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Feature list of 2013 DB revealed

Update: The file has been packed and is being uploaded. This will be done over night, and the release is therefore pushed to Wednesday morning / afternoon.

While we're making the final changes to the final version of our 2013 DB, we thought it'd be nice to let you know what you're actually waiting for.

As mentioned here and there, the final V1 is not simply a database with bug corrections from the Public Beta. Lluuiiggii has been working hard the last two weeks, and that's amounted to a lot of great additions.

First of all, there's seven new teams to play with, bringing the total to 98. 58 of these are using 2013 graphics. You also get 13 new races compared to the Public Beta along with even more new race routes - in fact, all three Grand Tours now have its 2013 variant. And speaking of variants - well, there's now even more of them. For GTs alone, there's now 29 different race routes.

Among the features I'm pretty sure you will only find in the PCM.daily DB is that ALL secondary sponsors now have its very own set of graphics. If, for example, Saxo Bank withdraws and Tinkoff Bank remains as the sole sponsor, the team will switch to Tinkoff jerseys rather than continuing to use the Saxo Tinkoff jersey. As said, this goes for all co-sponsors in the game.

We've also finally decided to include preview pictures of all the selectable equipment in the database - so now you know what your team will look like before hitting the roads.

There's plenty of other great features in the PCM.daily DB. Discover all of them here along with the list of teams, new races and races with their 2013 race routes.

Release? We're making the final polishments. For example, we're recreating some of those 2013 Tour de France stages that lagged due to enormeous amount of water. We're also hoping to include the 2013 equipment that's set to be released Monday.

We believe it will be worth a few days of wait - and we hope to release PCM.daily's 2013 DB on Tuesday at the latest.

#31 | modare on 18. February 2013 16:14
I thought the DB come today?
#32 | lluuiiggii on 18. February 2013 16:18
we hope to release PCM.daily's 2013 DB on Tuesday at the latest.
#33 | alnibbles on 18. February 2013 17:07
Will Team Polygon Sweet Nice be added?
#34 | AiZaK on 18. February 2013 17:22
Tomorrow Are you going to update a Complete FullPackage??? Or it´s necesary the others packs???
#35 | FroomeDog99 on 18. February 2013 17:49
#33: No, because this is the features list...
If it doesn't include 'Team Polygon Sweet Nice' then it won't be in the DB
#36 | Gaffeff on 18. February 2013 18:01
Yea, Cool. Looking forward to it.
#37 | CrueTrue on 18. February 2013 18:13
#34: We'll release a full package and a Public Beta to Final Update.
#38 | -IvanSilva- on 19. February 2013 01:00
Will the bycicles, helmets and wheels appear normally?
#39 | lluuiiggii on 19. February 2013 02:03
#38: if you mean in the selection menu, yes. If you mean in 3D, they always appear correctly as long as you install it correctly Wink You can be sure that we wouldn't release something to be download more than 10.000 times that would have such an enourmous and ridiculous problem as this.
#40 | AiZaK on 19. February 2013 12:23
I can´t wait more time ! ! !

How many is Phinnet in SPR??
#41 | Majq on 19. February 2013 14:04
Maybe it'll be better to release it tomorrow? I've got to study for tomorrow's exam so if you release it today... Grin but actually... who cares! Wink Take your time guys, 'cause we know it'll be perfect Smile
#42 | ChrisHallUK on 19. February 2013 15:03
I agree with #41, I'm at a friends house tonight after work and would hate to know the DB is out and I can't my hands on it! Smile Take your time Wink
#43 | -IvanSilva- on 19. February 2013 19:09
(#38 continuation) Yes, I meant in 3D. I havent been able to get all the equipment in the races. Some teams have wheels, some have helmets, some have only the board, none as it all and i dont know in which file i should place the db.

When I installed the previous databases I have overwritten the main file and I got nothing... What should I do next time?
#44 | j0nne on 19. February 2013 19:22
The waiting is killing me!
#45 | Majq on 19. February 2013 19:40
#43 - did you install both PCM.daily's Expansion Pack for Patch and first?
#46 | joaoteixeira18 on 19. February 2013 19:54
Please!!!!!! =D
#47 | -IvanSilva- on 19. February 2013 21:06
#45 - Yes I have. It has autoinstalled those versions when I bought the game ad installed it...
#48 | FroomeDog99 on 19. February 2013 21:11
#47: The patches auto-install, the DB doesn't. You have not downloaded the DB's mentioned in #45 and installed them
#49 | Gaffeff on 19. February 2013 22:41
Hopefully max of an hour to go, haven't seen anything saying it's not coming out yet Smile
#50 | j0nne on 19. February 2013 22:54
Yea, can we have a quick update on how things are going with the db? Smile
#51 | CrueTrue on 19. February 2013 22:55
Working Wink
#52 | undertaker on 19. February 2013 23:02
release today ?
#53 | TheManxMissile on 20. February 2013 00:29
#4 You called it Pfft
#54 | CrueTrue on 20. February 2013 07:25
To be fair, it's still Tuesday in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Honolulu and other places like that Pfft
#55 | iagogin on 04. April 2013 16:47
Hi. I installed the pack, but all teams use the same maillot excep garmin. Do you know something about this mistake?

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