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DB 2000 - by sali and lluuiiggii

Hi all,
For the last few weeks I've been doing some changes and bug fixes to sali's 2000 DB. Simultaneously, he was updating the DB with more teams, more riders and such. Now we've decided to join our work and create a bigger and better DB.

For now we can't announce a final features list, however I can say the changes made from my part compared to the current downloadable version:

- Updated stats + minor rider changes (correct name, birthday, fixed some pics)
- Added favorite races for the best riders (~50 riders so far)
- Added size/weight for the best riders (~120 riders so far)
- Corrected rider regions (finished)
- Updated riders popularity
- Updated national champions (current and former champions)
- Corrected equipment color + team logos for all teams
- Changed some team jerseys for the correct year 2000 ones
- Replaced default Cyanide equipment for real brands equipment
- Added the real teams lineup for the most important races (for single race mode: 24 races done so far)
- Updated road tags, taking out 'modern' tags
- Cya Top Tour renamed to Division I, Continental Tour renamed to Division II
- World Cup system instead of Pro Tour Rankings
- Added complete palmarès for the last 3 years
- Records updated to the year 2000
- Corrected TdF startlist (although several riders are not in the DB)

Fixed Bugs
- Fixed 1-star teams bug (SS)
- Fixed team nationalities bug (present in Career mode - SS)

Changes being done
- Add real stages for the year 2000 (see list in end of post)
- Finish 2000 race calendar
- Add teams lineup for more races
- Finish riders height/weight + favorite races addition
- Change potential - riders have too high potential values
- Add sponsor regions and fame
- Graphical changes - real race banners from the year, etc

For the last list, the things being done, I'd gladly accept help from those willing to do so. If you want to help, just PM me or leave a message in this thread.

Oh, and to those who played with Sali's 2000 DB: any change you didn't see on this list you can suggest? Any bug you've seen that hasn't been fixed? Feedback is appreciated Smile

Well that's a lot of text, so I better stop writing soon. So, just remembering - people who want to help please contact us. Be a shirt maker, stage maker, overall graphics, or just anybody with enough DB knowledge to do the simple things - all help is highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot,

List of Races/Stages of Year 2000 Done
(ask me for .gpx files)
Paris - Nice - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Criterium International - 1, 2, 3
Vuelta al Pais Vasco - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5a, 5b
Tour de France - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20
Grand Prix Ouest-France
Championnat de Zurich
Giro di Lombardia
World Championships (RR, TT)
green = done
orange = being made
red = not done
Big thanks for the stage makers which contributed to the list:
Pellizotti2 (6 stages)
lluuiiggii (10 stages)
roturn (1 stage)

Edited by lluuiiggii on 29-12-2011 19:02
(click on the images to make them larger)

The real teams to the Dauphiné Libéré

Records updated to the year 2000

Three years of palmarès, totalizing 6.374 lines in the DB - and there's still a lot more to come

After 5 rounds of the World Cup, Van Petegem is on the lead

David Millar powering for the win in Futuroscope (TdF stage 1)




Pantani goes on the Hautacam



The remaining of the breakaway is still in front on the early slopes of the Ventoux

Edited by lluuiiggii on 23-03-2012 01:17
And the JJ.OO can be included?
Sounds great, Luigi. Looking forward to see what you can do.
It sounds really great!
Thanks for the comments, although I couldn't really understand what Carxus meant.

I've just finished correcting all rider regions, so starting to focus in something else. However, nobody's offered to help, which makes things a lot harder. Frown Think I'll try my luck in the Official Forum, despite not speaking French.
lluuiiggii wrote:
Thanks for the comments, although I couldn't really understand what Carxus meant.

I've just finished correcting all rider regions, so starting to focus in something else. However, nobody's offered to help, which makes things a lot harder. Frown Think I'll try my luck in the Official Forum, despite not speaking French.

He asked if you can include the Olympic Games.
Well it can be incluyed,but the problem is the national teams..but we´ll see...Anywhere we need some help..All the help will be welcome!!
Avin Wargunnson
Hi guys, looks like a nice project, what sort of help do you need? I am not good with editing or stage/shirt making, but if you need some "slave" work, send me PM and we could discuss it.
Anyway good luck with the project Smile
I'll be back
Wow it sounds great, hope it will come soon
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Posted on 08-12-2022 19:33
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Hey guys, needing some help with finding the routes for minor races.

For example, it's easy to get route maps and profile for the TdF, or profiles of the stages with sprints and such for the other GTs (autobus.cyclingnews.com), but I'm already getting some trouble in finding stage info for races like Paris - Nice or Dauphine Libere. In most sites I can only find the cities the stage begins and finishes + length.

There must be somewhere to find older routes, because look at all the stages the 98 DB has or that the 91 DB has (more than 700!). So if anybody could link sites where I might find this info it would be great.

Thanks for the attention =)
I'm pretty sure the 91 DB didn't have 700 stages from 1991. But mixed it with 91 stages, variants etc.

However. You have to use the things like start and finish, lenght, gaps and other descriptions to make a realistic route. If you're lucky you might get a route schedule or something similar.
Hm, my bad about the 91 DB then. I thought it had because by scrolling down the stages folder they all started with '1991' and I didn't see any v1, v2, etc or a big number of stages for the races.

Well, when I have the starting city, finishing city and sprints points it isn't hard to get a route close to reality, the problem is there are several races that don't even have the sprints places, or mountain passes, so it gets quite hard. Anyway, I'll just work out my way, even if it isn't thaat realistic, it's better than nothing. Thanks again.
Our work there will be good anywhere!!
First screens released!

Decided to upload some screens today. Some of them showing the in-race, others showing results and things present in the DB, in general.

As you can see, the project is going forward, but in a very slow pace, and that comes from the fact I've got little help. Only Avin Wargunnson offered assistance on some DB stuff, but that means stages, shirts and etc still needs a lot of work. So, if you're interested in helping in any way, please contact me, it's appreciated Smile
This just looks awsome. The palmarès, the no helmets. The ammount of work done here is quite something. If you need help with the palmarès just let me know
Venga Vino
markene2 wrote:
This just looks awsome. The palmarès, the no helmets. The ammount of work done here is quite something. If you need help with the palmarès just let me know

Thanks Smile

At the moment I'm not writing palmares because there are still a lot of riders missing in the DB, especially in the smaller races, and so I wouldn't be able to keep the organisation I'm trying to have in DYN_palmares_cyclist (quite long to explain it in more details). For the moment I'm working on stages, and there is need for jerseys, new teams/riders, etc.

But, when I come back to palmares, if you're still interested to help, I could contact you =)
The db will come released soon Smile)
When this db will be relesed?
meteo100 wrote:
When this db will be relesed?

There isn't a release date yet.
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