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Guide: Which PCM.daily Pack to choose - and how to get it

Both the Update and the All in One package have been released, and it's now safe to say that PCM.daily's 2013 DB is out in the open field.

While we did expect some interest, I have to say that I didn't expect more than 2.000 downloads in less than 24 hours - and neither did the poor servers which haven't been able to serve all of you.

Therefore, we've now decided to go back to the usual way of distributing. And to clear everything up, here's some recommendations on what to do:

If you don't have any of the previos PCM.daily databases, go for the All in One Package.

If you do, go for the Update Package, but make sure that you have every file mentioned in the installation description.

Both will download as torrents. When released, torrents are usually quite slow since there's only few seeders (people who have downloaded the entire package). It will get better speed-wise within a day or so.

As an alternative to the torrents, you can download the files by the mirrors which you will find in the download description at each of the two links. However, in this case you will have to download between 3 and 10 smaller files of about 1 GB. Despite the hassle, this may be the faster option to begin with.

We kindly ask you to seed the files even if you choose to download through the mirrors. This is how:
1. Download the files from the mirrors and place them in the same folder.
2. When done downloading, download the torrent file and open it with uTorrent.
3. uTorrent will ask you where you want to download the file to. Point it to the folder where you stored the files from the mirror.
4. It will now check whether the files matches the ones it wants to download. When done, it will start seeding (and not re-download). and you will be helping others getting the files faster.

#1 | Selwink on 21. February 2013 07:39
Will I keep some old shirts like Liquigas and Rabobank?
#2 | Maddrengen on 21. February 2013 08:24
Theres NO seeds for the .torrent file? Not able to download AT ALL! Sad
#3 | Abelbaba on 21. February 2013 09:35
downloading the torrent between 1kb/sec & 1Mb/sec... 1 week remaining Pfft
#4 | Selwink on 21. February 2013 09:38
Yay, 3 hours left
#5 | RedDisciple on 21. February 2013 11:56
I downloaded and I installed it, grate job guys, congrats !!!
I upload with 3 mb/s so enjoy.
#6 | ReimToast on 21. February 2013 12:17
Stable speeds of 50 kb/s. Only 10 hours remain! Thanks for the DB guys, I look forward to playing it! Grin
#7 | lluuiiggii on 21. February 2013 15:33
#1: you'll keep all old shirts.
#8 | Selwink on 21. February 2013 16:35
Ok thxSmile
#9 | flatime on 21. February 2013 22:12
So nice Sad But i dintĀ“find my home team "Louletano-Dunas Douradas" .Thanks anyway for the great work.
#10 | lluuiiggii on 21. February 2013 22:27
#9: check PCM-Portugal, I'm nearly sure someone will post a .cdb with Louletano and perhaps a couple more Portuguese races Wink
#11 | Ithaca on 23. February 2013 15:48
Some people are obviously not seeding. I'm working on it, but it won't do a lot of good until I have the files Smile
#12 | AiZaK on 23. February 2013 19:49
I will play in 1 week... I'm downloading the torrent now (2,5 Kb/s)
#13 | Jesleyh on 23. February 2013 20:23
#12 Seriously? I got 2MB/s with the (update from Beta) torrent, and it was there in half an hour(today). I'm seeding too... Wink
#14 | AiZaK on 23. February 2013 22:44
I am downloading the Full Package
#15 | paquito on 24. February 2013 03:44
Can anyone tell me how to change the races preset teams so that Katusha automatically goes to the TdF, classics and such again??
And thanks for a great job Wink
edited: thanks lluuiiggii for the reply
#16 | lluuiiggii on 24. February 2013 05:20
#15: if it's in career, the DB already does that. If it's in single races mode, you need to edit column gene_ilist_fkIDteam in table STA_race, to add Katusha's ID (22). But Katusha is already set to take part in several races in single race mode, including the Tour and classics.
#17 | aelsenairke on 25. February 2013 20:46
does anybody of you have problems using the lachi season planner. My saves are not visible in-game
#18 | Jesleyh on 25. February 2013 21:14
#17 Your question shouldn't really be asked here, but maybe you have to save it on another name after planning. That, or you should look better(maybe in the correct folder) Grin
#19 | vontrauki on 28. February 2013 22:48
Race Route adele de vitre (30 March) playing as career ended .6 kms from the end.
#20 | -IvanSilva- on 05. March 2013 21:38
Is it just me or is there no Milan-San Remo stage (replaced for plouay) and the Vuelta stages 3 to 7 or 8 (all plouay) only award 2k for the winner??
#21 | lluuiiggii on 05. March 2013 22:37
#20: it's just you Pfft If you're seeing Plouay stages, it means you're missing the stage files, and thus missing one or more installations/installed them to the wrong directory. What about team logos, do you see them? Team equipment? But answer this in the Support and Comments thread, much easier for people to follow that the comments section here Wink
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