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Competition Winner: Who wins PCM13?

Long overdue, but better late than never, it's time to announce the winner of the idea competition we initiated a month ago.

To be brutally honest - and to partly explain why it's taken this long - it wasn't really possible to point to one idea and say, 'this is briliant - that's a winner', about any of the submitted ideas. However, we certainly appreciate the time that some people put into writing down their suggestions and being thorough in doing so.

Therefore, rather than choosing a best idea, we've decided to award the prize - the Steam version of Pro Cycling Manager 2013 - to the one we believe came with the best, mose useable input. It may not have contained one awesome idea, but the many different suggestions did get us thinking.

And that person is...? TheManxMissile - send me a PM to claim your prize.

Honourable mention goes to Jesleyh who also came up with some great stuff.

#1 | Jesleyh on 30. July 2013 16:54
Yess, a honourable mention Wink

Wonder what suggestions TMM sent in. Well, we will find out soon on this site I guess, if they were good Wink
#2 | CrueTrue on 30. July 2013 17:16
See below.

First up, get the Stage DB working again. I know coding it is not easy, and rely's on AaB-ern (who you told me does this stuff) having time, but it has been 6 months now. And if it has been fixed, making that clear to all. Also under Season being able to search for Fantasy/Variant, and making anyone able to add UCI categorized races rather than having to ask first then wait.

Secondly is game DB related. The PCMDailyDB is always incredible and the go to DB for thousands of people, which is of course fantastic. And again this is dependent on peoples willingness and time, but some more PCMDaily DB projects. Other PCM community sites have done historical dbs, and if Daily put in the effort i reckon it could blow all historical DB's out of the water! I don't know exactly what year's or anything, as that should be up to the core makers of the actual DB so they keep the quality high. I know the main DailyDB is the flagship of the site, but i can't imagine it takes too much time to make the various updates, or if it does giving some other members a chance to prove themselves. I know people like Jesleyh, haajse and Atlantius are getting very good at making DB's so helping them, or others out, could be good for securing the sites future in several ways as well.

Third is online gaming. Of course this one is hard at the moment with Armada and Track being the only online modes, but if Cyanide do get "normal" online mode working, then some official site games and championships. I know SN would love to get some more online play and i think it would be a lot of fun for a lot of the site. Yes this does rely on Cyanide getting that part working, as they said they would, but at the least there could be some more official Track games or Championships.

I know none of them are as revolutionary or grand as things like the Man-Game, the Stage DB or Fantasy Betting etc. but they are all fairly simple ideas which would add to the site and community in general.
A few other smaller things i had in mind were:
Monthly News. The weekly news never seems to work, but an update of things happening across the site would be nice, and doing it monthly would allow for a lot of new things to happen between editions. It could also include happening from the wider PCM community, such as special stories, stages, DB's etc.
More cross-community interaction. I know quite a few members are active, or at least registered, on other PCM sites, but a lot are not. I know this is the only English language one (well major one) but even it's just having a Topic or section where someone can post interesting happenings. I know PCM France do domes great DBs and especially shirts, while Spain does some great stages, but they are not always found here, and making that access easier could be good. Of course this would require the other communities to be happy for this, but i don't see why not. (of course feel free to tell me if this, or any others, are stupid ideas)
Mostly SN related, but as always expanding the Man-Game would be good. Not a major thing, or new, but something i imagine people would like.
More Sticky Posts. The PCM13 sections havn't been open long, but more stickys! Guides, Tutorials or just generally really usefull threads could all be made sticky. This does happen, but for example in the General section there could be more. A lot of questions are asked often and if they are made into a sticky, or put into one big sticky, then that would help out a lot of PCM players and site users.
Expanding Cafe Pedro. Not really a big thing, but as they fill up more and more quickly with chat and spam, extending them from 100 pages to 200 would be good. Or cracking down more of spam conversations.
Deleting Threads. I know you don't like to delete threads for various reasons, but there are lot of threads that are just clutter. Not saying the Admins should delete them, but giving the users the option. We can delete posts, so why not the thread? We can ask you to delete it, but in the story section for example it couldn't hurt.
Add a Story/General section to the Tips and Ticks.
Add a Search Function to the Private Messages. Or just a way to filter or organize it. It takes way too long to find various messages or even mass delete.
Embed from Facebook.
Finally, revise the status for number of posts (the writing related to your number of posts i.e Stage Racer, Sprinter etc.). A lot more people are becoming a lot more active, and as time goes by the overall number of posts goes up, so perhaps readjusting this could be good. Of course hardly anyone cares about it, but it might be nice... like a lot of my other ideas...

Again sorry for that being really long. No major big ideas, but plenty of small things i think could make the site easier and more fun to use.
#3 | Jesleyh on 30. July 2013 17:20
Ah, he deserves the win for sure Wink
Those are a lot of ideas...

Also, he had a few ideas that I sent in as well, I see, that's nice Wink
#4 | admirschleck on 30. July 2013 17:30
Congratulation,that was really big message, and he definitely deserves it (after losing New Member Award in 2012 , had to mention, haha Pfft).
#5 | Mwuhi on 30. July 2013 17:42
Ah too bad my simply idea didn't came outSad Had really hoped you would pick my idea for an easy search for stories pageSmile
#6 | TheManxMissile on 30. July 2013 19:37
woo hoo Grin Forgot i had written so much stuff and glad i did

@admir - why bring it up, it still hurts Sad Pfft
#7 | Abelbaba on 30. July 2013 20:43
Congratsz, some realy nice ideas, also got a few myself but forgot the deadline Pfft
#8 | 547984 on 30. July 2013 21:50
#9 | bigggassi on 30. July 2013 21:58
Getting Stage DB working again would be awesome.
#10 | Stromeon on 30. July 2013 22:21
A PCM.daily historical DB was the idea I thought of the day after the deadline passed! Pfft Would be a really great idea Smile
#11 | Pellizotti2 on 30. July 2013 22:48
#8: Nobody said that everything mentioned would become reality.
#12 | Atlantius on 31. July 2013 10:35
Well earned win. A lot of small improvements that could make the site even better. Several of them had crossed my mind once or twice as well, but was completely gone when this came up

(And thanks for the mention, I could consider being part of a historic DB project, but not until I have a newer game than PCM11...)
#13 | SSJ2Luigi on 31. July 2013 13:36
I'm surprised that he didn't mention a PCM13: Story games folder Pfft
#14 | TheManxMissile on 31. July 2013 14:52
#12 - Well i might end up with a spare PCM13 Wink

#13 - I'd only ask if it was necessary, and it currently isnt
#15 | Atlantius on 31. July 2013 17:14
#15 Well then you know how to get me to pull strings on a historical DB...
(I could coordinate and assemble if stage/shirtmakers were to join in on the project)
#16 | SSJ2Luigi on 02. August 2013 00:45
Add a Search Function to the Private Messages. Or just a way to filter or organize it. It takes way too long to find various messages or even mass delete.

why don't you just save important messages?
#17 | lluuiiggii on 03. August 2013 20:32
but i can't imagine it takes too much time to make the various updates, or if it does giving some other members a chance to prove themselves.

I thought you worked on UCPCL's DB? One wishes it would be like that Pfft

But the idea of PCMDaily "sponsoring" other DB projects seems interesting, I think this was done at some point in the site Smile
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