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25-02-2021 13:06
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Don't worry, FBI didn't get us (yet)

Update: It does seem like we angered some communities and Cyanide with the fake screenshots part of the joke. That's quite understandable when you think about it, and we apologize. No offence was intended.

Not a year without an April Fools joke, right?

We've had plenty of jokes over the year - everything from a certain girl singing "Friday, Friday" to a doped Johan Museeuw on the cover of Pro Cycling Manager.

This year we decided to let FBI shut us down using the take-down banner you get when you visit Megaupload.com. And it does seem like we got some of you.

Our loyal Thomas Dekker-fan Ruben even took it as far as creating a thread on PCMBenelux where he complains about the stupid Americans. He isn't the only one, though - I've seen people tricked in other communities, though (yes, I'm looking at you, Maddrengen).

But that's not all. Remember how we fooled PCMNorge back in 2010? Well, we took a few screenshots of PCM11, added a PCM12 logo and sent them to a few sites. Guess who was the only site to publish them? PCMNorge! Quite entertaining - again.

So - thanks for playing along again this year. It's been fun, and we're already looking forward to next year.

#1 | lluuiiggii on 01. April 2012 21:16
Ah, PCMNorge deleted the pictures Pfft Could you upload them here? Smile
#2 | Maddrengen on 01. April 2012 21:16
I can't make it! Maby SaL is right.Maby i am incompetent... Pfft At least, im more clever, than PCMNorge users Pfft
#3 | Christer on 01. April 2012 21:24
The point that I stated that it was not serious was ignored, I see. Pfft
#4 | fcancellara on 01. April 2012 21:37
CrueTrue! I must admit, that were some good fools! Can't wait for next year! Grin
#5 | valverde321 on 01. April 2012 21:41
Glad to see Ruben truly loves us deep down. Pfft
#6 | tastasol on 01. April 2012 22:02
Thought the danish people could read norwegian...
#7 | Rin on 01. April 2012 22:10
Hands down Mike, very good pranks every year
#8 | Mresuperstar on 01. April 2012 22:34
The Friday Song prank was awesome Rolling Eyes still have that song stuck in my head ... Can't wait for what you guys come up with for next year Wink
#9 | ruben on 01. April 2012 22:35
The thing with april fools is that it always comes 1 day after my birthday so I forget there is something called april fools
#10 | doddy13 on 01. April 2012 22:59
Try on your birthday lol Pfft
#11 | Maddrengen on 01. April 2012 23:25
@Tastasol: We can read norwegian Wink
#12 | Rauling on 01. April 2012 23:36
Maddrengen: no we can't
#13 | cactus-jack on 01. April 2012 23:39
So... it was just... a joke? So you're saying those two guys in suits who came and knocked on my door wasn't the Feds? I mean, when I opened the door and he said "Have you meet Jesus" I thought he was just trying to keep a disguise!

Maybe I should go and let them out of the basement then...
#14 | Rauling on 02. April 2012 00:00
*Tumble weed*
#15 | SotD on 02. April 2012 08:15
I have PCMdaily on favorites, but the forum site is the startpage for me, so I never discovered the "prank" until someone told me. For my perspective the page just didn't work, as it turned white. I could override the "problem" my stopping full site loading though.

Only realized it when I saw the post you linked to from here Smile

Happy 1st of April to you guys.
#16 | DaBobScotts on 02. April 2012 11:09
You know what would be a good April fools joke next year? Not actually doing an April fools joke... Grin
#17 | roturn on 02. April 2012 13:10
@16: That was my suggestion. Wink But I liked the one that we used more. Wink
#18 | atalm on 11. April 2012 16:19
@Maddrengen if you could read norwegian, you would undestand that it was just an original member who posted the screenshots, saying this looked like a joke, how that becomes tricking pcmnorge, is hard to understand ^^
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