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PCM.daily to release Public Beta of 2013 DB today

Update: Download the Public Beta here.

While you've been enjoying the 2013 DB Preview Edition that we released in January, we've been working hard on improving and adding more stuff to this year's PCM.daily Database.

Now we've reached a point where it's about time to show you the result. Later today, we will be releasing the Public Beta of the 2013 DB - and next weekend, it's time for the final version.

In the Public Beta you will find 91 teams with updated rosters - 44 of these have 2013 graphics. We've been adding lots of new equipment, new race routes for nine more races (bringing the total to 19) - and there's also nine more races to fool around in.

Some of you will be surprised to see that we've finally decided to abandon the old flags that's been a part of the PCM.daily DB for a lifetime and instead went with Zecha's flags. And speaking of graphics, you will also find 1.000 new rider pictures, most of which are from 2013.

Lastly, we have also done some minor, yet important DB-work. Some AI race programs have been rewritten to make AI teams smarter when choosing their preparation races. This is especially relevant for the Vuelta which many members have dubbed 'the easiest GT to win'. It may still be, but not to the same extent as before this release.

We have more up in the sleeve for the final V1 which, as said, will be released in about a week from now. However, we'd appreciate if you gave this Public Beta a try, so we can get rid of any bugs that may have found its way to the DB.

The Public Beta is being packed now and will then be uploaded to several mirrors. We expect to release the links tonight.

#1 | Jesleyh on 03. February 2013 13:41
This is great news! Thanks Banana
#2 | bandarra on 03. February 2013 13:55
Great. Waiting for the weekendBanana
#3 | ruben on 03. February 2013 15:21
so basically you changed sta_program_info/sta_program Pfft

i've been doing that for years lol
#4 | lluuiiggii on 03. February 2013 15:24
#3: we've also changed the fitness schedules. You'll find that several of them have been updated (both to fit some of the new racing schedules as to fit better peaks for the goal races) Wink
#5 | fcancellara on 03. February 2013 16:11
#6 | ruben on 03. February 2013 16:26
Good, but if you want to get it all correct it's a lot of work, respect anyway. It's a lot of hassle to get the program+fitness done
#7 | fcancellara on 03. February 2013 19:25
Will you upload a torrent? It's a lot faster for me.
#8 | Spilak23 on 10. February 2013 23:17
These race planning changes will probably make me buy PCM 12!
#9 | sutty68 on 11. February 2013 00:05
Nice to know that the new database will soon be here Wink
#10 | Jesleyh on 11. February 2013 18:32
#9 Yeah, the DB sounds great Wink
#11 | The Blues on 11. February 2013 20:39
Looking forward to out. It ought to come soon...
#12 | herman123 on 11. February 2013 20:46
is there somebody else tell me when come the official database 2013 release?
#13 | Jesleyh on 12. February 2013 15:35
#12 As said a few lines above you, it will be there soon.
It seems that the DB makers are doing some last edits, and then it's ready Wink
#14 | CrueTrue on 12. February 2013 17:12
At some point this week is the plan, yes.
#15 | Zuper Zino on 12. February 2013 23:00
Are you guys planning on updating the minor stage races such as Tour of Oman & Tour of Qatar in the full DB?... They're 2.HC yet still not updated.
#16 | lluuiiggii on 13. February 2013 03:50
#15: what do you mean with "updating"? Adding the 2013 routes? If yes, that's all up to the stagemakers. If they create the stages, they be in, sure Smile But they haven't done so yet, and honestly I don't expect anybody to do Oman or Qatar, specially considering that there are still WT races without 2013 routes. I assure you that all 2013 routes that have been done are added in the DB, but whether they are done and for which races depends on the stagemakers indeed Wink
#17 | Zuper Zino on 13. February 2013 13:13
#16 So the thing what you're trying to say, is that the stagemakers will only update the WT stage races of 2013 for the FULL DB? Or will they redo as well the 2.HC stage races?
#18 | lluuiiggii on 13. February 2013 13:43
#17: what I'm saying as that they create what they want to do. Normally if you can choose between a WT race and a .HC stage race you'll go for the WT one. Additionally, there are not many stage makers interested in 2013 stages. Even among the WT stage races, only 2 have been made (excluding the Giro and Tour). Should also be noted that we have are not linked to the stage makers. So what will they do, I don't know Wink
#19 | Blueprint on 13. February 2013 13:57
I hope for the V1 that the lagging TdF stages will be replaced by more efficient ones.
#20 | lluuiiggii on 13. February 2013 15:15
#19: I've asked for a fixed version for the stage makers, but only one (nathounet) has provided one so far Frown
#21 | jason003 on 14. February 2013 09:19
when come the 2013 database out ?
#22 | acac on 15. February 2013 17:58
wasnt the DB ment to be out by now?
no rush, just asking.
#23 | lluuiiggii on 15. February 2013 18:10
#22: I know this news says that the V1 would be released in a week, but there was a slight miscomunication there. The V1 will be here soon, though. And I can assure: it will be much more than only an update of the new 2013 stuff released since the Public Beta Wink
#24 | j0nne on 15. February 2013 18:10
no rush.. haha! Grin

Hopefully it will be released tonight! That would really make my day! Fingers crossed.. Smile
#25 | TheManxMissile on 15. February 2013 20:26
Looking forward to all the new races and variants included Grin especially if any of mine make it Pfft
#26 | Jesleyh on 15. February 2013 20:38
#25 I think they do. Your ToB variant seems nice...
#27 | alex valceanu on 15. February 2013 22:25
I guees the Katusha "thing"is gonna delay the final DB .
#28 | AiZaK on 16. February 2013 20:07
Its better that we wait to have a better DB
#29 | Blueprint on 16. February 2013 21:18
The Katusha issue should be very easy to fix. I guess they are waiting for better TdF stages... and hopefully doing some testing Wink
#30 | notti619 on 17. February 2013 11:42
nice DB the Public Beta, and I'm looking forward to the V1.
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