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DevBlog update and Official Trailer
Pro Cycling Manager 2014

Cyanide has released a new DevBlog update, this time it has a small focus on the sponsors.

New in this year is that you have now equipment sponsors and 3 types of equipment (frame, wheels and groupset).
Also some of these sponsors are allowing you to develop new frames and wheels.

You can see the new DevBlog update here

Focus has also released a short trailer for the game, which you can see here. Although as Cyanide themselves have said, the most changed aspect in the game is the Career mode - and you are not going to see that on a 50 second video!

#1 | Ian Butler on 30. May 2014 10:29
Frame Damonballe?
Oh dear Frown Pfft
#2 | FroomeDog99 on 30. May 2014 10:48
So equipment will have an effect? Not sure I like that. The sponsor contracts looks the same to PCM 2013.
#3 | baia on 30. May 2014 11:07
Does this means we will not have the real equipment? i mean, will it be possible to edit it so we get those contracts with real equipment?
#4 | Stromeon on 30. May 2014 11:29
So I watched the video and counted precisely... zero new features! Grin (not counting the IBs/graphical stuff that we knew about before)
#5 | Rin on 30. May 2014 11:32
Have you even looked at the PCM14 homepage?

Of course the video can't show any features because it's a 0:49 seconds trailer and not a gameplay video.

Even if you would look at all the trailers from even the CYM times, none has showed any feature because the only new feature you could see would be new rider models/much better graphics.
#6 | Stromeon on 30. May 2014 11:34
Trailers for most games show new features in my experience... was just trying to apply logic to Cyanide but obviously not working Pfft
#7 | admirschleck on 30. May 2014 11:35
I'm going to buy this, definitely. I don't know why, but I am going to make that mistake once again!
#8 | anderspcm on 30. May 2014 11:42
No matter what, I'll just buy the game, it doesn't feel right to me to play an outdated game Smile
#9 | Rin on 30. May 2014 11:46
@6 no they doesn't. Unless it's new graphics they can't show a lot of new stuff in a minute. When I look at for example the Forza Motorsport E3 trailer, it doesn't show anything than it has more polished graphics and thats it.

And as they (Cyanide) other than making these english landmarks haven't done anything on the graphics part what would you expect to show? Menus? In a trailer?

Well if you want to scare away customers then probably because a trailer should show the more exciting part of a game and don't bore with new features in menus.

And no you and we aren't the focus of Cyanide, the biggest group of people buying this game aren't "core gamers" organised on sites like these but people randomly looking for management games or viewing cycling on TV.
#10 | Ian Butler on 30. May 2014 11:51
#8: I know exactly what you mean Wink
#11 | roturn on 30. May 2014 11:56
What suprised me the most was that quote:
It will be possible for a few teams to invest in research and development...

Quite interested what they mean with "few".
#12 | Alakagom on 30. May 2014 12:15
These few that have enough money Pfft
#13 | Avin Wargunnson on 30. May 2014 12:21
#Alak: SKY? Pfft

#Rin: I am pretty sure that sports games that are published every year show new features in their trailers, or at least you can spot them from the trailers. PCM just shows rolling peloton with blur, every fucking year...

This is like if Football manager would give out trailers from 3D part of the game, manager is not about it.

Anyway the new interface from longer leaked video shows very nice interface change, but i dont like disappereance of calendar bar at devblog as Roturn said, that was almost best part of whole interface. Shock

Hoping for AI improvements, because nothing drags series down as bad AI is doing since PCM11.
#14 | SportingNonsense on 30. May 2014 12:21
Well, the screenshot shows a CT team with those equipment options, so it could just be a badly worded sentence.
#15 | Stromeon on 30. May 2014 12:47
#9 Very sorry to agitate you so much I didn't really expect a riposte like that Pfft I was just saying from my experience - I don't play that many games it's just most of the ones I do play and watch trailers for advertise the fact that there's something different every year Smile Not having a go at Cyanide or anything.
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