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PCM.daily DB Update

Update 17/10, 9:44: We are definitely releasing today.

Just a short note to say that we're still working on the PCM.daily DB, mainly fixing a few things that we discovered to be somewhat broken while testing - for example, a few stages that crashed, a helmet that didn't look as well as it should and other minor stuff like that.

It is lluuiiggii that has to give the final go for the release, but I'm hopeful it will be this evening. I guess we will just have to wait and see, though.

#1 | TheManxMissile on 16. October 2013 14:10
So this will be the 2014 DB then Pfft
But seriously, make sure it all works first. And it wasn't your fault Cyanide took forever to "fix" the game. And at least you know we can all play GTA/FIFA/whatever else is new to pass the time
#2 | fightinchicken26 on 16. October 2013 14:16
Disappointing, but it is better this way. Better to release a finished DB late than a broken one too early.
#3 | Otti on 16. October 2013 14:19
Fingers crossed for this evening Wink
#4 | Jesleyh on 16. October 2013 14:39
That's a shame, but if there were some bugs, it's necassary.
Hope I'll be able to play this evening, otherwise tomorrow Wink
#5 | kadtagenero on 16. October 2013 14:58
Take the time you need... there's no hurry, that will benefit all of us with having a perfect db with no fails....

And lluuiiggii, hope everithing goes ok to start the other proyect Wink
#6 | ShortsNL on 16. October 2013 15:04
Well I don't need the DB before Friday as I first have the deadline for my thesis Pfft

But having the DB before the weekend would be really nice though Smile
#7 | CrueTrue on 16. October 2013 15:05
#1: Close enough Wink But speaking of 2014 - as I have said before, I'm planning on making a quick and very basic transfer update as soon as this one is released.
#8 | StevenGreen on 16. October 2013 15:39
"Evening" European time?
#9 | Ste117 on 16. October 2013 15:59
I have to echo the above and to say thank you for keeping us updated, on some forums you don't get as regular updates as you do on here and of course, huge thanks to everyone who has worked on the forthcoming DB, alot of free time goes into it and it is very much appreciated Smile
#10 | Jesleyh on 16. October 2013 16:09
#8 Curious about that as well, timezones can cause some confusion Wink
#11 | VoetsT on 16. October 2013 16:15
Take your time. It would be worthless to release a DB with know bug s in it.
#12 | Ian Butler on 16. October 2013 16:40
#7 shouldn't be very hard. Half the riders can be deleted, as well as half the teams, with this crisis... Frown
#13 | MacC on 16. October 2013 17:39
Sorry if I am missing something obvious but is there a list of the races in the DB somewhere?
#14 | lluuiiggii on 16. October 2013 17:46
#13: Not yet, we'll be putting one up soon.
#15 | MacC on 16. October 2013 17:47
Thansk lluuiiggii, it sounds great, well done to all involved
#16 | thechudude on 16. October 2013 21:04
Cheers guys just take your time and do what ever it takes to do your best job... Don't worry about being late!
#17 | Andy Roddick on 16. October 2013 22:13
Good Work guys! I think the waiting will be worth 100x plus!
#18 | MartijnVDD on 17. October 2013 08:49
9:44 = UTC+2
#19 | Il Pirata on 17. October 2013 09:05
Allright, this morning the DB is available for download, I read in the forum, isn't it?
Or do we have to wait till the evening?
#20 | ofin on 17. October 2013 09:13
Thank you so much!!! Really really good job!! You make this game incredible, Cyanide made the game (maybe, incomplete) but your work is enormous. I dont mind if finally is released today or not, your patch is perfect, thank you for your time working on this patch for everybody
#21 | MartijnVDD on 17. October 2013 09:15
#19 You know, if you lower your expectations, it's harder to be deceived.
If you assume the release will be in the morning, you'll be disappointed when you find the release to be in the afternoon. But if you assume the release will be in the evening, the afternoon is actually early...
#22 | Il Pirata on 17. October 2013 09:18
#21 haha, good one;-)
All the respect goes to the DB-guys and the hard work they do for the pcm-community.
#23 | Greg956 on 17. October 2013 13:15
Where is it?
#24 | VoetsT on 17. October 2013 13:18
# 23: They say today, not now Wink
#25 | kadtagenero on 17. October 2013 13:24
You should post it on sunday just to make those who get "dissapointed" guys to wait a bit more Grin
#26 | Greg956 on 17. October 2013 13:24
Aah, I saw a comment where one of men also downloaded it)
#27 | jona500 on 17. October 2013 13:27
I cannot believe you guys are able to make such a brilliant expansion pack year after year, massive respect, I will be playing Rome Total War II to make te waiting somewhat easier Wink
#28 | rfsm89 on 17. October 2013 13:39
Great work guys. We're lucky that year after year you're able to create always a new one better than the last.

#29 | timpiej on 17. October 2013 16:20
Better to release it complete and fixed then go Cyanidestyle and having to make an update 10 minutes after releasing Wink
#30 | CrueTrue on 17. October 2013 16:46
#29: Well, it's difficult to avoid bugs, no matter how much you test and tweak - so who knows, maybe it's needed for us too Wink
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