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PCM 2014 Gameplay Video emerges
Pro Cycling Manager 2014

A 16 minute long gameplay video has emerged on YouTube, showing off a darker menu interface, the new post-race podiums, and playing a mountain stage from theĀ  Tour de France. It has been posted by the 'MrPcmgaming' account on YouTube - with footage taken at yesterday's 'fan day' at the Cyanide Studios.

You can see the video here, although you will need to know French to be able to understand what he is saying!

#1 | SSJ2Luigi on 28. May 2014 18:15
I liked the new (?) podium ceremony
#2 | lakebeach on 28. May 2014 19:24
#1 Agree, the graphic of the podium girls was literally the only improvement.
#3 | Lachi on 28. May 2014 19:34
I hate the new podium ceremony because Cyanide wasted time doing it. I never want to see the ceremony.

But I like all the other changes.
#4 | admirschleck on 28. May 2014 19:37
But I like all the other changes.

Are there any, except graphics and "new" interface? This is definitely not looking good once again. Mountain AI is the same (read as shit), the game is basically the copy of PCM13 with different interface, which is probably the easiest thing to do in programming.

1 step forward, 2 steps backwards. - Cyanide & PCM
#5 | Rin on 28. May 2014 20:03
Well look closer and you might have got a couple of 3D changes
#6 | anderspcm on 28. May 2014 22:30
And don't forget the enlarged numbers! Grin

But I guess it is good that they haven't done nay noteworthy work on the graphics ingame, they were pretty good already. The interface seems to be improved, which was needed imo.

Since I work a lot with graphics (shirts and equipment) in PCM, I noticed right away some changes to the jerseys. First of all, I think the model of the jerseys is changed, and the details on the jerseys have also been improved, for example is the zippers now visible and the shorts are more detailed Smile
#7 | Martial1 on 29. May 2014 00:21
I like the changes, but I don't think they were the right changes. I would much rather have improved mountain AI than pretty menus. But Cyanide logic states that people only care about graphics and pretty menus Rolling Eyes
#8 | 547984 on 29. May 2014 01:13
I'm not gonna lie, the new text looks like shit
#9 | Martial1 on 29. May 2014 01:19
I'm not gonna lie, the new text looks like shit

If you're talking about the numbers in 3d mode, then I would agree 100%.
#10 | baseballlover312 on 29. May 2014 02:48
#8+#9 +2. They look so out of place. I sense a patch.
#11 | NTTHRASH on 29. May 2014 03:05
Remember it isn't a release copy either. The text is literally the easier thing to change. They reused a crazy amount of old code, trust me, I can tell.
#12 | 547984 on 29. May 2014 04:04

Rider panels, PCM11 much? Pfft
#13 | kubys on 29. May 2014 08:18
Haha, the info is used from FM, but I can't blame them, it's good, when you don't want to open whole rider profile. (Hope it's not included in PCM13 already, 'cause I'll look like a moron :lol: )
#14 | florian96 on 29. May 2014 09:36
was the loading time cut or is it really that fast in PCM14?

I think the bigger letters are a good idea. Now you don't need to set a higher res to see the actual hearrate and track infos.
And I also think the font doesn't really fit into the interface, but thats not that important, as long as it shows the right numbers. Pfft

And who knows if this was an up to date version. Maybe this version we saw was from april or even march.

The 3d graphics don't need to be refreshed for the next years in my eyes. When I look back at FM the PCM 3d graphics are outstanding.

I hope this year we get another preview on twitch of the cyanide boys.
#15 | Rin on 29. May 2014 09:38
#14 the loading time was obviously cutted out because that (mountain stage) doesn't load in 2 seconds Grin
#16 | jt1109 on 29. May 2014 09:39
Would of loved to have been in the Development team when this idea was thought.

"We have a groundbreaking idea for the next game, we are going to spend 3 months redesigning the animation of the podium girls and do absoulutely nothing to the riders or make any gameplay changes what so ever."
#17 | Aleakez on 29. May 2014 12:48
they either lazy or they put in all the work for the console game, lets be honest the console game have a bigger potential so not surprised they think about money.

im pretty satisfied with the game now besides all the bugs so it don't matter to much for me, just wanted them to improve the Carrier mode, maybe they done that already, wouldn't be surprised if there are some changes with the armada as well. the interface looks worse than last year.
#18 | Eyolfur on 29. May 2014 13:04
Just to let you know, there is some info you missed from the french commentary. The gameplay video is not done in the gold version of the game and the numeric font in particular is a debug Times New Roman. There is an official numeric font on the master. Just like the weird buttons on the home page.

Furthermore, the player has tested what he wanted, just one race, and he didn't played so he could show the whole gameplay of the game. The career mode is the mode that has changed the most in PCM14.
#19 | anderspcm on 29. May 2014 18:20
Sounds encouraging, the career mode has needed an update for some years now.
#20 | 547984 on 30. May 2014 01:17
Career mode changes?

Now that's what we want to hear
#21 | Rin on 30. May 2014 08:47
Well I would like to point out the interview PCM.daily had with Clement in March:
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