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PCMBenelux organizes World Championship in PCM11

After having been hosted by CyM-Italy for a couple of years, the organization of the official World Championship in Pro Cycling Manager returns to PCMBenelux in 2011.

CyM-Italy had plenty of success with the organization, but decided to hand it over due to lack of time.

The subscription has already been opened, and you can now sign up to participate in all events from road race to track omnium. No hurry, though - registration is open from now and until the 20th of April.

Racing is set to start on the 23rd of April and will end on the 26th of May.

In general, the championship will probably look quite a lot like the ones hosted by CyM-Italy. However, it seems there's more emphasis on the team track events - an experiment tried out by CyM-Italy last year.

No word on prizes yet, but I'm sure there's plenty of fun waiting for those who decide to take part. Head over to PCMBenelux to get the full info.

#1 | emmea90 on 02. April 2012 21:54
.... an experiment tried out by CyM-Italy last year ...

and where our mike gets always last with Danish team Smile
#2 | siwi on 02. April 2012 22:35
Danish Team will win everything this year.. Pfft
#3 | Alastairhufc on 03. April 2012 10:24
Slightly off topic but I noticed pretty much every country except GB has a national championship, was the a reason why GB doesn't (e.g. not enough players)?

I saw the list here - https://forum.proc....php?f=180
#4 | SportingNonsense on 03. April 2012 11:34
Shame about the dates of this event. Pretty much means I cant do it.

@Alastair Theres never really been any attempts to have one. Would be interesting if there was one though - but dont know how many would play. I was the only Brit entry when I was in the 2010 PCM World Champs Pfft If there was ever to be one, PCMdaily would be the place to organise it
#5 | Alastairhufc on 03. April 2012 11:43
@Sporting Nonsense The dates are a problem for me as well - stupid exams Rolling Eyes

There would probably only be about 4 or 5 Brits in total Sad

Maybe when the National Champs for everywhere else take place someone should check how many Brits are interested. When are the National Champs? I noticed all the others haven't done 2012 yet (some didn't do 2011) Pfft
#6 | Wiley on 03. April 2012 13:21
same problems as Alastairhufc and SportingNonsense...

We should set up a UK championships, would be soo good!!
#7 | baseballlover312 on 04. April 2012 00:41
The only country without one? Rolling Eyes
#8 | SuperKid on 04. April 2012 08:37
Wouldn't many non-brits try to join in on the fun if you organized an NC on Daily? Most of the other countries have their own site you know.
#9 | Alastairhufc on 04. April 2012 09:03
@baseballover312 I didn't say the only, I said pretty much the only and if you look at the major cycling countries only the UK and USA don't have one Pfft
#10 | SportingNonsense on 04. April 2012 09:11
@SuperKid Its not too hard to prevent people from joining the game. Firstly with a password, and secondly by kicking anyone who joins that doesnt fit the criteria
#11 | SuperKid on 04. April 2012 16:00
I meant more like: If you did not know, I was from Denmark. I could've signed up.
#12 | CrueTrue on 04. April 2012 16:48
#10: After all, this is more of an international than it's British. If we were to organize such a championship, it'd be open for everyone.
#13 | SportingNonsense on 04. April 2012 17:49
@Crue My point was more that if one was ever to be organised, it would be done on here, because this is pretty much the only PCM site that Brits use. Obviously this is more international, since the English language is much more widely spoken than others. Hopefully there will be an open PCMdaily championship at some point this year - but that doesnt mean to say there cant be a separate UK-only one aswell.

@SuperKid I guess it could work on the basis that, if your country was unknown, you couldnt take part. Or an element of trust, yes.
#14 | Alastairhufc on 04. April 2012 18:12
@SportingNonsense Surely you and the other admins can know what country people are form, you see their IP don't you?
#15 | Wiley on 04. April 2012 18:38
is there a uk only pcm community/site/forum?
#16 | baseballlover312 on 04. April 2012 22:13
I agree that Britian is a much bigger cycling country than the USA. I just wanted to get in on the fun Smile
#17 | baseballlover312 on 04. April 2012 22:16
I just think that some people on this site speak multiple languages and live in countries that can particapate. The same can't be said for Brits... and me Pfft
#18 | jph27 on 05. April 2012 12:41
@Wiley: There was another English speaking one... which I'm not allowed to talk about. Pfft
#19 | Wiley on 07. April 2012 17:53
@jph27; well that was helpfull
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