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Forum Awards 2006/7 - The Results

After a poor turn out and numerous votes made after the time allowed, the results of this year’s forum awards can be announced.

All the winners fully deserve their accolades, and have been chosen by you in filed of speciality.

Without further waiting, here are the results:

Member of the Year – The CrueTrue Award
1. SportingNonsence – 62%
2. Addy291 – 38%
3. Phanekim – 0%

Two members received all the votes in this hotly fought category, but it was SportingNonsence who deservedly took the most prestigious category of the awards. With his numerous stories and great ideas which allow all to participate, he is a deserved winner.

Issoisso says, “he's in on everything. he comes up with quantity AND variety of new stuff”

Addy291 says, “absolutely great member, very helpful, always involved, very good stories, just awesome”

Best Screenshot
1. Funny Menu 33%
= 2. Hushovd the Headless – 17%
= 2.
Hamilton – with fracture – 17%
= 2. PCM 2007 is coming – 17%
5. Those pesky French farmers – 8%
6. Cyclists in the wrong element – 0%

In a close category, the Funny Menu took the victory. CrueTrue, who took the screenshot, must have eagle eyes, as he spotted a menu describing delicacies such as “FGHF FGG”. Hilarity at this picture ensues instantly

Issoisso says, “just burst out laughing with that one”

Best Story
1. Cycling24 – 2012 by Crommy – 42%
2. Eurosport by SportingNonsence – 33%
3. Team Capec by Justin WK – 25%

Stories. There’s always something special about a good story here on PCM Daily. It captures the imagination of all, and is a certified piece of literature in itself. You feel no one does this better than Crommy, with his Cycling24 story, which has followed the highs and lows of Allan Smile for two years. Only one separated first to second then second to third. A hot category.

SportingNonsence says, “its been a thrilling read so far, long may it continue.”

Addy291 says, “it's a great story mate, end of”

Most Helpful Forum Member
1. Addy291 – 69%
2. Issoisso – 31%
3. Panaflex – 0%

These are some of the most important members of the forum, who help out those who need help no matter what. Addy291 is the greatest example of this, and seems like permanence within the PCM daily community. The PCM Daily community would be in mourning should we ever lose him.

Addy291 said this on hearing he had received the award, “"I am honoured to even be nominated for this award, and to win it makes me speechless, that is why this is a very short speechsmiley. No honestly thanks to everyone for nominating me, it was a big surprise and many thanks to everyone once more.”

Issoisso says, “he ALWAYS helps when someone has a problem. I wish there were guys like him on every forum. would make things so much easier.”

Best Avatar
1. AaB-ern – 46%
2. Crommy – 31%
3. Panaflex – 23%

Best Database
1. PPDB Europe 2006 – 29%
2. Cyclocross Manager 2006 – 21%
= 3. PCM
Spain 2006 – 14%
= 3. German CyM Team’s 2007 DB – 14%
= 3. Stanosbase – 14%
6. RSM News DB 2007 – 7%

The most important category in terms of adding to the PCM experience, opinions were divided on the best database. In the end, you decided that the attention to detail and vastness of the PPDB Europe 2006 was the best DB, so well done to Plakker and his database team for providing us such a valuable experience

Issoisso says, “no matter the complaints, plakker & Co. make stunning DBs.”

Best Database Team
1. The PPDB Team – 82%
2. The RSM News DB Team – 18%
3. The PCM
Spain DB Team – 0%

Whilst the database category was hotly fought, the PPDB team simply ran away with the voting. You may not all like the database produced, but you do appreciate the sheer amount of time and effort the PPDB team put into a complex system

Addy291 says, “
Without a doubt PPDB!!! Their db's have very in depth stats, and realistic stats for all 180 teams (or however many there are), they also have some great graphics.”

Best Graphic Artist
1. Miya – 45%
2. Roadie68 – 36%
= 3. JackyDurand – 9%
= 3. Cladestino – 9%

Only new to the scene, Japanese graphics artist Miya has exploded onto the PCM scene and astounded us with the sheer brilliance and complexity of his projects. His greatest accomplishment so far is his most recent project, in which he has reworked the final stage of Le Tour de France, and it now includes the Eiffel Tower and a truer version of the Champs Elysees, which includes a tunnel and a new finish line banner. He has also produced a stunning helicopter to replace the director’s car in races.

#1 | litllemagnum on 21. June 2007 13:51
congrats to everyone who has won and who were nominated
#2 | CrueTrue on 21. June 2007 13:53
Thanks a lot for organizing this, Crommy Smile
#3 | issoisso on 21. June 2007 13:59
thoroughly deserved awards Smile
#4 | AaB-ern on 21. June 2007 14:02
I won, I won Grin
#5 | Dankan on 21. June 2007 15:16
I worked in both PCM Spain and PPDB projects, so I'm fully satisfied Smile
#6 | Addy291 on 21. June 2007 15:56
congrats to Sporting, CrueTrue, Crommy, AaB-ern, the PPDB team, and miya for all winning awards

and thanks to Crommy for organising the awardsWink
#7 | SportingNonsense on 21. June 2007 16:18
Cpngrats to everyone who won something!
#8 | Smoothie on 21. June 2007 16:28
Hehe well done everyone desereved there titles [ can i ask though when was each nomine nominated? ]
#9 | Addy291 on 21. June 2007 16:39
Crommy came up with the nominations
#10 | Smoothie on 21. June 2007 17:10
Oh right, i would have run it different but that would have made it worse because im shit at doing things Wink
#11 | Addy291 on 21. June 2007 17:49
also i have to say thanks for the comments on my winning of the 'Most Helpful Forum Member', so thank you to Crommy and issoisso for saying nice things about meSmile
#12 | CrueTrue on 21. June 2007 19:23
Addy: It was primarily me who decided who was nominated. I made a list, and Sporting / Crommy added a few others.
#13 | alex153 on 21. June 2007 21:04
and I didn't do a thingB)

hmm, I have to redeem myself as a crew memberPfft
#14 | Addy291 on 22. June 2007 15:57
thanks Crue

@Alex, you really need to redeem yourself from the poor showing with the nominationsPfft
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