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Cyanide finally talks: Here's what to expect from PCM13
Pro Cycling Manager 2013

With just three months left to the release of Pro Cycling Manager 2013, it's about time that the first news about the game start to surface.

And luckily for us, they just did. PCMFrance (link in French) has interviewed Cyanide's Clément Pinget about the upcoming game, and below you'll find the main conclusions.

This seems to be the theme of the year. First of all, it appears we'll see a new graph/bar in PCM13 which indicates the riders' freshness and recovery between stages. If you've been in a 200 km long attack two days after each other, the energy bars will be reduced on the next stage.

The much critiicized accelleration stat has finally been 'fixed', so there's now a difference between an explosive rider and a diesel engine (Contador and Basso, for example). This stat will also affect the strategies and tactics used by riders and teams.

It also seems that the AI will be more aggressive in stages where the human player does not take control/initiative.

Cyanide also also planned to make cobblestones more difficult.

For those of you who have been playing PCM for years, you may remember a time when riders were asking to race in specific races. Well, it seems it's returning in some form. Riders will be asking for certain races and goals throughout the season, and following(not following these will havesome sort of impact  (rewards and penalties are mentioned in the interview).

The race planner that was added in PCM12 has been developed further, so it's now possible to group riders into e.g. Ardennes, Tour de France etc.

It is also planned to add more interactions with the sponsor (in terms of goals, possible budget increase), but this hasn't been added to the game so far.

I may have overlooked this piece of news, but it appears there's a new shirt format coming. It's the same as the previous one, except now doubled in size (910x626) to make it HD. This also means that PCM13 jerseys will be compatible with PCM12 - you'll just have to reduce it in size.

As a minor detail to this shirt change, it sounds like PCM will now use .png files rather than .tga.

There's a bunch of new animations to look out for in PCM13, as (maybe?) discovered by lluuiiggii a while ago.

In terms of the stage editor, there's two new graphic kits for stages (Corsica being one of them), more houses/homes, new objects for creating beautiful sea shores and the possibility to play with HD textures.

Graphic Interface
With the new rider control panel, people on higher resolutions claimed it was too small. It will be possible in PCM13 to increase the size of the rider panels.

It will be possible to open a map of a stage to make it easier to foresee changes in wind direction, for example.

Two new multiplayer modes, according to Cyanide. However, don't get too excited. One of them is in the integration of track racing in Armada. The other is a new tour mode which allows you to create stage races (as friendlies, won't count towards the Armada ranking.

#31 | Alakagom on 21. March 2013 08:15
It's a sports game released every year, you can't expect much more tbh, and I am sure they have some features they didn't announce yet.
#32 | Jeremy on 21. March 2013 10:29
I hope there's more to it, because it sounds really really weak. Might be the first time I'll pass on buying PCM.
Armada needs 2 or 3 changes to make it playable, like having the possibility to run all bronze or all silver teams and something very basic like saving predefined squads. One developer would take like a day to implement both features.
#33 | Selwink on 21. March 2013 19:02
Almost forgot to ask: Will the season mode be back?
#34 | cactus-jack on 25. March 2013 09:58
I wonder if it will be harder to get a completely dominant team in just a few seasons. In my career in PCM11 it took me three seasons before I had four riders above 80, and a full-man squad where the worst rider had 73.

I once sent a team to the Tour with only climbers where the worst guy had 79.

I didn't purchase PCM12 and unless they reveal more changes in the manager-aspect I'll probably not buy it either.
#35 | goga2159 on 27. March 2013 20:14
Let do two multiplayer modes, I am sure that 99% will play old kind GC. Why they can't return the LAN and Season mode? Same it is so simple...
#36 | SweatyViking on 29. March 2013 16:33
More realistic time gaps (preferably 1:1) is my top priority. Incredibly easy to do for Cyanide, and it will also make the game a lot more realistic and playable.
#37 | lluuiiggii on 29. March 2013 16:37
Incredibly easy to do for Cyanide, how can you know that? And how would it be more realistic that a breakaway that is 10 kms away is about a minute ahead of the pack, or that the gap between 1st and 10th in a GT is 2 minutes?
#38 | SweatyViking on 29. March 2013 17:06
They could make it so that only the major events (KOM, intermediate sprints, climbs and final kms) are in 1:1, or maybe let the player choose, between using the old unrealistic time gaps throughout, 1:1 scale on the main events only, or 1:1 during the whole stage.
#39 | TheManxMissile on 30. March 2013 10:27
which would require building a whole new engine for the PC game...
#40 | baseballlover312 on 30. March 2013 23:18
The whole entire game would be unbalanced...
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