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PCM.daily Awards 2011: We have the winners!

It's finally time to announce the winners of the PCM.daily Awards 2011!

We know that you have anxiously been waiting for this day. You haven't been able to think, you haven't been able to sleep - but now, it's time to put all those sleepless nights behind us. Well, for the winners anyway. The rest of you? Better luck later this year ;)

You can see the full results in the PCM.daily Awards sub-forum.


Cycling Awards

Grand Tour of the Year: Tour de France

Just as dominating as the Giro was in 2010, just as dominating was the Tour de France this year with an impressive 72 % of the votes. There's no doubt that our large amount of Australian visitors have a share in this, but it's also undeniable that at least two stages turned out to be absolutely crazy.

Grand Tour Stage of the Year: Tour de France Stage 18: Pinerolo - Galibier Serre-Chevalier

We experienced a lot of great Grand Tour stages in 2011, but the TdF Stage 18 turned out to be the winner with just two votes ahead of stage 19 of the same race. Andy Schleck's desperate attack and Cadel Evans' heroic fight which led to Contador's collapse ... straight to the history books.

(Non-GT) Stage Race of the Year: Tour de Suisse

49 % of the votes made Tour de Suisse a rather clear winner. The race marked Damiano Cunego's return to the mountains and general classification of the big races. It was surreal to see Cunego climbing like that again - and in the end, it wasn't enough, as he lost out by just four seconds to veteran Levi Leipheimer.

Classic of the Year: Ronde van Vlaanderen

Three-vote-win ahead of Paris-Roubaix - and a very deserving one. This race was all about rivalry and revenge. The strong and mighty Leopard - Trek vs. the "new" guys of Team Saxo Bank. Nuyens won, and Bjarne Riis' in-car reaction proved just how important this win was.

Team of the Year: HTC - Highroad

We're in 2012, and it's difficult to believe that HTC - Highroad, the most winning team in cycling, is gone. The team of the two world championships, Mark Cavendish and Tony Martin, plus victories all-year-long deservedly takes the award as Team of the Year with 41 % of the votes.

Rider of the Year: Philippe Gilbert

He took the "Ardennes Triple", as Cyanide calls it, and he just continued to win, win and win. It's no wonder he got 73 % of the votes...

Surprise Rider of the Year: Chris Froome

Can Chris Froome climb? The answer is "yes", apparently. Despite working for Bradley Wiggins, Chris Froome managed to take 2nd ahead of Wiggins and even take a stage victory with him. He didn't really deliver any other noteworthy results in 2011, but this one was enough to get him this award with 48 % of the votes.


Management Game Awards

Race of the Year: Paris-Roubaix 2012

41 % of the votes give Paris-Roubaix 2012, which was reported by Ember, the victory ahead of Tour de France 2011. The race turned out to be a thriller with plenty of attacks, punctures etc. - everything you'd expect from Paris-Roubaix.

Best Addition: roturn

Previews, comments, an active team thread and great reporting makes roturn a deserving winner of this year's award. It was a close race, though, as he won with just four votes more than ANFreeman.

Team of the Year: Vesuvio - Accumalux

The team has been consistently strong for several seasons, and this season may very well be the team's comeback as #1 with riders such as Schleck, Uran, Intxausti and Swift. But it's a close race - both in the game and in the awards where it wins with just two votes more than Pearl Adidas and three more than Sony Ericsson.

Manager of the Year: SportingNonsense

Perhaps for the reasons explained above, it's no wonder that the Manager of the year is SportingNonsense. He's been handling the transfer season well and is despite many years in the ManGame still going strong.


Site Awards

Site Initiative of the Year: Management Game

Even more members are now taking part in this game, thanks to the Divison 2, and even those who are not involved in the game can enjoy the many great race reports. Therefore, it's no wonder that the Management Game continues to be one of the most popular features of PCM.daily.

Forum Thread of the Year: Café Pedro 2 and The ugliest jersey in the cycling history

And we have a split decision with each 29 % of the votes. Both funny threads and apparently, both are also more worthy than "A rather funny topic" ;)

Cycling Photo of the Year: Giro '11: Alberto Contador

JMURB managed to capture Alberto Contador as we know him - concentrated, just focusing on getting over that terrible mountain. The black/white obviously gives the picture a lot.

Funniest Screenshot of the Year: Are you still there?

It's funny as long as your own riders aren't involved ;)

Avatar of the Year: FreitasPCM's avatar.

A happy Evans, two not so happy brothers - thanks to them, Freitas wins the award for best avatar with almost 50 % of the votes.

Betting Champion of the Year: pjuskepels

It's not really a PCM.daily Award, but we thought we'd honour the 2011 betting champion anyway - and that's Pjuskepels. He started with 100 PCM$, but managed to convert them to a total of 1.730 PCM$ throughout the year. Far from schleck93's 41.700 PCM$ in 2010, but enough to win in 2011.

Stage Maker of the Year: emmea90

Of all community awards, I think that emmea90 has won all the awards that has to do with stage making. It's no wonder since he manages to be both very productive and make quality stages at the same time. And for that, he wins the Stage Maker of the Year award for the 2nd time in row.

Jersey Designer of the Year: Will007

For the 2nd year in row, Will007 takes the award - but this year, it was very close, as he won with just 1 vote ahead of ANFreeman, the new guy in class. Will is less active than in previous years, but it's undeniable that his work is always of top quality.

Database of the Year: PCM.daily's Expansion Pack for PCM11

We usually never win any awards in other communities, so that's why we're organizing our own set awards - we're always sure of winning ;) To be fair, I'd say the 2011 DB for PCM10 was better than the Expansion Pack for PCM11, but with 55 % of the votes, the Expansion Pack is a clear winner.

Download of the Year: Fast Editor by CT

2011 brought us another editor for Pro Cycling Manager, and it turned out to be a very successful one. It's probably the easiest one to use and also brings all new features, e.g. the startlist creator and bug checker, and that was enough to get the award this year with 33 % of the votes.

One-Rider Story of the Year: Dominik Nerz: The Next Level by cunego59

More than 60 pages of story updates and comments - well, that pretty much speaks for itself. The story is extremely detailed, and both screenshots and text are top-notch. 50 % of the votes - can't argue against that.

Team Story of the Year: Dark Dog by tsmoha

17, 18 and 19 votes were given to the top three - and in the end, Dark Dog by tsmoha got that one deciding vote. All the nominated stories were (and still are) excellent, and tsmoha's Dark Dog - with its excellent screenshots and writing - is no exception.

Story Writer of the Year: tsmoha

This will sound like a repeat - but anyhow: tsmoha's consistent updates, great screenshots and writing gives him a small victory by just two votes ahead of Pellizotti2. It's one of the few stories that has managed to keep going for so long, and according to our members, it should just keep going.

Admin of the Year: roturn

With his allround capabilities - whether it's stages, stories, technical help, management game involvement - it's no wonder that our members notice and appreciate roturn. He wins with two votes ahead of SportingNonsense.

Most Helpful Member of the Year: roturn

There's pretty much not a thing that roturn can't help with. From the technical stuff, to stage making, to graphics, to writing a good story, roturn's here to help - and he has done well enough to take this award for the 2nd year in row.

New Member of the Year: laidbackmarc

There wasn't much doubt here - with 60 % of the votes, graphic artist laidbackmarc, who has made a lot of awesome jerseys, wins this year's New Member of the Year-award.

Member of the Year: roturn

There can't be any doubt that roturn is the huge winner of the 2011 PCM.daily Awards. This awards is the icing on the cake - and getting 44 % of the votes is rather incredible. On the other hand - as I have explained before - roturn is present in all areas of this website: great stories, excellent technical help, excellent stages, major help when it comes to the Managent Game, and I could keep going. In short, roturn is a major asset to PCM.daily, and he deserves each and everyone of the awards.

#1 | CrueTrue on 12. January 2012 21:30
First of all, congratulations to all the winners.

There's also a few other members who certainly deserves a mention. One being Alakagom, who's always helpful and a provider of news/results etc - another being Kumazan who would probably have won Debateur of the Year, had we had such an award. Third, as someone also said in the forum thread, BoogieBoogie and bikefreak deserve an award for their awesome equipment. And felix. And KenL. I could go on.

So in short, thanks to everyone who keeps this site active Smile
#2 | valverde321 on 12. January 2012 21:41
*throws away speech*

Thanks to everyone that voted for me as well. It is great to finish 2nd in Member of the Year, knowing roturn was first and the other two deserving members were behind me.

Anyway, congrats to all the winners, you all deserved it, and I didn't have room in my sig for those Award banners anyway Pfft
#3 | felix_29 on 12. January 2012 21:51
Congrats to all winners. Smile

And i finally found the reason why i slept so bad the last days.Wink
#4 | cactus-jack on 12. January 2012 22:01
I'm very surprised that my thread "The ugliest jersey in cycling history" was even in the running. Still, it's a very nice surprise, at that! Smile

Thank you to those who voted!
#5 | FreitasPCM on 12. January 2012 22:06
Wow, it's great to be nominated, and then win an award in this site, feel really great, thanks to all of those who nominated/voted for me. Pfft Smile What surprises me most was the margin I won. Pfft

Congrats to the winners aswell!!!!
#6 | roturn on 12. January 2012 22:32
Thanks for all the votes for me. Pretty surprised to win that much.

congrats to tsmoha for the story section.

seems like i am zo active. Let's see how it goes next season.
#7 | Mresuperstar on 12. January 2012 22:53
Can I get a revote now that my Andy Schleck story is finished Frown Can't believe I got 3rd to Valv321 Angry Not Acceptable :lol: Congrats to Cunego59 Wink I'll be back next year, again Cool

Now that I'm done ranting, Congrats to all the Winners Wink
#8 | Pellizotti2 on 13. January 2012 00:40
Damn you, tsmoha! Pfft

Just kidding, obviously. Totally deserving after keeping up the story for so long, and on such high level. Still, I can't help feeling a bit disappointed to lose out by just one and two votes. Thanks to everyone who voted for me. I promise I'll keep up to next year's awards. So watch out tsmoha! Wink

And of course, congrats to all other winners. All well deserving.
#9 | Will007 on 13. January 2012 00:47
Thanks for all the votes for me! I'm really happy to have won the award for best jersey designer for the 2nd year in a row. Smile
#10 | Teddy The Creator on 13. January 2012 01:20
Congrats to all winners. Nearly no one I voted for won, (except marc in my nominated category Pfft ), so that's kind of a bummer, but still congrats to all winners!

And that 2nd place was pretty good too! Wink
#11 | valverde321 on 13. January 2012 05:43
Technically Roturn isn't a member, but an admin, which would mean Member of the year should go to 2nd place......

Just kidding Pfft

Sorry Mresuperstar, dont know how I beat you.

@ Pelli - We could share the 2nd place award Wink But I actually think I have one more 2nd than you Pfft

Edit: It should be called the Runner Up Award or the Andy Schleck Award Pfft
#12 | Smowz on 13. January 2012 06:22
Congrats to all the award winners.

Roturn has really been superb this year, nice guys can finish first Smile There are lots of people who make this site great, thanks to all!
#13 | tsmoha on 13. January 2012 08:14
Thanks for the votes, mates! And congrats to all winners, especially to roturn and his well deserved awards Smile

I feel a bit Embarassed for taking the awards that close.. against such great guys like Pellizotti2, for example Wink
#14 | kumazan on 13. January 2012 11:04
Congrats to all the winners. Everyone of them fully deserve the award. Smile
#15 | ANFreeman on 13. January 2012 13:33
1 vote behind Will? That's almost as good as winning. The irony that I used my vote on marc is not lost though Pfft
#16 | laidbackmarc on 13. January 2012 13:46
New Member of the Year - of all awards I got the one which is most difficult to defend Pfft

I didn't vote in the categories were I was nominated. Still, I would have impossible to chose between ANFreeman and Will007 ;-)
#17 | baia on 13. January 2012 15:35
Congrats to all winners....all do a great job and provide many great things in and for a great site..thank you.
Beeing nominated was already a win for me,thank you to those 4 guys(i presumeGrin) wich voted in Movistar...maybe next time i manage to get 5 votes...Pfft
#18 | cunego59 on 13. January 2012 17:31
I'm both surprised and of course very flattered by the win. I can't deny that I hoped for the award but I didn't expect to win by this margin at all! Thanks to all who voted for the story and furthermore to all who supported it over the past months!
#19 | SportingNonsense on 14. January 2012 15:06
Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to all who voted for me - even though I voted Smowz for ManGame Member of the year! Pfft

@valverde321 You're the Non-Admin of the Year, simple!

And thanks to Crue for running the Awards, and everything else PCMdaily! Even if you refuse to let yourself win any awards Wink
#20 | emmea90 on 15. January 2012 11:16
Of all community awards, I think that emmea90 has won all the awards that has to do with stage making.

NOPE!!! Fucking Svam mafia on Cyanide!!!! Angry
#21 | Avin Wargunnson on 16. January 2012 07:50
Congrats to all the winners and thanks for some votes, i really appreciate that, still dont have a chance against laidbackmark, who is talented in many areas Smile And he has the coolest man- game team
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