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26-02-2021 06:49
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PCM.daily is back on new server

It took a while to get us back on track, but now that everything (well, mostly everything) seems to be working, we're glad to welcome everyone back to PCM.daily.

Setting up a server isn't really all that easy when you have no knowledge on Linux at all. It turned out to be more of an issue that we had expected.

Luckily for us, Christer got us in contact with Olav Lindekleiv from Lindekleiv Multimedia who in a few hours managed to undo the things we had messed up and get the site working again. A huge thank you should be sent in that direction.

There's still some minor things to do, especially opmitisation. It's going to be interesting to see how the site deals with pressure / load from you, the members, but either way, we'll try to speed things up over the next few days and fix whatever's not working.

If you stumble upon a non functioning feature or anything else in that regard, please leave a comment below.

#1 | CrueTrue on 17. November 2012 21:31
It's pretty evident that the site is quite slow. We'll do what we can to get everything working faster, and if that's not possible, we'll have to move again.
#2 | Lachi on 18. November 2012 00:02
Glad the site is back. It is not slow for me most of the time.
Edit: But randomly it very slow. Strange.
#3 | HaRe on 18. November 2012 00:08
damn its very slow. DAMN.
#4 | Ian Butler on 18. November 2012 07:34
Don't know if that's the case for everyone but I'm not getting any mails (from tracked threads) at the moment.
#5 | sutty68 on 18. November 2012 17:13
So glad to see the site back up and running, even though slower than before, Thanks for all the hard work in getting it back online.
Big Thanks to Olav for his help Smile
#6 | TheManxMissile on 18. November 2012 17:26
you probably know that the Twitter bbcode doesnt work... most likely that was intentional, but just in case Smile
#7 | dev4ever on 18. November 2012 17:26
Whats up with the twitter code?

Edit: I'm slow.
#8 | Pellizotti2 on 18. November 2012 17:52
#6, 7: It's currently disabled.
#9 | fenian_1234 on 18. November 2012 18:25
Pretty slow for me - hope you manage to get it optimized.
#10 | Jakstar22 on 19. November 2012 10:44
Same as Ian. I don't get any tracked threads emails. Is that just us or a problem?
#11 | Atlantius on 19. November 2012 12:35
I have the same as Ian and Jak
#12 | Avin Wargunnson on 19. November 2012 12:53
Slow as hell, apart from that no problems, but thanks to all that got it back up and running, i could die without it. Smile
#13 | baggieboys32 on 19. November 2012 16:53
Site is pretty fast, but i don't get emails from my tracked threads anymore?
#14 | TheManxMissile on 19. November 2012 20:32
It is slower than it was, but its not too bad at times. I have noticed, at least for me, that it slows down massively at "peak times" eg 12-2pm 7-10pm sort of times
And also it took ages to load .png images before, now i am yet to load a story page with several .png's at all, as i keep getting timed out...
#15 | Selwink on 20. November 2012 14:01
Do I have to send a screenshot I submitted again?
#16 | baseballlover312 on 21. November 2012 00:30
Same no tracked thread e-mails
#17 | CrueTrue on 21. November 2012 10:01
Will look into the e-mail thing.

Anyway, it seems we will have to move no matter whether we like this server or not. The service is shutting down in a few weeks time... so that's a lot of wasted energy Wink
#18 | Ian Butler on 21. November 2012 10:04
Damn, that means more long, dreading, boring work of transferring all data from one place to another for you? Not the most amusing thing to look forward to... But let's hope we're at an amazing server then Wink
#19 | sutty68 on 21. November 2012 10:31
Shame that the service is going to be shutting down Sad
All that effort for nothing really, but lets hope its a blessing in disguise and the new server is a better version.
Good Luck
#20 | Avin Wargunnson on 21. November 2012 12:25
Now that is really unlucky, i hope all will go well this time and the next move is last for very long time. Anyway thanks for doing this for us all, it has to be long and boring job...
#21 | fernando97 on 21. November 2012 15:30
#22 | DubbelDekker on 22. November 2012 16:07
Are you looking for a dedicated server or for a VPS?
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