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PCM.daily Tips & Tricks Section

Adding a new team/sponsors

By: lluuiiggii | Average Rating: 4.79 | Game version: PCM12
Basically, there are 4 tables you'll need to edit here:

DYN_team: to add the team
DYN_sponsor: to add the sponsors to the team
DYN_sponsor_regions: to add regions of interest for the sponsor
DYN_cyclist: to add riders to your team

And after that, there's still the placing of files in its places.

Let's start with DYN_team:
1. First, add a new line, and fill in a new (unused) ID.
2. Now, fill the rest of the line:
gene_sz_name: full name of the team
gene_sz_abbreviation: 3-letter code for the team
gene_sz_shortname the short name of the team
fkIDsponsor_principal: the ID of your main sponsor (from DYN_sponsor); for now, you can leave this empty until we add the sponsor in DYN_sponsor
fkIDsponsor_secondaire: the ID of your secondary sponsor, if your team has one
fkIDcountry: the ID of the country of the team (see STA_country) - this is the "official" country, while the real nationality is actually the one from the main sponsor, which will be the one the game will use in the career as well. As a real life example, Colnago is registered as Irish, while their real nationality is Italian;
gene_sz_suffixeMail: the suffix of the emails you'll receive from the team. You can add the team site here for example;
gene_sz_manager_general: the team manager name
fkIDdivision: 10 = World Tour; 11 = Pro Conti; 12 = Continental
From fkIDrace to gene_b_selected: 0
fkIDequipment_marques_roue: the ID of the wheels brand/marques that the team will use - you can look in STA_equipment_marques for this (there's also the adding of IDs here that cannot be found in STA_equipment_marques but can in STA_equipment, such as what happens in the PCMDaily DB, in order to give that team and only that team a specific equipment - but this is for another tutorial Wink)
fkIDequipment_marques_cadre: same as above, but for frames
fkIDequipment_marques_helmet: same as above, but for wheels
fkIDequipment_marques_glasses: same as above, but for glasses
CONSTANT: leave it empty
fkIDtype_rider_orientation1, 2 and 3: the type of riders the team will try to approach in transfers. Take a look in STA_type_rider
finan_f_solde and finan_f_sponsor_fee: 0
gene_ilist_fkIDfavorite_races: the ID of the favorite races of the team, which is said to have an influence on the goals
fkIDcalendar1, 2 and 3: the 'calendar' of races the team will look into taking part, see STA_calendar. For example, if you have a Spanish team, you'll probably have a 2 in one of the calendars, since that's for Spain. (note - you don't have to fill the 3 of them)
value_f_current_evaluation to value_i_sponsor_future2: 0
gene_sz_color: https://pcmdaily.c...d_id=20437

With the team information filled on DYN_team, time to move to the next table - DYN_sponsor (the process should get easier as we progress now Wink). First, add one or two new lines with unique IDs (you can now go back to DYN_team -> fkIDsponsor_principal and secondaire and fill your sponsor IDs). Now fill the rest of the line Pfft
gene_sz_name: name of the sponsor
jersey_sz_abbreviation: the graphics abbreviation - will be used later, when naming the shirt/logo/etc files
fkIDregion: the region of the sponsor. Usually, if the fame is bigger than 1 (next column), you add the country - e.g. 2 for Italy, instead of 204 (for Lombardia, or any other Italian region)
fkIDfame: from 1 to 4, the fame of the sponsor - 1 is Regional, 4 is Legendary
gene_i_contract_end: the year the contract will end
value_i_year_max: usually 0, but you can add a year here as well - it's supposed to be the year until which the sponsor has interest in renewing the contract
gene_sz_color: same thing as gene_sz_color in DYN_team - and usually the same value as well.
All others: zero, simple as that Smile

Only two to go now Wink Moving onto DYN_sponsor_regions. This is the regions of interest for the sponsor, where you can set how many % of riders from the team should be from that region for the sponsor, the importance, etc.
I'll let you guess the start:
add a new line with a unique ID Pfft
And fill the line:
fkIDsponsor: the ID of your sponsor, from DYN_sponsor
fkIDregion: the region (STA_region) or country (STA_country) that your sponsor wants riders from.
value_i_importance: importance of the region for the sponsor, from 1 to 3 (where 3 is the biggest importance).
value_i_wanted_squad: how many % of riders from the team the sponsor wants from that region.

Note - you can add more than one region of interest for each sponsor (which is also usually the case).

And lastly on the DB, DYN_cyclist, the simplest of them all. Just find the riders you want to be in your team and change their fkIDteam to the ID of your team Wink

Now, out of the DB, into the graphic files. The basic complete pack for a custom team contains:
- shirt
- transferts
- logo
- minilogo
- minishirt

But you don't need them all to play (for example, if you don't use the detailed simulation you'll never need the minilogo, and if you create a sucky team and never get leader jerseys you don't need the transferts Pfft), and there are much more you can add - accessories, NCs, leader shirts - but this is the basic.

Starting with the shirts and transferts. First, create a new folder in Program Files/Cyanide/PCM12/3D/Cyclists/Cloth/team. The name of this folder should be your main sponsor's jersey_sz_abbreviation, from DYN_sponsor. Here you'll place the shirt, which should be called [jersey_sz_abbreviation]_maillot; make sure it's in 32-bit .tga (file size should be ~556 KB). As for the transferts, they should be called [jersey_sz_abbreviation]_transfert_ar, for the 13 KB file; and [jersey_sz_abbreviation]_transfert_av for the 17 KB file.

* I'll just call jersey_sz_abbreviation as "xxx" to make it easier from here on.

If you have any NCs, accessories, etc, they should also be placed here. If they are already not named, name them as it follows:
NC: xxx_maillot_abc; where "abc" is the country code, for example, Great Britain's country code is gbr, Denmark's is den, France's is fra - if you're in doubt, take a look in STA_country or ask in the forum.

Accessories: xxx_[accessory], e.g., "rab_bottle" or "opq_gloves"
* note about accessories: they only work if you have them all (except for the casquette) - that is, bottle, corsair, gloves, handles, leggings, shoes and socks. If you miss one of them, the game will 'overwrite' the auto-color in your accessories.

Leader shirts: xxx_maillot_[classification]_[race]
[classification]: time / points / mountain / young
[race]: the race Constant in STA_race. For the GTs, usually "giro", "tour" and "vuelta"

World Champion shirts: xxx_maillot_word and xxx_maillot_world_itt

Next on the list is the logo. It should go on ...Main PCM folder/Gui/team/logo, and should be named simply "[jersey_sz_abbreviation]". As for the minilogo, it should go on /Gui/team/minilogo, called "[jersey_sz_abbreviation]_minilogo".

And last of them all, the minishirt should be placed in ...Main PCM folder/Gui/team_shirt, called "[jersey_sz_abbreviation]_minimaillot".

That's all, make your edits, place the files in the correct directories, export the .cdb, choose it in game, and have fun! Good luck Wink

If you have any doubts, don't hesitate in asking here (through the comments) or in the forum Smile
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#1 | Eden95 on 03. October 2012 12:03
Very good guide Wink
#2 | Lachi on 03. October 2012 16:44
Shit. I accidentally submitted a vote of 3. Can I change that somehow?
#3 | SSJ2Luigi on 03. October 2012 17:19
can't you use the editor that's in the game for adding teams? in PCM 10 I can add teams without any problems afterwards
#4 | lluuiiggii on 03. October 2012 21:05
#3: you actually can, but it's much more limited than adding it this way. For example, I think that you can't add sponsors through the off. editor, nor change sponsors it seems. Additionally, you'll find that several DBs aren't really compatible with the Official Editor, such as PCMDaily's Wink
#5 | sutty68 on 03. October 2012 23:45
Nice work lluuiiggii, its very much appreciated Wink
#6 | maxime86 on 13. October 2012 06:55
I doesn't give me the right jersey! It just gives me a random cyanide jersey


and this is the jersey

sorry for the big post
#7 | lluuiiggii on 27. October 2012 05:50
#6: well I'm 2 weeks too late, so you probably found the answer already, but for future reference, if you get a white and red Cyanide jersey, the game can't locate your shirt file. So either it's placed in the wrong place or named incorrectly.
#8 | bandarra on 09. January 2013 00:41
Good guide. Thanks.
#9 | vismitananda on 22. January 2013 15:26
Nice tutorial, I was itching on making my own team as I've seen here a lot. I might try this after the exams. Grin
#10 | Mulligan123 on 20. May 2013 20:56
Excellent Guide lluuiiggii. Finally got round to creating a custom team. Cheers !
#11 | the hampshire harrier on 18. August 2013 18:25
LLuuiiggii - I challenge you to making a DB Editor for psp users
#12 | Pantani2013 on 30. October 2013 02:41
QUESTION: where is this all this stuff in the game??? All those DYN_XXX stuff, where is it? I can't find it on my PC folders under Cyanide. Do I need to add something from this website?? Thank you... what a mess.
#13 | lluuiiggii on 19. November 2013 23:24
#12: you need to open the DB (.cdb file, located on My Docs/PCM/Mod/Database) with an editor, such as the Full Editor or Lachi's Editor Wink
#14 | JoeArmstrong13 on 10. March 2014 07:16
The database editor won't open any files, and I was just wondering if anyone could give some advice on what to do.
#15 | JoeArmstrong13 on 10. March 2014 08:14
I was just wondering where you have to save the file for PCM 2013 as this technique doesn't seem to work, and I was also wondering if you still have to save it as this file type as this doesn't seem to work.
#16 | sneyes on 10. July 2014 12:47
Great thanks
#17 | Gaffeff on 27. August 2014 21:39
Hi Lluuiiggii, I've added the equipment but when the database loads up it changes to a randomly determined variant. Any idea why.
I had 81 for wheels, and 8 for frames in case that matters.
#18 | stephanlaan1984 on 07. September 2014 17:06
Hello all, I was also busy to create a team with my own kit. I gor so far that in the menu i see the kit, but when i go that 3D playmode i got something else :S maybey someone can help me with this problem? thanks!
#19 | trebor1982 on 12. September 2014 21:17
I created a custom team in the game but didn't realise where some of the details would appear
can they be changed in the game or through the editor
many thanks
#20 | Chai on 29. July 2015 03:00
Hi! the first part went very easy, but on the second part I got stuck. Where must I create a new folder, I also seem to not have a 3D, Cyanide folder etc, do you know what to do?
#21 | profender on 09. August 2015 14:56
can somebody help me to make a new sponser / team? Just the team(shirt / logo in pcm) and sponser. I want to make the continental team: Pegasus Continental Cycling Team. I will add the riders in my self that is still ok for me to do. But to make a new sponser and team with shirt wow that is to difficult for me.. If somebody would want to help me that would be great.
#22 | hillis91 on 27. July 2016 01:28
When i press "build cdb" - The exporting crashes when the black box hits: "building CDB"

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