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Move completed

Welcome back to PCM.daily and yet another new server.

We're planning to stay here for more than just a couple weeks which the previous server lasted, but in the end it depends on how well we can get everything running here - and whether the provider stays in business :-)

As on the previous server, we're starting with a few quirks:
- No downloads for PCM06-PCM08
- Stage DB isn't functional
- Some content is missing from the content panel
- No Twitter code
- Some characters are showing up incorrectly

The tracked threads function should be working again, as well as password recovery and everything else mail-related.

Speed wise, it's not looking as well as I had hoped. Some threads still do have long load times, even when it's just me testing with no one else on the site. However, this can probably be fixed by optimization, and it's something we're looking in to.

Edit: Now that we're live, load times seem to range between 8 and 20 seconds. Obviously, that's about 19 seconds too much. I've raised this issue with the server owner who will be looking into the issue.

If you stumble upon anything else, let us know.

#1 | Lachi on 01. December 2012 22:59
Good that the site is back.

I guess I know what you wish for Christmas: No more server trouble.
#2 | TheManxMissile on 01. December 2012 23:14
Speed is better so far Smile
Hope this is it now, but when Daily is down i do get a lot of other things done
#3 | sutty68 on 01. December 2012 23:41
Apart from the issues raised i haven't come across any other problems yet Wink
#4 | baseballlover312 on 02. December 2012 00:20
All accented letter are coming up for me as a black square with a question mark in it, but that's probably just my American computer reacting weird.
#5 | Crommy on 02. December 2012 00:22
- Some characters are showing up incorrectly (will get fixed)
#6 | Kami on 02. December 2012 13:48
Well, i had the site in my favorites saved as pcmdaily.com/news.php. If i clicked on it, it downloaded the news.php file, and nothing opened. Took me untill today to find out that the www. has to be there, or the site won't load.
#7 | Ian Butler on 02. December 2012 15:42
Thanks for going through all that trouble, a job well done!
Hope we got all the trouble out of the way, now!
#8 | TheManxMissile on 03. December 2012 16:50
ermmm, taking me between 40seconds and 90seconds to load a page today... average is 65seconds...
#9 | CountArach on 04. December 2012 00:47
I've noticed some weird behaviour in the "Users Online" panel. There is a lot of doubling up - I think it has something to do with peoplehaving multiple tabs/windows open, because I opened 3 tabs at once and appeared three times on the list. This may have something to do with the slowdown, but it may not. Either way, I thouught that I would let you know.
#10 | DaBobScotts on 04. December 2012 04:54
#9: I noticed that too. I had 13 tabs open and appeared 13 times in the list. Others appeared multiple times, too.
#11 | Maddrengen on 04. December 2012 13:44
That's not fair, i don't appear multiple times.
#12 | Young_Caesar on 04. December 2012 18:50
I'm an experienced software/web developer and besides your server problems I can tell you that the google page speed score is too low (around 20-55 dependent on the page) especially for a site with i guess medium traffic. Fixing those problems (shown in the page speed firefox addon or YSlow) will speed up the site from a bit to a lot. I would recommend to tackle those problems as they haven't anything to do with your server but with the configuration (.htaccess etc.) of your site/application. PM me if I can help you getting your site faster. Wink
#13 | fcancellara on 05. December 2012 13:33
Render time: 59.1 seconds

The site has been slower than ever after the move on 01-12 Frown

Other sites load in less than 2 seconds.
#14 | Ian Butler on 05. December 2012 16:13
Render time: 119. seconds

Is this a record? Pfft
#15 | TheManxMissile on 05. December 2012 17:48
afraid not
i dont have an official time, but somewhere in the region of 5 minutes last night Angry
#16 | Eden95 on 07. December 2012 10:49
Yeah, my load times were fairly reasonable straight after the move, but now it's at least 15 seconds before a page loads.
#17 | sutty68 on 07. December 2012 11:54
An update on whats happening would be nice Frown
#18 | CrueTrue on 08. December 2012 20:58
#17: In short, we're planning one more and hopefully last server move.
#19 | baseballlover312 on 09. December 2012 19:00
It's PCM.Daily against the world. Frown
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