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25-02-2021 14:33
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Cyanide announce Armada Update for PCM12

As a small surprise to the community, Cyanide has now announced that they will release a new update for Pro Cycling Manager 2012. The update will introduce some new features for Armada mode including energy, fatigue, rider contracts, legendary cards and a leaders jersey for the number 1 team in the rankings.

Energy and fatigue
The physical capabilities of a rider diminish after a ranked race. Energy levels, from 0 to 100, are displayed on an energy bar. At 100, a rider's attributes are optimal and, at 0, they are highly reduced. This requires that the player rotates his riders.

With each passing day, riders will recover energy, either partially or in full. It is also possible to massage a rider, up to 3 times a day, so that he recovers energy. A team may perform a maximum of 15 massages per day for all of its riders. Massages can be purchased in the shop using Cyans or Coins.

Riders are under contract with the player for a default number of 100 races. Only ranked races are deducted from the contract amount (friendly races are not counted). It is possible to extend a rider's contract five times giving a total of 600 ranked races: (100 + 5 x 100). The extension is possible when the rider has less than 10 races remaining in his current contract. A contract can be extend by using either of the two in-game currencies: Cyans or Coins.
When a rider has no more races available in his contract and all contract extensions have been exhausted, the card will remain in the player's collection but it cannot be used in either friendly or ranked races. A rider whose contract can still be extended, but who has no more races in his current contract, cannot take part in a friendly race.

Legendary cards are special cards and the riders are particularly strong. They are limited to one per squad.
The series being released covers the period from 1995-1999 and each rider is noted in a year when he was particularly prominent. A rider can be part of several different collections (in different years and therefore with different possible values for his attributes).

There are two types of "Legendary" pack, both offering the chance of acquiring a legendary card. A standard "Legendary" pack, bought with Coins, offers a rare chance of finding a legendary card). The "Ultimate" pack, bought with Cyans, offers a guaranteed bonus of a non-duplicate legendary card.

The leader of the Overall Standings will now have a distinctive jersey for his/her team when it races: the world champion's jersey (white with rainbow stripes).

#1 | CrueTrue on 28. September 2012 12:36
YouTube Video
#2 | HaRe on 28. September 2012 15:07
cyanide cares only about money Angry
#3 | AiZaK on 28. September 2012 20:05
pffff I donĀ“t need this update....
#4 | superider2010 on 28. September 2012 23:01
with contract and legendary cards shoulded been from ver 1.0,with this thing lied users on descryption
energy and fatigue transforming your armada team like in weird virtual season
i really waited legendary cards,better even now then nothing at all

if you watch the last page of armada,i was only guy who hoped on another patch,even when they said don't bother with pcm 2012
i repeat:
you can't put in description of game contract cards and legendary riders and in game this feature don't exist
probably they were affraid of a client coulded bring them on court(cought...coulded be me)
#5 | Miguel98 on 29. September 2012 17:19
#6 | pfarlfc on 29. September 2012 18:15
Cyanide I will not give you money .l.
#7 | dev4ever on 30. September 2012 10:32
So, Cyanide decidet Improve armada mode but not add stageraces?! Angry Instead just add a completly unnesery massage mode..
#8 | 54NGR3 on 30. September 2012 12:03
damn cyanide. fix the damned minitours so we can play nice online games with friends no that stupid armada thing
#9 | Wizpirio on 30. September 2012 18:04
You guys are looking at you all wrong. Let them fix armada mode, let them earn alot of cash on it. That way we can hope they will use some of that income to improve the overall gameplay of PCM 13.
#10 | HaRe on 30. September 2012 19:40
if they earn cash on armada, they will upgrade armada again..
#11 | Wizpirio on 30. September 2012 20:12
Ofcourse they will. But some of it might rub of on the rest of the content!
#12 | Daniano on 01. October 2012 22:45
its 2012. i dont want to play agaist "legends" Angry
#13 | PCM rulezz on 02. October 2012 19:48
armada mode is stupid
#14 | Avin Wargunnson on 03. October 2012 05:39
Rolling Eyes Cyanide
#15 | gAc12Bc8 on 30. April 2013 08:36
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