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luigi's stages
Some weeks ago I decided to play around with the Editor to try to create some stages for the 2000 DB. Now I though it would be clever to share some of them so people can say what I'm doing wrong, what I could improve and such.

So, obviously, for now I'll mostly do 2000 stages. After the DB is released, I could work on some current races as well - that is, if I get experienced enough with the Editor, because right now it takes me a lot of time to do a stage (took more than a week for Lombardia, for example).

Starting with a TdF flat stage:

Tour de France 2000, 2 stages:
Tour de France 2000, Stage 2: Futuroscope - Loudun, 174 km

Tour de France 2000, Stage 14: Draguignan - Briancon, 228 km

2000 Giro di Lombardia
2012 Vuelta, stage 8
2012 Critérium du Dauphiné
2012 Tour du Haut Var, stage 2

That's it for now, if someone can download and play them, feedback is appreciated Smile

Thanks for the attention.
Edited by lluuiiggii on 09-06-2012 20:21
The slopes look really good! Keep it going Smile
nils erik
I don'tknow about every hill but I think some of them are too steep. The stages look pretty good though.
the stages are great...and the step are good..i think a little more pendient need but is great!!
Steep mountains - nice and challengingSmile
nils erik
Yes, of course! But still a little bit unrealistic...
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Posted on 13-12-2019 03:33
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I think the slopes look pretty good actually. Constant, without 15+ percentages.

Nice work luigi, and good to see that you've learned the stage editor.
i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys14/kzi.png Manager of Kazzinc Procycling i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys14/kzi.png


The next step after the constant slopes, it's the correct length (= correct steepness).
Thanks for the feedback, guys. Indeed, I thought too much of getting good, constant slopes and didn't pay much attention to the steepness of the climbs. In the TdF stage they aren't much more steep than in real, however in the GdL they are shorter thus steeper (Selvino is 9 kms long, should be about 11). That's why you start with the smaller races to learn (something I didn't do).

I might do some updates to Lombardia to get it right, but after some more practice with other races. Thanks again for the attention Smile
Edited by lluuiiggii on 01-12-2011 23:35
The prologue and saint nazare CRE there will be a great stages!!
Hey guys, I was working on the Giro di Lombardia and had corrected the length of the climbs. Then when I went to export it took a while to open the export box (thought it was because it was checking the stage, which is quite big thus takes some time) and after I exported I saw that strangely there was only a .zces file.

Anyway I tried to open it with the Stage Viewer and an error ocurred. Tried to re-open the .zcts file in the Editor and the same thing happened. I'm pretty sure both files are corrupt and there's no way to get them back, but I've still decided to ask. Has this ever happened to someone? Is there any solution?

In case you want to take a look, both files are attached (yeah they got small in kbs to a point they can be attached together =P)
lluuiiggii attached the following file:
gdl.rar [150Bytes / 317 Downloads]

After the problem with the other GdL stage file, I finally decided to get back to it and redo what I had done (correct lenghts and slopes).
So I changed two climbs, the Colle del Gallo and the Selvino. I couldn't find a profile for the Berbenno from the side it was climbed. So, here it is:

Giro di Lombardia 2000: Varese - Bergamo, 244 km (based on Roturn's 2010 GdL .zcts file)

And it's not 260 km, it's just I didn't change the DB =P Btw, I just saw that this, with some small modifications, could also be the 2001, 02 and 03 routes. If this is good I might do it someday.

Oh, and I also in the other version the first of the 3 big climbs was in fact the Forcellino, not the Colle del Gallo. That's what happens when I skip reading some cities in the route because there are too many Embarassed

And to finish this long post, two questions: one, is the length and slopes of the descents as important as they're on the climbs (or if just something close to it is okay) and second, I've seen some stagemakers leave flat turns on the climbs, so do you think it's important to avoid those, because I spend some time trying to get rid of them.

Thanks for the attention and sorry for the long post.
Edited by lluuiiggii on 06-03-2012 00:51
And after some time here's another (downloadable) stage of mine. I saw that there was only one high mountain stage not done yet from 2012 Vuelta, decided to give it a go:

Vuelta 2012, Stage 8: Lleida - Collada de la Gallina (Andorra), 175 km
The 3rd mountain stage of the Vuelta is also the 2nd with a mountain top finish. After the depart in Lleida, the peloton will slowly go up as they take the route North into the Pyrenean-country of Andorra. There, they'll first tackle the 2nd-category Puerto de la Comella, at 17 kms to go, before descending and climbing up to the 1.555m Collada de la Gallina, which will be hosting a stage finish for the first time in the Vuelta.


I've got to say I'm pretty satisfied with this. I like the slopes, length of the climbs, and also the fact that I got it exactly in 175 kms (real profile). Only part of the route which I couldn't figure exactly was the small ascent before Puerto de la Comella. The route I chose made it a small climb with no flat part (different to what the real profile shows).

Edit: ups, forgot to say: in the first climb, the game says that the max slope is 20! %. Unfortunately that happens because the climb has a road intersection in it, and I couldn't fix that part. However it's a 0,1 km 'section', and both in the stage-editor and in game it 'only' goes to 15.3%. Other than this, there's no 'red part' on the stage (> 10%). If I were to follow the last climb completely to real, there should be a 12% section I think, but since the game doesn't handle steep sections very well I chose to spread these extra slopes on the rest of the climb.

On another note, I've updated the other stages links, now on mediafire. Not that I think anybody will still download them, but anyway Pfft
Edited by lluuiiggii on 27-05-2012 22:47
Excellent work! Especially with the profile. Smile
i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys14/kzi.png Manager of Kazzinc Procycling i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys14/kzi.png


Looks great.

As a suggestion, this stage ends close to a church in the middle of the climb (Santuari de la Mare de Deu del Canolich is named) and the climb continues 5 kms to the top, but as in the top is not enough space to place the arrival, Vuelta has decided to place it next to the church 5 kms before the top. From the top starts the downhill which 6 first kms are not paved.

Here you got a pic of the place in Panoramio.

The three first stages of the 2012 Dauphine (bar the prologue). I'll continue the race, but I'm posting these three stages before (instead of waiting for everything to be ready and then post it) for two reasons: first, maybe get some feedback.

But most importantly, the second reason: I'd like to finish it in time for PCMDaily's final V2, because if I post the stages solely here few people will download (and - hopefully - enjoy), while a lot more people will play it if it's added in the V2. However, I won't have the time to finish all the stages in time for it (also because I can't/won't be focusing only on making stages). Therefore it'd be a good idea if someone else could do one or two stages, so the race could be finished in time. Otherwise, I'll finish it myself but it'll likely be by the beginning of next week, when the final V2 will already be out. If you're interested send me a PM.

Enough of writing, here are the profiles:

Stage 1: Seyssins - Saint-Vallie

Stage 2: Lamastre - Saint-FĂ©licien

Stage 3: Givors - La Clayette

Stage 2 is in fact fun to play, with the Cat 4 uphill sprint Wink
Edited by lluuiiggii on 27-05-2012 18:56
Nice work there! And stage 2 looks indeed fun to play Smile An interesting profile with a nice finish, yes. Well done with the slopes.

Thought I'd give you one in return. Pfft

Great work!
i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys14/kzi.png Manager of Kazzinc Procycling i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys14/kzi.png


I'll do the first ITT in Grenoble, you'll see it in my topic of Cya before Saturday 2 june. Can I use your stages for a update of the FCM 2012 ?
Stage 1 (ITT in Grenoble) done ! Link in my topic of Cyanide, PCM France and PCM Actu
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