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These bugs will be fixed in the next patch

In the Weekly News #89 we stated under "New patch finally under way":

"Among the bug fixes included are, for example, getting the resistance stat working properly, making WT teams participate in Continental Tour races all season long and a solution to the currently not working world championships races."

We have now been told that the list we posted was merely a member's list of changes that he'd like to see. Cyanide has now published a list of what is included in the upcoming patch so far, and on this list there's no mention of the buggy resistance stat.

While the list is not final, PCM.daily has learned that Cyanide has no intentions of fixing the issue this time around.

Instead, this is on the cards (as translated by PCM.daily member MartijnVDD - thanks!):

- WT teams will participate in CT races again
- Leaders' morale won't drop as easy as before
- Riders will be more optimistic about their personal goals
- Double (KOM-)points will be handed out on TDF mountain top finishes
- Vuelta's got correct bonifications

- World championships will be fixed
- Riders wearing jerseys (yellow, green, polka dots, white, red, pink, blue etc.) will start at the front

- Messed up fitness chart in second season will be fixed
- Reset button in fitness planning will be fixed so that it will automatically generate a planning according to the rider's objectives
- You can only select a single leader and a single sprinter at the start of a race
- The scales of the rankings on the rules page have been fixed

- Legendary cards will be activated

Still no mention of when we can expect to see this released, though.

#1 | alex-sonic on 17. September 2013 13:01
3 months later... Game will be playable! ... Or not? What a shame I didn't do any career
#2 | tsmoha on 17. September 2013 13:07
Well.. Thats Cya.. "oh it's just a user's list of bugs, but we won't fix the resistance-thing, don't be afraid!" too bad, this was the only thing i was looking for at this patch - ain't playing careers, btw.
#3 | cio93 on 17. September 2013 14:22
I'm still fairly optimistic that my French is good enough to correctly interprete 'Voilà une première partie du patch note, qui inclue ce qui est déjà corrigé.' as 'there will be more fixed'.
#4 | CrueTrue on 17. September 2013 14:33
PCM.daily has learned ( Wink ) that the resistance issue won't be fixed, final fix list or not. So unfortunately, not much reason to be optimistic.
#5 | CountArach on 17. September 2013 14:59
Resistance stat still not working? Well, there goes any chance that I'll ever play this game for any real length of time.
#6 | VoetsT on 17. September 2013 16:06
nice to see that the jerseys will start at the front
But maybe a stupid question, what is wrong with the resistance stat :/
#7 | ChrisHallUK on 17. September 2013 16:13
Riders wearing jerseys (yellow, green, polka dots, white, red, pink, blue etc) will start at the front

Is it wrong that I am more excited about this? Always bugged me, normally my guy was stuffed at the back, then mountain point rivals attacked early, especially with early climbs!
#8 | anderspcm on 17. September 2013 16:43
- Vuelta's got correct bonifications; What does that exactly mean? Smile
#9 | FroomeDog99 on 17. September 2013 16:57
So Cyanide lied when they said they would fix the resistance stat here? That's really annoying, typical of the game Sad
#10 | aas169 on 17. September 2013 17:23
No they didn't it was just a misunderstanding, dissapointing nonetheless though that they decided to just not fix the resistance bug
#11 | ggDonovan on 17. September 2013 18:15
I'm going to reinstall PCM11... Thanks god I kept the saves!
#12 | Pellizotti2 on 17. September 2013 18:41
#9 - The Vuelta had 10, 6 and 4 bonus seconds for the top 3 this year, rather than the usual 20, 12 and 8.
#13 | Ulrich Ulriksen on 18. September 2013 02:42
Haven't played 13 much was waiting for the patches. My impression from reading this site was the game play was pretty good, particularly in the mountains. If this is the case it seems like not fixing resistance is a good thing, no way they could have done that and got it right the first time.
#14 | Avin Wargunnson on 18. September 2013 06:11
Disappointing with resistance stat not being fixed, time to get new employees Cyanide?

But good news with two new features, like leaders starting near the front, finally out wishes are heard. And fixing the reset button is nce too, even more if it will set the plan automatically according to goals, this should fasten planning somewhat.
#15 | TomC on 18. September 2013 13:15
#7 I'm excited about it too, that would be more realistic than it was before Wink
#16 | badziej on 20. September 2013 16:00
This year, for te first time since 2008 I didn't buy this game (yet). And I heave to say, that I don't regret it.
#17 | the_hoyle on 20. September 2013 16:23
There is talk on the cyanide forum that it will be release this evening or maybe over the weekend...

As of 10.46 today, it was said as 'maybe in a couple of hours'

#18 | Selwink on 20. September 2013 18:36
Okay, it's evening now. Patch won't be out today. Shame
#19 | PizzaMan on 21. September 2013 01:21
Most software manufacturers will produce a base app, then sell expansion packs each year. Producing a new app from scratch each year is a guaranteed to piss off your customer base, because your are in a perpetual spin of new bugs. As a beta tester, my projects are in testing for 6 to 9 months before release. As new expansion packs are released by one development team, there should be another development team designing a new base app for release 1 to 2 years out.
#20 | Selwink on 21. September 2013 07:37
The trouble with that is, that Cyanide simply doesn't have the budget for such a team
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