha Teams.t.
14Elia FavilliFarnese Vini - Selle Italias.t.
15Giacomo NizzoloRadioShack - Nissans.t.
16Luis León SánchezRabobank Cycling Teams.t.
17Michael RogersSky Procyclings.t.
18Paul MartensRabobank Cycling Teams.t.
19Jeremy HuntSky Procyclings.t.
20Fabian CancellaraRadioShack - Nissans.t.
21Sacha ModoloColnago - CSF Inoxs.t.
22Michael BarrySky Procyclings.t.
23Maxime VantommeKatusha Teams.t.
24Maarten TjallingiiRabobank Cycling Teams.t.
25Jakob RatheGarmin - Sharps.t.
26Lluis Guillermo MasBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
27Maxime MonfortRadioShack - Nissans.t.
28Wilson MarentesColombia - Coldeportess.t.
29Fabio DuarteColombia - Coldeportess.t.
30Ángel MadrazoMovistar Teams.t.
31Salvatore PuccioSky Procyclings.t.
32Francisco Manuel AntónBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
33Miguel UbetoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
34Marcus BurghardtBMC Racing Teams.t.
35Miguel RubianoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
36Alessandro BazzanaTeam Type 1 - Sanofis.t.
37Rui CostaMovistar Teams.t.
38Jon AberasturiOrbea Continentals.t.
39Daniel MorenoKatusha Teams.t.
40Luis Felipe LaverdeColombia - Coldeportess.t.
41Iván GutiérrezMovistar Teams.t.
42Johann TschoppBMC Racing Teams.t.
43Michele ScarponiLampre - ISDs.t.
44Lars Petter NordhaugSky Procyclings.t.
45Maarten WynantsRabobank Cycling Teams.t.
46David BeldaBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
47Enrico GasparottoAstana Pro Teams.t.
48Amets TxurrukaEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
49Alejandro ValverdeMovistar Teams.t.
50David VeilleuxTeam Europcars.t.
51Chris HornerRadioShack - Nissans.t.
52Andriy GrivkoAstana Pro Teams.t.
53Christophe KernTeam Europcars.t.
54Ryder HesjedalGarmin - Sharps.t.
55Gorka VerdugoEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
56Egoi MartínezEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
57Joaquím RodríguezKatusha Teams.t.
58Yohann GèneTeam Europcars.t.
59Haimar ZubeldiaRadioShack - Nissans.t.
60Pablo UrtasunEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
61Stephen CummingsBMC Racing Teams.t.
62Damien BranaaBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
63Igor AntónEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
64Dennis Van WindenRabobank Cycling Teams.t.
65Pascual OrengoBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
66Samuel CaldeiraCarmim - Prios.t.
67Aleksandr KuschynskiKatusha Teams.t.
68Carlos VeronaBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
69Gianni MeersmanLotto Belisol Teams.t.
70Lucas Sebastián HaedoTeam Saxo Bank - Tinkoff Banks.t.
71Cristiano BenenatiFarnese Vini - Selle Italias.t.
72Francisco Javier MorenoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
73Daniele PietropolliLampre - ISDs.t.
74Brent BookwalterBMC Racing Teams.t.
75Roman KreuzigerAstana Pro Teams.t.
76Vincent JérômeTeam Europcars.t.
77Maxim IglinskiyAstana Pro Teams.t.
78Denys KostyukLampre - ISDs.t.
79Murilo FischerGarmin - Sharps.t.
80Óscar FreireKatusha Teams.t.
81Francesco LascaCaja Rurals.t.
82Jos Van EmdenRabobank Cycling Teams.t.
83Juan José OrozEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
84Marco PinottiBMC Racing Teams.t.
85Simone PonziAstana Pro Teams.t.
86Yannick EijssenBMC Racing Teams.t.
87Emanuele SellaAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
88Danail PetrovCaja Rurals.t.
89Nathan HaasGarmin - Sharps.t.
90Oscar SantamariaBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
91Daniel NavarroTeam Saxo Bank - Tinkoff Banks.t.
92Jan GhyselinckCofidis, le crédit en lignes.t.
93Jarosław MaryczTeam Saxo Bank - Tinkoff Banks.t.
94Aitor GaldosCaja Rurals.t.
95Paolo TiralongoAstana Pro Teams.t.
96Dimitriy MuravyevAstana Pro Teams.t.
97Jóni BrandãoBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
98Nicolas VogondyCofidis, le crédit en lignes.t.
99David ArroyoMovistar Teams.t.
100Bart De ClercqLotto Belisol Teams.t.
101Manuele MoriLampre - ISDs.t.
102Luis Ángel MatéCofidis, le crédit en lignes.t.
103Jesús HernándezTeam Saxo Bank - Tinkoff Banks.t.
104Filippo FortinTeam Type 1 - Sanofis.t.
105José Luis CanoAndalucías.t.
106Daniel MestreCarmim - Prios.t.
107Jesús RosendoAndalucías.t.
108Rafael de Mattos AndriatoFarnese Vini - Selle Italias.t.
109Nairo QuintanaMovistar Teams.t.
110Dennis VanendertLotto Belisol Teams.t.
111Egoitz GarcíaCofidis, le crédit en lignes.t.
112Nico SijmensCofidis, le crédit en lignes.t.
113John Darwin AtapumaColombia - Coldeportess.t.
114Gustavo César VelosoAndalucías.t.
115Ramunas NavardauskasGarmin - Sharps.t.
116Martijn MaaskantGarmin - Sharps.t.
117Aldo Ino IlesicTeam Type 1 - Sanofis.t.
118Adrián PalomaresAndalucías.t.
119Lars Ytting BakLotto Belisol Teams.t.
120Mahdi SohrabiLotto Belisol Teams.t.
121Damien GaudinTeam Europcars.t.
122Kanstantsin SiutsouSky Procyclings.t.
123Jonathan HivertSaur - Sojasuns.t.
124Haritz OrbeOrbea Continentals.t.
125Daniele BennatiRadioShack - Nissans.t.
126Marcel SiebergLotto Belisol Teams.t.
127Pierre RollandTeam Europcars.t.
128Iván VelascoEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
129Leonardo BertagnolliLampre - ISDs.t.
130Víctor Hugo PeñaColombia - Coldeportess.t.
131Rémy CusinTeam Type 1 - Sanofis.t.
132Laurent MangelSaur - Sojasuns.t.
133Diego UlissiLampre - ISDs.t.
134Enrico BattaglinColnago - CSF Inoxs.t.
135Fabio CalabriaTeam Type 1 - Sanofis.t.
136Javier ChacónAndalucías.t.
137Bradley WigginsSky Procyclings.t.
138José Luis RoldánAndalucías.t.
139Guillaume LevarletSaur - Sojasuns.t.
140Joey RosskopfTeam Type 1 - Sanofis.t.
141Brice FeilluSaur - Sojasuns.t.
142Daniel MartinGarmin - Sharps.t.
143Andrea Di CorradoColnago - CSF Inoxs.t.
144Tomás GilAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
145Pierpaolo De NegriFarnese Vini - Selle Italias.t.
146Bruno PiresTeam Saxo Bank - Tinkoff Banks.t.
147Marco CanolaColnago - CSF Inoxs.t.
148Franck BouyerTeam Europcars.t.
149Omar FraileOrbea Continentals.t.
150Juan José CoboMovistar Teams.t.
151Laurens Ten DamRabobank Cycling Teams.t.
152Przemyslaw NiemiecLampre - ISDs.t.
153Sander CordeelLotto Belisol Teams.t.
154Kevin HulsmansFarnese Vini - Selle Italias.t.
155Roberto De PatreFarnese Vini - Selle Italias.t.
156Esteban ChavezColombia - Coldeportess.t.
157Rubén PlazaMovistar Teams.t.
158Mikel NieveEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
159Angelo PaganiColnago - CSF Inoxs.t.
160Andoni BlázquezOrbea Continentals.t.
161Tomas Swift MetcalfeCarmim - Prios.t.
162Matteo BonoLampre - ISDs.t.
163Andrea PiecheleColnago - CSF Inoxs.t.
164Juan Pablo SuarezColombia - Coldeportess.t.
165David MoncoutiéCofidis, le crédit en lignes.t.
166Jesse SergentRadioShack - Nissans.t.
167Joost PosthumaRadioShack - Nissans.t.
168José RujanoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
169Igor MerinoOrbea Continentals.t.
170Jérémie GallandSaur - Sojasuns.t.
171Antonio CabelloAndalucías.t.
172Luis SilvaCarmim - Prios.t.
173Jean-Lou PaianiSaur - Sojasuns.t.
174Illart ZuazubiskarOrbea Continentals.t.
175Yannick TalabardonSaur - Sojasuns.t.
176Igor RomeroCaja Rurals.t.
177David De la CruzCaja Rurals.t.
178Benjamín NovalTeam Saxo Bank - Tinkoff Banks.t.
179Javier MegíasTeam Type 1 - Sanofis.t.
180David LivramentoCarmim - Prios.t.
181Frank OsorioColombia - Coldeportes+ 3'45
182Antonino ParrinelloAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela+ 4'49
183Mickaël BuffazCofidis, le crédit en lignes.t.
184André CardosoCaja Rurals.t.
185Daniele CallegarinTeam Type 1 - Sanofis.t.
186Alejandro Marque PortoCarmim - Prios.t.
187Andreas KlierGarmin - Sharp+ 5'39
188Yoann BagotCofidis, le crédit en lignes.t.
189Carlos José OchoaAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
190Timothy RoeBMC Racing Teams.t.
191Paolo LocatelliColnago - CSF Inoxs.t.
192Omar LombardiColnago - CSF Inoxs.t.
193Antonio PiedraCaja Rurals.t.
194Joan HorrachKatusha Team+ 8'20

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I actually had the whole thing as one table before, just seperated it into two now. Couldn't figure out a way to colour the whole line my riders are in either unfortunately.
OZrocker wrote:
I actually had the whole thing as one table before, just seperated it into two now. Couldn't figure out a way to colour the whole line my riders are in either unfortunately.

I'm afraid you'd have to do that for each part of the line, which is rather annoying.
A steady start for the guys in Mallorca Wink
Vuelta a Mallorca
Stage 2


Plenty of riders are keen to get in a breakaway right from the start. Burghardt (BMC) and Cardoso (CJR) are the first to get a 20 second break, with Ubeto (AND), Urtasun (EUS) and our own Oscar Santamaria are among the dozens trying to follow.

The two are soon caught as more riders try to attack. In the flurry of movement, Gene (EUC) breaks free temporarily Buffaz (COF) joins him, but they too are stopped. Finally a break that works! Marycz (STB) and Maaskant (GRS) are out in front here, with Santamaria (BUR) and Van Emden (RAB) trying to keep up.

Soon it is only Maaskant and Van Emden left, joined by Bertagnolli (LAM) and Orbe (ORB). Bak (LTB) manages to bridge the gap by the first sprint.

Canola (COG) is the only other rider to try anything and is slowly catching the main breakaway. With only a third of the race remaining, Canola finally joins the lead groups who now have put a 4’39” gap between themselves and the peleton, led by Sky, Farnese Vini and Katusha riders.

Back in the peleton his team-mate Lombardi (COG) falls, but miraculously everyone else avoids him on the slippery roads.

As expected, the two weakest riders in Orbe and Canola crack on the second 4th category climb as the breakaway try desperately to remain in front.

With 19kms left, Branaa gives it a shot again for us! Slightly more successful this time, but not enough as the front of the peleton take off to set up for the sprint. We were caught out by the sudden change of pace and could only watch on as Boasson Hagen (SKY) takes out his second stage of the tour.

His team’s hard work at the front has paid off big time as he extends his overall lead to 28 seconds thanks to the bonus points!

Stage Results
1Edvald Boasson HagenSky Procycling3h53'09
2Sacha ModoloColnago - CSF Inoxs.t.
3Jürgen RoelandtsLotto Belisol Teams.t.
4Julien SimonSaur - Sojasuns.t.
5Andrea GuardiniFarnese Vini - Selle Italias.t.
6Giacomo NizzoloRadioShack - Nissans.t.
7Juan José HaedoTeam Saxo Bank - Tinkoff Banks.t.
8Mark RenshawRabobank Cycling Teams.t.
9Danilo WyssBMC Racing Teams.t.
10Jakob RatheGarmin - Sharps.t.
42Lluis Guillermo MasBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
47Francisco Manuel AntónBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
51David BeldaBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
52Pascual OrengoBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
54Carlos VeronaBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
55Damien BranaaBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
69Oscar SantamariaBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
70Jóni BrandãoBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.

1Edvald Boasson HagenSky Procycling6h23'31
2Danilo WyssBMC Racing Team+ 28
3Sacha ModoloColnago - CSF Inoxs.t.
4Martijn MaaskantGarmin - Sharps.t.
5Jürgen RoelandtsLotto Belisol Team+ 32
6Xavier FlorencioKatusha Teams.t.
7Alexander KristoffKatusha Team+ 34
8Jos Van EmdenRabobank Cycling Teams.t.
9Nico SijmensCofidis, le crédit en lignes.t.
10Leonardo BertagnolliLampre - ISDs.t.
32Lluis Guillermo MasBurgos BH - Castilla y León+ 40
37Francisco Manuel AntónBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
51David BeldaBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
61Damien BranaaBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
62Pascual OrengoBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
68Carlos VeronaBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
83Oscar SantamariaBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
88Jóni BrandãoBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.

1Edvald Boasson HagenSky Procycling2550
2Jürgen RoelandtsLotto Belisol Team1630
3Danilo WyssBMC Racing Team727
4Julien SimonSaur - Sojasun1424
5Andrea GuardiniFarnese Vini - Selle Italia1223

1Lars Ytting BakLotto Belisol Team1010
2Martijn MaaskantGarmin - Sharp66
3Jos Van EmdenRabobank Cycling Team11
4Leonardo BertagnolliLampre - ISD11

No time losses Wink
Vuelta a Mallorca
Stage 3


Break off the line comes from Rolland (EUC) and Pietropolli (LAM), two riders with a good chance of holding off the peloton. More including Martin (GRS), Ten Dam (RAB) and Gasparotto (AST) are trying to get out the front too, which causes a split in the peloton! Branaa has been left behind alongside his team-mates Brandão and Antón.

A second split sees only Mas, Verona and Orengo (riding as a free element) in the front group, with Santamaria, Belda and the fast-moving Branaa within the main peloton. The leaders at the moment are:

Rolland (EUC)
Pietropolli (LAM)
Sella (AND)

then Garcia (COF).
He is followed by

Ten Dam (RAB)
Roldán (ACG)
Gasparotto (AST)

Just before the first sprint the front 7 come together, and Lluis Mas tries to bridge the 20-30 second gap to take some points. Not to be, but he easily
catches the front-runners as they slow down to join back with the 54-man leading group.
As the others drop back, Pietropolli keeps the attacks coming and this time Jerome (EUC) offers a counter-attack, followed by riders including Martin (GRS) and Posthuma (RNT) amongst others. Orengo tries but can’t keep up with their pace.

The three riders in front of the race now are

Pozzato (FAR)

Halfway up the second climb the Branaa-Belda group have rejoined the pack, soon followed by the rest of the field. The race is wide open again with anyone a chance to win.

At the top of the moutain Moncoutie (COF) attacks, with Bertagnolli (LAM) and Orengo (BUR) trying to counter.

Coming up to the halfway sprint, there is a group of 6 in front, the first three joined by Moncoutie, Bertagnolli and Grivko (AST)

+2’54” to Orengo,

+another 2’38” to the peloton

+4’00 at least to Piechele (COG) and Porto (PRT), who is clearly struggling with an injury sustained in the first stage. Neither will rejoin the race and
sadly will be disqualified from competing in the final day of the tour.

Rogers and Puccio are leading the chase for Team Sky and Boasson Hagen.

Orengo sits up as the pace increases from behind and he voluntarily drops his 2 minute advantage on the peloton.

The 3rd climb is upon us, with plenty of riders now being dropped for a second time. Brandão and Antón stay back in the 2nd pack, with Mas dropping back to join them. Not going well for our other domestiques either, with Santamaria and Orengo unable to follow the pace.

After all his hard work, Verona is only just able to hang on at the back and won't be any more use to our leaders, but his protection of Branaa means we still have a chance to do something in this stage.

The second last categorized climb of the day, Verona barely keeps in touch with the back of the peloton. While Orengo protects Mas at the back, Branaa now steps in to protect Belda as well as he can.

With the peloton consistently gaining on the breakway, Moncoutie goes alone on the downhill section. Monfort (RNT), de Clercq (LTB) and Navarro (STB) break from the pack with intentions of catching the breakaway first themselves.

Sky still have 5 men on the front for Boasson Hagen...
...until the final categorised climb of the day, where Movistar help them out a bit at the front. The three-man chase group catch the leaders which causes a split.

Over the top it's Navarro and Monfort in the lead.

Branaa has finally had enough, and falls back in the peloton leaving Belda to fend for himself.

With 20.8kms left, Monfort (RNT), Navarro (STB) and de Clercq (LTB) lead.
+25" to Moncoutie (COF)
+10" Grivko (AST)
+50" Bertagnolli (LAM), Pozzato (FAR)
+50" to the remaining peloton

With 14kms left the final climb begins, with all but the three leaders now reeled in. They have 1'25" on the remaining riders, but will that be enough?

Kreuziger (AST), Horner (RNT) and Moreno (KAT) all charge out in front, leading the peloton to split in 2 for the final time. Belda is left in back half,
today will not be his day despite an incredible effort to stay with some of the best in the world.

25 men remain to sprint for the line. Kreuziger leads the sprint out with Boasson Hagen (SKY), Florencio (KAT) and Scarponi (LAM) among the favourites. And the winner is...
Moreno! A Katusha double as Florencio takes second.

A good showing from our boys today, Belda showing incredible strength to outdo Moncoutie and Hivert in the final stages after having to go it alone near the end. Verona's resilience was also impressive in the second half of the race to stay just off the back right to the end after being one of the last from our team to be dropped.

1Daniel MorenoKatusha Team4h04'23
2Xavier FlorencioKatusha Teams.t.
3Nairo QuintanaMovistar Teams.t.
4Alejandro ValverdeMovistar Teams.t.
5Roman KreuzigerAstana Pro Teams.t.
6Luis León SánchezRabobank Cycling Teams.t.
7Edvald Boasson HagenSky Procyclings.t.
8Rui CostaMovistar Teams.t.
9Chris HornerRadioShack - Nissans.t.
10Kanstantsin SiutsouSky Procyclings.t.
11Miguel RubianoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
12Joaquím RodríguezKatusha Teams.t.
13Johann TschoppBMC Racing Teams.t.
14Fabio DuarteColombia - Coldeportess.t.
15Lars Petter NordhaugSky Procyclings.t.
16Michele ScarponiLampre - ISDs.t.
17Bradley WigginsSky Procyclings.t.
18Amets TxurrukaEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
19Christophe KernTeam Europcars.t.
20Ángel MadrazoMovistar Teams.t.
21Maxime MonfortRadioShack - Nissans.t.
22Michael BarrySky Procyclings.t.
23Daniel NavarroTeam Saxo Bank - Tinkoff Banks.t.
24Bart De ClercqLotto Belisol Teams.t.
25David ArroyoMovistar Teams.t.
26Paolo TiralongoAstana Pro Team+ 1'20
27Egoi MartínezEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 2'02
28Michael MørkøvTeam Saxo Bank - Tinkoff Banks.t.
29Ryder HesjedalGarmin - Sharps.t.
30Diego UlissiLampre - ISD+ 2'32
31Fabian CancellaraRadioShack - Nissans.t.
32Brice FeilluSaur - Sojasuns.t.
33Bruno PiresTeam Saxo Bank - Tinkoff Bank+ 3'14
34Juan José CoboMovistar Teams.t.
35Andriy GrivkoAstana Pro Teams.t.
36David BeldaBurgos BH - Castilla y León+ 4'28
37Jonathan HivertSaur - Sojasun+ 4'50
38David MoncoutiéCofidis, le crédit en lignes.t.
39Paul MartensRabobank Cycling Teams.t.
40Maarten TjallingiiRabobank Cycling Teams.t.
41Filippo PozzatoFarnese Vini - Selle Italias.t.
42Luis Felipe LaverdeColombia - Coldeportess.t.
43Gorka VerdugoEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
44Stephen CummingsBMC Racing Teams.t.
45Igor AntónEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
46John Darwin AtapumaColombia - Coldeportess.t.
47Leonardo BertagnolliLampre - ISDs.t.
48Haimar ZubeldiaRadioShack - Nissans.t.
49Óscar FreireKatusha Team+ 5'56
50Gianni MeersmanLotto Belisol Teams.t.
51Maarten WynantsRabobank Cycling Teams.t.
52Joost PosthumaRadioShack - Nissans.t.
53Lars Ytting BakLotto Belisol Teams.t.
54Emanuele SellaAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
55Laurens Ten DamRabobank Cycling Teams.t.
56Daniele PietropolliLampre - ISD+ 7'09
57Damien BranaaBurgos BH - Castilla y León+ 7'33
58Ramunas NavardauskasGarmin - Sharp+ 9'56
59Daniel MartinGarmin - Sharps.t.
60Maxime VantommeKatusha Teams.t.
61Enrico GasparottoAstana Pro Teams.t.
62Juan José OrozEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
63Mikel NieveEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
64Martijn MaaskantGarmin - Sharps.t.
65Carlos José OchoaAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
66Yannick EijssenBMC Racing Teams.t.
67Brent BookwalterBMC Racing Teams.t.
68Vincent JérômeTeam Europcars.t.
69Jarosław MaryczTeam Saxo Bank - Tinkoff Bank+ 11'56
70Daniele BennatiRadioShack - Nissan+ 12'57
71Salvatore PuccioSky Procyclings.t.
72Pierre RollandTeam Europcar+ 13'35
73Carlos VeronaBurgos BH - Castilla y León+ 14'10
74Pablo UrtasunEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
75Jakob RatheGarmin - Sharps.t.
76Manuele MoriLampre - ISDs.t.
77Przemyslaw NiemiecLampre - ISDs.t.
78Maxim IglinskiyAstana Pro Teams.t.
79Alexander KristoffKatusha Teams.t.
80Nathan HaasGarmin - Sharps.t.
81Jesse SergentRadioShack - Nissans.t.
82Sacha ModoloColnago - CSF Inoxs.t.
83Borut BožicAstana Pro Teams.t.
84Pascual OrengoBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
85Iván GutiérrezMovistar Teams.t.
86Danail PetrovCaja Rurals.t.
87Luis Ángel MatéCofidis, le crédit en lignes.t.
88Guillaume LevarletSaur - Sojasuns.t.
89Dimitriy MuravyevAstana Pro Teams.t.
90Julien SimonSaur - Sojasuns.t.
91Gustavo César VelosoAndalucías.t.
92Nico SijmensCofidis, le crédit en lignes.t.
93Simone PonziAstana Pro Teams.t.
94David VeilleuxTeam Europcars.t.
95Rubén PlazaMovistar Teams.t.
96José Luis RoldánAndalucías.t.
97Francisco Javier MorenoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
98Oscar SantamariaBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
99Antonino ParrinelloAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
100Tomás GilAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
101Lluis Guillermo MasBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
102Matteo BonoLampre - ISDs.t.
103Marco PinottiBMC Racing Teams.t.
104Iván VelascoEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
105José RujanoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
106Francisco Manuel AntónBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
107Jóni BrandãoBurgos BH - Castilla y León+ 16'31
108Jürgen RoelandtsLotto Belisol Team+ 17'00
109Adrián PalomaresAndalucías.t.
110André CardosoCaja Rurals.t.
111Cristiano BenenatiFarnese Vini - Selle Italias.t.
112Alessandro BazzanaTeam Type 1 - Sanofis.t.
113Jan GhyselinckCofidis, le crédit en lignes.t.
114Egoitz GarcíaCofidis, le crédit en lignes.t.
115Rafael de Mattos AndriatoFarnese Vini - Selle Italias.t.
116Elia FavilliFarnese Vini - Selle Italias.t.
117Rémy CusinTeam Type 1 - Sanofis.t.
118Denys KostyukLampre - ISDs.t.
119Aleksandr KuschynskiKatusha Teams.t.
120Jesús RosendoAndalucías.t.
121Yannick TalabardonSaur - Sojasuns.t.
122Enrico BattaglinColnago - CSF Inoxs.t.
123Víctor Hugo PeñaColombia - Coldeportess.t.
124Esteban ChavezColombia - Coldeportess.t.
125Michael RogersSky Procyclings.t.
126Juan Pablo SuarezColombia - Coldeportess.t.
127Mickaël BuffazCofidis, le crédit en ligne+ 18'26
128Aitor GaldosCaja Rurals.t.
129Miguel UbetoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
130Nicolas VogondyCofidis, le crédit en ligne+ 18'57
131Francesco LascaCaja Rurals.t.
132Tomas Swift MetcalfeCarmim - Prios.t.
133Kevin HulsmansFarnese Vini - Selle Italias.t.
134Lucas Sebastián HaedoTeam Saxo Bank - Tinkoff Banks.t.
135Marcus BurghardtBMC Racing Teams.t.
136Dennis VanendertLotto Belisol Teams.t.
137Pierpaolo De NegriFarnese Vini - Selle Italias.t.
138Murilo FischerGarmin - Sharps.t.
139Jérémie GallandSaur - Sojasuns.t.
140Mahdi SohrabiLotto Belisol Teams.t.
141Juan José HaedoTeam Saxo Bank - Tinkoff Banks.t.
142Jon AberasturiOrbea Continentals.t.
143Filippo FortinTeam Type 1 - Sanofis.t.
144Giacomo NizzoloRadioShack - Nissans.t.
145Jesús HernándezTeam Saxo Bank - Tinkoff Banks.t.
146Daniel MestreCarmim - Prios.t.
147Laurent MangelSaur - Sojasuns.t.
148Jean-Lou PaianiSaur - Sojasuns.t.
149Damien GaudinTeam Europcars.t.
150Alexandre PichotTeam Europcars.t.
151Sander CordeelLotto Belisol Teams.t.
152Roberto De PatreFarnese Vini - Selle Italias.t.
153Wilson MarentesColombia - Coldeportess.t.
154Javier MegíasTeam Type 1 - Sanofis.t.
155Joey RosskopfTeam Type 1 - Sanofis.t.
156Daniele CallegarinTeam Type 1 - Sanofis.t.
157Joan HorrachKatusha Teams.t.
158Franck BouyerTeam Europcars.t.
159Andoni BlázquezOrbea Continentals.t.
160Danilo WyssBMC Racing Teams.t.
161Javier ChacónAndalucías.t.
162Marco CanolaColnago - CSF Inoxs.t.
163Angelo PaganiColnago - CSF Inoxs.t.
164Illart ZuazubiskarOrbea Continentals.t.
165Antonio PiedraCaja Rurals.t.
166Andrea Di CorradoColnago - CSF Inoxs.t.
167David LivramentoCarmim - Prios.t.
168Jeremy HuntSky Procyclings.t.
169Benjamín NovalTeam Saxo Bank - Tinkoff Banks.t.
170Omar FraileOrbea Continentals.t.
171Yoann BagotCofidis, le crédit en ligne+ 21'32
172Yohann GèneTeam Europcars.t.
173Omar LombardiColnago - CSF Inox+ 23'21
174David De la CruzCaja Rurals.t.
175Jos Van EmdenRabobank Cycling Teams.t.
176Mark RenshawRabobank Cycling Teams.t.
177Dennis Van WindenRabobank Cycling Teams.t.
178Paolo LocatelliColnago - CSF Inoxs.t.
179Andreas KlierGarmin - Sharps.t.
180Igor MerinoOrbea Continentals.t.
181Igor RomeroCaja Rural+ 24'57
182Antonio CabelloAndalucías.t.
183Frank OsorioColombia - Coldeportess.t.
184José Luis CanoAndalucías.t.
185Fabio CalabriaTeam Type 1 - Sanofis.t.
186Timothy RoeBMC Racing Teams.t.
187Samuel CaldeiraCarmim - Prios.t.
188Luis SilvaCarmim - Prios.t.
189Andrea GuardiniFarnese Vini - Selle Italias.t.
190Haritz OrbeOrbea Continentals.t.
191Aldo Ino IlesicTeam Type 1 - Sanofis.t.
192Marcel SiebergLotto Belisol Teams.t.

1Edvald Boasson HagenSky Procycling10h27'54
2Xavier FlorencioKatusha Team+ 20
3Daniel MorenoKatusha Teams.t.
4Nairo QuintanaMovistar Team+ 32
5Michael BarrySky Procycling+ 40
6Maxime MonfortRadioShack - Nissans.t.
7Fabio DuarteColombia - Coldeportess.t.
8Lars Petter NordhaugSky Procyclings.t.
9Johann TschoppBMC Racing Teams.t.
10Alejandro ValverdeMovistar Teams.t.
11Miguel RubianoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
12Joaquím RodríguezKatusha Teams.t.
13Michele ScarponiLampre - ISDs.t.
14Rui CostaMovistar Teams.t.
15Christophe KernTeam Europcars.t.
16Amets TxurrukaEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
17Ángel MadrazoMovistar Teams.t.
18Chris HornerRadioShack - Nissans.t.
19Daniel NavarroTeam Saxo Bank - Tinkoff Banks.t.
20Bart De ClercqLotto Belisol Teams.t.
21Roman KreuzigerAstana Pro Teams.t.
22Luis León SánchezRabobank Cycling Teams.t.
23David ArroyoMovistar Teams.t.
24Kanstantsin SiutsouSky Procyclings.t.
25Bradley WigginsSky Procyclings.t.
36David BeldaBurgos BH - Castilla y León+ 5'08
57Damien BranaaBurgos BH - Castilla y León+ 8'13
79Lluis Guillermo MasBurgos BH - Castilla y León+14'50
81Francisco Manuel AntónBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
83Carlos VeronaBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
84Pascual OrengoBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
89Oscar SantamariaBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
106Jóni BrandãoBurgos BH - Castilla y León+ 17'11

1Edvald Boasson HagenSky Procycling959
2Xavier FlorencioKatusha Team2036
3Jürgen RoelandtsLotto Belisol Team030

1David MoncoutiéCofidis, le crédit en ligne2828
2Filippo PozzatoFarnese Vini - Selle Italia2424
3Daniele PietropolliLampre - ISD1616
4Andriy GrivkoAstana Pro Team1616
5Daniel MartinGarmin - Sharp1414
6Daniel NavarroTeam Saxo Bank - Tinkoff Bank1010
7Lars Ytting BakLotto Belisol Team010
8Leonardo BertagnolliLampre - ISD89
9Maxime MonfortRadioShack - Nissan88
10Pierre RollandTeam Europcar88

1Nairo QuintanaMovistar Team4h04'23+ 32 (2)
2Edvald Boasson HagenSky Procyclings.t.10h27'54 (1)
3Ángel MadrazoMovistar Teams.t.+ 40 (3)
4Diego UlissiLampre - ISD+ 2'32+ 3'12 (4)
5John Darwin AtapumaColombia - Coldeportes+ 4'50+ 5'30 (5)

1Katusha Team12h13'09+ 0 (2)
2Movistar Teams.t.31h25'42 (1)
3Sky Procyclings.t.+ 0 (3)
4RadioShack - Nissan+ 2'32+ 2'32 (4)
17Burgos BH - Castilla y León+ 26'11+ 26'11 (17)

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Vuelta a Mallorca
Stage 4


The early breakaway comes from 8 riders;
Jérôme (EUC)
Peña (COL)
Nieve (EUS)
Navardauskas (GRS)
Wynants (RAB)
Feillu (SAU)
Roldán (ACG)
Sella (AND)

A further 5 are attempting to join them

Zubeldia (RNT)
Branaa (BUR)
Pires (STB)
Battaglin (COG)
Bookwalter (BMC)

Unfortunately, Branaa is not able to keep up after doing the hard work early. Battaglin also falls back into the peloton, who are putting a bit of effort in to stop them with Feillu (+3'12) and Pires (+3'54) still a chance to win overall if they stay out in front. Zubeldia, Pires and Bookwalter join the breakaway after the 2nd climb of the day.

With 118.3 kms left, they increase the gap out to 2 minutes with Sky easing off on the pace.
Movistar, Saxobank and Astana are all prepared to help out with the chase. The gap finally settles at around 5'15.

Just over 80kms left now, and Radioshack send 4 men to the front of the pack despite having Zubeldia in the breakaway, perhaps he is just sitting there for a late charge from either of his well placed team-mates in Monfort or Horner. They are joined by Astana who also have 3 men rotating through the front, most likely for Kreuziger's chances.

Back out in the breakaway, Sella (AND) takes the next mountain sprint easily with a short attack, but it's not enough to knock Moncoutié (COF) off the top of the mountain rankings and he will take the honours in that category.

While we were trying to set up Mas for an intermediate sprint, it soon becomes obvious that the breakaway will stay out front until the final two non-categorised climbs. Branaa keeps near the front alongside Belda, who is protected by Verona once again.

At the first sprint mark the breakaway are being mown down very quickly, with most of Astana giving it everything alongside a few Radioshack riders, with Zubeldia continuing to offer nothing to the breakaway out front although they are almost certain to be caught and soon.

After the conclusion of the last sprint only 34.5kms remain. The breakaway have just a 2'22 lead over the peloton, with many riders falling off the back. For Burgos only Belda, Mas, Branaa and Verona remain. This doesn't last long as in the next few kms all but Branaa are dropped with some sudden and persistent attacking from Moncoutié (COF) and Ulissi (LAM) among others. However, this is great news for those who can keep up with the gap between them and the leaders now shrinking to nothing almost immediately.

with Belda and Branaa both struggling to hold on, we turn our attention also to the front of the race with Scarponi (LAM) jumping out of the saddle to catch the breakaway himself.

Drama unfolding behind him with a puncture to Kreuziger (AST) mid-climb! After all of team Astana's work it may be in vain as most of his team drops back to help him back to the front.

With the front group only having a 45 second advantage on Scarponi and not much more on the peloton, Zubeldia finally makes his move and attacks. Also aggressive are Costa (MOV) and Duarte (COL) who bridge the gap to Scarponi who can only watch as the breakaway shatters just in front of him.

Wiggins (SKY) continues to set an incredible pace that sees anyone not up to the task fading away very quickly. Jérôme (EUC), Zubeldia (RNT) and Navardauskas (GRS) try to go alone as the breakaway is swallowed up, but the Wiggins group is going way too fast for them to last long.

Off the back of their efforts Rubiano (AND) and Horner (RNT) now attack. Meanwhile Kreuziger only has Grivko (AST) left to make up time on the leaders for him.
He will not make it back despite a valiant and moderately successful team effort.

Only 18kms left now and only 18 riders are left chasing Horner and Rubiano. Florencio (KAT), Costa (MOV), Sanchez (RAB), Madrazo (MOV) and de Clercq (LTB) among the conteneders to fall back and now out of contention.

At the 11km mark, Scarponi's earlier attacks have come back to haunt him as he is the final rider dropped from the group.

A bunch sprint now looks certain as Rubiano and Horner are caught 6km short of the finish.

One final attack comes from Navarro (STB) and Egoi Martinez (EUS) but they never stood a chance to break free with Boasson Hagen (SKY) taking the front position to make sure he isn't vulnerable to late attacks.

The sprint begins with almost 3kms left, Horner leading it off but Boasson Hagen quickly takes back the advantage. Monfort (RNT) races up to him, but it's no use as Boasson Hagen holds firm to win!
He takes the GC, Points and Youth Classifications in a dominant effort.

Not a great tour for us by any means, but it served it's purpose as a good warm-up and a chance to see how we compared to other teams.

1Edvald Boasson HagenSky Procycling4h18'22
2Maxime MonfortRadioShack - Nissans.t.
3Daniel MorenoKatusha Teams.t.
4Joaquím RodríguezKatusha Teams.t.
5Johann TschoppBMC Racing Teams.t.
6Fabio DuarteColombia - Coldeportess.t.
7Nairo QuintanaMovistar Teams.t.
8Bradley WigginsSky Procyclings.t.
9Lars Petter NordhaugSky Procyclings.t.
10Michael BarrySky Procyclings.t.
11Amets TxurrukaEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
12Miguel RubianoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
13Daniel NavarroTeam Saxo Bank - Tinkoff Banks.t.
14Christophe KernTeam Europcars.t.
15Chris HornerRadioShack - Nissans.t.
16Kanstantsin SiutsouSky Procyclings.t.
17Egoi MartínezEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
18David ArroyoMovistar Teams.t.
19Alejandro ValverdeMovistar Teams.t.
20Michele ScarponiLampre - ISD+ 1'56
71David BeldaBurgos BH - Castilla y León+9'35
84Damien BranaaBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
93Lluis Guillermo MasBurgos BH - Castilla y León+ 12'19
94Francisco Manuel AntónBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
98Carlos VeronaBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
113Pascual OrengoBurgos BH - Castilla y León+ 15'50
134Jóni BrandãoBurgos BH - Castilla y León+ 17'05
135Oscar SantamariaBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.

1Edvald Boasson HagenSky Procycling14h45'56
2Daniel MorenoKatusha Team+ 32
3Maxime MonfortRadioShack - Nissan+ 48
4Nairo QuintanaMovistar Team+ 52
5Michael BarrySky Procycling+ 1'00
6Fabio DuarteColombia - Coldeportess.t.
7Johann TschoppBMC Racing Teams.t.
8Lars Petter NordhaugSky Procyclings.t.
9Joaquím RodríguezKatusha Teams.t.
10Miguel RubianoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
47David BeldaBurgos BH - Castilla y León+ 15'03
60Damien BranaaBurgos BH - Castilla y León+ 18'08
95Lluis Guillermo MasBurgos BH - Castilla y León+27'29
96Francisco Manuel AntónBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
97Carlos VeronaBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
110Pascual OrengoBurgos BH - Castilla y León+ 31'00
114Oscar SantamariaBurgos BH - Castilla y León+ 32'15
125Jóni BrandãoBurgos BH - Castilla y León+ 34'36

1Edvald Boasson HagenSky Procycling2584
2Daniel MorenoKatusha Team1641
3Xavier FlorencioKatusha Team036
4Jürgen RoelandtsLotto Belisol Team030
5Danilo WyssBMC Racing Team027

1David MoncoutiéCofidis, le crédit en ligne028
2Filippo PozzatoFarnese Vini - Selle Italia024
3Emanuele SellaAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela1218
4Andriy GrivkoAstana Pro Team016
5Daniele PietropolliLampre - ISD016

1Edvald Boasson HagenSky Procycling+ 4h18'2214h45'56 (1)
2Nairo QuintanaMovistar Teams.t.+ 52 (2)
5Ángel MadrazoMovistar Team+ 4'46+ 5'46 (3)
14Lluis Guillermo MasBurgos BH - Castilla y León+ 4h30'41+ 27'29 (15)
15Francisco Manuel AntónBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.+ 27'29 (16)
17Carlos VeronaBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.+ 27'29 (17)

2Movistar Team12h55'0644h20'48 (1)
1Sky Procyclings.t.+ 0 (2)
18Burgos BH - Castilla y León+ 31'29+ 57'40 (17)


At this point I'd like to pause for a moment and ask for your feedback. If you have any opinions on what you'd like to see included (or not included) in this story, please don't have any hesitation to leave a comment. The one thing that I will probably be changing is that I will turn down graphics settings because at the moment it's causing the game to run very slowly which in turn means I can't get through the game as quickly as I'd like to. Everything else (inclusion of screenshots, race previews, backstory, presentation and writing styles, formatting etc.) is really up to what you would like to read.

PS: Thanks for the support so far, I hope that the story will continue to grow over time. Wink
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