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PCM Fitness Planner: 2011 Edition
With courtesy of Eyolfur from the Cyanide Forum, who is the original author of the file, I've updated his useful excel spreadsheet to the 2011 version of PCM and its calendar.

I've added a few more graphs that show the predicted form for classics and grant tours.

For those who aren't familiar with the tool, this excel file is able to read and save fitness .xml files from PCM, allowing to make an accurate planning of the season for each rider.

Nice, but I keep getting the same error I got with the other version: when I click the buttons (evaluate, save and load) I get the following error:
"Compile error in hidden module: Feuil1"

One day I did a lot of research trying to fix it, but without success. It worked fine before my computer was 'formatted' (not sure if this is the word). Once I've even created a thread about it here, but no solution.
very strange, it works for me on several computers.
you need to enable macros in excel btw (under Tools -> Macro -> Protection select medium or high, then re-open the file and upon request turn macros on)
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Yeah, macros are enabled. I once though it could be the fact that it was Excel 2007 (when it worked I had Excel 03), but I've tried it in a computer with Excel 03 without success.
Same problem here
so strange...

try to rename the "FatigueForme" sheet to "Feuil1" and let me know if that works

If I'm not mistaken, what I got while searching over the internet was that this error happened because the author of the file put some kind of 'code' to protect the content, or something like that.

Now, seeing the file again, if you (or at least I) right-click the "FatigueForme" sheet there will be an option "unprotect sheet" (or something like that, I've translated from Portuguese so might not be exactly that), but if you click the other sheets the option will be "protect sheet". If I click "unprotect sheet" it will ask a password, which is not Feuil1 but I'm quite sure it has something to do with the error.

Probably the best person to answer about this is Eyolfur himself (they also told me this when I created the thread about this problem).
It is a problem with the latest versions of Excel as far as I know. Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 cannot run the code.
Lachi wrote:
It is a problem with the latest versions of Excel as far as I know. Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 cannot run the code.

Are you gonna make your Season Planner for the 2011 version? I think it's way better Grin
Lachi wrote:
It is a problem with the latest versions of Excel as far as I know. Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 cannot run the code.

Initially I also thought that. But one day I tested in a computer that had Excel 03 and did not work.

I've just tested it again but again, no success. Although the computer has Excel 2003, its Windows Vista (same as mine, which has Excel 07 - the one it worked was XP with Excel 03). So maybe it also has to do with the fact that it is Windows Vista?
I managed to unprotect the sheet and seems to work ok in Excel 2007. At least for me..

Here is the link below.


PS: To admin: If I should not post this, please let me now so I remove it...
I would not care about that, the tool has no copyright as far as I know.
The link doesn't work anymore.
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