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PCM.daily Awards Restarted

It is unfortunate to say that we have had to wipe clean the voting so far for the PCM.daily Awards and restart voting. We noticed that one of the nominees, Stylus, had been creating a lot of new accounts in order to vote in the awards. These accounts were then used to vote in almost all categories, thus sabotaging the voting. Needless to say that he has now been banned from the website, and measures have been taken to prevent anybody else being able to cheat the awards in this way in future.

If you have already voted in the Awards, please return to the threads to vote again.

#1 | OZrocker on 05. January 2015 01:04
That's a pity, but I guess you guys had no choice but to restart it after that.
#2 | 547984 on 05. January 2015 05:26
Was surprised that so many votes were cast, no wonder!!

Also, you don't need to be Admir-level intelligence to know that you SHOULDN'T USE THE SAME IP IF YOU ARE GOING TO RIG THE VOTING. People these days...
#3 | Forever the Best on 05. January 2015 07:43
matt:Admir also opened an account with the same IP named "schleckam".Pellizotti2 realized it when he was an adminstrator.
But Admir didn't do it for voting though
#4 | zachbastian on 05. January 2015 07:46
"admir-level intelligence", What is that? Who, where, when?
#5 | MARSUPILAMI on 05. January 2015 09:04
The worst is that Stylus was going to help me with CFQBase_2016... He was going to add his Tour of Dubai into it...

If anyone else wants to help me...
#6 | Forever the Best on 05. January 2015 10:56
I think everyone should be given the second chance.You even did it with Admir before banning him completely.He has to apologize though
#7 | MARSUPILAMI on 05. January 2015 11:29
1st chance - 2013 awards
2nd chance - 2014 awards
#8 | krisa on 05. January 2015 19:37
Why are all the rounds resetted, I don't think he has voted all categories
#9 | SportingNonsense on 05. January 2015 19:48
Because he did vote in all categories. In some categories only with a few accounts, but in other categories he voted with all of them.

He made 263 votes across the 33 categories, and there was no way for us to remove only those votes.
#10 | jseadog1 on 05. January 2015 19:59
Whats up with people defending him? If you cant do the time, don't do the crime.
#11 | TheManxMissile on 05. January 2015 20:58
#10 - Probably alternate accounts Pfft
#12 | SSJ2Luigi on 06. January 2015 04:50
#9 didn't aab say that he reset about 2200 votes? If ten precent of all votes does come from one person, I can understand even better why the reset has happend
#13 | SportingNonsense on 06. January 2015 09:09
#12 Correct. And i'd expect the other 90% to be able to vote again by the end of the week.
#14 | clamel on 06. January 2015 13:15
With so many great guys (perhaps girls too) doing so much for this game and then awards like this screws up so much.
For some it means very much and that brings out some flaws in some folks.

Why have these awards when it might even be more bad than good for the rest of us, that doesn´t care who is the best.

MOST important is that so many tries to improve on a game and enhance the value for all of us.

IMHO voting competitions always brings out envy and even worse things. It's best to settle such things on the road.

I say AWARDS (if need be) to ALL that really brings something to enhance the game in any matter.
That's is what I think is on every ones mind anyhow.
#15 | jacobjc88 on 06. January 2015 13:36
No quote of the year? Sad
#16 | Lachi on 06. January 2015 15:12
I say scrap the voting and give all awards to ... (you know who)
#17 | Forever the Best on 06. January 2015 15:35
#10 Rolling EyesWhen Admir does it 3-4 times he has been considered'He can do it because he is Admir'but when someone other does it'He is a stupid'
But then again cheating is not acceptable
#18 | the_hoyle on 07. January 2015 08:02
#14 you aren't forced to vote, so of you feel like that, don't vote...
#19 | trekbmc on 07. January 2015 08:13
#16 You mean Stylus? Pfft jks
#20 | deek12345 on 07. January 2015 14:03
can i have an award for being here so longGrin
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