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Covers of PCM13 and TDF13 revealed
Pro Cycling Manager 2013

It's at that time of the year where the first information of Cyanide's next renditions of its cycling games start to surface.

The French part of Amazon seem to have got hold of the official cover art of both Pro Cycling Manager 2013 and the console game Tour de France 2013.

There's not really any product info except for two release dates which are set to be June 21nd for Pro Cycling Manager 2013 and June 28th for Tour de France 2013.

But hey, we got to start somewhere. And I can guarantee that we will know much more when this month is over.

(Thanks to Rin for the tip)

#1 | Ian Butler on 07. March 2013 11:08
Great cover!
#2 | TTspecialist on 07. March 2013 11:08
Really cool! Smile
#3 | baseballlover312 on 07. March 2013 11:54
I wonder what the TDF game will be like next year (and maybe this year depending on which of them they include) on next gen consoles.
#4 | superider2010 on 07. March 2013 13:59
waiting for the real info
online modes i'm interested

#3 it won't be a tdf 2014 on ps4
from 2015 probably
#5 | baseballlover312 on 07. March 2013 18:07
Why not? What about Xbox Infinity or Wii U?
#6 | SSJ2Luigi on 07. March 2013 20:14
great cover Banana

#5 it's unlikely that the game will be released on the Wii U
#7 | superider2010 on 07. March 2013 20:43
they need a team,resources and some time
cyanide isn't ea sports tdf isn't fifa
#8 | Colnago on 08. March 2013 09:51
Really cool!
#9 | baseballlover312 on 08. March 2013 12:19
#6 Why? It has better graphics than 360 and PS3, although not the new gen, but they won't be out for this version. They don't need to use the gamepad either, just port it. Why wouldn't they?
#10 | TheManxMissile on 08. March 2013 13:04
Moody, dramatic designs. Much better than the 2012 one!

Now just tell us they have re-built almost the entire game, and focused on listening to the community...
#11 | HaRe on 08. March 2013 13:27
cool! better than the 2012 one!
#12 | SSJ2Luigi on 09. March 2013 15:27
#9, it's Nintendo
#13 | baseballlover312 on 09. March 2013 16:36
So? The Wii was one thing because of inferior graphics and motion control, but the more I think about it, the gamepad could really help with commands and such, plus the better graphics than 360 or PS3.
#14 | Fhirana on 10. March 2013 20:59
i think i would be a great game for the wii u with the extra controller
#15 | OlegTinkov on 12. March 2013 10:47
#16 | Aleakez on 15. March 2013 00:19
hope they make some Hugh improvement even tho im pretty happy with the 2012
#17 | CosmicOsmo on 18. March 2013 20:33
if its anything like the past 5 incarnations of this game it will crash constantly, be full of bugs, and in general suck ass. well done cyanide!
#18 | SSJ2Luigi on 18. March 2013 21:58
#17 then don't play it

#13 I still think that TdF 13 is going to be PS3 and 360 only. the difference between those two consoles and the Wii U is too big
#19 | MacC on 19. March 2013 10:27

Interview with Cyanide here on PCm 2013.

Promising a big evolution in the mnagment side like more interactions, programmes etc.

No "be a pro" mode and no return to variants!
#20 | baseballlover312 on 19. March 2013 22:04
#18 What do you mean it's too big?
#21 | SSJ2Luigi on 21. March 2013 16:26
#20 isn't the Wii U much more powerfull than the XBOX and PS3
#22 | baseballlover312 on 23. March 2013 11:21
Yes, it's more powerful. But you don't have to use that power if you don't want to...
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