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PCM.daily's Expansion Pack to be released soon
Pro Cycling Manager 2012

With the release of the fourth patch for PCM12, most of the major bugs of career mode seem to have been fixed - at least on paper.

This also seems that it's about time to release the first PCM.daily database for PCM12, the Expansion Pack.

As it is now, it's more or less a direct port of the PCM.daily 2012 DB we did for PCM11 - with the usual features, like equipment, sponsors, race variants (not as many as in PCM11, since stages aren't compatible) and a lot more.

We expect to release a Public Beta version this week and then follow up with a final version after the next patch (or perhaps after the end of the Tour de France).

#31 | dav1257 on 13. July 2012 01:42
Any idea what stats will be like? Stats on other DB's have been ridiculous. Think Froome-Dog deserves sum more credit lol
#32 | valverde321 on 13. July 2012 03:10
Since Alakagom is Froome's biggest fan, and I think works on the stats as well as luigi, Froome of all people should have accurate stats (I guess most probably dont know Alakagom that well though)...
#33 | lluuiiggii on 13. July 2012 04:11
Who, me? Nah, I just keep away from stats, all up to Mr. Sky Pfft If I worked on the stats though, you'd surely see Faggins, mean, Wiggins-From-Port-Rogers with 85-85-84-83, respectively Pfft Contador obviously the 5th best at 80 Pfft
#34 | alex valceanu on 13. July 2012 08:15
the stats arent the biggest "problem" - u can always edit themWink
#35 | Kira900 on 13. July 2012 13:16
What will be the main diffrent between the Public Beta version and the final version?
#36 | Alakagom on 13. July 2012 13:20
More stages, possibly more teams, more stats updated from end of tour and for smaller teams, any bugs from Public Beta will be fixed in the Final Version.
#37 | alex valceanu on 13. July 2012 13:57
I have a question
In Vuelta Cataluna there arent bonifaction seconds irl but in the game there are . Will this DB solve the problem ?
#38 | Jimmyson on 13. July 2012 15:26
Good question .... Any answers ?Grin
#39 | alex valceanu on 13. July 2012 16:06
Bonfication seconds actually count A LOT in a 1 week tour and another question
will the DB change the miplaced intermediate sprints in TDF ?
#40 | lluuiiggii on 13. July 2012 17:03
#37: I'll look that up. As for the misplaced sprints of the TdF, it's unlikely that we'll change it. We can't edit the stage only to change where is the intermediate sprint (only Cyanide stage makers, who have the stage editor file of the stage can do it), so to correct the misplaced sprints we'd need to replace the whole stage, which will unlikely be of as good quality as Cyanide's (in terms of graphics mainly) and will mess up online mode (when playing this stage, if replaced by the DB).
#41 | alex valceanu on 13. July 2012 18:11
ok thanks lluigi Wink
#42 | alex valceanu on 13. July 2012 21:26
Hope it will be out this week-end(may be tomorrow) Grin
#43 | marcowich on 14. July 2012 04:07
oh boy .. can't wait any longer .. please release now Grin
#44 | R_Funk on 14. July 2012 07:36
arghhh. just at the moment my laptop is broken.. Sad you guys are so lucky!
#45 | sindre- on 14. July 2012 11:07
I doubt that it will be released this week.. If we are lucky we get it next week.. PCM patches and db's is always late, but at least it works when released Pfft
#46 | dev4ever on 14. July 2012 11:09
YESYEYSYES, variants very much needet: Banana
#47 | tiagocabreira20 on 14. July 2012 13:40
When we have the Beta version? Today??
#48 | sindre- on 14. July 2012 14:03
Let me guess what they will say to you: It will come out this week!! Stop asking! Be patient!

Something down that line Pfft
#49 | Likkivi on 14. July 2012 21:40
Doesn't seem like it will out this week. Would probably have heard more about it.

But lets see.
#50 | chraanz on 14. July 2012 21:54
It would just be nice if they could say yes or no, whether it will or will not come this week. I think have checked at least one time per hour since tuesday :-\
#51 | Likkivi on 14. July 2012 22:49
Me too. Been wanting to start a career but it seems so pointless.
#52 | lluuiiggii on 14. July 2012 23:16
Well, for those wanting to start a long career with the DB, I'd say think twice, because It's just a beta version, and there's still one more confirmed patch to come Wink
I don't really want to set a date, because it's the TdF and doing sports journalism, CrueTrue is quite busy because of it Pfft But hopefully, we'll able to upload it tomorrow Wink
#53 | valverde321 on 15. July 2012 01:50
Its become tradition for a PCM daily db to be released on a Sunday, so I hope it goes tomorrow for that fact Pfft
#54 | chraanz on 15. July 2012 08:36
lluuiiggii: I know it's just a beta, but also wanting to start a carreer while the tour is on! Smile
And thanks a lot for responding. Not to put pressure on you: Hoping very much to be able to download it today Banana
#55 | Jacob1710 on 15. July 2012 10:36
Will you make the u23 rankings show up now. Sad
#56 | CountArach on 15. July 2012 12:23
@ Jacob - that's not something that a mod can fix.
#57 | julianhall on 03. September 2022 09:48
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