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PCM.daily Awards: Winners Announced

Voting has ended and it is now time to reveal the winners of the PCM.daily Awards for 2014. With 34 categories this year there are more winners than ever before. This does of course mean more disappointments as well!

Some categories were very close indeed - we have joint winners of some awards! For many their success here is for the first time - and not just in the New Member category - but there are some returning winners as well. Who? Well, click 'Read More' to find out.

Thanks to emmea for creating the user bar templates, and to roturn for helping me update them with this year's winners.

Cycling Awards

Rider of the Year: Alberto Contador (38%). Runner-up: Michal Kwiatkowski (28%)

Surprise (Rider) of the Year: Jean-Christophe Peraud (44%). Runner-up: Tim Wellens (27%)

Team of the Year: Ag2r La Mondiale (24%). Runner-up: Movistar (23%)

Grand Tour of the Year: Vuelta a Espana (47%). Runner-up: Giro d'Italia (31%)

Grand Tour Stage of the Year: Stage 5 of Tour de France (58%). Runner-up: Stage 16 of Giro d'Italia (27%)

Race (non GT) of the Year: Criterium du Dauphine (62%). Runner-up: Tirreno - Adriatico (22%)

Stage (non GT) of the Year: Stage 8 of Criterium du Dauphine (40%). Runner-up: Stage 5 of Tirreno - Adriatico (38%)

Classic of the Year: Paris-Roubaix (44%). Runner-up: Ronde Van Vlaanderen (42%)

Management Game

Manager of the Year: roturn and tsmoha (24% each)
In one of the closest categories of the whole awards with only 4 votes between all 5 nominees, it is only fitting that we have joint winners!

Team of the Year: Quickstep (30%). Runner-up: Oz Cycling Project (27%)
Only one vote in it in the battle of PCT teams, both of whom look set to promote, and it is Quickstep who win this award.

Reporter of the Year: tsmoha (45%). Runner-up: roturn (32%)
They may have shared the Manager award, but not this one, which tsmoha takes outright. All reporters contributions are very appreciated, but the volume of reports from tsmoha in recent months has been very impressive.

PT Race of the Year: Tour de France (34%). Runner-up: Giro d'Italia (22%)

Non-PT Race of the Year: Tour d'Andorra (38%). Runner-up: Tour of Vancouver (28%)

Best Team HQ of the Year: Oz Cycling Project (43%). Runner-up: Tinkoff Credit Systems Bank (19%)
A clear winner here, as tsmoha picks up his 3rd ManGame award of the year!

Site Awards

Best Forum Thread: Other Races 2014 (38%). Runner-up: Writer's Block (26%)

Best Avatar: the_hoyle (27%). Runner-up: valverde321 (25%)

Best Story Writer: Ian Butler (43%). Runner-up: Shonak (34%)
After missing out in a number of categories last year, this time Ian is a winner!

Best Team Story: Team Novo Nordisk by Sutty68 (40%). Runner-up: NRS 2015 by tsmoha (26%)
After being runner-up last year to Nordic Cycling, it is Sutty's Team Novo Nordisk story which steps up this year to take the crown.

Best One-Rider Story: aCross the Road by Shonak (40%). Runner-up: The Comeback by Mresuperstar (18%)
After coming close in the Story Writer award, Shonak's aCross the Road story is the comfortable winner here, seeing off last year's winner The Comeback.

Best Forum Game: EPIC (46%). Runner-up: I'm with stupid (19%)

Best Site Initative: Management Game (36%). Runner-up: Weekly News (25%)

Funniest Screenshot: Camera's not set up properly by the_hoyle (32%). Runner-up: 10 little Meijis jumping on a bed by tsmoha (22%)

Best Jersey Designer: aidanvn13 (41%). Runner-up: anderspcm (25%)
It's a reversal of last year's two positions as aidanvn13 takes the victory. His focus is on Fantasy jerseys, in particular those for the Management Game.

Best Graphic Artist: the_hoyle (37%). Runner-up: Jacky Durand (24%)
His user requests have clearly earned him a lot of fans and appreciation, as the_hoyle takes the win ahead of Jacky Durand.

Best Stage Maker: emmea and Margh Norway (36% each).
A very close vote all the way, and the result is a draw! It is the 4th win for emmea, but the first time for Margh Norway.

Best Database: PCM.daily's Expansion Pack for PCM14 (39%). Runner-up: PCM.daily Members DB (21%)

Best (non-DB) Download: Lachi's Editor (). Runners-up: Fast Editor, Jacky Durand's Sponsor kits and Young Rider XMLs ( each).

User Awards

Member of the Year: Sutty68 (34%). Runner-up: Jesleyh (25%)
It was a two-horse race throughout the voting with Sutty against last year's runner-up Jesleyh. In the end it is Sutty who triumphs, to win our most prestigious award.

New Member of the Year: matt17br (75%). Runner-up: sgdanny (13%)
Matt is the biggest winner across all categories, with a huge 75% of the votes.

Admin of the Year: Aab-ern (33%). Runner-up: Jesleyh (26%)
Aab is rewarded for all the behind the scenes technical work that he does for the site.

Most Helpful Member of the Year: Lachi (32%). Runner-up: Jesleyh (28%)
Lachi has been one of the most helpful members on the site for many years now, and finally he has become the winner of this award. It was very close between him and Jesley though.

Funniest Member: brewers90 (31%). Runner-up: cactus-jack (25%)
Fairly close but the Story Games humour has won it for brewers over the defending champion.

Most Missed Member: lluuiiggii (49%). Runner-up: issoisso (24%)
A big win for lluuiiggii, which is hardly a surprise given his recent record in these awards.

#1 | jandal7 on 11. January 2015 01:09
Damn, some close ones and some one-sided ones... Congrats to the winners!
#2 | trekbmc on 11. January 2015 01:11
Jesleyh, so close to an award, No funniest member though. Wink
#3 | Jakstar22 on 11. January 2015 01:14
2nd for the Writers Block is a great result! Congratulations to all the winners!
#4 | valverde321 on 11. January 2015 01:50
The Hoyle beating me in the only two categories I was up for Pfft Damn Pfft
#5 | 547984 on 11. January 2015 02:49
I feel really proud to have won as many awards as Jesleyh has
#6 | trekbmc on 11. January 2015 02:52
#5- No way!, you must be the only person ever to have that achievement!
#7 | roturn on 11. January 2015 07:53
Congrats to all winners and also nominees. Nice to see some new names around the winners.
Thanks to all, who voted for me. Having a tie with tsmoha in manager of the year and being runner-up behind him in reporter of the year is really nice.
Well done tsmoha, you really deserved dominating the Man Game awards.
#8 | the_hoyle on 11. January 2015 09:02
Wow! 3 awards Grin I am so surprised!

#4 Sorry valv!
#9 | Smowz on 11. January 2015 09:30
Very nice, in the main I would agree with most of the categories.

AG2R is an interesting choice for team of the year, certainly one of the most improved teams of 2014. I have some doubts over whether they can be as effective this year, realy does depend on if they can get Betencur firing.

Very big congratulations to sutty68, I think i must now check out your story.

Also congrats to tsmoha, personally I think roturn can be pleased with the Tour de France as a nice consolation. It should be interesting to see how Oz Cycling go in the ProTour, Rothaus just may stay up you never knowSmile
#10 | roturn on 11. January 2015 09:42
@Smowz: You know this won`t happen. Wink Too many low ranked teams are scoring at the moment. But I have a nice PCT squad already. Pfft
#11 | tsmoha on 11. January 2015 09:43
Congrats to all winners, guys like sutty in particular! Did not expect the NRS story to finish with 30% of votes, so that's nice but sutty deserved it for sure.

Thanks to all those voting for me, three MG-awards are kinda sick Wink Happy to share the manager thing with roturn and to finish close behind Beyoncé for the best team.. Vancouver would have been great, but i will take Andorra as well Pfft
#12 | matt17br on 11. January 2015 09:49
Poor Jesley, runner up in 4 awards Sad

Good to win that award, even though I hoped for the other one as well, Lachi definitely deserved it, after years and years helping in the technical issues forum. I'm just around for a couple of months, so to be fair i didn't even deserve to be nominated Grin
#13 | Jesleyh on 11. January 2015 09:54
Not sure if I should laugh or cry. For now I just laugh :lol:
#14 | Shonak on 11. January 2015 10:10
Some real award sweepers this year with tsmoha, the_hoyle and The French/ASO. Congratulations to all the winners and anybody nominated really.

Sad to see Your Cycling not to take the win in best forum thread. Sad
#15 | Ian Butler on 11. January 2015 10:11
@13: Don't worry about it, mate. Everybody knows you're a very valuable member of the site Wink Last year I had about 5 or even 6 nominations and didn't win any. The competition is big, we have some amazing members here.
#16 | MARSUPILAMI on 11. January 2015 10:15
Sad Sad OMG...
#17 | Jesleyh on 11. January 2015 10:39
I know Ian, I'm not sad or something, somehow I already expected this, with my luck Pfft
Instead, I'm proud to be nominated 8 times in total on this site. Shame it didn't result in any award wins though Grin
#18 | alexkr00 on 11. January 2015 10:54
Congrats to all the winners.

And it's nice to have two winners for the Manager of the Year award again Pfft
#19 | MARSUPILAMI on 11. January 2015 11:18
After my cries (Pfft), I have to see congratz to the winners!

PS: I was the 5th Funniest Member of the Year... only?
#20 | Marcovdw on 11. January 2015 11:49
#19 not funny...
#21 | baseballlover312 on 11. January 2015 12:52
Aab-ern master race!
#22 | deek12345 on 11. January 2015 17:51
well done all who got voted, and the winners off course
#23 | Lachi on 11. January 2015 17:53
Thank you to all voters.

#17: You need to have an exclusive feature.
I could sell you the name of my editor. ;-)
#24 | Jesleyh on 11. January 2015 19:56
Alright, I will save up some PCM$ in that case.
#25 | Avin Wargunnson on 12. January 2015 08:26
Congrats to all the winners, pretty much deserved in all categories i would say and many copy my own vote. Biggest award surprises me a bit though - big big congrats Sutty! Smile

Tsmoha almost sweeping the MG awards is nothing surprising for me. You got all my votes mate and i am happy to see that team success follows the dedication this year!
#26 | sgdanny on 12. January 2015 10:24
Thanks for the votes, I'm surprised that I got so many votes, with Matt being the obvious winner.
#27 | tsmoha on 12. January 2015 10:48
Thanks, Avin! That's nice to hear/read Embarassed
#28 | sutty68 on 12. January 2015 23:59
Was so nice not only to be nominated but to actually win was a great pleasure which i will cherish Grin, Thanks to everyone who voted for me its very much appreciated Grin and lastly massive congratulations to all of this years winners Grin
#29 | MitchNL on 14. January 2015 17:46
Congrats to all the winners! Smile
#30 | CountArach on 17. January 2015 03:55
Mars didn't win funniest member? This is an outrage.

Congrats to all the winners Wink
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